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The Poison Paradox – Who Knew?

David Macilwain

NOVICHOK! It just won’t go away – even though it was never there! The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that “came into contact with the killer substance” have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site. Suspend not disbelief yet – at the thought of scrappies in Hazmat suits cutting up police cars. Such Alice in Wonderland deception was nicely detailed by Rob Slane in his latest dissection of the Skripal hoax, pointing specifically at the crucial flaws in the “door-handle theory”.

Slane systematically destroys the UK government’s assertion that the Skripals’ door-handle was the “source of the poisoning”, but without quite following through with the argument – that there was no such poisoning with Novichok at all, – as has been well established from other details of the event.

In fact, as the UK government rests its whole case for Novichok poisoning on that door-handle, and rests its whole case against Russia on her supposed responsibility for smearing the nerve agent on it, the cutting of this Achilles Heel could bring down the whole rotten edifice, just as it felled the great hero of the Trojan War; concentrating our “cyber-warfare” on this weakest point must be our priority.

As I’ve written before about the Skripal poisoning, once it is accepted that it really was a hoax – a cleverly constructed piece of political theatre contrived by the UK government to further its strategic objectives against Russia – some other questions immediately present themselves. It is not simply a case of Russia not being responsible; without Russia there is no Novichok and no case.

Chief of these questions is who knew that this was an “operation”- or conspiracy? Straight away we are confronted with a paradox, as thousands of people directly or indirectly involved in the months-long Salisbury drama must be divided into two groups – those who deceived and those who were deceived.

It’s probably safe to say that those at either extreme of this division may be assumed to belong to these two groups – which may be called the “Porton Down” group and the “Salisbury Citizens” group, belonging to the deceivers and the deceived respectively.

(It is fundamental of course to accept that the story of Novichok was not true – that Novichok was not present in the Salisbury environment nor responsible for the condition of any of its supposed five victims. While this truth may not yet be acceptable to the UK public or media, and may in fact never be acceptable to them, it has been established beyond a shadow of doubt to be the case, and could be easily proven in a fair court. Some “new” confirming evidence has also come to light which I will detail shortly.)

Taking it that Porton Down was the centre of operations for “Operation Nina” as I have called it, we must first dismiss any suggestion that this was a “rogue operation”, pursued by some faction of the intelligence services without the knowledge of others or of Government leaders. The readiness – or rather unseemly haste – with which Theresa May took up the false case against Russia despite its extraordinarily provocative and dangerous consequences denies her any alibi or claim of innocence. Besides, it dovetailed too nicely with her own agenda and that of the UK state to have been a rogue operation.

But it must follow that other leading officials and agents of the state were also fully cognisant of the Operation. Had they not been then serious problems of credibility would have immediately stood in the way, as experienced and knowledgeable staff from Porton Down could not have been taken in by the conflicting and incredible nonsense foisted on to the general public. That some may have been reluctantly complicit and remain in fear of David Kelly’s fate does however seem likely.

In questioning whether this knowledge that the Operation was “theatre” extended to all those unidentified operators in Hazmat and Green-bottle suits, the situation becomes more complicated. These men were obliged to go through some particularly stupid and difficult operations dressed in their colourful encumbrances – motivated by the belief that they were really dealing with a mortal hazard and playing their part in “protecting National Security”. Would they not though have asked the questions that we asked, and particularly “why did the Skripals not die if this stuff is so toxic?”

Or did they know they were just performing for the cameras – so to speak – but then also know that they were collectively involved in a massive and criminal deception, not just of the general public but of other civil servants and members of the various services? At what point for such personnel would moral integrity prevail over duty to “Queen and Country”, if at all?

There are only those two alternatives.

Yet more difficult is the same question applied to the police and emergency services and hospital staff, because the consequences of either option are severe. It is simply impossible to believe that so many ordinary and honest government employees could have all been complicit in this deception, and kept it secret. But the alternative is that they were all deceived by their own government, or by those within their ranks who were “in the room”.

It should be remembered in this discussion that at no point has the UK government given the slightest indication of going soft on its Novichok campaign – quite the opposite. Apparently to gain maximum advantage from the dirty operation, they have drip fed new misinformation to the press over six months, reviving and restating the first lies while creating new ones, and then finally “exposing” the “GRU” culprits and their magic poison perfume bottle.

The more potential whistle-blowers and dissenters there were in the ranks, the harder it would be to keep the lid on their lies.

As I mentioned earlier, some new information has come to light which provides more evidence on the nature of the poison applied to the Skripals, as well as giving us very useful extra insight into the experience of the staff at Salisbury District Hospital who came into contact with them – literally.

This information is from the horse’s mouth, in a BBC Newsnight report by Mark Urban of May 30th.

Urban went to Salisbury District Hospital around this time, and apparently – though we never see him nor hear his questions – interviewed staff and executives about their treatment of the Skripals and the incident.

There is nothing to suggest that any of these staff disbelieve the “official” story, and the testimony of doctors and nurses is particularly credible I think. While the information they provide about the Skripals’ “surprisingly fast” recovery is significant, the most interesting details concern the first two days following their admission on Sunday afternoon, March 4th.

The Sister in charge of Radnor ward Intensive Care Unit, Sarah Clark describes the situation:

…at that point – the evening – we were led to believe that they had taken an overdose – obviously there was no indication of nerve agent poisoning. They were needing support with their breathing, and support with their cardio-vascular system.”

While Sister Clark likely means that no-one had indicated nerve agent poisoning was a possibility, it is quite clear that there was no sign of any specific symptoms of such a toxin in the two unidentified victims either.

