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US Court Finds Iran Liable for 9/11

by Kit

A US court has just handed down the verdict that the Islamic Republic of Iran owes the families of those who died on 11th September 2001 6 billion dollars in damages.

It behooves us to point out that no one, anywhere, ever accused Iran of being behind the 9/11 attacks for over a decade afterwards. The attempt to shift the blame to Iran has been a slow developing situation. The idea was first floated by James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, in 2015.

The official position of the United States government is that 19 people (15 Saudi Arabians, 2 Egyptians, 2 Emiratis and a Lebanese man) hijacked the planes and flew them into their targets. Whether or not you subscribe to this view, the introduction of Iran as some kind accomplice is a massive contradiction. One that makes very little sense.

This isn’t the first time a civil case has attempted to attribute blame for 9/11. A similar civil case was brought against Saddam Hussein, during the build up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Hopefully this verdict doesn’t presage yet another war in the Middle East.

Perhaps the most telling part is that Saudi Arabia, the country allegedly home to 15 of the 19 people allegedly guilty of the crime, remains untouchable. No sanctions. No rebukes. They’re not on the “state sponsor of terrorism” list (Iran is). A case brought against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, filed by a different group of victims’ families and blaming them for 9/11, was thrown out of court.

Is “guilt for 9/11” simply a weapon to be deployed against anyone America deems an enemy? How much respect for the victims, or their families, does that show? How much respect for the truth?

Certainly, this verdict will get far more press coverage than the new petition, filed on behalf of a third group of victims’ families, demanding a new investigation of 9/11.


  1. Harry Law says

    If Trump uses this court decision and Netanyahu’s crazy Iranian nuclear weapons presentation to nix the JCPOA, then that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the US are so contemptuous of the people that they can’t even be bothered to stage a realistic false flag event, if the public believe this crap, then as George Galloway said, “they are idiots, they are not sheep, sheep are cleverer than them”.

  2. notheonly1 says

    Well, I find the headline a bit misleading. In actuality, it reads:

    “US Kangaroo Court Finds Iran Liable For 9/11”

    Although that, too is quite redundant, since there is no more rule of law since the supreme corrupt
    court decided that as person also qualifies a people without a heart and brain, thus rendering the
    constitution of the United States – as was prior stated by the first Australopithecus president – simply
    a “Goddamn Piece of Paper“.

    Because the Constitution was allegedly reserved for those with a fleshy body. The notion of
    “Of The People, By The People, For The People
    was pertaining the living body of the citizenry aka ‘the people’.

    Thus, with the establishment of virtual persons holding a greater power than the living, this notion clearly
    removed those to living organisms pertaining parts of the constitution, like those allowing for ‘redress’ and such,
    stripping the citizenry of any say in matters of governance. Especially in matters of foreign policies.

    Sure, all this is sort of superfluous and does not really help the citizenry in changing the course of the ship
    of state called Titanic, but it allows for a significant portion of new gained awareness in regards to the
    ejections by wholly deranged psychopaths.

    9/11 has never left the minds of those who could not be duped and deceived into believing a ludicrous tale.
    The gullible ones were fine with whatever concocted story blaming Ali Baba and the 19 hijackers the establishment
    string pullers marinated the propaganda distribution channels with. As mentioned above, there were actually 20
    flying carpet handlers and 20 in the Tarot Deck equals “Judgement”.

    Nevertheless, leaving all these ornaments of a preposterous story away, one arrives at the only aspect that has
    skillfully been removed from the remaining scrutiny of the citizenry. While all eyes and minds were busy figuring
    out how kerosene can liquefy high grade steel, bend and mutilate it, and transform concrete and asbestos into
    the finest powder, the only question that really mattered/matters was of course never addressed: Qui Bono?

    Follow the ‘PUTS/OPTIONS‘ and you will inevitably end up at the door of those who perpetrated
    9/11 – by whatever means perused and utilized. Of course it does not come as a surprise that any traces
    to follow that trail were thoroughly scrubbed. What could not be scrubbed though, were the names of the persons
    running these places/corporations and agencies. Ask yourself a simple question: Do you need color in an image
    to figure out that it depicts a stretch of lawn? The names of the people involved in 9/11 are still all available. Only
    the color is missing – the color of the trails.

