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Joining Some Dots on the Skripal Case: Part 4 – The Dodgy Dossier

Rob Slane

So far in this series of pieces, I have attempted to demonstrate why I believe the official story of the poisoning of the Skripals doesn’t add up (Part 1). I have then pointed to some of the most significant pieces of the jigsaw, which have either been largely ignored or quietly forgotten (Part 2). And I then went on in Part 3 to show what I believe to be perhaps the key to the whole case; that Mr Skripal became agitated in Zizzis restaurant, not because he was physically unwell and suffering from the effects of poisoning hours earlier, but rather because he had an appointment to keep.

But before coming on to propose a theory of what may have happened, I need to first present a theory of why it might have happened. I emphasise the word theory, because that is all it is — neither more nor less. And of course, it could be well wide of the mark. Make of it what you will!

In a recent blog, Craig Murray, the former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, linked to a very interesting piece by Paul Gregory that appeared in Forbes in January 2017. Mr Gregory is Professor of Economics at Houston University, and research fellow at both the Hoover Institution and the German Institute for Economic Research, and he also has extensive knowledge about Russia and the Soviet Union. Here’s what he had to say about the so-called Trump Dossier, just a few days after it was published by Buzzfeed:

“As someone who has worked for more than a decade with the microfilm collection of Soviet documents in the Hoover Institution Archives, I can say that the dossier itself was compiled by a Russian, whose command of English is far from perfect and who follows the KGB (now FSB) practice of writing intelligence reports, in particular the practice of capitalizing all names for easy reference. It was written, in my opinion, not by an ex-British intelligence officer but by a Russian trained in the KGB tradition [my emphasis].”

Now, we know that there is a link between the apparent author of the Trump Dossier, Christopher Steele and Mr Skripal’s MI6 recruiter and handler, Pablo Miller. And we know that Miller and Skripal met regularly. Not only this, but we also know that there is a direct link between Steele and Skripal dating back to the late 1990s, early 2000s. There is, then, a clear link between the man credited (if that be the right word) with writing the Dossier, and a certain ex-Russian intelligence officer, who would have been trained in the KGB tradition (he was actually in the GRU), living in Salisbury. In fact, the Daily Telegraph helpfully pointed out this connection a day before the Government slapped a D-notice on reporting on the issue.

But is there another clue? I think there is. By itself, it would mean nothing, but it is an interesting possibility in connection with what I have just stated.

According to the Czech magazine, Respekt, Mr Skripal had links with Czech Intelligence. This included a meeting in Prague back in 2012, but there were also subsequent meetings where Czech Intelligence officers came to meet with him in Britain. We are not told when or where this took place, suffice it to say that there was an ongoing connection.

If we then turn to the Trump Dossier itself, we find this in the sections dated August and October 2016:

“Kremlin insider reports TRUMP lawyer COHEN’s secret meeting/s with Kremlin officials in August 2016 was/were held in Prague.

We reported previously (2016/135 and /136) on secret meeting/s held in Prague, Czech Republic in August 2016 between then Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s representative, Michael COHEN and his interlocutors from the Kremlin working under cover of Russian NGO Rossotrudnichestvo…

Speaking to a compatriot and friend on 19 October 2016, a Kremlin insider provided further details of reported clandestine meeting/s between Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP’s lawyer Michael COHEN and Kremlin representatives in August 2016. Although the communication between them had to be cryptic for security reasons, the Kremlin insider clearly indicated to his/ her friend that the reported contact/s took place in Prague, Czech Republic.”

Mr Cohen has of course vehemently denied this claim, saying that he has never been to Prague. Whether he has or hasn’t is not for me to say, but it is in any case irrelevant to the point I am making. That point is this: Sergei Skripal had what looks like extensive connections with Czech Intelligence, and claims – whether true or false –, which presumably came from Czech sources, are found in the Trump Dossier.

Putting these three things together – the Steele/Miller/Skripal connection; the Czech claims in the Dossier; and the emphatic claim made by Paul Gregory that the Dossier itself was compiled by a Russian “trained in the KGB tradition” – then you can begin to see where this might be pointing.

Now, you’d think from the way the BBC and others have reported on Mr Skripal that he was just some old chap enjoying his retirement in the quiet city of Salisbury, where he was in the habit of frequenting local restaurants and pottering about in his garden. Yet his continued work for British Intelligence, which saw him travelling to the Czech Republic and Estonia in 2016 to meet with intelligence officers, paints a somewhat different picture. Also, remember this is a man who once sold out hundreds of his fellow countrymen in the late 1990s and early 2,000s for filthy lucre. The fact that he continued to work for British Intelligence after being settled in Salisbury suggests not only that there was not what you might call deep repentance, but also presents the possibility that he continued to be lured by the promise of cash.

