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Syria Accuses US of Stealing 40+ Tons of Gold

Eric Zuesse

The Syrian National News Agency headlined on February 26th, “Gold deal between United States and Daesh [ISIS]” and reported that:

Information from local sources said that US army helicopters have already transported the gold bullions under cover of darkness on Sunday [February 24th], before transporting them to the United States.

The sources said that tens of tons that Daesh had been keeping in their last hotbed in al-Baghouz area in Deir Ezzor countryside have been handed to the Americans, adding up to other tons of gold that Americans have found in other hideouts for Daesh, making the total amount of gold taken by the Americans to the US around 50 tons, leaving only scraps for the SDF [Kurdish] militias that serve them [the US operation].

Recently, sources said that the area where Daesh leaders and members have barricaded themselves in, contains around 40 tons of gold and tens of millions of dollars.

Allegedly, “US occupation forces in the Syrian al-Jazeera area made a deal with Daesh terrorists, by which Washington gets tens of tons of gold that the terror organization had stolen, in exchange for providing safe passage for the terrorists and their leaders from the areas in Deir Ezzor where they are located.”

ISIS was financing its operations largely by the theft of oil from the oil wells in the Deir Ezzor area, Syria’s oil-producing region, and they transported and sold this stolen oil via their allied forces, through Turkey, which was one of those US allies trying to overthrow Syria’s secular Government and install a Sunni fundamentalist regime that would be ruled from Riyadh (i.e., controlled by the Saud family). This gold is the property of the Syrian Government, which owns all that oil and the oil wells, which ISIS had captured (stolen), and then sold. Thus, this gold is from sale of that stolen black-market oil, which was Syria’s property.

The US Government claims to be anti-ISIS, but actually didn’t even once bomb ISIS in Syria until Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria on 30 September 2015, and the US had actually been secretly arming ISIS there so as to help ISIS and especially Al Qaeda (and the US was strongly protecting Al Qaeda in Syria) to overthrow Syria’s secular and non-sectarian Government. Thus, whereas Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria on 30 September 2015, America (having become embarrassed) started bombing ISIS in Syria on 16 November 2015. The US Government’s excuse was “This is our first strike against tanker trucks, and to minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike.”

They pretended it was out of compassion — not in order to extend for as long as possible ISIS’s success in taking over territory in Syria.

(And, under Trump, on the night of 2 March 2019, the US rained down upon ISIS in northeast Syria the excruciating and internationally banned white phosphorous to burn ISIS and its hostages alive, which Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama had routinely done to burn alive the residents in Donetsk and other parts of eastern former Ukraine where voters had voted more than 90% for the democratically elected Ukrainian President whom Obama’s coup in Ukraine had replaced. It was a way to eliminate some of the most-undesired voters — people who must never again be voting in a Ukrainian national election, not even if that region subsequently does become conquered by the post-coup, US-imposed, regime. The land there is wanted; its residents certainly are not wanted by the Obama-imposed regime.)

America’s line was: Russia just isn’t as ‘compassionate’ as America. Zero Hedge aptly headlined “’Get Out Of Your Trucks And Run Away’: US Gives ISIS 45 Minute Warning On Oil Tanker Strikes”. Nobody exceeds the United States Government in sheer hypocrisy.

The US Government evidently thinks that the public are fools, idiots. America’s allies seem to be constantly amazed at how successful that approach turns out to be.

Indeed, on 28 November 2012, Syria News headlined “Emir of Qatar & Prime Minister of Turkey Steal Syrian Oil Machinery in Broad Daylight” and presented video allegedly showing it (but unfortunately providing no authentication of the date and locale of that video).

Jihadists were recruited from throughout the world to fight against Syria’s secular Government. Whereas ISIS was funded mainly by black-market sales of oil from conquered areas, the Al-Qaeda-led groups were mainly funded by the Sauds and other Arab royal families and their retinues, the rest of their aristocracy. On 13 December 2013, BBC headlined “Guide to the Syrian rebels” and opened “There are believed to be as many as 1,000 armed opposition groups in Syria, commanding an estimated 100,000 fighters.”