    Now, alleging that those behind the above headline are not entirely mentally ill, only one other explanation can
    make sense: Distraction. As such, it reveals that the truth about 9/11 is surfacing. The iceberg of lies is turning and the truth popping up. It was clear from the beginning that this day would come. In expectation of this
    day coming, the US Regime has militarized the Kangaroo-Law enforcement, has established the obvious – that it will kill you before asking any questions and strip you of the remainder of what goes for ‘civil rights’.

    Watch the icebergs of lies rolling like their natural equivalents. For the longest time nothing happens, but then, in a
    show of sheer force, the iceberg turns – what was up will go down and what was down will head up.

    On a side note, the US Regime is moving large contingencies of tanks and combat vehicles towards the (Bela-) Russian border. For an unprecedented war game.

    • notheonly1 says

      Apologies for the formatting mess.

      • ElenaB says

        NO apologies needed. Thanks for taking the time to share information. It’s very complicated for the average Joe; that’s me.

        But even this ‘average Joe’ never bought the 9/11 sham. Always believed it was an inside Job, just wasn’t sure why or who. Now I’m sure. Which is why I wonder no one ever mentions UK’s own 9/11 – 7/7?? Even the name given to it is no coincidence imo. Blair had no idea, that unlike Bush, he’d be held accountable/responsible for Iraq. Even poor old Jack Straw is going through the mill at the moment; although my view is, it’s a distraction to link his shenanigans to Jeremy Corbyn; taint him by Party association maybe? Despite the white-wash, failed Court Case against Blair, UK public will always believe him guilty as charged. Bush has had no such scrutiny or hate poured on him for his crimes. Bush admitted to America 5 years after 9/11 that Iraq/Saddam were blameless, and not a peep from Americans, although Iraq was still sued successfully by some victims families, which is another indication of how perverse the US Regime is. Saudi with 15/19 alleged perps involved; nothing. Case thrown out of court. It’s now Iran’s fault.

        US Regime headed by Trump, who is Putin’s mate, is going to make war games on Belarus/Ukranian/Russian border?? Netanyahu/Israel, Trump and Putin’s mate, is selling weapons to Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?? The dots are not only NOT joining, they’re blurring into one big dot for this AvJo. US strategy all along was to destroy the USSR; success. Strategy now is to the encircle and contain Russia and China; part success with all the US Military Bases choking them. Iraq defeated; success. Iran defeated; work in progress. US wants KSA, which you don’t mention, to be broken up eventually; I imagine when the oil stops flowing!!

        ****Larry Chin’s “The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations: The US war lobby and the disciples of NSC-68.” ****

        “All have, over the course of their intertwined careers, advocated imperialist policies involving
        1) preemptive wars,
        2) the conquest of Iraq and Iran and the breakup of Saudi Arabia
        3) hard-line support of Israel, Ariel Sharon and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
        5) the encirclement and containment of Russia and China

        Chin lists documents, organizations, and related individuals in support of his thesis. Scribt has a copy.

        • notheonly1 says

          Thank You, in turn. It is always good to at least being made aware that there are really others that have either never believed the story about 20 Lee Harvey Oswalds flying into somewhere, or came to the easy conclusion that a most sinister conspiracy was successfully pulled off.

          This conspiracy is so much deeper than even capable minds allow themselves to accept. For anyone who knows who Edward Bernays was, this blasphemy reeks of his handwriting. Because when You look at it closer, it will be revealed that the structural violence that has been perpetrated after this event ever since, outperforms anything even the most vile, hateful and greedy individual could ever come up with.

          ‘Structural violence’ means, that the systemic abuse of not only the American minds, but also the whole planet, writ large the collective human mind, has since been more or less successfully converted into a fearful, obedient and uncritical state.

          When You look at the misinformation, the lies and the constant deceit, the ludicrous surveillance and subduction to ‘security’ procedures, the rampant abuse by made up ‘law’ enforcement, the real damage goes far beyond the already devastating havoc wreaked on the Middle East, and institutionalized torture.

          There is a documentary that was recommended to me a few years ago and I have only now been able to watch it. I urge anybody interested in the current developments to check it out. It is called ‘Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New World View’ and can be seen here free of charge:


          Thanks again for Your informative reply.

          • Elena B says

            Thank you. I will certainly watch the Film and share it widely.

