Internet Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”

Just a week or so after Spotify, Google, Apple and Facebook made the curiously synchronized move to kick Alex Jones and InfoWars off their platforms, and just days after Facebook shut down Venezuelan news network TeleSur’s facebook page (for the second time), the war on the free internet has opened up another front.

Small independent blogs are being shut down, seemingly without reason and certainly without explanation. has been closed without notice or warning, according to the blog’s owner Scott Creighton. Allegedly for violating WordPress’ “terms of service”, although they have apparently been entirely vague about how.

Other such blogs – and – have suffered the exact same fate, on the exact dame day. There is undeniably a push to silence dissent and purge it from the internet. There may well be dozens – even hundreds – of other examples.

If you object to censorship, of any kind, please fill out a form on and request that these blogs are reinstated.

Please support our friends who wish to do nothing but tell the truth. If enough of us make an appeal, they will listen.

…and if this website disappears, well, you know what happened.


  1. I was recently informed by Facebook that my posted piece copied from Global Research which was critical of the US action abroad was reason for them not to allow comments from me on my Facebook site. It is clear that as much as the US condemn Russia it is itself behaving in a very similar manner in controlling or influencing news stories.

  2. Joe Owczarzak says

    We all knew that this day was coming. Time to start our own Samizdat operation with hard copy newsletters, pirate radio, pamphlets, posters, graffiti, etc.

  3. My comment to WP:
    I have deleted my site. WP is just one more heavy-handed corporatist telling others what must be acceptable in their lives. Closing accounts because some take easy offense to free speech doesn’t work for me. Stuff it!

    • Antonyl says

      I guess WP is scared of expensive litigation, the last resort of rich benders, cutesy of middle class lawmaker- benders.

  4. notheonly1 says

    My condolences for the loss of an open and free society that never was. Looking at the history of the biggest consumer society on planet Earth, it has always been fatal to be a threat to the whatever status quo there was. Critical thinking is hard work and how much easier is it to watch TV and forget about another day that was the opposite of what life is really about. The profoundly sick society – and I have termed it the terminally ill society as an update of the one Krishnamurti described so fittingly – nears its best before date. The jig is up.

    As always I shall be forgiven to sound like a tape recorder, but this is evolution in the making. None of the holistically challenged personnel that operates on the orders of the owners of the planet is aware of that fact. They are so cocksure of themselves, that they can control it all, that they got it all figured out, when they have actually not the faintest idea how the Universe ‘works’. It does it by default and no heroic human super marvel is required to keep it going, or to stop it.

    Those who proclaim to be in charge are nothing but amoebas in a limited frame of time and space. Their names will be forgotten in five hundred years tops. The scores of eager henchmen and willful water carriers for the self deluded hyper rich. No money in the world, no power on Earth will save them from having been the saddest excuse for a human being at their exitus. Life is a precious gift, never to be taken for granted and yet, our censors treat their contemporaries like a cotton baron his pickers.

    Revolution is obviously contained in Human Evolution. A hard to swallow pill, but humankind in itself has never been in control of its own fate. It is on auto-pilot with a crew of folks suffering from delusions of grandeur. It, too will pass.

    The next step in human evolution ought to be to nationalize everything that has been taken away from the public and include those entities that were only able to thrive due to the fact that they were born out of common wealth turned private property. It would be an intermediate solution between suicide capitalism and the holistic society.

    Last but not least: is there any book that was burned during the previous censorship paradise that cannot be bought again today? Take care all and thanks for the continuous efforts to provide a virtual speaker’s corner.

    • rtj1211 says

      15-20 years there actually was a free and open internet.

      There was no trolling back then (which is strong evidence pointing to nefarious parties paying for trolls to ruin internet discussion), blogs were genuinely democratic and reading comments gave a true picture of how society felt on a particular issue.

      Capitalism set out to control it and destroy that freedom. Firstly through controlling search engines, then through controlling reader engagement at MSM sites, then social media control, then mass surveillance online, now it is moving on to censorship.

      Capitalism ends with the Monopoly: almost no-one owning almost everything. Hoarding for the sake of it as those that have have no need for the extra riches gained. Like most human dogmas it fails to discriminate between it being the lifeblood of company creation and innovation and the parasitic nature of private behemths pursuing money for the sake of it.

      Capitalism unchecked becomes a misogynistic man. Socialism unchecked become a feminazi nightmare.