Except in the Kurdish areas in Syria’s northeast, almost all of those fighters were being led by Al Qaeda’s Syrian Branch, al-Nusra. Britain’s Center on Religion & Politics headlined on 21 December 2015, “Ideology and Objectives of the Syrian Rebellion” and reported: “If ISIS is defeated, there are at least 65,000 fighters belonging to other Salafi-jihadi groups ready to take its place.” Almost all of those 65,000 were trained and are led by Syria’s Al Qaeda (Nusra), which was protected by the US.

In September 2016 a UK official “FINAL REPORT OF THE TASK FORCE ON COMBATING TERRORIST AND FOREIGN FIGHTER TRAVEL” asserted that, “Over 25,000 foreign fighters have traveled to the battlefield to enlist with Islamist terrorist groups, including at least 4,500 Westerners. More than 250 individuals from the United States have also joined.” Even just 25,000 (that official lowest estimate) was a sizable US proxy-army of religious fanatics to overthrow Syria’s Government.

On 26 November 2015, the first of Russia’s videos of Russia’s bombing ISIS oil trucks headed into Turkey was bannered at a US military website “Russia Airstrike on ISIS Oil Tankers”, and exactly a month later, on 26 December 2015, Britain’s Daily Express headlined “WATCH: Russian fighter jets smash ISIS oil tankers after spotting 12,000 at Turkish border”. This article, reporting around twelve thousand ISIS oil-tanker trucks heading into Turkey, opened:

“The latest video, released by the Russian defence ministry, shows the tankers bunched together as they make their way along the road. They are then blasted by the fighter jet.”

The US military had nothing comparable to offer to its ‘news’-media. Britain’s Financial Times headlined on 14 October 2015, “Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists”. Only America’s allies were involved in this commerce with ISIS — no nation that supported Syria’s Government was participating in this black market of stolen Syrian goods. So, it’s now clear that a lot of that stolen oil was sold for gold as Syria’s enemy-nations’ means of buying that oil from ISIS. They’d purchase it from ISIS, but not from Syria’s Government, the actual owner.

On 30 November 2015 Israel’s business-news daily Globes News Service bannered “Israel has become the main buyer for oil from ISIS controlled territory, report”, and reported:

An estimated 20,000-40,000 barrels of oil are produced daily in ISIS controlled territory generating $1-1.5 million daily profit for the terrorist organization. The oil is extracted from Dir A-Zur in Syria and two fields in Iraq and transported to the Kurdish city of Zakhu in a triangle of land near the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Israeli and Turkish mediators come to the city and when prices are agreed, the oil is smuggled to the Turkish city of Silop marked as originating from Kurdish regions of Iraq and sold for $15-18 per barrel (WTI and Brent Crude currently sell for $41 and $45 per barrel) to the Israeli mediator, a man in his 50s with dual Greek-Israeli citizenship known as Dr. Farid. He transports the oil via several Turkish ports and then onto other ports, with Israel among the main destinations.

After all, Israel too wants to overthrow Syria’s secular, non-sectarian Government, which would be replaced by rulers selected by the Saud family, who are the US Government’s main international ally.

On 9 November 2014, when Turkey was still a crucial US ally trying to overthrow Syria’s secular Government (and this was before the failed 15 July 2016 US-backed coup-attempt to overthrow and replace Turkey’s Government so as to impose an outright US stooge), Turkey was perhaps ISIS’s most crucial international backer. Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s leader, had received no diploma beyond k-12, and all of that schooling was in Sunni schools and based on the Quran. (He pretended, however, to have a university diploma.) On 15 July 2015, AWD News headlined “Turkish President’s daughter heads a covert medical corps to help ISIS injured members”. On 2 December 2015, a Russian news-site headlined “Defense Ministry: Erdogan and his family are involved in the illegal supply of oil”; so, the Erdogan family itself was religiously committed to ISIS’s fighters against Syria, and they were key to the success of the US operation against Syrians — theft from Syrians. The great investigative journalist Christof Lehmann, who was personally acquainted with many of the leading political figures in Africa and the Middle East, headlined on 22 June 2014, “US Embassy in Ankara Headquarter for ISIS War on Iraq – Hariri Insider”, and he reported that the NATO-front the Atlantic Council had held a meeting in Turkey during 22-23 of November 2013 at which high officials of the US and allied governments agreed that they were going to take over Syria’s oil, and that they even were threatening Iraq’s Government for its not complying with their demands to cooperate on overthrowing Syria’s Government. So, behind the scenes, this conquest of Syria was the clear aim by the US and all of its allies.