            “..never believed the story about 20 Lee Harvey Oswalds flying into somewhere..” I (almost) smiled at that; were it not so true and not so tragic. But you could also have said ’20 Sirhan Sirhans’. Sirhan’s been ‘forgiven’ by the Kennedy Clan; possibly they know he was ‘used’ (brainwashed/drugged). He had to be a Palestinian, eh? Oswald and USSR; Sirhan and Palestine. There’s a connection there. 😉

            “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not convinced that Sirhan Sirhan fired the shot that killed his father — and wants a new investigation.”
            He’s a brave man to ask for a new investigation; he might end up as dead as the other men in his family.

            As for Edward Bernays – yes I’m familiar somewhat. Whenever I note something reeking of a possible psyops; I term it a #Bernaysism. Your explanation of what he was about is excellent. What a truly terrible time we are living in, and unless something ‘gives’ – with the US announcing it wants Nukes in Space – it’s going to get much worse. All to make ‘them’ a quick $£; hence the need to fill space with Military Hardware.

            You wrote: “‘Structural violence’ means, that the systemic abuse of not only the American minds, but also the **whole planet**, writ large the collective human mind, has since been more or less successfully converted into a fearful, obedient and uncritical state.”

            In which the Space Nukes will fit nicely. All paid for by those who’ll be living under their fearful threat; everyone on the blue planet – us.

          • Elena B says

            Mmmm I took a look at the film ‘Crossroads’ by Director Joseph Ohayon. I did a bit of digging; a very little. He’s linked to Judaic Mysticism – Kabbalah. Which is a huge turn off for me; in fact I run a mile from it. You mentioned Bernays, and I added ‘Bernaysisms’. This film epitomises a Bernaysism for me. Hasbara/TIP propaganda. I won’t be watching it.


            Kabbalah is related to Zionism. I’m firmly Team #Palestine


  3. Tom Welsh says

    “A US court has just handed down the verdict that the Islamic Republic of Iran owes the families of those who died on 11th September 2001 6 billion dollars in damages”.

    Mmmmm… that would be why the US government decided to attack Afghanistan and Iraq in revenge for 9/1, killing millions of people and destroying the infrastructure of both nations?

    And why another US court has decided that Americans can also due Saudi Arabia for 9/11?

    Let’s see… say about 3,000 people were killed on 9/11. The court values that at $6 billion.

    Since the US government has killed at least 3 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq (alone) since 9/11, that means it must owe the people of those countries… $6 trillion.

    I wonder when the US government will pay?

    • Robbobbobin says

      Not another US court – same court (Southern New York), same judge (Beorge Daniels).

    • reinertorheit says

      Americans don’t care who they attack, or why. Or whom they kill when doing so.

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    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Sorry, tomie-you mentioned ‘Israel’. That is Badthink at Offguardian these days.

  5. milosevic says

    The official position of the United States government is that 19 people (15 Saudi Arabians, 2 Egyptians, 2 Emiratis and a Lebanese man) hijacked the planes and flew them into their targets.

    15 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 20

    Not even the US government has yet achieved the 1984 level of Reality Control where 2 + 2 = 5 or 19 = 20, although one assumes that something like this may eventually become part of some Official Story.

    If this can be taken as an expression of the current Official 9/11 Faery Tale —


    — then the Evil Moslem Terrorists were supposedly comprised of fifteen Saudis, two UAEans, one Egyptian, and one Lebanese.

    The fact that many of these people later turned out to be still alive after crashing Boeing 767s into the World Trade Center, should in no way be taken as contradicting the 9/11 Official Story. Obviously.


      • milosevic says

        good point, although it’s really more like “3 buildings = 2 buildings”.

  6. George says

    This really is pathetic. Whoever happens to be the next choice for regime change suddenly gets blamed for all the big nasty stuff in the past. Perhaps they will “establish” a link between Iran and the Holocaust/Black Death/The Dark Lord Sauron (may as well chuck the fantasy stuff in too) etc etc etc

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      This is the USA after all, the Empire of the Big Lie. Parasitic, cynical, mendacious thugs.

