BBC explains cuts in Yanukovych interview on Crimea as not ‘newsworthy’

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A spokesperson from the BBC explained to Sputnik why certain portions of its Yanukovych interview, such as dealing with his personal zoo were aired while those dealing with political issues such as Crimea were not.

The BBC spokesperson told Sputnik on Tuesday that it did not include ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s views on Crimea’s 2014 reunification with Russia because they were not considered “most newsworthy.”

The BBC instead featured remarks by Yanukovych on ostriches he maintained in his residence’s zoo in his first ever interview to the Western media since the coup which ousted him.

A search on the BBC news website for “Crimea” does not bring up the interview in question, in order to find it one has to search for the word “ostriches.”

Yanukovych stated in the interview that residents of Crimea decided to break away from Ukraine and join Russia in March 2014, because they were shocked by the violence of the coup that ousted the former Ukraine president. […]

Read in full BBC Explains Cuts in Yanukovych Interview on Crimea as Not ‘Newsworthy’ at Sputnik International

BBC interview with Yanukovych: Viktor Yanukovych: ‘ I supported the ostriches’

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Just take a look at the amount of anti-russian sentiment spewed out by john oliver, who poses as a media critic but is in fact the leading edge of mainstream/corporate media propaganda. Every week he has an anti Russian story but never a bad word about e.g. Neo Nazis taking over ukraine, whom I might add would burn a jew like Oliver alive if they got hold of him.

Instead of mentioning the omissions in the interview, as any good critic would, he takes the lead from his HBO masters and their agenda, and focuses on ostriches. I wonder how far things must deteriorate, perhaps if Right Sector take over and start burning synagogues, Oliver might find a funny side to that story?


[…] the Guardian ever cover these allegations? Did the BBC? (not enough ostriches […]


The BBC obviously wanted to use only quotes to reinforce a negative view of Yanukovic.
The fact they put two versions out one on bbc Russia containing the questions and answers on Crimea and the Donbass. But on the English site they omitted it speaks volumes about their agenda. The bbc truely is an instrument of govt propaganda


No big surprise there – the BBC feels a natural affinity for ostriches and other forms of life that either bury their heads in the sand or run away into trees where their heads get caught in forked branches and rip off.