The US had done the same thing when it took over Ukraine by a brutal coup in February 2014: It grabbed the gold. Iskra News in Russian reported, on 7 March 2014, that “At 2 a.m. this morning … an unmarked transport plane was on the runway at Borosipol Airport” near Kiev in the west, and that, “According to airport staff, before the plane came to the airport, four trucks and two Volkswagen minibuses arrived, all the truck license plates missing.” This was as translated by Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research headlining on 14 March, “Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretly Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?” in which he noted that, when asked, “A spokesman for the New York Fed said simply, ‘Any inquiry regarding gold accounts should be directed to the account holder.’” The load was said to be “more than 40 heavy boxes.” Chossudovsky noted that, “The National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank) estimated Ukraine’s gold reserves in February to be worth $1.8 billion dollars.” It was allegedly 36 tons. The US, according to Victoria Nuland (Obama’s detail-person overseeing the coup) had invested around $5 billion in the coup. Was her installed Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk cleaning out the nation’s gold reserves in order to strip the nation so that the nation’s steep indebtedness for Russian gas would never be repaid to Russia’s oligarchs? Or was he doing it as a payoff for Nuland’s having installed him? Or both? In any case: Russia was being squeezed by this fascist Ukrainian-American ploy.

On 14 November 2014, a Russian youtube headlined “In Ukraine, there is no more gold and currency reserves” and reported that there is “virtually no gold. There is a small amount of gold bars, but it’s just 1%” of before the coup. Four days later, Zero Hedge bannered “Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: ‘There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault’”. From actually 42.3 tons just before the coup, it was now far less than one ton.

The Syria operation was about oil, gold, and guns. However, most of America’s support was to Al-Qaeda-led jihadists, not to ISIS-jihadists. As the great independent investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reported on 2 July 2017:

In December of last year while reporting on the battle of Aleppo as a correspondent for Bulgarian media I found and filmed 9 underground warehouses full of heavy weapons with Bulgaria as their country of origin. They were used by Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria designated as a terrorist organization by the UN).”

The US had acquired weapons from around the world, and shipped them (and Gaytandzhieva’s report even displayed the transit-documents) through a network of its embassies, into Syria, for Nusra-led forces inside Syria. Almost certainly, the US Government’s central command center for the entire arms-smuggling operation was the world’s largest embassy, which is America’s embassy in Baghdad.

Furthermore, On 8 March 2013, Richard Spenser of Britain’s Telegraph reported that Croatia’s Jutarnji List newspaper had reported that “3,000 tons of weapons dating back to the former Yugoslavia have been sent in 75 planeloads from Zagreb airport to the rebels, largely via Jordan since November. … The airlift of dated but effective Yugoslav-made weapons meets key concerns of the West, and especially Turkey and the United States, who want the rebels to be better armed to drive out the Assad regime.”

Also, a September 2014 study by Conflict Armaments Research (CAR), titled “Islamic State Weapons in Iraq and Syria”, reported that not only east-European, but even US-made, weapons were being “captured from Islamic State forces” by Kurds who were working for the Americans, and that this was very puzzling and disturbing to those Kurds, who were risking their lives to fight against those jihadists.

In December 2017, CAR headlined “Weapons of the Islamic State” and reported that “this materiel was rapidly captured by IS forces, only to be deployed by the group against international coalition forces.” The assumption made there was that the transfer of weapons to ISIS was all unintentional.

That report ignored contrary evidence, which I summed up on 2 September 2017 headlining “Russian TV Reports US Secretly Backing ISIS in Syria”, and reporting there also from the Turkish Government an admission that the US was working with Turkey to funnel surviving members of Iraq’s ISIS into the Deir Ezzor part of Syria to help defeat Syria’s Government in that crucial oil-producing region. Moreover, at least one member of the ‘rebels’ that the US was training at Al Tanf on Syria’s Jordanian border had quit because his American trainers were secretly diverting some of their weapons to ISIS. Furthermore: why hadn’t the US bombed Syrian ISIS before Russia entered the Syrian war on 30 September 2015? America talked lots about its supposed effort against ISIS, but why did US wait till 16 November 2015 before taking action, “’Get Out Of Your Trucks And Run Away’: US Gives ISIS 45 Minute Warning On Oil Tanker Strikes”?