      • I have not looked yet, but maybe you know if anybody is mentioning that Cardinal sinner George d’Pedophile Pell, head of FINANCE at the Vatican Bank is implicated in any sense, or is this just another distraction ? While Micron-Macron is in Australia, spinning his media web of E.i. under the Masquerade of lambasting the Chinese .. ?? just askin’ 🙂

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Little Micron lectured the Chinese on what they can or cannot do in their own waters. The Orientalist arrogance of the racist pipsqueak no doubt impresses his Zionist creators and controllers, who hate and fear China like there is no tomorrow. Our resident bankster parasite mock Prime Minister, Turdball, replied, zombie-like, by intoning the Holy Mantra that his US Masters taught him to bark on command’ .’..the Rules-Based International Order’. Like the one we saw on display in Iraq, Libya, Gaza, the West Bank, Panama City, Grenada, Ukraine, Syria etc. All the local curs have been trained to bark it on all occasions, as if they think that its mere recitation will cause the ‘Yellow Peril’ to quake in their boots.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        ‘The moral equivalent of Our Founding Fathers..’, as Ronny Raygun called the mujahideen butchers. Chomsky observed that Reagan was accidentally correct.

    • Tom Welsh says

      I hope you do realise that Iran was also responsible for Pearl Harbor and the “Maine”.

  7. Harry Stotle says

    So Iran did it …… aided and abetted by Russia, Syria & N Korea, presumably?

    And the likes of Monbiot has the cheek to call us conspiracy nuts !!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I expect Monbiot will emerge to endorse this odious farce. Followed closely by a beaming Jeremy Corbyn.

      • reinertorheit says

        The very same Monbiot who advocates reintroducing lions and aurochs into the British countryside, to restore the natural balance….

        • Big B says

          Starting in Parliament hopefully! 😀

  8. rtj1211 says

    More mafioso nonsense from the CIA. This is extortion pure and simple and no country should ever pay the US anything until it repays 500trn in damages for blowing up the Middle East.

    A resolution to expel the US from the UN should be lodged immediately.

  9. vexarb says

    Reminds me of a little ditty from a short story by Rudyard Kipling:

    "The village that voted the Earth was flat / Flat as my hat / Flatter than that"
  10. Simon says

    The fundamental decency and honesty of the US may have be facade as far as many peoples were concerned. But it was a facade that worked. Most people, from the very bottom to the very top, mostly
    believed that facade, and behaved accordingly. They believed it about themselves, and that it was the only acceptable way to behave. It kept the evil bastards in check. That has now been cast completely aside. From Reaganism, the neocons, Zionists, illuminati, 1% elite, deep state – whatever the ultimate cause of our head-down corruption there are now no checks at all against the horror, tyranny and plain selfish evil that has infected the West like a cancer.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Sorry, Simon-mention of ‘Zionists’ is now verboten at Offguardian.

  11. Ok, let’s humour them and pretend there really was 19 hijackers and 4 planes or whatever. What is just as unbelievable is that 19 alleged Sunni Muslims would do the dirty work for Shia dominated Iran.

    • Ivan says

      Well, I don’t feel I personally know enough to rule out (for myself) the official US version as a whole.

      But I know enough to know that this verdict against Iran has nothing to do with justice or common sense and is a day light robbery. And not just that.

      • milosevic says

        common sense

        What does your common sense tell you is happening to this building? If somebody told you, “it’s falling down because of a fire”, would you feel confident in ruling out that explanation?

        • @Milosevic. Yes. Having watched many a big fire collapse (Guy Fawkes on top) I would be far more inclined to believe that some dastardly Iranians/Russians/Cubans/N.Koreans/Martians had secretly constructed a gigantic subterranean elevator, with that building on it, and one of those Communist master villains had pressed the Down button. That’s the way the building in that picture is falling

          • Tom says

            Ffs steels will lose half its structural integrate if it is heated above 700 degrees c and concrete provides no structural support in buildings above 3 stories, concretes there to provide insulation. If you can’t figure it out from there you’re fucked

            • How was the steel heated about 700C? And how would this non-symmetrical failure result in symmetrical collapse and near free-fall speed?

            • milosevic says

              The disinfo is strong with this one.

            • rilme says

              Thanks for the tip, Tom. I’m gonna throw all that styrofoam out of my attic and fill the space with concrete insulation.

    • reinertorheit says

      Not insane, if you are veteran Iran-bating loony John Bolton – finally getting his nation’s call at the pensionable age of 70, after a lifetime on the sidelines.

      Why waste a perfectly fine opportunity for attacking Iran? Facts are immaterial to the Mustachioed Misfit.