And so one wonders whether the man who was bought for a price by MI6 back in the 1990s might have still been buyable after he settled in Salisbury. Might Steele, who had been commissioned by Fusion GPS on behalf of the Democrats to put together some dirt on Donald Trump, have asked Skripal to cobble something together? Might Skripal have used his contacts in places like the Czech Republic and Estonia to give it some semblance of credibility? Might Skripal have been swayed by the promise of more money to put together a Dossier full of salacious and unverifiable gossip?

And be in no doubt, the Trump Dossier is a Dodgy Dossier. I write this as someone who thinks that Donald Trump is a walking disaster area, and as someone who has no desire to defend him. Yet the fallaciousness of the Dossier, which has formed the basis of the attempts to smear and possibly impeach him, is clear, as Paul Gregory articulated well in his piece for Forbes:

“The Orbis dossier is fake news … [It] makes as if it knows all the ins-and-outs and comings-and-goings within Putin’s impenetrable Kremlin. It reports information from anonymous ‘trusted compatriots,’ ‘knowledgeable sources,’ ‘former intelligence officers,’ and ‘ministry of foreign affairs officials.’ The report gives a fly-on-the-wall account of just about every conceivable event associated with Donald Trump’s Russian connections … There are two possible explanations for the fly-on-the-wall claims of the Orbis report: Either its author (who is not Mr. Steele) decided to write fiction, or collected enough gossip to fill a 30-page report, or a combination of the two .”

Indeed, the whole thing has all the look and feel of having been written by a firm that wanted a payday, but never in their wildest dreams expected the contents of it to become public knowledge. And they never expected it to be revealed because they never expected Mr Trump to win the 2016 election. In the infinitesimally small chance that he did win, I don’t suppose it even occurred to them that it might be taken seriously by US Intelligence.

And so here is the supposition as to the “why” of this case: The Democrat Party paid Fusion GPS to dig up some dirt on Donald Trump. Fusion GPS contracted this out to British Intelligence, who put them on to Orbis Business Intelligence, a private security firm owned by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele. Steele took the money and farmed the project out to Skripal who, because of his knowledge of Russia and his contacts with intelligence agencies in other countries, could make it sound reasonably plausible, at least to those who were paying for it.

But then – and this like that bit in the Lord or The Rings when it says that the Ring came into the possession of the unlikeliest creature – the Dodgy Dossier somehow found its way into the hands of US Intelligence agencies, and instead of seeing it as the obvious fraud that it was, amazingly they took it seriously. So seriously, in fact, that it became what the then Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, Peter Strzok, described in a text message to his mistress, Lisa Page, as “an insurance policy” – that is, insurance against the unthinkable happening and Donald Trump becoming President.

But of course the unthinkable did happen. Against all expectations, Mr Trump won, and suddenly that same “insurance policy”, full of salacious gossip and unverifiable information, took on a life of its own, with all of the Beltway talking about it, and then with Buzzfeed eventually releasing it into the public domain. And so what was meant to be a product with enough plausibility to satisfy those paying for it, became the foundation for the attempts to bring down a sitting President.

If the above is correct — and let me reiterate once again that it is simply a theory, not necessarily a fact — then Sergei Skripal, not Christopher Steele, was the main author of the Trump Dossier. If that was the case, isn’t it possible that he might have sought a payment to keep quiet about its origins and the nature of its contents? And isn’t it possible that there might have been others who would seek to keep him quiet by other means?

In the final part of this series, I’ll attempt to propose a theory as to what actually happened on the evening of 4th March in Salisbury.


  1. Thomas Peterson says

    Crikey, more novichok. At least we know nobody except perhaps some pets will die,

  2. King Kong says

    Any credence to the GB Government, that might have resided in normally thinking people, must surely, by now, have evaporated like Novichock on a hot summer day. The whole story is not comical anymore, but farcical, unintentionally farcical; have give facts, direct lies are now flung at the unsuspecting audience, like, well, lies from a politician.
    The 4 Gang in the British regime, Medusa May, Buffoon Johnson, Inbred Bogg and that forgettable Gove thing, has done the best to eradicate any chance of reelection, which is good.
    The prestige and credibility GB has lost by this incident , is huge.

  3. bevin says

    Don’t miss Craig Murray on the Amesbury Mystery-https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/
    “We are continually presented with experts by the mainstream media who will validate whatever miraculous property of “novichok” is needed to fit in with the government’s latest wild anti-Russian story. …….. Mark Urban’s piece for Newsnight tonight was simply disgusting; it did not even pretend to be more than a propaganda piece on behalf of the security services”

  4. Kaiama says

    This Skripal shite has kicked off again in Amesbury. After 2k mailonline comments 90%+ of total disbelief, all the subsequent threads are on moderation and nothing is getting through.