      So what is the economic system which favours men and women growing together through compromise?

      • notheonly1 says

        So what is the economic system which favours men and women growing together through compromise?

        Well, the closest thing in the past was ‘Social Market Economics’. But, as is somehow obvious, it is an economic system and not a society. In order to arrive at “women and men growing together”, women and men must first develop the will to do so. Remember that gender has been used as an essential part and parcel of the ‘divide and conquer’ principle. When humans have wised up enough to look through the deceit, humankind stands a chance to arrive at a society that is all inclusive and free from the ‘survival of the fittest’ capitalism.

      • Not a further sophistication of ‘systemic control’ but higher willing.
        Conflicted willing produces conflicted response.
        None are willing to release their hate and fear while they believe it protects them. But they may mask it in forms of apparent acceptability or justification.
        So my invitation is to be curious as to the conditions that invite and allow the looking at such beliefs – and this may be through the full ownership of the feelings that they fruit in us. No one can change what they are unwilling to own.

        I see that fear or hatred of communicating / relating is the basis for rules and systems of ‘control’. You can call this our inherited /acquired separation trauma – but that is not to package it away so much as to point to where no one (at least initially) wants to look. Better to project it away as personae or others so as to protect the fragment that ‘survives’.

        Looking for a system solution to the result of ‘systemic failure’ is more of the same.
        The ‘denial’ or denied self is the ‘negative or toxic debt’ of any rule-based machine operating in place of who we truly are.

        However systems theory can be used backwards – ie if it is operating then it is serving purpose at some level.
        Looking at what we are already doing – perhaps automatically, habitually or mechanically – that operates a block against love’s awareness now, is the awakening freedom to choose differently – rather than be framed in a realm of false choices that divide to rule out unified purpose. Love is the capacity to be with what is. I use the term in this sense. The coercive intent to assert what is NOT – at expense of what is – runs as the lie and the father of it.

        I cannot live another’s life-choices (take away their freedom) but the intent and attempt to do so is the forsaking of my own awareness of freedom for a self-specialness that is inherently ‘war with reality’ of self, others and Life.

        The false alignment has to be disinvested BY the conscious alignment in true. What we (choose to) use for power in the world is at expense of the power of a truly present awareness. This is not to suggest demonisation of anything – but the call to accept and align within the true of power – and this is disinvestment in the identification of the false.

        I hold that the awakening of consciousness is not dependent on anything but willingness. That I sketch a verbal mental articulation of a wordless recognition is not a necessary means. I also hold that we all unconsciously for the most part communicate our own choice or (acceptance) of who we are to the whole as well as through specific agencies. Where we choose to look for who we are is up to us. But if we choose to look in self-imaged reflections, we then use those reflections to deny or drown out the Call to relate in joy. (Wholeness of being). The broken mirror calls for all the kings horses and men who can NEVER put Humpty together again. Because wholeness of being is a Given Fact – or if you will, who you are created of, as and for.

        Even a death-bed is a transformative opportunity. I am not suggesting more effort and sacrifice in war – but there is a call to give witness to integrity and that may look like ‘war’ but it operates from a different purpose than hatred, vengeance and self vindication for whatever our particular pattern of trauma (along with its pattern of defensive denial.

        I can only live my own part – but I can recognise myself in you and embrace you within myself. Perhaps embrace is too ‘intimate’ but to start with, I can acknowledge instead of judging against and believing my judgement true.

      • I often ask: When someone speaks of ‘capitalism’ are they labeling what in fact is in place at that time? Is what exists in most areas actually not crony-capitalism? Cronyism is the opposite of true capitalism, is it not? Of course, one could say: True capitalism cannot & will not exist until we all have an identical moral basics. This will never happen as long as ‘leaders’ & media are corrupted-compromised. ..or the public/in-the-street continue to look-up to them. Jesus Christ, etc. was supposed to have set an example… but look at how that has been mistranslated-corrupted! The Royalty was supposed to set an example, but they became corrupted and did not keep their vows. And “our” leaders, schools, media, & religions tell us now to mix our bloods further to solve our issues. Racists are labeling the above talk as racist! or religious nut-jobs ..and censoring it. What is wrong with being proud of your DNA, no matter what it is… after all you are only what you are [with a little truth, propaganda, or DNA altering GMOs added!]… is that not true?
        see recent 8 min. video:

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Simply observing public life in the West tells you that we are standing on the trap-door, noose firmly in place, and the executioner is about to pull the lever. In fact, you could argue that he already has, and we are falling, the rope about to snap taut.
      I find the most tragi-comic example of our predicament in this country just has to be climate destabilisation. The country is divided between the finally dwindling gangs of outright denialists, led by the hard Right in politics and the Murdoch cancer, (which is in the vanguard of all Evil agitation in the country), those who actually understand the science and can open their eyes (record drought, wildfires in mid-winter, dying Great Barrier Reef etc) and the great stupefied mass, too obsessed with greedy consumption to even care. After ten years of political bastardy, we still have no policy to avert auto-genocide frpm climate destabilisation, and the subject has almost disappeared from the fakestream media ‘conversation’. At best, and rarely, it gets a mention as a problem of no great consequence, apparently resolved by the Paris farce, whose risible ‘targets’, based on the ever creeping forward base date of 2005 (decades too recent, of course)we are assured we will meet, or over-achieve, which looks awfully like a very blatant lie given the rate at which emissions are currently rising. The ‘boiling frog’ analogy would be apt, but many of our frogs have already gone extinct, and the prospects are grim for the rest of them.

      • Stupefied says

        re: stupefied mass.

        Why do we have a prevalence of photos of people mainly in the West where everyone is holding a glass of wine or champagne?

        Isn’t weird to see everyone holding to their alcoholic drink as if it is a safety device to hang on to or a kind of umbilical cord?!

        • Addiction to anything that protects us from seeing what we are not yet willing to see or to own in our self, our life our own thought and actions. It is a form of mind capture. I see that we do this to ourselves already – but that others discover this (applied psychology) and opportunistically incorporate it into their strategies of dominance. Why steal a kingdom when you can set the king up to sacrifice the true to the fear of exposure in nakedness and illegitimacy? Once in, there is no way out – excepting to yield all such fears and fear-driven acts to a desire and willingness to know the truth instead of fear that rules it out or operates denial as persistence in a false sense of power.

          So while we think within various rules or hierarchies of meaning or invested identity, they incept and edit the programming from which and in which we think WE are thinking.
          This invites the question as to what is a TRUE foundation from which to think because the acquired and inherited ‘world’ is fake – or rather distorted to support a false sense of self.

    • re: books burned (like in ancient Alexandria Library)>giving rise to Secret Societies>then current growing censorship.
      The secrets of today became just that because the average Joe slipped beneath the ability to comprehend. When again ‘the secret’ is re-found, those 1st repeating it are ignored, then criticized & attacked or censored. As the public wakes-up, less so.
      see my recent (this a.m.) 20 min. video
      re: Secret Knowledge: The(our) Matrix: The Inter-dimensional War

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Murray’s blog, excellent as it is, has always allowed the most appalling Zionazis free rein, while censoring vigorous criticism of the Talmudic, Zionist, racist, terror regime.

      • Antonyl says


        Blog champion of abuse, foul language & and “anti-sem” speaks! Again and again and again. He by himself produces > 25% of published comments. What censorship here?

  5. Antonyl says

    If we receive a complaint and aren’t in a position to make a determination (for example whether something is defamatory or not), we defer to the judgment of a court. Please forward any legal process relating to a site hosted on to If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please contact us at

    “Legal” is the preferred weapon of the rich and sneaky like a Billy Browder. Just threatening with a law suit will make the other party quiver for the enormous costs and time waste, not for right/ wrong.
    This plays in the UK, US or India.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yes, Antonyl-it’s a favourite Zionazi tactic to silence supporters of the eternally imprisoned and brutalised Palestinians, just like entirely fraudulent charges of ‘antisemitism’.

  6. Back in May last year I mused on a comment page that that general election might be the last in the UK.
    The responses were derisory to say the least.

    • Fake Leftist Paul Mason tweets:
      To the Mail, Bibi, LBC and the Today programme: thanks a lot, keep it up…
      -quoting the polling figures.

      Maybe the figures are irrelevant if power will no longer be determined by popular vote, whilst the smears are building a movement on the far right (and I would now include ‘centrists’ in that category) with the aim of seizing power by other means….?

      Just a thought.

      • Yarkob says

        “whilst the smears are building a movement on the far right (and I would now include ‘centrists’ in that category) with the aim of seizing power by other means….?”

        The new reality seems to be “everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler”

  7. Antonyl says

    First they came for “alt-right” (Pat Condell e.g.), then for “ctrl-left” next for you.