  12. Jimbo says

    I may jump off the conspiracy train today. Remember, this ruling is a done deal. A real court with witnesses, lawyers, depositions, evidence, all that jazz, has been in session for some time and ruled Iran liable in 9/11. It sounded ridiculous, of course, especially with Bibi’s recent over the top presentation but Just to see if there was a case against Iran re 9/11 I found this site which has been assiduously following the Iran case and in a pro-9/11 Commission-y way it lays out the particulars, and if you believe the official story it’s clinched, the Iranian government was part of the 9/11 plot.

    I say I may give up on the truth movement because – let’s be honest – it would be have been madness for the US government to have done what we truthers have been screaming about and if not for the mountain of anomalies (Shanksville anyone?) what would we have? A lot less of an “inside job” case. So, taking what we know of how intricate the original conspiracy had to have been, here, now in 2018, could this New York City court with all it takes to put on a trial be a fake? Maybe. But as dispassionately as you can read the link and then do what I may do (probably not) and get on with living my life. http://iran911case.com/

    • vexarb says

      “Thou shalt not commit false witness, neither shaltthou deliver false judgment” — Old Testament

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        That doesn’t apply to non-tribals.

    • Ivan says

      Oh yes, conspiracy theories..

      So let’s suppose their “evidence” against Iran is not fabricated/taken out of context, as I think it is.

      There still remains the FACT, nothing to do with CIA supplied “evidence”, that the west supplied Iran with components for chemical weapons to be used against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war (about 500,000 iranian people killed in this war). Together with all other kind of other weapons, and not just the US.

      Now how much does this fact alone cost in western courts (omitting the other western crimes against Iran)?

      Let’s see: 3000 killed in 9/11, 500000 killed in the Iraq Iran war.

      6 bln * 500000/3000 = 1 TRILLION

      All this if you accept that this loss of life can be compensated by giving out the green paper. I personally don’t.

      • vexarb says

        @Ivan. Good point. Can your typo in Para 3 be corrected? Should read “The West supplied Iraq with chemical weapons…”.

      • Ivan says

        As noted by vexarb, it should be ” the west supplied Iraq with components for chemical weapons”. Cannot edit the post myself, unfortunately.

        • The limited hangout of the Scott Report was a cover up to conceal that we supplied BOTH Iran and Iraq during the war. Remember Matrix Churchill? Can’t remember the minister (Allan Clark?) who boasted that we did rather well out of it. No admission that we supplied Iran with CW or CW precursors …not inconceivable that we did though.

    • Smitty says

      You tell ’em Langley. Sock it to ’em puppet!

    • FS says

      You’re playing to the wrong crowd, Jimbo.

      Not much call for that hasbara snake-oil around these here parts.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Jimbo, you hasbara shite is starting to be very annoying. How many million dead Iranians will satisfy your blood-lust? Six, perhaps.

    • milosevic says

      if not for the mountain of anomalies what would we have?

      Right. Once you discount all of the actual evidence, then anything is possible. And believing what Authority wants you to believe is so much more personally convenient. Who needs reality, anyway? Doublethink pays much better.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        A victory party at Ruth Smeeth’s place after the Wadsworth lynching.

  13. Robbobbobin says

    “I have a better joke: “Breaking News: Netanyahu Presenting the Iranian Nuclear Bomb!”

    Oh, they’re such jokers, those Israelis. The IAEA has since tried to top it but I suspect that by the time the transcripts reach the desk of President Donald J Trump their lame attempt at a riposte will have been thoroughly blixed out.

    Have you heard the one about the last Palestinian home owner left in East Jerusalem? He was tending some okra near his garden fence and the IDF shot him dead from one of their mobile batteries of M16s.

    • Robbobbobin says

      Oopx – misplaced reply to earlier post by Schlüter.

  14. Robbobbobin says

    “…the introduction of Iran as some kind accomplice is a massive contradiction. One that makes very little sense.”

    I would draw your attention to the fact that, although all of the alleged hijackers (“15 Saudi Arabians, 2 Egyptians, 2 Emiratis and a Lebanese man”) have at least one of the letters comprising ‘I”r”a”n’ in the full attribution of their nationalities, only the 15 Saudis have all four! There are clearly some hidden connections in the events of 9/11 that are known to the US DoJ and Judge Daniels (see the earlier post by M. Glaser) but which have never been revealed to either the US public or the Saudi Iranian government. Perhaps you would like to reconsider the matter more carefully and withdraw the closing sentence of your third paragraph (quoted above)?