    • Robbobbobin says

      At least we already know that Porton Down has an actual sample of the actual raw agent that actually knocked down the latest couple, and that is of “the same type” as the Skripal chok, because we know that precise identification of chok type from metabolites is not possible. And we know that it’s of “the same type” and not some variant in chemical structure or of manufacture because every officious personage from UK politician to Al Jazeera presenter is telling us so, and only Porton Down could have told them. Right? So what was it smeared on this time? Everybody please wash your clothes.

  5. mikael says

    Weird, their propaganda is so stupid and bad, it awoked something I didnt know I had, maternal instingts, wanting to help this smal minded creeps, poor scmucks, where they roam in circles, producing an ever increasing heep of shit.

    I laughed when I watched this pop up in the MSM, I almost wetted by trousers, shit this is hillarious, another ugh…… Nuevoshit attack, or is it something smeared, huh, maybe UK should ban door knobs to be safe, you never know, and where is the ultimate person whom we all know never cocks up anything, Bozo the Clown, is he shoot or something, since the latest weeks have been so boooring in international poliTicks.

    Foam from their mouth, yeah, shit from their behind, uh…. this is so lame it hurts, the first attempt was bad enough, this second freak show episode of what bullshit is the Ukraps capable to invent this time, and they came up with this, hehehe, and despite not mentioning anything about either Putin nor Russia, in the MSM everybody “knows” dont they, of course, Putin “poisoned” to ex/? junkies, yeah, of 80 mil, Ukraps they “poisoned” this two.
    Please, UK, do continue, its not often an “breaking news” made me laugh so hard I almosy wetted my self, this time its looking more and more like an lousy farse, the first one an bad parody on some eh….. terror attack, and OG you are dead on, they know it, we know it, but the sheeps, like in Norway, where our MSM prints everything nonsense they can about Russia/Putin, is already blaming Russia, all tho this whom do that, in our MSM, have fake Facebook acounts, easy to see and they always followes the to any given time the MSM agenda and right now they are flooding the sites and hammers Putin and of course anyone saying anything else, is an Russian troll.

    Yup, I didnt bother to read anything before this article in here, to me this is so fake its just riddicilous, there are other things that requires attention, other than this UKraps stupid and again amaturish made propaganda stunt.

    Yes, OffG , UKropia have become an open asylum, run by the inmates from the tissued wall compartement, staggering stupid, insanely greedy, and thinks we. the rest of the world is equally bonkers.
    What could possibly go wrong.


  6. Jason Kennedy says

    Good work, Rob. I’ve enjoyed reading the full series on your blog. If you’ve successfully joined any of the dots, you should experience, (as I did when embarked on a similar enterprise anent the shooting of Carlos de Menezes), an interaction of some sort with some mean-looking types from Special Branch.

    • Mark says

      Hello Jason. That sounds very interesting! Presumably you’re referring to de Menezes’ knowledge (as an electrician) of the bombs on the track during 7/7? May I ask what form the ‘interaction’ with the goons took?

      • Jen says

        I’m afraid the goons turned the Brazilian plumber Jean Charles de Menezes into Swiss cheese.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Israeli-trained goons, please, Jen.

      • Mark. I was intercepted by my name being called as I entered Bristol Airport after deplaning. Taken to an annex by these two gentlemen, plain-clothes, did not identify themselves, mean-looking, and asked a bunch of questions re my visit that I declined to answer. The de Menezes link was I had blogged a hypothetical version of his death that, years later, turned out to be extremely close to what actually happened.

        • JudyJ says

          I still recall with horror what happened to that poor unsuspecting young man at the hands of Britain’s ‘finest’. The imcompetence and appalling consequences made me ashamed to be British then, and everything that has happened since just reinforces my views.

  7. Robbobbobin says

    Now that they’re dropping in Wiltshire like flies landing on the bowls of the Novichok that the local Tescos obtain from The Guardian and leave lying around in their storerooms instead of rat poison, speculating on alternatives to the propositions in the article seem a bit pointless, but Mr Skripal is/was at least a double agent (ffs) and simpler hypotheses beat complex ones, so: Skripal, working for some reason, whether under duress or not, with some combination of MI* and/or anti-Putingarchs and/or pro-Theresagarchs, cooked up an anti-Putinable Novichok scam that – supplies of the stuff being what they are – had to be sourced from possibly previously disappeared stocks held somewhere in the former Soviet Union.

    Yulia muled.

    On the appointed day, Skripal was to lace the premises before they both set out for a planned diversionary wander, including lunch, before showing up at a given time on particular park bench to be discovered, supposedly all chocked up but in fact to be convincingly pre-chocked and carted off for first admission followed by super discreet dechocking at – maybe – the local hospital. But lunch was served late, hence the tantrum in the tearoom, and the pre-chocking with its associated brief briefing (re the precise lacing location, etc.) got somewhat winged up…

    • Robbobbobin says

      Missed a phrase when proofing. Should read:

      “Yulia muled, perhaps unknowingly.”

      (Only a minute amount of smearable chok would be needed.)