These symptoms are described in the interview with Intensive Care Consultant Dr Stephen Jukes – but he appears to be talking about the typical symptoms that the Skripals would have been expected to show rather than those he had actually observed.

Talk of symptoms is anyway fairly academic for such a toxic substance as A 234 Novichok or VX, as paralysis and death will occur within ten minutes of exposure to a – minuscule – lethal dose. Except in the case of minor accidental contamination, the chief diagnostic symptom of nerve agent exposure is death.

These initial observations obviously cast serious doubt on the subsequent assertions that the Skripals and Detective Inspector Bailey – admitted to hospital on Tuesday 6th March – were suffering the effects

of a nerve agent. Had the staff known more, or been told more by the “international experts” who were called in to supervise the Skripals’ treatment, they would surely have also doubted the “nerve agent” theory that conflicted so drastically with their own observations and experience, described by Sister Sarah Clark:

I did have concerns, because obviously when they first came in there was no indication that it was a nerve agent, and therefore we take our normal protection when any patient comes in but would not at that point have taken any extra precautions in terms of protecting ourselves.”

But what she reveals here is crucial to the case – the various staff involved in the admission, triage and treatment of the incapacitated Skripals took only “normal protection” measures, yet reported no side effects from secondary exposure to the toxin. She “had concerns” over this inadvertent exposure, so would have been over-cautious had any staff reported symptoms.

In addition, the record from these first 48 hours indicates that no appropriate treatment was given for nerve agent poisoning; the chance of a real victim of such a toxin surviving even a sub-lethal dose without any antidote is ZERO.

So what of the “surprisingly rapid” recovery, that happened apparently as a result of the use of “untested drugs” prescribed by Porton Down experts? Newsnight again:

Dr Murray: You don’t know the way the agent might act – how long to reach its peak, how long it will last, and the longer term effects of these things, people would have no experience of.

Mark Urban: It’s clear that from the outset, experts from nearby Porton Down played a central role in advising the team. After a couple of weeks there were gradual but distinct signs of progress.

The exact timing of that, and details of drugs given, remain matters of medical confidentiality.

Dr Jukes: We were all exceptionally surprised, pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the recovery happened, at such a pace, and something we can’t easily explain.

It would be “exceptionally surprising” if the Skripal’s rapid recovery following the Porton Down boffins’ special treatment was the only thing Salisbury Hospital Staff found difficult to explain. That the Skripals didn’t die and then recovered from the Novichok attack is something they would surely have found impossible to explain – unless someone was to tell them the truth.

But then they might look for an explanation for something far more incomprehensible – how they, and millions of ordinary honest and well-intentioned people could be so completely and criminally deceived by their own elected government?

Sixties drop out, Scientist-farmer, cheesemaker-Luddite, late life activist for the Resistance, Putin/Assad/Nasrallah lover. Atheist. Traveller-student through MENA-Russia-Europe. Abandoned UK frying pan for Australian fire. Marginalised dissident. Author for Russia Insider/AHT and OffG.


  1. Yarkob says

    some excellent assessments on the page here. personally i’m waiting for Matt’s explanation. He’ll be along presently to set you all right, you armchair conspirators, you

  2. MichaelK says

    I suppose, being generous, one could forgive the press for not doing more to reveal what really happened in Salisbury, nobody wants to be seen as siding with the Russians, who, after all, are our enemy. It’s remarkable that only one journalist has, seemingly, bothered to talk to the staff at Salisbury hospital. Whatever happened to ‘human interest’ stories? A wad of cash usually loosens people’s tongues.

    Okay, one can, perhaps understand that it’s difficult to find and inteterview the Skripals who are being held incommunicado somewhere… ‘safe’, but what about Sgt. Bailey the detective who was the first policeman on the scene and appears to have played a key role in all this theatre? Where is Bailey? Surely he isn’t at risk from the vengeful Kremlin killers? Is he back at work? Has he been transferred? Is he well? Is he sick? Does he even exist anymore or has he been given a new role?

    • Einstein says

      Since when were the Russians our enemies?
      Why aren’t journalists tracing the doc who gave Julia CPR?
      Why no headlines demanding evidence – ANY evidence?
      Because it seems to have been a CIA/MI6 dirty job.

    • Haltonbrat says

      Dr Davies in his letter to The Times refers to THREE people having symptoms of poisoning (but not nerve agent). So Sgt Bailey must have existed, at least as an actor.

  3. Haltonbrat says

    But the Salisbury hospital staff did reveal the truth:
    There was a letter in The Times on 14 March 2018 from Dr Stephen Davies, Consultant in emergency medicine at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. It stated “No patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury, and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning”.
    Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

    • Mr Reynard says

      Serguey & Yulia, are dead & buried long time ago ??
      Look in the Newgate cemetery close to Karl’s grave ??

  4. frank says

    How do we know all those “unidentified operators in Hazmat and Green-bottle suits” were not just a bunch of actors? After all they were “unidentified” and were wearing the perfect disguise.

    If they were real would they not have asked questions? I imagine they just follow orders, just like regular soldiers.

    And how many of the police, emergency services and hospital staff were actively involved in deception? For the most part they just follow procedure. In this case procedure for something that didn’t happen, but procedure nonetheless. They don’t need to know anything.

    The author does not give specific examples of deliberate deception by the police and emergency services. Hospital staff actually corroborates that it was a hoax by saying “we were led to believe that they had taken an overdose – obviously there was no indication of nerve agent poisoning.”

    “The more potential whistle-blowers and dissenters there were in the ranks, the harder it would be to keep the lid on their lies.”