  15. George Cornell says

    This is the kind of crap which happens when a country has one lawyer per 221 people. (Japan has one per ten thousand.)

    • milosevic says

      Also relevant is the proportion of stupid vs. non-stupid people. As has been quite obvious for a long time, the US leads the world in that statistic, by a very wide margin.

      If anything, their lead seems to be increasing. Look at all the people who voted for Killary Klingon.

  16. Simon says

    One of my favorite writers/podcasters, Kevin Barrett (truth Jihad), had a massive issue with Chomsky’s stance on 9/11. Chomsky, who I otherwise admire greatly, because his attitude on 9/11 and it’s protagonist was “what does it matter?”.

    Kevin did his absolute best to get Chomsky on board but he pulled out at the last moment from a debate where Kev wanted to knock some sense into him intellectually.

    It seems Professor Barrett was correct all along – 9/11 truth (of course) matters and will now be used as a canard to beat down/invade/bomb the hell out of Iran.

    One would hope that Chomsky finally sees the danger of his position – that is, if the political left actually take any notice of him anymore (which they should).

    I just watched this video on YouTube. You may not like this guy’s other videos but this one is pertinent – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4Foosop2wo

    • Hertog Jan says

      Chomsky, one of the founders of ‘cognitive science’ and known for his defense of unconditional freedom of speech–including free speech for Holocaust deniers, is intelligent enough to have seen through the lies of the official 9/11 story.

      I believe Chomsky is afraid of the truth. Not afraid for himself, a man almost 90 years old, but for the people who might suffer the consequences, if the real story were to come out, what happened on that terrible day: 11 September 2001.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        That’s my theory, too, Jan. If the truth of Israeli responsibility came out it would be a catastrophe. ANY attempt to call Israel to account would be met by Israeli nuclear strikes, probably to cause a ‘nuclear winter’ to ‘take the world down’ as Israeli elite figures have often threatened. If you read Chomsky’s ‘The Fateful Triangle’ and any number of other books covering the region, Chomsky well understands just how genocidal and ruthless the Israeli ruling elites are.

        • milosevic says

          If the truth of Israeli responsibility came out it would be a catastrophe.

          Why, then, do you propagate exactly that idea, rather than trying to cover it up, as Chomsky does?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Because it is, as I see it, the truth. As for global devastation-that is ALREADY inevitable. Indeed, from the ecological point of view, it is already far advanced, well beyond numerous points of no return.

    • Edwige says

      Not saying that this is necessarily correct, nor even that what it alleges couldn’t be directed at Corbett himself, but it does show that Chomsky’s position on 9/11 isn’t an isolated one-off:

      • milosevic says

        nor even that what it alleges couldn’t be directed at Corbett himself

        On what basis?

    • milosevic says

      if the political left actually take any notice of him anymore (which they should)

      Why, exactly, should a genuine left (assuming any such thing currently exists) pay attention to the pronouncements of someone who upholds not only the 9/11 Official Story, but even the JFK Official Story?

      It seems to me that the only reasonable assumption would be that such a person is somebody’s disinfo agent, and that they should henceforth be completely ignored, except when pointing out their mendacity to other people who haven’t yet caught on.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “Why, exactly, should a genuine left (assuming any such thing currently exists) pay attention to the pronouncements of someone who upholds not only the 9/11 Official Story, but even the JFK Official Story?”

        Because the position of the “genuine” left in this era of capitalism is usually (but not always – c.f. Muammar Gadaffi’s anti-communist, nationalist, “Islamic” socialism) based on economic analyses stemming from Karl Marx, which are more or less indifferent to transient phenomena except insofar as they are seen as diversionary. It is perfectly possible for two equally commited Marxists (or anarcho-syndicalists as Chomsky seems most often to describe himself) to take opposing views on both of your dividing criteria.

        • milosevic says

          It isn’t.

          Not if they think it’s important to relate to the real world, rather than some delusional fantasy world that the ruling class social control apparatus has constructed in order to divert any serious opposition to their program.

          The 9/11 event is the foundational pretext for the Terror War, which after fifteen years, shows no signs of slowing down. It’s now being repurposed for the demonisation of Iran, in preparation for regime change operations against that country.

          If you think all these are “transient phenomena”, you really haven’t been paying attention.

