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Updated: A compilation of OffGuardian’s 17th anniversary 911 articles

Every year on OffG we use the month of September as a reminder of the events of 9/11 2001, and the still unanswered questions pertaining.

We tend to be attacked for this from some quarters, and we understand many other alt news sites prefer to remain silent on tis controversy. The subject has been so successfully propagandised in the mainstream that anyone raising even the most rational and well-supported doubts about the official theory of what happened that day call too easily be dismissed as a lunatic.

But we made an editorial decision two years ago not to let that deter us. After all, if we’re here to challenge prevailing narratives, how can we ignore one of the most impactful prevailing, and poorly substantiated, narratives of the 21st century?

This year we published a number of general overviews, including retired professor Graeme MacQueen’s quick and cogent summary of why what happened that day continues to be a crucial issue for

The 9/11 anniversary: Conspiracy theory or critical thinking?

Journalist and academic Alison Broinowski recalled Trump’s pre-election promise to “find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center” and discussed the cognitive dissonance involved in rejecting the clearly defined and well-substantiated reasons for regarding the official narrative as incomplete or implausible:

Conspiracies Are Not All Theoretical

And retired firefighter Greg Bacon’s perspective on some of the apparent physical anomalies involved in the official story:

9/11 – A Firefighter’s Perspective

We published three contrasting reviews of the scholarly new study 911 Unmasked, by David Ray Griffin & Elizabeth Woodworth:

Book Reviews: 9/11 Unmasked

One of these was by Philip Roddis, until recently a believer in the official story, who recommended “for all who deem, as I had, the 9/11 truther case too daft for serious consideration. Buy this book“:

Incontrovertible – the “truth” about 9/11

This very honest admission of a change of mind elicited a response from one of the authors of the book, David Ray Griffin:

9/11 Unmasked: A Remarkable Review

The book itself became a focus of controversy when the online seller Amazon persisted in listing the book as “out of stock”, “temporarily unavailable” or with long predicted delays in shipping dates (1-3 months), despite having the book in stock and ready for dispatch:

Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked?

The Suppression of Truth in the Land of Lies: An Oxymoron

UPDATED: Amazon UK caught actively blocking purchase of new 9/11 book?

We conclude our coverage today with a look at Reddit’s decision to “quarantine” its 9/11 Truth board.

Reddit “Quarantines” 9/11 Truth Board

You can read all our 911 articles at : https://off-guardian.org/category/911


  1. Pained Scientist says

    Thank you to Off-Guardian for their excellent coverage of this subject.

    • Sandra Gibbons says

      I thought the thermite claim had been thoroughly debunked by many people, such as Mythbusters and others. I believe the professor Jones featured in this video was fired for unprofessionalism or faking evidence. He certainly has not worked in education since 2006.

      • Pained Scientist says

        Steve Jones wasn’t fired, as I suspect you probably know. He was pressured into taking early retirement. As I also suspect you know, his work has not so far been debunked by anyone anywhere.

        If you wanna claim different, give us dates and methodologies.

        • Sandra Gibbons says

          You can’t be serious. The “nanothermite” was proved to be paint ten years ago

          • Pained Scientist says

            Link me to the study that “proves” this, Sandy, and I’ll pay your property taxes for the next ten years.

            Is that a deal?

            (Note to Sandy so she doesn’t waste her time) – The Milette “study” doesn’t count. Post it if you like, but everyone knows it’s bunk and even Millette gave up before he finished it.

              • Pained Scientist says

                Oh Sandy, you’re gonna have to fork out for your own property taxes so far. That’s just a forum of slightly clueless guys with one of them talking about how the red paint on his wheelbarrow is also – holy crap – RED (like those chips!) and so maybe proves those chips are paint.

                By the same method I’ve just proved my gray truck is an elephant by the way.

                Note that Oystein on that forum declines to agree with the idiot with the wheelbarrow. He just doesn’t say why. Let me fill that bit in for you.