    IMO it is always overestimated how many people need to be in the know to pull off a hoax.
    They did 9/11, they faked the moon landings, they’ve done multiple school shootings and a host of other false flags. The list is endless.

    53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

    “That the Skripals didn’t die and then recovered from the Novichok attack is something they would surely have found impossible to explain”

    If all they do is rely on mainstream media and on what they’ve been told then they would not find it difficult to explain at all. Even hospital staff. What do they know about exotic military grade nerve agents? Also it’s fair to assume access to the Skripals in the hospital would have been severely limited.

  5. Ash says

    “Cleverly constructed?” I’m not seeing the cleverness. This whole charade is third-rate at best.

  6. From today’s British Independent:

    “Russia’s intelligence services ‘fundamentally degraded’ after Salisbury attack, says Theresa May”

    Well, yes, and that was the point of the entire Skripal Affair, the very reason for all that noise with no explanation or real evidence.

    Theresa May’s voice has been notably missing following a number of terrible events.

    She stands neither for fairness nor justice.

    We see that post-Khashoggi, the clearest possible instance of gruesome state murder. Her government has even been provided the tapes of his death by Turkey.

    We see that with Israel’s wholesale mass killing in Gaza where the victim toll now stands at over 200 plus thousands wounded. All unarmed. All guilty of no crime. All shot by cowardly snipers hiding behind a fence.

    We see that in her complete ignoring of what Ukraine does in the Donbas region and in its complete ignoring of the protocols of the Minsk Agreements.

    May provides no honor or dignity to the role of Prime Minister. She is proud to play an utterly subservient role in America’s imperial drives.

    And she explains herself with drivel.

    • Butties says

      She is an amoeba but is useful in exposing the rest of them.

    • JudyJ says

      “Her government has even been provided the tapes of his death by Turkey”

      John, Not wishing to find fault with your very accurate profile of TM, this is the one statement I am not sure about even though I know it has been reported. But it has striking similarities to the Skripal affair. As you will recall we were assured by the US, France and Germany that the UK Govt’s evidence of Russian guilt had been shared with them (and this led to the condemnation of Russia and consequential sanctions). Here, with the Khashoggi affair, we purportedly have Turkey sharing their evidence with the familiar cabal of the US, the UK, France and “other allies”. But interestingly a report came out today that the French Foreign Ministry denies that what they have received from Turkey provides any hard evidence about what happened and who was responsible. The French Foreign Minister has suggested that Erdogan is playing a political game…it seems to be contagious!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      May is an Evil psychopath, typical of the type that rules the West under total control from Thanatopolis DC and Bibiville.

      • Haltonbrat says

        I wouldn’t class her as a psychopath. She is just brainless.

    • Haltonbrat says

      She was put there as a puppet and is particularly subservient to the Zionists who are extremely arrogant and consider that they are free to do and say whatever they want.

  7. rys911 says

    After 8 months of deliberate misleading and spreading lies, would you stand up and tell the citizens that local police, Military Intelligence and ultimately the British Government were all wrong after half the world declared its solidarity with this very government? And this at a time when the British Government is desperately trying to find a solution for the Brexit with those very countries that were previously deliberately lied to? Imagine how the authorities of these countries would have to ask themselves unpleasant questions. The credibility of the United Kingdom would be severely damaged for years to come. A Brexit deal, which would also take account of British interests, would also be massively questioned.

    • Butties says

      The amoebas are not ‘desperately trying to find a solution for the Brexit’, they are manufacturing them.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘Half the world’??? Hardly. Just the usual suspects, the thugs and stooges of the Western terror alliance.

  8. Guy Thornton says

    DS Bailey was the piece of the jigsaw that needed to be dropped into the puzzle. Absent him, there was no reason for hospital workers to suspect anything other than drug overdose. Bailey’s role was to present identical symptoms while mentioning “I was just at the Skripal house”…..while the Skripals probably lay in the next bed. Everyone would know he hadn’t taken a drug overdose. Bailey was the trigger to make hospital workers say “My God, this is unbelievable…this man was exposed to something while visiting the Skripal house (or administering CPR…I have never seen it definitively explained which it was) OMG perhaps it’s not a drug overdose we’re dealing with after all……at which point another actor would have stepped forward and helpfully suggested “Perhaps we’d better ask Porton Down to check it out. Just to be on the safe side.”

    • Ken Kenn says

      Your last sentence is probably deadly accurate.

      Salisbury District Hospital admitted that they didn’t know what they were dealing with initially.

      First indications were described as possible Fentanyl poisoning.

      OK. then the initial treatments they tried first would be in relation to the symptoms they observed.

      Obviously that didn’t work.

      The interesting thing is what made them consult Porton Down advisers and when?

      Was it when they found out ( from who? ) that this was a turned spy and his daughter that the path of diagnoses was changed from opoid poisoning to nerve agent poisoning?

      That appeared to be the ” miracle ” that kept the Skripals alive.

      If that’s the case then and the reversal of the toxic effects was successful does that not suggest they had a wrong diagnoses prior to PD becoming involved ( by self invitation or request?) and that PD gave them a different diagnoses and a different solution that obviously worked?

      In order for PD to advise successfully on that treatment it is logical for PD to know specifically what the poison type was in order to treat the symptoms and that means ( despite Urban’s cryptic utterances ) that PD knew exactly what the poison was.

      The UK government says Novichock – Russian Novichock, whereas if it was specifically Novichock the Skripals and may be DS Bailey wouldn’t require treatment – they would all be dead.

      So my conclusion is that it if it wasn’t Russian Novichock it must have been some other toxin.