    • Simon – Well, it is also worth considering that Chomsky is and has been a consistent defender of the Warren Commission also, denying that JFK’s murder mattered at all – “people are murdered all the time, so what” I believe were his words in a video interview I watched years ago. So even though I admire much of Chomsky’s work on both the monstrous foreign policy of the U.S., and his media propaganda critique, it is obvious that when push comes to shove Chomsky will not call out or challenge the deep state narratives and forces.

      I could understand that stance as a defense against getting one’s family killed, but in that case simply not talking about such issues would suffice. However, Chomsky morphs into a sort of Glenn Beck slapstick version of himself when even asked about 9/11 and sans any rational thought or evidence simply totally dismisses any suggestion that the “we need a new Pearl Harbor” neocons could possibly have been complicit. This irrational “refusal to look at the evidence” version of Chomsky that supports both the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission bears literally no resemblance to the well reasoned rational Chomsky I admire and in fact seems mysteriously incapable of putting together a rational logical argument to defend his thesis on these topics.
      Go figure. I don’t for a minute think that Chomsky can watch building 7 (or the towers for that matter) disintegrate into thin air and essentially free fall to the ground and think that is he watching the natural laws of physics at play rather than controlled demolition. Why he will not state the obvious I doubt we will ever know – but I find I no longer have the time or the interest in what he might opine on other matters these days.

      • Robbobbobin says

        Then never get yourself a cat for a pet.

      • FS says

        9/11 is the litmus test.
        Chomsky, Assange, Snowden are all dammed by it.

  17. Treason: Will Trump Let Jonathan Pollard Leave?

    Trump is also considering allowing Pollard, a former American intelligence specialist, to move to Israel. Pollard served nearly 30 years for spying for Israel, and since being paroled in 2015 has been prohibited from leaving US soil.
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.
    At his trial, Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard was called “the greatest traitor in the history of the United States” (Gordon Thomas, Seeds of Fire, p.31-32). In the words of CIA Director George Tenet, Pollard, an American Jew, stole “every worthwhile intelligence secret we have.” In the year prior to his arrest in Nov. 1986, Pollard transmitted “over 360 cubic feet of top secret paper to Israel,” his trial was told.

    • George Cornell says

      If he moves to Israel he will be treated like a hero, never mind Pollard, a coke addict, did it for Coke and cash. Trump knows this, so if he pardons him he will make extend the mockery of the justice system,

      • Harry Law says

        Wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t invited to officially open the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I believe Israel on sold a good deal of Pollard’s stuff to China. With loyal friends like this…but the three billion in tribute continues to flow to Tel Aviv, year after year.

  18. Concerned Citizen says

    Overwhelming evidence proves that two jet liners are not what destroyed the nine building in Manhattan, with the two tallest simply turning to dust in mid-air, steel and all, from the top down, in under 12 seconds. Nor were they what caused 1200+ vehicles in the vicinity to burst spontaneously into flames as the south tower was turning to dust. Nor did fires, explosives, wrecking balls, nuclear weapons, or any conventional means of destruction do these things.
    Thus, the concept that Islamists had ANYTHING to do with 9/11 is an absurdity. Look for an entity that has control of the special weaponry that can destroy buildings and vehicles in this manner. I don’t know WHO attacked us on 9/11, but it wasn’t Islamists, or we would have been attacked again and again in the same way. Even if Iran had developed such weaponry, how would they have delivered its effects to Manhattan? The culprits are closer to home.

    • bill says

      of course; and “they ” even control the Truth Movement…

  19. wardropper says

    Doesn’t speak well for a Yale education…

  20. rilme says

    I KNEW Iran had something to do with it! The evildoers were all over 911:
    Zelikow, Chertoff, Caufmann, Birnbaum, Mukasey, Zakheim, Mileikowsky, and all those other people with funny names.

  21. America’s judicial system is corrupt from the bottom up! This is just more evidence of that fact.

    • vexarb says

      “When a fish begins to stink, it starts from the head” — Israeli proverb

  22. Fair dinkum says

    “LOOK, LOOK, the enemy is over there. They don’t look like us”
    (And there goes a squadron of flying pigs).