    • Robbobbobin says

      Later-breaking: Seymour Hersh’s information re the Russian mafia is worth a look. What colour bag did Yulia travel from Russia with on this trip?

  8. Frankly Speaking says

    I’ve been regularly predicting since the Skripal case and the OPCW/Syria farce failed to derail the World Cup in Russia, that there would be another chemical or nerve agent incident constructed by this evil mob during the WC. There is no way they’d let Russia be seen in a positive light on the world stage. No way. Guaranteed.

    As this great and highly entertaining tournament progressed I’ve been bracing myself for their announcement of an orchestrated “event”.

    With Russia themselves now being through to the quarterfinals as well as England, the fans utterly euphoric, i guess that they finally decided to unleash Skripal #2.

    In the coming days they will follow with demands for loyal NATO England, Sweden and Croatia to return home.

    The Anger of millions of fans will be harvested and be focused upon the Russian government. There may be blood spilt on the streets as a consequence. The second Russian revolution may now have been triggered.

    I noticed and remarked that Medvedev looked EXTREMELY somber when he attended the recent Russia match, I am guessing that he knew full well what was soon to be inflicted upon his country and Europe by the utterly evil MIC and the fascists behind it. Bastards. Utterly evil bastards.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      I’ve just read about Pensions protests in Russia, that may have been preoccupying Medvedev as everyone else was celebrating, but i still remain convinced the political fallout from Skripal #2, ie. Amesbury will be significant for Russia internally.

      • Baron says

        It’s only because you may know very little about the Russian unwashed, Frankly Speaking, that you worry about the pension reform fall out, they will compromise, but a reform they have to have because of the abysmally poor birth rate from the years of the presidency of Boris, the darling of the West.

    • BigB says

      Russia have gently teased Treason May by saying she would be welcome for the quarter finals. 🙂

  9. Gary Weglarz says

    A plausible analysis given what we know. Whether the Skripnals were actually poisoned, and if so by whom, is in large part irrelevant from my perspective. What is important is that the UK government’s role has been to engage the MSM as a tool to totally and completely demonize Russia and Putin through bald-faced lying – the facts of this matter being of no concern whatsoever. That is the “story” here – one lie upon another lie for weeks – all with one aim. That even with those lies disproven MSM refuses to re-examine or challenge them says everything about the complete moral corruption West and our institutions. We are simply a “post-reality” society at this point. The citizenry know that they are “supposed to believe” the MSM who speak for the oligarchy, and the citizenry dutifully obey – no matter how absurd the narrative and the lies have become.

  10. bevin says

    Yes, The Guardian is really trying to blame this on Russia.
    Or perhaps Uzbekistan. Which is not unlike arguing that Sweden is to blame for any deaths that can be blamed on the fruits of Alfred Nobel’s inventiveness.
    File this one under “First time was tragedy. the second time is farce.” with links to “Insults to the public intelligence.”
    Plainly, the days when the Security Services were run by persons with even the most minimal intelligence are long gone- this nonsense would stink in the hold of a freighter taking garbage to China from New York.

    • Antonyl says

      To be fair these Security Services sometimes listen to their political bosses which May well leave them holding the bag.

  11. Jo says

    “Couple fighting for their lives WERE expose to same novichok nerve agent as ex-Russian spy: Police make dramatic revelation as footage emerges of man found ‘foaming at the mouth’ being put in ambulance”

  12. Neil Youngson says

    The Steele dossier may be a coincidental red herring in this case. Seymour Hersh said in a recent interview on RT that, although he had not personally investigated the Skripal case, he was told by one of his sources that the Skripals were helping British intelligence with an investigation into Russian mafia activities. It seems highly likely therefore that the Russian mafia attempted to silence the Skripals, and that the May government jumped on the opportunity to blame the Russian government to detract from her political troubles at home.

      • BigB says

        Sy Hersh has been doing limited hangouts for the military and intelligence services as far back, and very possibly including, My Lai. He hasn’t personally investigated, but he heard on the intelligence grapevine …that tells me all I need to know; and, as sure as the ‘D’ notices, confirms what I already knew – the Steele Dossier is the central column of the Skripal provocation.

        As I have commented, and detailed, before: the Steele Dossier was the central pillar of Russiagate. The second pillar was the Trump Tower meeting: both were instigated by associates of what I am calling the ‘Dearlove Cabal’. The whole Russiagate provocation deeply implicates London, not Moscow. Skripal’s association with Miller and Orbis implicates him too. Add in Browder’s involvement, and we have a trans-national supra-state intelligence and Old Boy network involved in what Capitaine Paul Barril has called “Operation Beluga” – to discredit Vladimir Putin …in play since before 2012 (the triggering event was the prosecution of Khodorkovsky circa 2004-5). Trump was a convenient, but ancillary, target. The real target has always been V V Putin.