      In order to have had the antidote for that specific poison – PD would need the dote.

      They had the ‘dote’ but were/are not saying what it was.

      No ” miracle ” just the right dote.

      The staff at SDH didn’t know what they were dealing with so PD gave them the appropriate advice on what to treat them with without revealing what the poison was.

      As long as the antidote worked why would SDH care what the initial poison was as long as it worked?

      And work it did thank goodness.

      • mark says

        A Swiss lab described this agent as BZ, a non lethal nerve agent developed by NATO. That makes some kind of sense.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I rather imagine that Porton Down was recommended by The Filth, or just turned up to lend ‘assistance’.

  9. DunGroanin says

    What is Skripal?

    Where am I? Who am I?
    What is this deep hole?
    What happened?

    Err ..

    Meanwhile week 2 begins, of the mega megaest sanctions against all these trading with Iran … NOT.

    The narrative controllers have no believable plots left – they spent yesterday bigging up mass murder in the trenches a hundred years ago, using their big mediaguns. Yeah your great-grandpa died in the war to end all wars? Asked Dumbledowningbore and his sidekick & heir, Dansnowflake-r-us.
    So why did your grandpa die in the next one? And how come your father was in Suez and Malaysia and Kenya and Northern Ireland terrorising civilians? How come you fought in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why are your kids champing at the bits to get into Iran? Or Africa? Or South America or RUSSIA? None of THEM have ever threatened to invade Britain!

    Proud to have fought and get crippled got the ribbon, the medal, the hat. Keep marching, marching, marching.
    Let spiderman fireplace salesman Williamson glory in your salutes, all you military family folk, who relish travelling the world and terrorising it’s inhabitants.


  10. The three objectives re Skripals:

    1/ disappear them
    2/ pin the attack on Russia
    3/ scare the public to sway public opinion against Russia (this had to be contained, so the door handle as contaminated site was used, because then public would be reassured. The further cases of Novichok poisoning may have been to cover counter-intelligence-led operations aimed at Russian assets connected to plans to attack Skripals, or some such. So you have two strands working simultaneously, the false-flag *and* the counter-intelligence stuff chasing down Russian assets.)

    I believe the medical professionals who initially treated the two individuals (whether they were the Skripals or not) provided treatment compatible with opioid poisoning. Porton Down then intervened and launched the narrative of Novichok nerve poisoning, they would freeze out the regular medical personnel at this point in place of their ‘experts’.

    A theory of my own is the two Russians were GRU and were doing recon, but before any Russian plan went further, the UK carried out this false-flag operation to fit the timeline of the GRU boys.

    • Agree but the GRU timeline does not fit + the Bellingcat photos were photoshopped.

      The stamps on the presented ID docs have different radii between the paper & the photo. It is possible that these guys were GRU but they never got to the doorhandle in the morning as their train arrived near midday………

      • Paul says

        I imagine there were lots of intelligence agents in Salisbury from various countries but primarily British and Russian because it was obviously known Julia (herself an agent along with boyfriend and putative mother in law) had arrived in the UK and they would all have known what the issue was – would Sergei be given permission by the British to return to Russia to see his mother before she died? Would JULIA have taken him back that weekend? The GRU might have been there to monitor what happened or maybe boyfriend sent them to look after her? Help get him on a plane? They failed and Putin had them humiliated on TV. The Skripals saw the Brits in the 4 hour slot when their phones were switched off (standard procedure when meeting your Handler?) The answer appears to have been No, you can’t go, you’ll be de-briefed about what you’ve been up to – especially helping Mr Steele with his Urination Dossier. No wonder he was grumpy by lunch time. He seems exactly the sort of man to say ‘bollocks to that’. So the Brits incapacitated and then imprisoned both of them. They couldn’t allow him to ‘turn again’.

    • mark says

      I believe the British Government story. What clinched it for me was the smearing of the agent on the doorknob. Putin personally developed the Mark 2 Killer Door Knob when he was in the KGB. This is now standard issue in the Leningrad KGB.

      • Paul says

        HeHe! Door knob spreading does have draw backs especially if the spreaders don’t arrive in time to make it work.

  11. The writer has done a very good job trying to put the jigsaw together without the aid of the front cover on the box.

    He is right to pick up on the hospital and the apparent complete disregard for the staff and other patients. If the same degree of care had been applied to them as it was in dismantling twenty vehicles and burying them in landfill, then all the staff would have been immediately isolated and the hospital torn down. I believe that Skripal’s house is also due for demolition.

    However, I do not feel that this was a British Intelligence operation unless it is filled with idiots. It is rather like trying to disguise an elephant by throwing a tarpaulin over it and calling it a blob.

    There is another country that is far more skilled in deception and false flag operations and who had far more to gain and counter Trump’s assertion that he was going to move all US troops out of Syria, a few weeks before this. As with all good plans, why not make a laughing stock of British Intelligence at the same time and blame it all on Russia.

    There is also a far more plausible story for the two Russian characters who may well have been part of Russian intelligence. Recently, a lot of information has emerged about the US $2.1 billion research programme and the various establishments encircling Russia. Also £170 million of that money went to Porton Down to do what?

    Maybe Skripal had become aware of something that threatened his homeland and he had contacted his old friends in the GRU. So perhaps, these two Russian characters were sent to pick up information and maybe samples.

    Either way, you can safely assume that the Skripals are now safely dead and buried, just two small pawns caught up in a far bigger game.

    As for the UK Government, they have been tied hand and foot to the original script by America declaring that all the economic sanctions on Russia are due to Novichok. Perhaps a chess move might be named after it to show true guile and cunning.