  23. 0use4msm says

    No doubt in five to ten year’s time the blame for 9-11 will subsequently be shifted from Iran to Venezuela, or Russia, or China… or whatever baddie du jour happens to find itself in the cross hairs of Washington. The ridiculousness of this accusation has reached the level of pure bathos. It would be laughable if such a fraudulent casus belli didn’t have the possibility of a very real war attached to it.

    • vexarb says

      @Ouse. Like the blame for Lockerby was shifted from Iran to Libya? Now that Libya has been raped but Iran remains virgo intacta, will our AZC shift the blame back on Iran?

      “Put the blame on Mame” — Rita Hayworth

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I’ve been waiting for the re-reversal of Lockerbie attribution to Iran for years. I’ve seen a few desultory efforts by Zionists to attempt it, but maybe it’s a lie too far, even for them.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It’s so redolent of Nazi propaganda to justify the attack on Poland that it is almost funny. All so that Bibi can have his ‘New Purim’, to go with his ‘New Pearl Harbor’.

    • wardropper says

      And it used to be a nice Cloud Cuckoo Land too, but now it’s just plain poisonous.
      Even the Americans who can see through the crap are utterly powerless – not that anybody in the UK has any more power than they to wield against the persons of dubious intelligence who claim to “represent” us in Westminster…
      There is cause for concern and for pessimism here.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Rational Evil is bad enough, but insane Evil is deadly dangerous. And will ANY Western political stooge or fakestream media presstitute dare to point out the genocidal mendacity of this horror.

  24. Francis Lee says

    So first of all the blame is foisted upon Saddam (which was a ridiculous assertion) double down and now the blame is foisted upon Iran! This is just plain crazy (absolutely, certifiably plain crazy), when it was Saudi nationals who carried out the operation. There are times when mere words fail one, this is one of those times.

    • wardropper says

      At some stage, words will have to be supplemented by action. Obviously most people here can see the problem pretty clearly, but how can we isolate and treat the widespread rot in the timbers supporting western society…?
      If some republican in the USA says the Earth is flat after all, millions will believe him.
      Now what’s the cure for that?
      Free speech…?

      • Sergei says

        The cure is finding like-minded people, meeting them offline, organizing offline lectures for the public, etc. The goal is to educate people about the current political situation. Once that is done, proceed to marches, sit-ins, boycotts, and, eventually, strikes.

    • Tim Groves says

      I gave your comment a “Like”, Francis, because I genuinely like it and I concur with most of what you said.

      However, I don’t share your confidence that it was Saudi nationals who carried out the operation. The tales told about 9/11 are as skillfully interwoven, almost as entertaining and very probably almost as fictional as the tales told by Scheherezade, who was herself a fictional character. But I know many ordinary decent people who uncritically accept as solid verifiable fact anything they read in the national press or see on TV news, and the Saudi hijackers have certainly been mentioned in plenty of 9/11 coverage over the years.

      Like most TV programming, the news coverage on the day of 9/11 was scripted. We can ascertain this with a high degree of confidence simply from the fact that eye-witness “Harley Guy” Mark Walsh was able to explain on the spot with the well-rehearsed delivery of a glib TV commercial voiceover actor why the Twin Towers fell in an interview with Fox News: “Then I watched the towers collapse, mostly due to structural failure because the fires were too intense.”.

      We also know that the coverage was scripted from the fact that Arron Brown on CNN reported that WTC Building 7 “is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing” 70 minutes before it collapsed and that Jane Standley reported the building’s collapse 20 minutes before it collapsed.

      The existence of scripted TV coverage implies advance planning of said coverage by the news media, which in turn implies foreknowledge of 9/11 by elements within the news media.

      A member of the Mossad surveillance team arrested on 9/11 said “Our purpose was to document the event.” If true, this also would imply foreknowledge of the event in question.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      But it WAS NOT Sordid Arabians who did it. THAT is yet another layer of lying to hide the real culprits. Cui bono? Or in Bibi’s case-cui bozo?

  25. M. Glaser says

    Contrary to your statement above, the court case against Saudi government role in 911 attacks is still active due to passage of JASTA bill last year. The bill lifted immunity for the Saudi Government. So farthe same judge in above case has allowed the case to go forward against a limited number of Saudi individuals who are accused to be part of logistical apparatus that provided support to the Saudis involved in 9/11. Some of those individuals were named in the infamous, formerly secret , “28 pages” of the 911 joint congressional investigation of 911. Some of the individuals , named in the report had links to the Saudi Government .

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