        It is not official, until it is officially denied. Hersh’s intervention is the official denial – now I know it is true. Steele, Miller, Woods, Dearlove, (Scarlett), Mifsud, Halper, Browder, Hannigan, et al …in conjunction with the Clinton Mafia are behind this …thanks for the confirmation Sy!

        • Neil Youngson says

          If it is as you say, who, specifically, do you think poisoned the Skripals?

          • Big B says

            Neil: “who specifically poisoned the Skripals” presupposes that the Skripals were even poisoned? The ‘eye witness’ Freya Church identified the couple on the bench as “100%” the couple with the red bag in the CCTV video – who were not the Skripals (although they were initially reported to be the Skripals).


            Clearly there was an incident in Salisbury, nominally a ‘poisoning’ …as to who and with what – no one can say. Reason alone – plus the doctor who was “feeling fine” – tells us it was not ‘military grade’ Novichok(ish). As to whether or not the Skripals were ever poisoned is a moot point that we are being directed to believe? The reappearance of Yulia – in seeming near perfect health (even with an apparent tracheotomy scar) – confirms nothing – except that she was not poisoned with Novichok. Was she ever ‘poisoned’ at all remains an open and unanswered question.

            I do not, and cannot, know the answer to your question. That there is no real concrete evidence that the Skripals were ever poisoned, outside of the Lugenpresse misdirection, that answer could just as feasibly be no one?

        • I agree with all your analysis BB, but the targeting of Putin began earlier in about 2002 when the British realised he was not theirs. It was solidified around the Yukos dealings of Khodorokovsky when it was clear Putin intended to be in charge of his oligarchy. The reason I know this because all British government funded project tender proposals were withdrawn at the end of 2002. It was some 6 months before Putin’s state visit to the UK so clearly the die was cast early.

          • BigB says

            TTIC: I agree, with a small proviso. The reason that I put the date later was that there was no transatlantic anti-Russian consensus until much later. In fact, there was quite the opposite: an elite faction for Russia, and another faction against. Browder was in both camps: pro-Putin until he had his visa revoked and his ‘accountant’, Sergei Magnitsky, beaten to death in prison …which of course was, and is, an abject lie.

            The pro-faction was headed by the Clintons: in fact, it seems that they were paid/bribed $500k by Renaissance Capital (the very bank that was involved in ‘stealing’ Browder’s/Hermitage $230mn – which was in fact a tax fraud perpetrated by Magnitsky, among others) and the Obama regime initially opposed the Magnitsky Act 2012. The short lived ‘Russia Reset’ also included the highly dubious – if not actually treasonous – corrupt dealings for the Uranium One deal (more ‘pay-to-play’?). Consensus grew with the non-annexation of Crimea and the (legal) intervention in Syria: V V Putin could not be controlled, he had to go. By the time the Global Magnitsky Act came around in 2015/16 the Clinton Cabal was fully on board with the agenda (Killary’s Uncle George is highly implicated as a behind the scenes manipulator – not least in the Panama Papers – which (through the sorostitute OCCRP) were primarily aimed at VVP – ‘proving’ the money trail from Hermitage to Sergei Rodulgin …VVP’s nominated ‘bag man’ and recipient of the stolen funds …all completely fabricated of course …and not featuring a single American or client of Soros?).

            As you say, the Brits were onboard from the start; the Yanks were late to the party …but when they eventually got involved, claimed all the credit – as per historical usual. Browder, of course is a mercenary Yank/Brit (for tax evasion purposes) and an asset of both secret services (MI6 agent Solomon).

            And just when ordinary people, via the ambassadorial World Cup, start to realise that Russians are human (shock horror!) a couple allegedly come into contact with some persistent and resilient five month old Novichok(ish) …or had the Risotto con Pesce! We might only hope that the (not so) ‘persistent and resilient’ lies are exposed as the fabrication of an ideology that is dangerously out of synch with reality: and act in the peoples best interest of a permanent peace with Russia …and oppose the elite manipulation and ideological simulation deigned to coerce us to hate a people who demonstrably do not hate us …(not until the semi-finals at least!)

            • Thanks BB completely on the money. In fact the Clinton’s, [POTUS philander including Killers] were visiting Yeltsin in Ekat 1999. It was like a royal visit. But MI6 informing the Blairite government were ahead of the Yanks. The money was flowing into the Clinton coffers so they weren’t too focused on the shift when it happened. Yeltsin was not involved in the Russian accession decision. It was a battle of the mobs, that had become the oligarchs. Chicago economics in action.

              And that is what we have. The CCCP was state controlled capitalism. Replaced by state controlled oligarchism. What happens with China and Russia will be interesting in the shift away from US totalitarian unipolarism.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Putin’s 2007 speech at the Munich security conference where he dared to tell the truth about the US Fourth Reich was the signal for the unending efforts at regime change.