    Actually, in today’s world, nothing is what it seems.

    Unlike the BBC and mainstream media, the article contains a lot of verifiable facts and makes far more sense than the official narrative. It would appear that both Britain and France were involved in Latakia and that the Russian plane stalled rather than hit by a missile. When you are coming in to land, there is no chance of taking evading action when targeted by a missile.

    It may all be fun and games for NATO and Israel to try and goad Russia into over reacting and retaliating but it is a very dangerous game and can only end in tears.

    If I was Putin, I would be taking steps now to take out the bioweapon research laboratories and not wait for a genetically modified cocktail to hit its crops or people through the “Insect Allies” programme. Give the laboratories a twenty four hour warning to evacuate and then strike with missiles. There again, I am no strategist like Putin.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      African Swine Fever, which the US used against Cuba, some decades ago, is moving nicely through Europe, after breaking out in Georgia, I believe. Next cab off the rank-China. For sure.

  12. Einstein says

    I think you’re off on a false track: “the Russians did it” meme was an alibi, not a motive.
    The Clinton gang wanted Trump hobbled and the CIA commissioned Fusion GPS & Browder for the job. They approached MI6 who provided Steele who sought Miller’s help – who used Skripal.
    Skripal thus ended up being the source of ‘Britgate’, a CIA/MI6 plot to sink Trump’s candidacy in the American elections. He, thus, obviously knew too much.
    When the notorious dossier was leaked as Mueller’s main source for Russiagate, the risk of Skripal blowing the whistle – and revealing it was really Britgate – proved too great.
    Skripal and, sadly, Julia, were “inconvenient”. DS Nick Bailey and, sadly, his family and the doc (who has dropped down the memory hole) who gave Julia CPR, have also all proved to be “inconvenient” and are all in a dungeon near Stornoway (or living under alias in Tasmania), if they are alive at all.

  13. harry stotle says

    We still haven’t found out what really happened to David Kelly yet so I am not optimistic the events surrounding the Skripals will ever be investigated properly – both cases of course built on bogus claims about sinister foreign powers threatening to harm ‘our way of life’.

    Within hours of Kelly’s death, and despite him being en route to Japan Blair ordered an inquiry (thus blocking a proper coroners inquest) – this gave the authorities, in the shape of a morally compromised Hutton much greater control over proceedings.

    ‘An Inconvenient Death’ by Miles Goslett unpicks the whole, sorry affair – by the end of the book it is hard not to view the (mis)handling of David Kellys death as yet another act of rank political corruption.

    I assume its just too difficult for large swathes of the population to face up to the fact the British establishment will do whatever it takes to protect their own self-interests?

      • harry stotle says

        Thanks, Frank – prima facie evidence that Campbell was up to his neck in it.

        Mind you, if you can get away with plagiarising an internet dossier before using it to reinforce the case for illegal war then I’m not surprised more people can’t, or refuse to see that the Skripal poisoning is almost certainly a pretex for demonising Putin while whipping up yet more Russophobia.

    • wardropper says

      “Patriotism” aside, we can’t afford to ignore the obvious truth that the British establishment, along with its “self interests”, is only a useful idiot in the service of Washington’s long-term plans. The US has no more respect for the UK than it has for anybody else, i.e. zero.
      Various easily-accessible documents make this quite clear. Here is quite a long quote from an article by Max Hastings in :

      Since the Second World War, the United States has conducted its foreign policy on the principle that dictates the actions of all governments including our own: furtherance of national interests. The 1946 American loan—$3.75 billion or $51 billion at current prices, which alone made possible creation of Labour’s welfare state—was granted on tough terms, including insistence that in the following year sterling was made convertible, precipitating a run on the pound.

      Successive British governments, in their anxiety to sustain American goodwill, gave away many things too cheaply. For instance, allowing American nuclear-armed bombers to be based here and giving the U.S. access to cheap uranium in exchange for ill-defined promises of American goods, which were not forthcoming.

      The Korean War, which erupted in 1950, generated new difficulties. The Americans demanded a level of military support which the Treasury and the British army, threadbare despite its residual paper might, struggled to provide. The Clement Attlee government proposed a rearmament program that would increase defense spending from 7 to almost 10 percent of GDP. The U.S. offered financial aid only if that figure was raised to 14 percent. In its desperation to sustain American goodwill, the Labour government sought to meet this target, though the promised aid never materialized. It was left to the Tories who took office in 1951 to cut back the rearmament program to 10 percent, though even this imposed an intolerable burden.

      The veteran Cambridge economist Robert Neild expresses scorn that Labour chancellor Hugh Gaitskell “bowed to the U.S. and abandoned…responsibility for nurturing the recovery of the postwar British economy. Why this craven relationship with the U.S. has lived on is another and puzzling question.”
      Neild’s last sentence seems hyperbolic because modern Britain has good reason to be grateful that successive governments paid the bills to sustain a common front with the U.S. through the Cold War. Yet he is right that British anxiety to please Washington has often generated embarrassments and sometimes humiliations.
      The Eisenhower administration was justified in denying support to the indefensible 1956 invasion of Egypt, enforcing British retreat amid the threat of our financial collapse. But the desertion hurt. So likewise did the 1983 American invasion of the Caribbean island of Grenada, a member of the Commonwealth, without the courtesy of consultation with Margaret Thatcher‘s government.

      British leaders should notice that when their predecessors have dared to think for themselves, consequences have generally proved less alarming than Downing Street feared. The first notable example was Vietnam. The Johnson administration was disgusted by Harold Wilson’s refusal to send troops to support the 1965 U.S. escalation of the war. Secretary of State Dean Rusk told a British journalist bitterly: “When the Russians invade Sussex, don’t expect us to come and help you.” In reality, however, the prime minister merely had to endure some unpleasant personal exchanges with LBJ.