So, regardless of whether the US Government uses jihadists as its proxy-forces, or uses fascists as its proxy-forces, it grabs the gold — and grabs the oil, and takes whatever else it can.

This is today’s form of imperialism. Grab what you can, and run. And call it ‘fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption’. And the imperial regime’s allies watch in amazement, as they take their respective cuts of the loot. That’s the deal, and they call it ‘fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption around the world’.

That’s the way it works. International gangland. That’s the reality, while most of the public think it’s instead really “fighting for freedom and democracy and human rights and against corruption around the world.” For example, as RT reported on Sunday, March 3rd, about John Bolton’s effort at regime-change in Venezuela, Bolton said: “I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime,’ Bolton told CNN’s Jake Tapper.”

Trump’s regime wants to bring clean and democratic government to the poor Venezuelans, just like Bush’s did to the Iraqis, and Obama’s did to the Libyans and to the Syrians and to the Ukrainians. And Trump, who pretends to oppose Obama’s regime-change policies, alternately expands them and shrinks them. Though he’s slightly different from Obama on domestic policies, he never, as the US President, condemn’s any of his predecessors’ many coups and invasions, all of which were disasters for everybody except America’s and allies’ billionaires. They’re all in on the take.

The American public were suckered into destroying Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011, Syria in 2011-now, and so many other countries, and still haven’t learned anything, other than to keep trusting the allegations of this lying and psychopathically vicious and super-aggressive Government and of its stenographic ‘news’-media. When is enough finally enough? Never? If not never, then when? Or do most people never learn? Or maybe they don’t really care. Perhaps that’s the problem.

On March 4th, the Jerusalem Post bannered “IRAN AND TURKEY MEDIA PUSH CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT US, ISIS: Claims pushed by Syrian regime media assert that US gave ISIS safe passage out of Baghuz in return for gold, a conspiracy picked up in Tehran and Ankara”, and simply assumed that it’s false — but provided no evidence to back their speculation up — and they closed by asserting “The conspiracies, which are manufactured in Damascus, are disseminated to Iraq and Turkey, both of whom oppose US policy in eastern Syria.”

Why do people even subscribe to such ‘news’-sources as that? The key facts are hidden, the speculation that’s based on their own prejudices replaces whatever facts exist. Do the subscribers, to that, simply want to be deceived? Are most people that stupid?

Back on 21 December 2018, one of the US regime’s top ‘news’-media, the Washington Post, had headlined “Retreating ISIS army smuggled a fortune in cash and gold out of Iraq and Syria” and reported that “the Islamic State is sitting on a mountain of stolen cash and gold that its leaders stashed away to finance terrorist operations.” So, it’s not as if there hadn’t been prior reason to believe that some day some of the gold would be found after America’s defeat in Syria. Maybe they just hadn’t expected this to happen quite so soon. But the regime will find ways to hoodwink its public, in the future, just as it has in the past. Unless the public wises-up (if that’s even possible).

Originally posted at strategic-culture.org


  1. Graham. says

    I have Seen on a Business page story the Map showing Oil Pipeline that Was Being Built from Saudi Arabian Oilfields across Southern Syria a long way from the Fighting in Northern Syria( Near the Oil and Gas lines going to Russia),Which is Why Russia got involved..to Protect Their Interests. The idea was to get Syria and World Media to Focus on the North while the Pipeline was constricted. Troops were obviously on call to Protect the Contractors Funded by the US Tax payers (i even had a USA parent saying Their Son was Stationed near the USA Oil Pipeline in the South While Commenting on a Thread in a Christian Facebook Page) .Saudi Funded ISIS helped by Americans Embedded with them.That is Why the USA complained about Russia Bombing ISIS they were Killing Americans. The USA then proceeded to Bomb Empty Buildings “Claiming they were ISIS headquarters” but no body in them. Russia Embarrassed the USA by showing what they could do in a week compared to the USA doing Nothing. Food supplies and Weapons were found in ISIS strongholds labeled product of Saudi Arabia and USA Aid..The US Needed an Artificial “Enemy” in order to get the Backing of the People in America to Spend Money on a War. .We have to Defeat the ISIS crowd. Trump Ordered the destruction of Old technology Tomahawk Missiles in an “Attack” on Syria. Most were Shot down by Old Russian Made Tech weapons very few hit the Ground and Then exploded. but we Saw the Navy launching Missile after Missile .but Zero Strikes on the Ground.

