Anti-OSCE rally in Donetsk

At the Donetsk hotel parking lot, an OSCE car with sprayed glasses and dollar bills pasted over.

by Systematic

Novorossia News reports:

Hundreds of residents of Donbass are rallying in front of the hotel «Park Inn by Radisson» in Donetsk where the OSCE monitors are lodged.

They gathered to express their outrage at bad job of the OSCE and calling for impartial coverage of developments in the Donbass region by the OSCE and the International Committee of the Red Cross. According to the rallying persons, international monitors were not impartial in the reporting of what is going on in war-hit Donbass.

OSCERedCrossResidents of shelled districts, refugees and disabled civilians were demanding from the OSCE that it says the truth. Some of them came with photos of houses destroyed by Ukrainian artillery, and posters reading ‘Stop keeping silence!’, ‘Your silence kills children!’, ‘While you are in cover civilians die.’

Later the OSCE representatives came to the people, and a dialogue started.

Update: Igor Martynov, the head of the Donetsk administration: “My key question [to the OSCE monitors] was ‘from whom does Ukrainian army liberate us?’ I didn’t get any answer. The OSCE representatives looked very surprised and, in other words, they were not ready for it.”

Update2: Residents of Donbas gave the time until Monday for the OSCE representatives in order to find a concrete answer for their demands. The rally is over until Monday.

More pictures of the anti-OSCE rally at Remembers

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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I have been reading OSCE reports for months, and one thing is very evident and that is that the OSCE is NOT willing to do its job properly. I told them to put their people with the Ukrainian military north west of Horlivka from where the civilians were being shelled, so that they would be able to immediately note where the shells were being fired from, AND immediately speak to the commander there to tell him to have it stopped (if not prevented from being started).
But of course they have NOT done this logical and reasonable action, thereby making them COMPLICIT in war crimes.


Good for the people.
The OSCE have showed complete bias against the people of Donbass.
They have stood by and refused to report war crimes the shelling of civilian populations.

The OSCE conduct has shown they are not worthy of trust like the UN bought and paid for by the U.S.