      Yet it was ever thus, and has become more so now that generations of diplomats and politicians who served in the Second World War are long gone. U.S. courts routinely, and in a shamelessly nationalistic spirit, harrow British businesses—consider the evisceration of BP since the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The new breed of Washington decision-makers is incomparably more interested in Asia than in Europe. Some may adopt a benign view of Britain as a theme park, but not for a moment do they view us as important.
      Indeed, among the foremost reasons to suppose that Brexiteers are deluded about our future outside the European Union is that they cherish such an inflated vision of our global significance. Raymond Seitz, the last brilliant American ambassador to London, warned privately back in 1991: “Never forget that the United States is only interested in Britain in so far as Britain is a player in Europe.”

  14. When the caller calls “Simple Simon says sit down”, everyone must sit down – or else you are ‘out’. When the caller says ‘sit down’, without the prefix of ‘Simple Simon says’, anyone moving to sit is ruled ‘out’.
    (A child’s game).

    The capacity to instil or associate fear – even terror – in specific do’s and don’ts is part learned and part taught as a sense of actions or areas of life being rendered out of bounds or taboo by association and by reinforcements to the feared consequence of such association. Where also a positive sense of protection from harm incentivises the willingness to be seen to align with the imposition.

    When the nature of the power to un-person or de-voice others is imposed without any recognisable justification – and with may recognisable disqualifications, one is in the scenario of being forced to enact a false response in place of true, under fear of penalty – where the collective sense of penalty under feared power is communicated by everyone else’s compliance or willing enforcement.

    So this is the revealing of the nature of the forced false in the nature of human communications – and its recognition as the closing down of natural thought, speech and act, can then be identified in any other area of life – in which we are less able to see, because we are incentivised to feel protected or empowered by its compliance.

    All issues of power struggle or coercion relate to protection from threat in some sense, but also to the less visible fact that such power depends upon threat or perceived and believed threat to find budget, employ or any sense of meaningful justification.

    Modern ‘gods’ in terms of the movers and shapers of the times and conditions in which we live, are corporate entities inseparable from the institutional and executive power of state and subject that is aligned and invested in or captive to them.

    The bankers apparently convinced the politicians that the banks were too big too fail – and so someone else must be sacrificed to their debts, namely everyone ELSE. The same insider conversations or perhaps tacit agreements of common alignment, relate to any facet of the power that fears its own annihilation, or worse – unreality.

    The shift FROM an unreal to a true foundation is not made by the bolstering of the false nor by its destruction by symbols of the true, but by simply waking out from a false frame to the recognition of the true. Looking upon unreality and recognizing it as nothing else, is the freedom for what fear ruled out of the mind to return to awareness.

    Lies asserted or clung to in attempt to protect life and power of being as we see it, are a call to question the script and meaning of such a ‘life’. And yet of course this is exactly what the script actively seeks to deny.

    Is each of us in our own ‘room 101’ in the Ministry of Love? (Orwell’s 1984).
    And yet bound there only by allegiance to illusion of love made by hate?
    Freedom is of a deeper nature than the ability or proclivity to trap ourself in our own lies.
    But power is a different choice.

    To have the true, we have to be the willingness of giving or sharing it.
    This is not the imposed condition of a coercive god, but the inherent condition of creative endeavour.
    But no one under fear can believe or trust in anything outside its framing.
    So no one can reach who you have chosen to be.

    That is why I write to the quality of a freedom that minds are scripted to forget and liable to neglect because it is not weaponisable or marketisable within ‘power struggle’ – so much as redemptive to a true appreciation of the power of being.

    Perhaps the ‘school’ of Life is not about ‘perfecting’, prevailing over or even surviving a world of powers and threats, real or imagined – but of learning the balance of an alignment in true being amidst the apparent choice of a false sense of self and world.

    Or to bring it into another focus; to recognize and undo a fear-reinforcement mind loop from within and without at the same time.

    Because the mind of fear is not the basis for the shift of allegiance – excepting between different forms of fear – which as every voter might recognize, is just a different face over ‘business as usual’.

    The model of self and world that has developed and run its course is breaking down. This brings the experience of an ‘end time’ in different ways to different filtering interpretations. Those who feel cornered become desperate and dangerous and susceptible to fears that impose upon the minds of the fearful to then do likewise or be ‘out’.

    Another reading of Simple Simon, is that of vigilance and discernment in alignment with true safety – rather than fixation within a fear of being ‘outed’ for the usurping or abandoning of a true safety for a personal and private specialness that then claims its victim in the sense of an irrevocable act.

    The laws of humankind are needed for human society, but the law of our being is the basis of a true sanity. The capacity of the mind to maintain an insanity is our own willingness to give allegiance and make sacrifice of true, which is the capacity of a false sense of security to see the true as threat.

    There really is no future in persisting an insanity but the condemnation of a past made in error. Denial of awareness of being is no ‘victory’. Fantasy enacted over true can only substitute a fake fulfilment Hollow promises are never delivered. There is no end to the demand of sacrifice that a false idol demands of the true of being – except to look upon it truly, break the spell and look away.

  15. Michael Leigh says

    I personally perceived the Skripal poisoning plot as a falsehood by Mde May and her colleagues under USA guidance from the first reportage, and remain certain that this is an international plot against the Russian Government and its peoples.