  2. Paul says

    Apparently some Venezuelan gold deposits are held by the BoE in London but are now available to the Pretender President. It’s straight forward theft. I wonder how much gold is being moved out of London as a result of such blatant robbery? Why would you trust them?

    • Graham. says

      I read that it Did happen. Gold Stolen that was to be used for Medicine ETC for the people in Venezuela Stolen from UK banks where it had been Stored by Venezuela Government.

  3. Bootlyboob says

    Russia beats the terrorists, the US comes and gets the gold. What a crazy world.

  4. John says

    Kurds are an embarrassment just total shills for America and Israel

    • Antonym says

      Kurds are an ethic minority just like the Israeli Jews or Syrian Alawites. Sunni Arabs (like the Palestinians) are the dominant (mono cultural) majority in most of the ME. Christians are becoming a mini fraction like the Armenians or Yazidis.

  5. Joerg says

    Anti-Semitism = “ANTI-ARABISM”!
    And Anti-Semitism has been this since at least 150 years!
    The founding of the Anti-Semitic Ideology by Count Gobineau was exclusively directed against ARABS! And for the next 150 years “Anti-Semitism” has remained to be “ANTI-ARABISM”! See at this list of only recently destroyed Arab Countries;

    Why is everyone so cowardly allowing that the term “Anti-Semitism” has got REBRANDED to now no more relate to the Arabs, but only to those who disgustingly racialist call themselves “Jews”. Yes, “disgustingly” because “Jew” is a religious term (like “Christian”). “Jews” are never a race!

    1) Why doesn’t everyone who is scolded to be “Anti-Semitic” answer: “No, I can’t be, because I am all for the Palestinians, which are “Semites” – and because I am against this racial Israeli Regime in Tel Aviv, who (Israelis) are no “Semites” at all!
    Also add that you have always objected against the destruction of the Arab countries listed above!

    2) Why doesn’t everyone call the MSM to be “Anti-Semitic” for the war-mongering against the Arab states listed above?
    Why doesn’t everyone call Trump to be “Anti-Semitic” for the war-mongering against the Arab states listed above?

    3) The “Evangelists” – or “Judaic-Christians” – believe that the Hebrews are “Gods chosen People” by race – even if they broke away from their old religion. But only the Palestinians are the descendents of the old Hebrews.
    So why doesn’t everyone call these “Evangelists” to be Arch-Enemies of “Gods chosen People”?

    Dear readers here: Please don’t just whimper about how ‘unjust this being called Anti-Semite is’. DO SOMETHING! Turn against this rebranding (and fake-“Framing”) of the term “Anti-Semitism”! Please write a readers comment to “The Guardian” and protest against the Guardians Anti-Semitism (“Have you at the Guardian learned nothing?“)
    (For more see my comment from some days ago: https://off-guardian.org/2019/03/05/anti-capitalism-is-not-anti-semitism//#comment-148816 )

    • wardropper says

      Anything said to the Guardian today falls on deaf ears.
      Apparently sociopaths and psychopaths have certain aspects of their brains differently configured from the rest of us, which is why in order to get a significant job at the Guardian in 2019, you are screened by experts in recognizing the deadly peculiarities displayed by such people (lack of conscience, inability to recognize analogies, etc.), and you get a polite, “You are clearly one of us. Welcome.”

  6. Antonym says

    So the Libyan, Syrian and Venezuelan gold was taken to the US. Why not to “Zionists” homeland, as they are presumed (here!!) to be in control of the World?

    Waiting for a deluge of excuses to plead the US oil-industrial-financial Cabal free over Israel…

    • @Antonym. Bilal(Erdogan’s son) and his sister were dealing directly with ISIS and transporting the stolen oil to Turkey(he’s definitely a chip off the old block)where it was re-directed to Israel who were buying it at a much reduced cost knowing it to be stolen from Deir Ezzor. If you have a problem with these establiished facts then what would you have observers and witnesses say? Other observers and witnesses have stated that the US took the gold under cover of darkness knowing full well it was stolen by IS from Syria. Israel did not have the means to evacuate so many IS terrorists and the US did, therefore, Israel could hardly demand the US hand over the gold to them, after all, they already successfully thieved Syrian oil rather than buy US oil, so they are not really in a position to demand a share of ALL the spoils of their war, which the US has pursued with such vigour. If you wish to disagree with this, then all you have to do is supply the alternate evidence.