                Oystein declines to agree because he knows the red gray chips ARE NOT PAINT. He knows every effort to prove they are has failed so badly no one has even dared to publish anything about it. He just doesn’t want the word getting out to people like you and his dumb friend with the wheelbarrow. So he lets idiots speculate on the forum and he makes vague suggestions about how the chips “must be” paint and how they have “strikingly similar” XEDS, while never putting his money or his reputation on the line by publishing a paper which he knows would be instantly debunked. The inestimable Kevin Ryan says it all here:


          • “Paint” is not highly exothermic and leave behind iron elemental iron microshpheres when ignited, as the red/gray chips do. The paper proving their presence was published in 2009 and remains unchallenged in the peer-review literature. It has never been “debunked” We know it was there based on numerous pieces of fact-based evidence. Your comments, Sandra reveal only your ignorance of the facts. Look at them and then see what you think. All linked on this page. https://ajl.smugmug.com/911/North-Tower-Exploding/ Make sure you read the essays on the homepage of 911research.wtc7.net]

  2. remorris says

    you just keep doing it. understanding the false flag of 911 is KEY to unlocking the gatekeepers door.

    • harry stotle says

      The door was kicked in by the evidence some ago – it taught us two things.

      One, the official conspiracy theory is a monumental lie; two the MSM has never been willing to interogate compelling forensic evidence, nor failings of the 9/11 commission (a ludicrous 500 word document drawn up by neocon sympathisers).

      These failings are implicated in today’s information wars which are produced so as to rationalise endless conflict in the Middle East.
      Put another way if so-called journlists are unable to comprehend the nature of black-ops in the middle of New York or Washington, what hope of them conducting an objective analysis of events in dangerous places like Syria, the Ukraine, or the Yemen?

  3. Michael Kobs says

    Imho the ongoing discussion of the appearance of the building collapses lead to nothing. Of course, the airplaned were shredded to millions of pieces passing the floors, taking away the intumescent paint. The crucial point if, how and when the fire weakened the steel enough and the top started to move is probably unprovable. Once the top mass started to move then enough energy was released to bring these buildings down.
    But there are other provable points surrounding these events which imho tell a very different story than the official one.
    There is for example the very strange visit of some alleged Mohammed Atta in Florida. That Atta wanted $650.000 to buy a crop duster.
    This visit happened in the end of April 2000.
    His US visa was issued on May 18, 2000.
    He entered the US in June 2000 for the very first time despite the fact that he was blacklisted and in Hamburg under surveillance of CIA and BND.
    Read the story of Johnelle Bryant carefully. It already includes a lot of detail about the actual plot including the Pentagon. And this non-Atta made a lot of noise while the real Atta still was in Hamburg.
    Surprisingly the hijackers already had their tickets for their final destination when they still were seen on airfields intrested in crop-dusters.
    Another story is the FBI hunt for Alomari. The FBI allegedly just had the shortened names from the passenger list (apparently American Airlines refused to speak to the FBI). So the FBI looked into a public register and found a pilot Alomari in Florida. They immediately rushed to the address and the house owner confirmed everything including a parking space exclusively for Atta’s car (!!!) infront of the house. The FBI detained the neighbor Bukhari. Allegedly the found a car at the airport tied to him. During the interrogation of Bukhari the pilot Alomari called the FBI from Saudi Arabia to tell them that he is alive and well. Obviously the FBI had the wrong Alomari but how is it possible that 1) they found a car tied to Bukhari at the airport and 2) the wrong Alomari had reserved a parking space exclusively for Atta?
    In the end no one knows how many “evidence” were faked. Cheney confessed on TV that the alleged meeting of Atta with an Iraq intel officer in Prague was fake. So the only proven fact is that the told story is wrong and “evidence” actively was faked.
    The identity of Alomari was changed 3 times!!! but two years later Susan Ginsburg of the Homeland Security told the 9/11 Commission that Alomaris passport (right photo, right name, right birthday) was found on 9/11 in the luggage that accidentally doesn’t made it on the flight and – oh wonder – that passport was “fraudulent in a manner associated with Al Qaeda”.

    • harry stotle says

      More prosaically there appears to be prima facie evidence for official corruption (something that could be proved or dispproved relatively easily).

      9/11 was America’s most important crime scene yet Mayor Giuliani, New Yorks neocon mayor sanctioned removal and destruction of materials essential for forensic examination of the crime scene.
      ‘Julie’ did so despite fire science professors and structural engineers begging him to stop the shipment of the steel out of US jurisdiction.

      According to this source crimal activity of this nature carry up to a 20 year prison sentence – wouldn’t it be interesting if Rudolf could be put on trial and asked to account for his apparent failure to grasp rudimentary legal concepts?