    But, in trying to identify otherwise likely thinkers, i have contrived to introduce them, many friends of long standing to hear me express my doubts in great detail and I have noted their response(s), from the total disbelief that no British government would countenance such a dastardly plot, or that I myself are going insane in my own aforementioned position.

    And significantly while dismissing my own theory of a Government plot, a majority whom upon on further meetings actually initiate the conversation by requesting me to tell them of the latest ” unbelievable nonsense with more than ‘ joshing ‘ curiosity.

    Which I find significantly enlightening !

    • intp1 says

      It has the hallmarks, not so much of a well planned plot but rather a reaction to either a screw up or the unforeseen actions of another agency. Too many holes, laughable inconsistencies. Although I also contend with well-educated people who are vehement in their absolute belief in it.

      • Paul says

        I agree it was a panicked reaction without any real plan; just get hold of him and prevent him returning to Russia with his daughter and turning into a Triple Agent and spilling lots of beans including those about Steele and MI6’s attempt to scupper Trump in the election.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Surely you mean ‘well brainwashed’, not ‘educated’.

    • I’ll go with that – as it is my experience also. I never believed in the stupid story from the start because just like with Syrian CW “attacks” there was no motive for the Russian gov to do anything like this, and only bad consequences. A bit like Khashoggi.
      To those who still think that somehow the GRU was involved, I’d suggest considering what I’ve written on this before, and evidence that Petrov and Boshirov were tee’d up by MI6/Bellingcat well in advance to visit Salisbury on the weekend they chose for “Operation Nina”. Elena Evdokimova suggests very plausible reasons for how they were made to visit Salisbury “for the cameras”.
      I also doubt that the Miller-Steele affair has much to do with the UK’s motives. Why would they be so worried about “being exposed” as the initiators of Russiagate when they have such remarkable control over what people think?
      The motive I think remains most closely connected with advancing interests in Syria where the WH mercenaries were struggling at the time, as well as generally in the push back against Russian influence and economic power in Europe. And then there’s Israel, little old Israel pressing on with its genocide and ethnic cleansings in Palestine while fiddling in Yemen and Iran and Ukraine and who knows where else… Australia!
      But the Novichok news is not over yet. I’ve been looking into the nature and effects of BZ and suspect the “antidote” administered by PD in the SDH may have been the “treatment”.

      • Paul says

        Do you remember Steele in the US just before the election leaking (sic) his Urination Dossier to the press and in one interview saying he was determined to do everything he could to stop Trump becoming President? As as the ex-head of Mi6’s Russia Desk he carried weight. The go ahead for him came from the bosses of the U.K. Intelligence services. They knew who funded it and it’s purpose – increasingly urgent for the CIA et al..,can it be that Trump hasnt clocked the fact British Intelligence was active to prevent his election? He’s probably saving it up as a stick to beat the UK government during any trade talks. But he can’t have forgotten who was really interfering in the US election.

  16. Francis Lee says

    Suffice it to say that if the Russian secret service wanted the Skripals dead, they would be dead. The whole amateurish, cock-and-bull nonsense leaves out what is probably the most important causal element – namely, motive. Why would Putin order an assassination of a double agent who had already spent time banged-up in a Russian prison for a number years before he was released in a spy-swap, Moreover this story was released just before the World Cup and Russian Presidential elections were held in Russia. Coincidence? Reah right!

    They must take us for grade one ingenues.

    The more relevant question now is where are the Skirpals, they appear to have been disappeared!

  17. MichaelK says

    It’s interesting that the only journalist who’s had access to the Salisbury hospital and interviewed staff members, is from the BBC and he’s an ex British Army officer, Mark Urban, who coincidentally knows Skripal and Pablo Miller, another ex-army guy, who just happened to be the agent who turned Skripal into a spy for Britain. No conflict of interest there of course.

    Why haven’t other UK journalists probed into this case, considering how full of strange details, contradictions, narrative holes and perculiarities it is? It’s looks like the editors in some key positions have received off the record briefings from the security services about national security, and have meekly fallen into line with the government’s wishes. That a free press in a democracy, aren’t supposed to simply accept what the government says, on faith, without evidence, seems to have escaped them. But, I suppose, in wartime, we all have to pull together?

    • kevin morris says

      Why haven’t other UK journalists probed this case? I would suggest that behind this and many other potential stories lies the 1988 Official Secrets Act, which removes the public interest defence from newspapers. Even if D notices haven’t been slapped on aspects of this story, journalists know not to rock the boat thereby incurrring the state’s wrath.

      Incidentally, I contacted Jeremy Corbyn recently regarding his proposals for the press and asked if the next Labour government would be repealing the 1988 act in order really to free our press. Sadly, I am yet to receive a reply.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Why haven’t Rightwing fakestream media presstitutes acted like journalists!!?? Is this a trick question?

  18. More holes than a Swiss cheese in this smorgasbord of intrigue. Smoke, mirrors and deception are all part of the great game the intelligence agencies engage in. Corruption, deceit and lies as it’s better known to you and me.

    The good news is that in Skripalbury things are getting back to normal. Zizzi’s has now reopened and tourists are flocking there to feed the ducks and admire the historic cathedral spire.

    There’s even a proposal of the place being twinned with some famous toxic waste recycling centre in Russia. Suggestions on a postcard to Gavin Williamson at the ministry of defence and social security …cont. p 95

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I doubt that Williamson can read.

  19. Robbobbobin says

    “The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that “came into contact with the killer substance” have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site.”