    • mark says

      They’ve stolen all the farm land, stolen all the water, stolen all the real estate, stolen all the personal possessions of the Palestinian helots, so leave the stooge goyim to do all the heavy lifting and lug around and store all that heavy gold. Can’t have the Chosen People putting their backs out. Hard work can be left to the stupid goyim.

    • JohnG says


      It’s just a shame that your bait works on some here.

  7. Antonym says

    the Al-Qaeda-led groups were mainly funded by the Sauds and other Arab royal families and their retinues, the rest of their aristocracy.

    So is 9/11 now finally clear?

    • Mucho says

      This film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK6VLFdWJ4I War By Deception makes 9/11 very clear and has been on YouTube for 6 years, longer if you include earlier versions. Watch it, it’s vey good, meticulously researched, informative, not in any way sensationalist and provides extensive proofs for the narrative. It is all about exposing the guilty parties who, as you will see, have basically been caught red handed. That this critical information has been so successfully airbrushed out of the media and public consciousness speaks volumes

        • John says

          Yeah they used odigo to warn Jews not to go to work and only 4 Jews died or something like that

        • Some Random Passer-by says

          Not the first time they have sacrificed for the cause, is it?

        • @Antonym. There you go again conflating Zionism with Jews and Judaism. The Zionists never cared if Jews were slaughtered as long as they were not caught or exposed. 9/11 was nothing to do with Jews and everything to do with false flag Zionism with CIA, probably Joint Chiefs and possibly FBI upper echelon collusion.

    • @ Antonym. There is video proof of IDF chatting conversationally with IS terrorists at a known rendevous. NettheNut has said he would prefer IS as friends and the Israelis regularly treated the wounds of IS terrorists while leaving the SAA wounded to die. IS is an extension of AQ, so the notion that Israel was not heavily invested in the terrorist war against Iraq and Syria is slightly askew. AQ and Israel would quite happily join forces since they have shared interests, namely the dissolution of large countries into smaller states which could easily be overrun.
      Either you are very naive or your horse has a thistle under it’s saddle.

      • mark says

        The leader of ISIS in Libya was found to be a Mossad agent.
        Some people were surprised by this.
        I don’t know why.

    • mark says

      The stooge Al Qaida groups were the Lee Harvey Oswald style hired hands, serving the 200 Mossad agents and the legion of US dual nationals running the whole show. Don’t confuse the monkeys with the organ grinders. Why would the Chosen People do any of the actual work when there are stupid goyim to do it for them?

  8. Surfer Dave says

    Of course the US has ‘form’ on this sort of thing. They stole Libya’s $140 billion of gold that Gaddhafi was going to use to set up the gold back currency to free Africa from the tyranny of trading in US currency.

  9. Fair dinkum says

    What do you want when you’ve got billion$$$$$$$?
    Why MORE of course.
    And so ended the tragic story of humanity.
    There was no other way it could end.

  10. mark says

    They can put the head choppers’ gold with the 140 tons of Libyan gold and the Ukrainian gold and the gold from the vaults of WTC7. Like the Orange Baboon said,
    “Grab the oil! Grab the oil!! Grab the gold!!! Grab the gold!!!! Grab the pussies!!!!! Grab the pussies!!!!!!”

    • bevin says

      You forgot the Venezuelan gold in the Bank of England and, more importantly, the enormous gold deposits in Venezuela which mining interests in north America have been attempting to get their hands on since Chavez first appeared.
      The obsession with oil tends to lead to other mineral deposits being overlooked. In an era in which the questioning of the paper dollar is becoming ever more dangerous to the Empire and reports of gold buying by Russia, China, and India are undoubtedly based on fact, Venezuela’s legendary gold makes greedy men impatient.
      It could be that It is Canada’s mining industry which is pushing Freeland and Trudeau to push so hard for a government in Venezuela which will be ‘reasonable’ and hand over mining concessions to Bay St.

      • As Globalism [whatever that was] unravels we see the deceit emerging – the capitalists burden of entitlement. Wrapped up in the old but simple adage: “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine’s my own”…

      • vexarb says

        Bevin, I think you’ve hit it: Canada’s mining industry, Australia’s mining industry, South Africa’s mining industry. Owned by the AZC.

