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Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire” – will we ever see it?

Above is the trailer for Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire”. Released back in the summer of 2016 this film is still extremely elusive in its original English language form. A Russian-dubbed version aired in November 2016 and some copies of that with amateur English VO are available on Youtube. But the original is currently unavailable either for download, purchase or freeview – anywhere.

This is – to say the least – unfortunate, since it’s the English-speaking western audience who might benefit most from a different perspective on the events in Ukraine that led to the current civil war and dangerous instability. We’d guess Oliver Stone made this documentary specifically to reach those people, so it’s hard to understand why he has so far failed to obtain his original English soundtrack version any kind of public platform.

Rumours say Stone is struggling to find a western distributor. Maybe this is the problem. If so, let’s hope he succeeds in finding an outlet soon. In the meantime you can read James DiEugenio’s extensive review.

He calls his piece “A Documentary You’ll Likely Never See.” Let’s hope he’s wrong about that.



  1. James DiEugenio’s extensive review, “A Documentary You’ll Likely Never See,” is biased and therefore not of much help in understanding Stone’s biased film, and much less the revolution against Yanukovich’s betrayal of Ukraine to Putin’s revanchist designs on Kremlin’s lost colony.


    • Oh please… what utter nonsense! You obviously are Ukrainian and a Banderite, a member of the contemporary version of OUN/Banderites/UCCA probably in Canada or in the USA where there is a huge numbe of these people.

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    • Pavlik says

      @Roman Serbyn

      The betrayer of Ukraine is you, you Tatar. Her sons are dying in their filthy dugouts while you think you’re a proper patriot for posting weak ripostes on somebody’s blog. Get your Asiatic arse to the front, while Ukraine can still be saved!

      іди ка, синку, в армію!


  2. Spinifex says

    I have been trying to find this film “Ukraine On Fire” everywhere… and you’re right. It literally isn’t available to view in English. Very upsetting. With things heating up even more in Ukraine, we need this film more than ever.

    I wonder if it is being ‘blocked’ by the establishment because it will damage the narrative that NATO wants to push.


    • Watched on YouTube with CC enabled on my Smart TV. The voice over version on YT is good as well, but maybe a little harder to follow. It is easy to see why it is not distributed in English… While it is hard to prove one way or the other it is obvious that Ukraine is an historical crossroad.


  3. James DiEugenio is probably just as pleased that he gets to mention JFK as anything. He gleefully brings it up at the end of his (okay) article. The curious reader might get around to discovering that DiEugenio is the author of a pro JFK book titled “Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case.” Way to go Robert Parry for in effect endorsing this enduring myth. Is the truth important or not?


    • That’s a completely different film. “Winter on Fire; Ukraine’s fight for freedom” is a Netflix documentary that pretty much tells the very familiar but less than complete narrative offered by the NATO alliance.

      The movie we are discussing is Oliver Stone’s “UKRAINE on Fire.” It is not available anywhere in the original English language version.


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