    This is absolutely true. Detective Sergeant Bailey had part of his Matchbox collection under the seat of his Astra and, thankfully, remembered in time to contain any possibly horrific collateral damage, that both before and during his “surreal” experiences in a Novichocked Salisbury he had consumed an uncharacteristically large number of baked bean sandwiches. Fortunately, they all packed into an old After Eight banqueting tin and half a roll of Sellotape did the rest for safe transport to the dump. Better safe than sorry.

  20. Thomas Turk says

    ..we must keep in mind the Tokyo subway Sarin nerve gas attack, that using a ‘not quite ready for military use’ agent, according to one of their own chemists, That nerve agent killed many.. not only train passengers but also 1st responders. Today a multitude of the survivors still linger in a permanent, painful semi-vegetative state. (The ringleader and some of the cohorts have been hanged).. This points to a total Brit. hoax. What was the purpose of our Govt. taking this Russ. hate road.. I really can’t figure it out.. maybe on of O-G’s historians can explain to us slow ones.

    • Badger Down says

      The Tokyo attackers were aiming at everybody and anybody. The Salisbury attackers are thought to have been aiming at just one or two people.

  21. mark says

    Skripal was just one in a long line of hoaxes, provocations and false flags intended to smear and demonise Russia
    This is part of a propaganda and disinformation campaign that has now been going on for ten years. Other examples are Litvinenko, Nemtsov, MH17, the whole Russiagate hoax, and the manufactured “evidence” leading to the ban on Russian sport. There are others. Another that has not attracted sufficient attention is the Magnitsky hoax, which has extended beyond the US to Canada, the UK and EU. The aim is to impose travel bans on Russian officials and confiscate Russian private and state assets abroad, as has been done to so many other countries in the cross hairs of western aggression. At least $600 billion (and probably a lot more) was looted from Russia in the 1990s, when Uncle Sam’s favourite stooge drunk Yeltsin was running things. Part of this is intended to prevent court action by Russian officials to recover some of the loot. Otherwise, the purpose is to soften up Russia and western publics for regime change, and if that fails, war.
    Britain has a long history of similar smear and propaganda campaigns, going back to Germany in WW1, with bayonetted Belgian babies, raped nuns, people being crucified, and bodies being melted down to make soap. The Dirty Tricks Brigade in our Spook Organisations have been at it for ever, with the Zinoviev Letter, trying to organise a military coup to overthrow Harold Wilson in the 60s/ 70s, unsuccessful attempts to murder Gaddafi in 1994, the murder of Dr. Kelly, the list is endless. Shortly before her death, the Princess of Wales said they were going to bump her off and make it look like a car accident. Whether they actually did or not is anybody’s guess, but there is a long history of MI5 false flags and murders in Northern Ireland, like the Armagh Bombing and the Miami Show Band, to name just two of many. Many bombings were carried out by MI5 agents. They are quite capable of anything. Murder and lies are their stock in trade.

    • Francis Lee says

      Yes, the Northern Ireland imbroglio really opens a can of worms. In addition to what you have listed there were the massacres of the catholic (nationalist) community carried out by the British Army in Bally Murphy and Bloody Sunday in Derry in 2010. There was also collusion between the British forces and the loyalist paramilitaries during the whole period. Par for the course for British imperialism.

    • Rhisiart Gwilym says

      Murder – both wholesale and retail – and lies in pursuit of their perceived realpolitikal ‘benefits’ have been the stock-in-trade of the imperial English-raj class for centuries. No reason at all to assume that their secret-state operatives have changed their spots for the Skripal hoax. I imagine that the Skripals will only be alive – though illegally imprisoned by the ukstate, like Julian Assange – if some strategists amongst the rajistas and their operatives see possible advantage in keeping them so; and possible disadvantage in killing them too soon, whilst the whole sorry farce is still playing out.

      Wouldn’t it be great to live in a country where strict rule of law is applied inflexibly to absolutely all citizens (not just we plebs); and where we had (real, functioning) democracy rather than the toxic potemkin black farce that we have now; and we had glasnost, and constitutionally-enforced accountability; and media that actually did what they all proclaim they do: holding power to account, and constantly digging and asking really awkward questions, instead of making grossly over-stuffed (safely-award-winning) careers out of arse-kissing and line-toeing for the powerful; and… and…

  22. “The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that “came into contact with the killer substance” have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site.” – Really????

    Sorry, but I’m absolutely laughing out loud at this little addition to the ever evolving script in the Skripnal absurdist theatre narrative! Yet somehow the hospital staff were not originally informed the patients had supposedly been exposed to a “nerve agent.” Ha! Forgive me, but if John le Carré proposed this absurd plot in one of his spy novels fans would howl that he’d lost both his mind and his touch.

    The Skripnal affair is quite obviously a U.K. State false-flag action that was run in tandem with the U.S. deep State’s false-flag Russiagate obscene criminal nonsense. The only real question of import at this time is “where are the Skripnals” and why isn’t the criminal U.K. state being held accountable for this rather significant “detail” by the U.N., human rights groups and the Western media?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      There’ll be no real safety from Putin and his deadly poison until Salisbury is evacuated, nuked, and declared a ‘Forbidden Zone’ for a thousand years-at least.

  23. Fair dinkum. says

    They can bury things till the cows come home, but there ain’t a hole big enough to bury their LIES.

  24. Paul says

    It’s said the British Secret Services believe they are experts at planting ‘false flag’ incidents, as in Douma. This time they did one on their own territory but got a bit carried away. I wonder what the Skripals have to say about it? I wonder where they are? Healthy? Happy? Missing Moscow and their family and in Julia’s case her fiancée? How’s Sergei’s mother? It’s amazing the number of things we aren’t allowed to know! Apparently no journalist wants to know – and we don’t know why that is either!


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