  4. Thanks for putting these articles together in one place – and for publishing them in the first place. It’s very useful even for those of us who have already crossed this Rubicon yet still need psychological support. While you do imply that these aren’t all the articles on 9/11 you have published this month, I am a bit surprised at the absence from the list of Alison Broinowski’s brave “outing” with this one:


    As you say of yourselves in the intro – deciding to “come out” as a believer that 9/11 was a conspiracy – the mother of all conspiracies – entails great risk to ones reputation, in most parts of society. I for one am always reserved about mentioning it, even as I try to argue on the evidence for the recent spawn of that propaganda atrocity, in Syria, Ukraine or Salisbury. Unlike Alison Broinowski however I don’t have that much of a reputation “off-line”, beyond one for refusing to shut up. It’s still “don’t mention the war” – or at least don’t go for the jugular, or “you’ll put people off”.!
    The problem is that there is no middle ground; free fall is free fall, and the conspirators knew soon after the demolition of the three towers that the world was their oyster. I don’t think we can wait in hope and expectation that this virtual monolith is going to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions while those in charge are building new supports for it faster than we can pull them down.

    • Admin says

      You’re correct, we did omit Alison’s piece from the list! Our mistake.

  5. harry stotle says

    In order to control energy sources in the Middle East US Imperialists decided to develop a new doctrine of pre-emptive warfare in order to achieve vital strategic and economic goals, irrespective of the amount of lives it might cost.

    Of course no country back then had any intention of attacking America on US soil so it became necessary to invent reasons why certain actors might be a dire threat (such as transparent lies about WMDs and Saddam Hussein).

    In order to invoke Article 5 of the UN Charter (which bascially says once one NATO country has been attacked, all are attackedl) the US had prove to the world that events on 9/11 had been orchestrated by an external power outside the UN.

    Just a month after 9/11 Labour MP, George Robertson, then secretary general of NATO sanctioned conditions for the activation of Article 5: the first time it had ever been invoked (presumably while Tony Blair was smirking in the background).

    Once the bloodbath in the Middle East began the Whitehouse had absolutely no intention of initiating an ivestigation perhaps because they were so busy destroying forensic evidence.
    The 9/11 Commission was only formed after pressure from bereaved families but even then it was conducted by Bush’s placemen (who were never able to subpoena Bush or Cheney) and so inadequate was their final report that it failed to identify basic stuff like the correct number of towers that went into freefall (hardly a surprise when it was written up by a sinister neocon like Philip Zelikow).

    In the intervening years the Whitehouse stonewalled calls for a new inquiry, while the likes of the Guardian would sooner promote propaganda fed to them by security forces over what is allegedly happening in places like Syria or the Ukraine rather than unravel one of the most outrageous atrocities in modern times – comments BTL questioning their judgement are immediately memory-holed.

  6. Gary Weglarz says

    What is truly amazing is that most of us can be convinced not to believe what we are seeing with our own eyes – (or not seeing as in the case of an airliner at the Pentagon crash site) – when being told patent lies over and over by authorities. It appears that as much as many people distrust authorities in general at this point, to cross the line and to actually acknowledge to oneself the absolute depravity and psychopathic nature of the Western ruling elites is simply too frightening and disorienting for most to manage.

    It is literally easier for many of us to watch steel and concrete pulverize into dust before our eyes in absolute defiance of the laws of physics and to believe that a “fire” caused this, than to face the reality that the monsters who rule us will kill us (their own citizens) with as little regard as they kill any of their other “enemies.” At this point in human history there is absolutely no reason for the peoples of the world to be fighting and killing each other – other than to please our corrupt elites and keep them in the wealth and power they crave and demand.

    • Ken Cabeen says

      You nailed it, Gary. Very well put. As one researcher asked, “Do you believe what you can see with your own eyes, or do you believe what you’re told?” I can’t think of a better example than the destruction of the Twins and Building 7.

    • Hugh O'Neill says

      Frank. Perhaps its your sense of humour: your link is to the CIA’s own website in which they try to insert yet more implausible lies into history. Despite all the crap therein, any fool know that the CIA were behind Pinochet 100%, just as they were fully complicit in Operation Condor, having trained all these militaries at their School of the Americas (then based in Panama, now in Fort Benning, Md I think…). Who can forget Nixon’s demand to Kissinger to “Make the [Chilean] economy scream”? As I recall, Australian PM Gough Whitlam was aghast to learn that his own secret service were in Chile at the same time, which gives a glimpse of how the Five Eyes Alliance really works i.e. beyond their own governments “sovereign” control.
      (For the record, I was in Chile at that time, playing a minuscule role in oil imports and iron ore exports…)

      • frank says

        Hugh i know. Some people could not see it. Have IQ levels dropped?