  13. BigB says

    Lightning does not strike …oh, apparently it does. I do not even care what story they spin around Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess – I’m not listening. As far as I am concerned, it is epistemically sound to declare it all lies from the start. It is not even worth noting the proximity to Porton Down (three miles apparently) …NO ONE WAS POISONED WITH “RUSSIAN-CREATED NOVICHOK” …of a type developed by liars …not this time; not any time. The entire archaic fossilised-relic ex-print media deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs …they represent an evolutionary redundant backwater and a dangerously unstable statist mindset …in the midst of a psychotic episode from which there can be no eventual recovery.

    • And this lightening strike has all the hallmarks of the last lightening [balls] of the last one.

      • I’ll write that again.

        And this lightening strike has all the hallmarks of last lightening [balls-up]

  14. Baron says

    Whether the Russian double agent was or wasn’t involved in compiling the dossier matters but not much, it’s unlikely only one individual put it together, the un-English English of it could have been faked (it could have been re-written into better English if necessary), poisoning him because he wanted money for his contribution to it seems a weak motive to endanger his and his daughter’s life, (since when has money been a problem for the spooks anyway?), the motive to administer a potentially life-threatening ‘warning’ must have been more serious.

    What if the Skripal’s daughter came over with conditions for the old man to return to Russia (he was talking about wanting to go back before, two of his neighbours said so in the local paper), these conditions must have been acceptable, he decided to go, but may have either confined in his ‘MI5 friends’ about the final decision to return, or his private conversations with his daughter were bugged, hence he had to be stopped.

    His going back would have been a serious blow not just for the mere fact that a man who had spied against Russia is allowed to return back to his homeland. It also presented a far bigger (and a real) risk to the national security for having returned he would very likely tell the FSB what the MI5 wouldn’t want the Russians to know.

    The rather amateurish, half-baked way the incident was orchestrated, the subsequent uncertain handling of it e.g. moving the source of the poisoning from the car to a bag of porridge then the door handle suggest the whole charade was put together rather hastily i.e. something must have occurred after his daughter arrived here, and that ‘something’ could have been his making up his mind about going back, no?

    • bevin says

      “His going back would have been a serious blow not just for the mere fact that a man who had spied against Russia is allowed to return back to his homeland. mm”
      This is true too of the possibility of his daughter’s returning. Perhaps that is what made the matter urgent enough to act.
      Julia would have been a messenger to Russia, perhaps even carrying the outlines of the info that he had.

  15. Robbobbobin says

    Nerve agent attacks on double agents holing up in sleepy southern English towns, organised by marauding bands of Russian Druids from their nearby lair of Stonehenge-by-Royal-Borough-of Kensington acting under the direct orders of Tsar Putin the Great (or something like that), had become so common by the late-Terminal Anthropocene that the Wiltshire Police were quite run off their feet and local residents had taken to carrying clothes pegs in their handbag in case government advisories warning of toxic winds were issued while they were out walking their dog.

    • John Marks says

      On Saturday (four days ago) there’s been another dastardly novichok attack even nearer to Porton Down!
      MI6 needed four days to cobble together a “narrative” before the story went public.
      No doubt tomorrow, Theresa May will be accusing the Russians of indiscriminate random terror attacks on muggles.
      She’ll say this proves it was the Russians wot dun it four months ago.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        But why execute another provocation when England are still alive at the World Cup? Rugby lovers, perhaps, with a class-based detestation of the chavs’ favourite sport.

      • “He’s started feeling really hot and sweaty, so he went and had a shower and then was using his bedroom for a while,” Hobson told RT.

        As you do, when England finally win out on penalties against the Columbian Mafia in Moscow ..

        I dunno’ John, whatever turns Charles Rowley and his girlfriend Dawn Sturgeon on, it seems to me that ‘Operation Beluga’ is back in full swing-errrrs mode: although the witness, Sam Hobson, doesn’t specify whether Dawn Sturgess “was using the bedroom for a while” , as well …. with Charles or not:

        thus , we may still speculate that it was in fact just a seance and the ghost of Pablo Escobar was in deed present .. 😉 and the product utilised was in fact a completely new Latin American form of Novichocaine and the whole sordid affair simply got a bit too hot & sweaty to handle, until dawn, for Dawn 🙂

        Kuku Klux Klan , Khazarian Ashkenazi ZioNazi Apartheid Kolumbianer Howitzers ?

        AKA KKK KAZAKHs wot’ dunnit’ , innit’ ! ?

        What a load of Khazarian Kobblers,
        (& howler-monkeys, sniffing Novichocaine like Baboons 🙂 )

  16. On a roll from England’s penalty shoot out win last night in Moscow we get a reprise of the Novichok saga, just to underline the previous tropes surrounding the Skripal affair. Clearly planned as these people apparently have been in hospital since the weekend. The Graun manage to get out a revised slogan of the “Russian created nerve agent Novichok”. Cunning rewording.

