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Yellow Phosphorus, Starvation in Madaya, and BBC Fakery

by Craig Murray

Cameron’s “moderate rebels” – Saudi supplied Wahhabi jihadists – have this past 48 hours been bombing civilian areas of Aleppo with yellow phosphorus.
The BBC, which went to such extraordinary lengths to fake reports of chemical attacks by Assad, has not reported these genuine chemical attacks at all. Probably because it is too difficult to explain not just why Cameron’s allies are using chemical weapons – and who gave them the chemical weapons – but also why these “friendly” jihadists are attacking Cameron’s other allies, the Kurds, all during a ceasefire.

This video of Robert Stuart is a must see. Let me pin my colours to the mast and say that I am absolutely convinced that the BBC did deliberately and knowingly fake evidence of chemical attacks.

The most egregious BBC propaganda this year has been about the “starvation” of the town of Madaya. The BBC seem to have taken the most glaring example down from YouTube so I can’t embed it. But here on the BBC’s own website you can see the report which claims the Syrian government are deliberately starving civilians in the siege of Madaya. There then appear a string of genuinely heart-rending clips of starving children. The only problem is that none of that footage was shot in Madaya at all, and if you listen very, very carefully you will be able to work out the BBC does not directly affirm that it was. Then we have real comedy at 1 min 30s in, when genuine citizens of Madaya appear to verify their starvation in the shape of four women who are – there is no kind way of saying this – distinctly fat. If double chins are a proof of starvation, then things must be pretty bad.

It is clever propaganda because careful analysis of the text reveals a story very different to the overall picture being deliberately portrayed. Just after the women appear, the reporter slips in that the hardship is caused by hoarding by rebels – i.e. it is actually David Cameron’s moderate forces, not the government, who are causing suffering to the civilians. But you would have to be following very closely and analysing very carefully to pick up on that.

The BBC really has become one of the more outrageous vehicles of government propaganda on the international scene.



  1. Norman web says

    Saudies use same phosphorous bombs as Israehell used on the Palestinians.


  2. Laix khan says

    Not enough people care. West is tired of ME war after war since Desert Storm.


    • Shelly says

      Talking to people I think most people do care but are ‘frozen’ by fear. I think most people know really we are in a financial mess, heading towards an ecological crisis etc but what can an ordinary person do?

      Additionally the lies we are told can be very deep e.g. look at how radio listening figures are estimated – you couldn’t have designed a better system for over-estimating BBC figures. No one really knows how many people listen to radio 4 news etc but the inflated figures give the impression lots of people support the Establishment and that people who are concerned about things are abnormal. This further paralyses normal people with concerns.


      • rag says

        I never watch TV, BBC or otherwise anymore. However, I do have Radio 4 on much if the time and get “The news”. The BBC are sophisticated propagandists, no question. What’s difficult for the paranoid cynic is to pick out what’s “real” and what is manipulated to promote a particular agenda. Having access to alternative news/geopolitical sites on the web has been an education in spotting the lies and misdirection. A lot of people don’t want to see this as the BBC is trusted by those of us who grew up with Blue Peter.
        Cancel your TV licence and set yourself free.

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  3. Remember this phrase: YESTERDAYS NEWS GETS WRAPPED IN TODAY’S FISH. Well noted that not one MSM news source has reported the recent use of gas and chemical weapons by the Takfirois. Remember those of u that have any grey matter left. They want Assad gone the Ashkenazi -Khazarian/ anglo zionist mobsters want to be able to control all the resources that come out of the middle east and they would like to redraw the Sykes-Picot accord wirth a new Balfour agreement that suits the Zionist cause balkanise Syria just like they did to former Yugoslavia and divide the spoils. Remember right after the cease fire agreement that Kerry and Lavarov along with Syria had agreed Kerry goes on talking about a plan B Orwellian times we r living.


  4. James Carless says

    Remember it had to be Assad that used gas at the time of Obama’s ‘Red line’ being drawn for ‘humanitarian intervention’,because the rebels didn’t have the know how to produce and use chemical weapons !
    Quick learners these Koran thumpers.


    • That lie was debunked a long time ago my friend – Ghouta attack falls to pieces on examination for several simple reasons.

      A Catholic Mother Superior (Sister/Nun) at a nearby mission recognised some of the victims displayed and confirmed they were still alive – This is public info Google.
      The delivery missile used dictated a firing range which was ONLY within reach of “moderate rebels” AKA CIA Head Choppers and was not within range of SAA – This is public info Google.
      Saudi black ops leak showed it was them behind the attack. – This is public info Google.
      UK supplied the chemicals leaked on General Wesley Clarke’s emails – This is public info Google.

      What happened will come out & in a large part it does seem like faked mixed some reality badly done for US propaganda machine.

      So I suggest you do some research before making such comments or if this is your job to spread lies then find a moral compass !


      • Roger says

        Ieruscino, I do believe that James Carless was being ironical, and that his moral compass is in very good order.


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