    Youtube and Twitter are missing in your censorship line up; they shouldn’t.

  8. Mike Ross says

    It was the “ media – lord “ jews , who shut them down .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is not “ a jew , and He “ does not “ approve , of the so called judeo – christian zionists . JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD WHITE HEBREW ISRAELITE . ( HE IS OUR GOD AND NEAR KINSMAN . All Real And True Hebrews – are White-Men . However , “ not “ all white appearing men , are real & true Hebrews . ) JESUS is a direct descendant , from The Patriarch Judah ( The Son of Jacob , The Son of Isaac , The Son of Abraham ) , by His pure blood mother Mary ; JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD JUDAHITE . On the other hand , a jew is a mix blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament ,The True Hebraic ,The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . )

    JESUS CHRIST was born by a virgin , in Bethlehem . His conception was a miracle – by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . He is THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER , singularly born , by and in , such a manner . He grew up in the village of Nazareth , in the region of Galilee . Thus , His recognized identity was and is , THE NAZARENE MAN FROM GALILEE – THE GALILEAN . ( On the other hand , the jew is named after , and for , and comes from – Jerusalem / Judea )

    The religion that JESUS CHRIST adhered to , was The Mosaic Law of Moses , as found today , in The Old Testament of THE HOLY BIBLE . He was and is , THE ONLY ONE , that could and did and does , keep The Law perfectly – with purity . After He died for us , and then resurrected , JESUS instituted THE NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL : He offered Conditional Reconciliation ( if an individual will choose it ) for All Mankind , to find GOD – so receiving Mercy and Future Glory , by Faith in JESUS and Repentance and Reformation .

    On the other hand , the jews were His arch enemies – all throughout His ministry . The pharisees corrupted The Mosaic Law , and made it into “ judaism “ – with their mysticism & magic & traditions of men . JESUS confronted the money changers – trading & selling at their tables , in front of and within , HIS – GOD’S HOUSE AND HOLY TEMPLE . He overthrew , and ruined their evil business . In revenge , they conspired and accomplished , the crucifixion of THE SON OF GOD . The jews used the Romans , as their agents and instruments , for their murder of THE MESSIAH . The jews gladly claimed their own responsibility , for the bloody killing . ( Matthew 27 : 24 – 25 , THE HOLY BIBLE , kjv . ) The jews ( as a group ) were then and are today , GOD’S most implacable , hate filled enemies – and JESUS hates them back . GOD Himself say’s : “ Jacob have I loved “ , and then He say’s , “ esau “ ( another name for the jew ) “ have I hated “ . ( Romans 9 : 13 , THB , kjv . )

    THE “ I AM “ – JEHOVAH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT , IS THE GOD/MAN – JESUS CHRIST OF THE NEW TESTAMENT . GOD’S TRUTHS ARE HOLY RIDDLES – that need to be searched out – and found – to be appreciated and cherished and judiciously shared .

    There is much more to tell , on this subject , and the more the telling – the more compelling the case for the truth , and a corresponding growing gratefulness , by wonderful understanding .

    JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His lineage . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His childhood residence , nor by the primary locality – of His mission activity . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His religion .

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    JESUS CHRIST “ is absolutely not “ a jew , and He will ultimately fully reject , all judeo – christian zionists , whom persist , in their shameful & guilty – delusions & sins . Their souls are being stolen , by connivance and by deception and by sophistry . They have the blood iniquity , of shared responsibility , for supporting all the violence and injustice , that the jews perpetrate . Turn away from , “ The False Prosperity Gospels “ – who’s promise is a fool’s reward . Rather yet – stand on GOD’S right side , to solely seek , purity and perfection – through only , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – by His merits alone . Pray to GOD to obtain – THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST .

    • Fair dinkum. says

      Like the Buddha and Muhammad, Jesus was an ordinary man who was deified by a handful of exploiters to exert influence over the gullible.

        • Fair dinkum. says

          Brian? Jesus? Tim?
          The ‘map’ is not the territory.

    • flamingosarepink says

      Hi MODERATOR!!!! The above post is the reason sites get shut down. A troll publishes this rubbish on your site., Then complains to the host and YOU get shut down. The troll moves on… Policing this trash costs you money time and angst. That is precisely what they want and who knows the grauniad likely will complain to your host too!