    At the moment this looks like the story was cooked up at the Cobra meeting held this morning. So far neither Mayday or Bullingdon the non-Russian Boris have blamed anyone. But it looks like it is intended to be a distraction for the crunch talks next week with the EU and any further criticism by outraged football fans of the miss-information [outright lies] pumped out via the MSM about Russia.

    No mention that this incident as with the Skripal’s has taken place in close proximity of Porton Down.

  17. The possibility arises that if Hilary Clinton’s pals in the CIA wanted to conceal that Skripal was paid to write the smear dossier on Trump, aided and abetted by the UK’s MI6, then who better placed to silence Skripal. Shades of the Kelly suicide and WMD’s.

  18. Dave m says

    You are doing exactly what the UK govt./ MSM want- you’re making it too involved-
    Basically, UK govt., namely Tory May etc., are in the shit. So make up some BS before Russian election and World Cup, to f**k an enemy that sacrificed (not voluntarily!) 24k people to get rid of Germans. (Not NAZIS, Germans).
    Now the UK tax payer has to buy not only Skripal’s SEMI-detached(?) (Daily Mail) to demolish, but also the cop’s house, which he didn’t infect with whatever he got from Skripal’s house!(?)!!!

    • Dave m says

      Sorry, I meant 24 million Soviets, not 24k (i.e. 1000s)
      “God” bless them…

    • Dave m says

      Sorry, I meant 24 million Soviets…

  19. This from that mine of misInformation, RT, 3 hours ago.
    A post by George Galloway, no stranger to upsetting ‘the establishment’.
    [1]The Skripals house, and that of DB Bailey were purchased to buy the silence of the parties involved .
    [2] In conjunction with Seymour Hersh, likewise no stranger to upsetting ‘the establishment’
    “The Russians did it. Not Moscow Russians, but the money laundering Oligarch Russians living in UK.
    The hypothesis is that as part of a UK crackdown on illicit finances, Sergei was commissioned to provide
    information on his fellow Russian exiles. Funnily enough they reacted badly, enough to attempt to
    silence Sergei, one way or another ”

    WE live in interesting times

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Galloway on his show, or an actual post? Appreciate a link, i cannot see it.

        • AJB says

          Clicked the ‘like ‘by accident, tried to get rid of it, by clickibg the negative and caused mayhem.

          the numbers are meaningless!

      • Heres the link to the Sy Hersh explanation.

        I’ve been tracking Hersh for years (eg Sampson Option, Power-the Kissinger Years, now Reporter)
        and consider him a reporters reporter. At 81, he’s still on top of his game

  20. Jo says

    Rob Slane and otherscomment that nothing is heard directly from the Skripals and Bailey anymore…..surely they are being “prepared” to present their personal evidence directly to OPCW….? In the light of the uk based proposals …then Russia will be directly accused of the event highly likely or obstructing justice….

    • Antonyl says

      Poor OPCW chemists; now they have to play inspectors Clouseau too, thanks to MI6 = CIA.
      To make it easier, the name of the guilty party will be provided in advance of a chemical event by those 2 services – pre printed: Russia. Can’t go wrong.

    • John Marks says

      Not to mention the doctor who gave Julia CPR for 30 mins . . .
      She’s never been heard of again.

    • Jo says

      And amazingly suddenly DM has a whole lotta inormation uptodate re Juliya

  21. While punters roar with laughter over St Theresa getting her knickers in a twist at the Whitehall, meanwhile back in the real world, “endlessly demonized Russia, just like Norway, builds a solid middle class through oil revenue and massive current account surpluses.” — Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

    Which reminds me; whatever happpened to the North Sea oil revenue? And the solid British middle class? And our massive trade surplus (if we included ‘invisibles’)?

    • rilme says

      North Sea oil and gas lay beneath the shallow North Sea between Scotland and Norway. The Norwegians used their share of the revenue to create a pension fund. They reasoned that the oil was a lucky find and didn’t belong only to this generation, but also to future generations of Norwegians.

      Unfortunately for lucky Scotland, the English took the oil revenue and disappeared it. There was well-paid work for a few years, and perhaps slightly cheaper gas, but somebody took the lion’s share and now it’s gone.

    • JA139 says

      “whatever happpened to the North Sea oil revenue? And the solid British middle class?”
      Talking about North Sea oil in the mid 1970s, Harold Wilson perceptively said ‘whoever wins the next election will be in government for 20 years’ thanks to the bounty of the oil. He was spot on. Unfortunately due to the incompetence of Callaghan, Thatcher won the election. She proceeded to use the oil money for tax cuts, short term dole money to people whose industries she destroyed and bribes to the city. Instead of doing as the Norwegians did, all the oil money has gone. The most destructive woman of the late 20th century. What a different place britain could have been without that mad woman.