  7. ttshasta says

    As a carpenter with an engineer father, and having taken physics in high school, the pancake collapse theory is laughable.
    I would like to take 3 bread sticks or 3 biscotti and plant them in a jar of peanut butter or plaster, then shoot them with a bb gun, if they don’t break, then burn the immediate area with a propane torch. I’d bet anybody a dollar that wether the bb, or bb and fire caused failure, the top of the breadstick would fall off and land next to the still standing lower portion. Under no normal circumstance would the upper portion follow the path of greatest resistance and destroy the lower portion to croutons.
    Also steel is stronger than a breadstick, and a solid copper bb hitting a light breadstick is a weaker scenario than an aluminum plane hitting a reinforced steel and concrete tower.
    A 90 mph gust of wind would put more shear force on a giant sail of a tower than a small aluminum jet impacting it.
    The top of one tower was visibly leaning to one side during the collapse, yet the top did not fall to the street, it was pulverized to dust in air.
    Has anyone ever tried to melt a bottle or can in a campfire and witnessed a symetrical collapse?
    The digitally lobotomized consumer/citizens of rural California, many of whom don’t even know who Angela Merkel is, seem more worried about chem trails or secret Antarctic UFO bases than the greatest domestic crime of my life.
    As Cheeto in chief would say-Sad.

  8. Makropulos says

    In retrospect (and it’s always so much easier to see in hindsight) the public response to 9/11 was managed around misdirection. The key lay in the very first line of DR Griffin’s New Pearl Harbour – and it was a key that was easily forgotten: that we knew so little about what happened that day. But instead of using that fact to focus on the official account, alternative theories were happily entertained. And these could be dismissed as “nutty” because there was little evidence and these theories contradicted each other etc. Meanwhile the official account was quietly presupposed. In short – it all revolved around reversing the burden of proof.

  9. lawrenceboxall says

    I was an active member of StopWar.ca as the representative for Jews for A Just Peace in Vancouver from the time that The US invaded Iraq in 2003 (the antiwar march on the Saturday following the invasion was the biggest I have ever experienced) and though not as active as I once was, I still support the group today. I remember being irritated during the World Peace Forum we had in Vancouver in 2066 by the “Truthers” who kept interrupting events to insist on their “conspiracy theories.” My response to them was “I’m against Bush and US imperialism irrespective of whether he was part of a conspiracy on not.” I thought the truthers were simply wasting time insisting on something that was irrelevant, though in truth, I didn’t believe in their theory anyway.

    Now, in hindsight, I am prepared to acknowledge that I don’t really know for sure what happened and welcome this opportunity to revisit the issues for the sake of better understanding how US militarism and it’s imperialistic consequences actually function. It does, after all is said and done, matter how the dark side achieve their goals for we have to understand the class enemy that we have to overcome.

    • Ken Cabeen says

      Watch carefully some videos of the Twin Tower collapses (particularly “North Tower Exploding” by David Chandler on YouTube) and, with much less care required, any of the many videos of Building 7 collapsing and it becomes quite apparent that controlled demolitions were in play. Study of all other aspects of the day also reveal the absolute absurdity of the government’s official conspiracy theory. That 9/11 was a false flag, an inside job, is the biggest and most shocking truth hidden in quite plain sight. That people know the truth of that day is as or more important than ever.

    • LawrenceBoxall, I made a similar mental journey. I started simply by being against the misuse of Anglo-American armed forces to fight an oil war for that US regime which was manned (and womanned) by oil executives — clearly an impeachable conflict of interests. But at that time I believed the official story; I thought Osama bin Laden had done it, that the Bin Laden family had visited the Bush ranch to warn him, and the Bush / Cheney regime had simply used the warning as a chance to shut down the US Air Force on 911 so that the Saudi terrorist atrocity would happen, and the Bush oilmen / oilwoman would have a pretext to kill Iraqis and “take their oil” (as the present POTU$ so couthly puts it). It was only ten years later that a confession on the Vineyard of the Saker caught my eye; the Saker confessed that he had been woken up by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, and supplied the Link. That was the start of my own awakening (I am an engineer).

      • Ken Cabeen says

        Besides the obvious Building 7, “North Tower Exploding” by David Chandler on YouTube shows the explosions ripping it apart from top to bottom. You don’t need to be an architect, engineer, or physicist to see what happened to those buildings. It takes eyesight, common sense, life experience and above all, in this context, the emotional fortitude to come to recognize and come to grips with such a truth.

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