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Exactly! I can just see ‘Mike Ross’ sitting in some hasbara centre, chuckling to himself as he types.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “A troll publishes this rubbish on your site., Then complains to the host and YOU get shut down.”

        Please stop taking the name of the H-ST in vain.

    • Rhisiart Gwilym says

      This ‘Mike Ross’ post is either the foaming of a religious loony, or a calculated piece of hasbarollocks provocation, to bring the ‘Aaaaagh, look! Anti-semitism!!’ fake-SJW IHRA-Thought Police (like – for a couple of examples – Margaret Hodge or Jonathan Freedland) down on Off-Guardian. Best to dump it where it belongs: down the rubbish chute. The fake-SJWs will be advocating for your censorship otherwise.

    • Yarkob says


      You lost me at “Jesus Christ”

    • Dear Brother Mike Ross,

      Christian greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      What you have written is Absolutely the Truth. Please visit below.

      Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Your brother-in-Christ,

      Anthony Grigor-Scott
      Subscribe for Bible Believers’ FREE Weekly Church Newsletter

      • Yarkob says

        or just possibly he’s being used to test public opinion on blanket, evidence-free censorship across multiple public platforms..Plenty of people rejoiced at AJ being banned, with nary a thought that it could very well be somebody they support next..

        First they came for Alex Jones etc…

      • Regarding comments on Alex Jones: The above may in fact all be true! ..and you might as well throw in the name & comments re: Jesus Christ too!!

  9. Many thanks for this Kit. I do hope you have a back up plan and will be alerting your many followers with email instructions on where to find you. Thanks also for the embed – useful.

  10. Frankly Speaking says

    You can use WordPress without a or automaticc account and host it wherever you want.
    If I were IT support for OG I’d be migrating you pretty damn quick to another server. You should make sure you are backed up too, not on any / automaticc related backup or hosting.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      What I mean is that WordPress is just a website template that can be hosted anywhere. It’s exactly what I have.

  11. There’s a war on to restrict critical thinking on political matters by taking away people’s platforms. Ultimately I would expect it to fail because critical thinkers who want to express their opinions will find other ways of reaching their audience.

    What concerns me particularly at present is the timing of this purge plus the nature of voices it is trying to silence. They tend to be people who are calling out governments, corporations and the legacy corporate propaganda media as liars, deceivers and purveyors of fake news, and between them they’ve done a very good job in getting a substantial and increasing segment of the public to doubt what they are being told.

    The timing is interesting because this time of year has seen some very big world-shaking events in the past. WW1 started on 28 July, WW2 started on 3 September, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that served as the pretext to set of the Vietnam War was announced on 4 August, and the 9/11 attacks took place, as we all know, on 11 September. Perhaps something equally earth-shaking is in the works and the planners are trying to silence some of the most critical commentators in a pre-emptive strike. In the absence of something earth-shaking in the works, I don’t see why they would bother.

    • Harry Stotle says

      For some time now the Guardian has been at the forefront of pushing the ‘fake news’ trope, heavily censoring commentators BTL who draw attention to the inherent bias in their coverage of events unfolding in places like Syria, or the Ukraine, or those who dare challenge the anti-semite nonsense that has been manufactured in order to taint Corbyn.

      One of the rationalisations for imposing greater control is their ludicrous assertion that the right ‘not to be offended’ trumps politically driven forms of censorship – to add insult to injury these pompous buffoons portray themselves as a kind of kite mark when it comes to journalistic standards not to mention failing to see the enormous logic fail when they set themselves up as self-appointed arbiters of morality.

      This typical pro-censorship doozy is chock full of the usual buzz words yet fails to mention the way mega-corporations acti in concert to deprive people of a media platform nor the fact their reasons for doing have not been subject to scrutiny or a proportionate system of checks and balances.

      What sort of fuckwit cheers these sinister developments on – why our very own Guardian, that’s who!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They need an excuse to ‘obliterate Iran’ as blood and gore-soaked Harpy Hillary so delicately put it. Novichok in New York, perhaps?

  12. Get ready for the exceptional democracy to swallow your every thought. The corporatism of the web has taken over and you are product. Unfortunately you will earn nothing from this but will lose everything. Extractive capitalism can only be replaced not managed. In the Darwinian economic world the survival of the fittest can only be overthrown. Revolution not evolution…

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Capitalism and ‘liberal democracy’ only ever evolve into more pathological forms.

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