  22. John Marks says

    I think you’re on target, Mr Slade.
    A few more dots, such as William Browder, Stefan Halper and Robert Hannigan completes the picture.
    Theresa May’s spy chief helping the Clinton mob to impeach Trump was a step too far – and she and Hannigan knew it.
    That’s why Hannigan had to promptly resign – with six hours’ notice!
    MI6 were left to clean up the mess and make it look to the Yanks as though it was a Russian murder attempt when, in fact, it was MI6 disposing of Skripal.
    William Browder pulls a lot of strings too. For example, he can stop parliament (and has done so) seeing the film “The Magnitsky Act”, which blows another hornets’ nest wide open.

    • Big B says

      Who was on Newsnight on the 5th March; then before the Select Committee on Fake News on the 6th of March – the day BoJo announced the Skripal provocation in the Commons? None other than William Browder. And after noting the similarity to the Litvinenko case: what was the very next thing that Thornberry pushed for within minutes of the announcement – if not Magnitsky Sanctions …even though it was too early to apportion blame? Then Yvette Cooper asked (then Home Secretary) Rudd to re-open investigations into “the other 14” -based on another BuzzFeed “From Russia with Blood” dossier …spun from Browder’s allegations (which would not surprise me at all if it ever turns out Sergei Skripal contributed too). Steele probably did, though, officially he denied it.

      Later in the day, Labour’s Lord Collins pushed for another Magnitsky Ammendment in the Lords. Browder emerged from Parliament from the Select Committee in time for the early evening news …where he said “the first line of enquiry should be assassination”.

      All of this is too unlikely to have been of random coincidence to me. Whilst there is no empirical evidence, it presents to me as stage managed. Browder and his lies in Parliament on the day of the announcement …the man is an asset and everything he does (like getting ‘arrested’ in Spain) is contrived, and for effect, IMHO.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      To get in Browder’s way would be unforgivably ‘antisemitic’. He can say and do ANYTHING he cares to, like all the Zionist big-shots, and who would dare say a word against him?

      • Frankly Speaking says

        I wish that our feeble media had realised that Palestinians are technically Semites too, but of course it’s too late now.

  23. Antonyl says

    Indeed, the Steele “dossier” is the only stuff with enough potential energy to activate MI5/6 and the emergency response into top gear – or in reverse when it comes to explaining this third Comedy Capers act to the general public.

  24. rastignac says

    A quote from the article: “I can say that the dossier itself was compiled by a Russian, whose command of English is far from perfect and who follows the KGB (now FSB) practice of writing intelligence reports, in particular the practice of capitalizing all names for easy reference. It was written, in my opinion, not by an ex-British intelligence officer but by a Russian trained in the KGB tradition.” Imperfect unidiomatic (or whatever) English can also be faked. If I want to sound like a KGB agent I’ll capitalize all names in my report. The writer of this article is a schoolboy.

    • Fair comment. But Christopher Steele didn’t want to sound like a KGB agent, he wanted to sound like Christopher Steele.

      Actually, I don’t get the bit about names. My name might be Joe Bloggs – note the capitals – not joe bloggs. I might be reporting on events in Moscow, not moscow. So what’s that about?

        • Yonatan says

          Agents and officers do not travel under their own names, but use aliases. These aliases are not used in intelligence reports. People are referred to by their cryptonyms (a short made-up name or phrase). Cryptonyms are always in all caps. This process gives an extra layer of separation between a real person and a person discussed in a report, providing extra identity protection if one or a few intelligence reports are compromised.

      • Robbobbobin says

        By “capitalizing names” names he does not mean replying to Joe Bloggs, as I am doing here, he means replying to JOE BLOGGS, as I do whenever I visit MOSCOW.

        For another example of Mr MURRAY’s blogwork, including interesting takes on, amongst others, PHILIP CROSS, WIKIPEDIA, WIKIMEDIA, JIMMY WALES, THE GUARDIAN, LUKE HARDING, JONATHAN FREEDLAND, NICK COHEN, and KATHERINE VINER, as well as a passing reference to the SKRIPALs, see https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/05/the-philip-cross-affair/

      • Antonyl says

        Have you actually read this Steele “dossier”? No one educated above UK primary school level would want to see his/her name close to it. A featherlight bundle of nameless gossip and rumours.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          But presented as gospel by the Western fakestream media sewer. And, whereas any attempt by anyone on the Trump team to obtain ‘Russian’ dirt on Clinton (‘Dirt on Clinton’?-how many layers do you want?)is prime facie TREASON, the Clintoristas using Russian sources to smear Trump is perfectly kosher.

    • Robbobbobin says

      The quote is not “from the article”, it is from the blog of Craig Murray (as is stated in the article). Craig Murray was formerly a British diplomat.

    • GrigoryZinoviev says

      Sounding like a native Russian speaker trying to write English is rather more difficult than capitalising names, rastignac doesn’t comment on this. I find rhe overall argument of Slane very persuasive.

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