        John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, GCMG, GCVO, CH, PC (1875 – 1940) was a Scottish Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada until his death in 1940. Best known for “The 39 Steps” in which Richard Hannay foils a dastardly German plot but his novel “Greenmantle” was likewise a set book in my highschool years.

        In the opening chapter of “Green Mantle” — green is the colour of The Prophet — Sir Richard is called back from retirement, to the office of his Chief, Sir Ponsonby Poof-Ponce of British Intelligence. Sir Ponsonby looks around to make sure the corridor is clear and there are no spies hanging by their fingernails on the window sill, locks the door and whispers in a low, thrilling voice:

        “Hannay, as a mining engineer you did a good job helping Milner, Rhodes and Oppenheimer to Liberate Gold and Diamonds from the backward Afrikaaner Republics. Now King and Country call on you again. Are you ready now to help Milner, Churchill and Rothschild to Liberate Oil from the backward Turkish province of Mesopotamia (with a half share for His Majesty’s Government)?

        Hannay anwers modestly, he will do what he can — he and his Loyal Afrikaaner sidekick Pieter Pienaar.

        “Good man” says Sir Ponsonby, “You will be working with an old chum from Oxford, the Right Hon.Sandy Arbuthnot, First Class Honours in Classical Arabic. Handy Sandy will pass himself off as a Moslem Holy Man, and stir up the noble Arab horsemen against cruel enslavement by the perfidious Turks and their dastardly German masters.”

        Yes, Bev, I’ll buy that. Why else should a Canadian Foreign Minister be so keen to Liberate Venezuela?

        And well done, John Buchan Lord Tweedsmuir! Your Long Shadow still stretches over History.

  11. Savorywill says

    This article states with regard to the use of white phosphorus that ‘Obama had routinely done to burn alive the residents in Donetsk’, which I was shocked to read, not knowing that. However, when I went to the link supporting this, it didn’t prove that Obama had actually authorized this but it was the government in Kiev which was responsible. Now, he is implying this because the coup that removed Yanukovich was orchestrated by the US, which is probably true, however, that does not make Obama personally responsible for the use of white phosphorus in subsequent conflicts by the coup government. I think it is important to be very careful in making accusations or we lose credibility in these days of so much false or biased reporting.

    • vexarb says

      @Savory Will.

      Of course nobody is accusing POTU$A Obombast Obarmy Obomba of being responsible for anything at all. Unlike Obombast’s distant predecessor, POTU$A Harry S Truman, who put on his desk a motto: The Buck Stops Here.

      Of course Obomba and Killary have nothing at all to do with the million deaths in Libya, Syria and Ukraine (including deaths by poison gas). But Truman was a Lunatic in a Business Suit, and responsible for a million deaths in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Korea. Because, in those far off days it was not generally accepted that o POTU$A is merely the Oval Office Boy of Anglo Zio Capitalism.

      • Savorywill says

        The author stated unequivocally that, with regard to using phosphorus as a chemical weapon, ‘Obama had routinely done to burn alive the residents in Donetsk’. I am just saying that Obama was not the president of Ukraine and US forces did not use the phosphorus but Ukrainian troops did, supporting the Kiev side of the conflict. Making sweeping statements which are not factually correct is not the best way to win an argument, is my point.

        • vexarb says

          “He who starts a war is directly responsible for all the crimes which ensue from his action; for war is the mother of all crimes”.

          Savory Will is saying that POTU$A Barak (Lighning) Obombast Obarmy Obomba started a war but cannot be held responsible for all the death and destruction which vice-POTU$A Joseph Biden and U$ $o$ Killary Klingon and poison-cooky Vicky and poison-choco Porkoshenko have dealt out. Neither is mentally retarded Oval Office boy Barry O’Barmitzvah Obomba responsible for Jewish-Joe Biden taking over Ukraine’s gas for his son. Nor for the poisoning of Ukraine’s prize wheatland with GMO and Roundup.

          “The Buck stops here.” Or what was the use of that pretty boy in the Oval Office? That’s my point.

    • Sorry, Savourywill, can’t agree.

      It may not be Obarmy’s direct fault, but it definitely is his responsibility.

      In the simplest terms: it may not be the boss’s fault if a building company operative naffs up fitting a lock, but it is definitely his responsibility to see said operative is either sacked or retrained so the fcuk up is not repeated, & to get the lock put right.

      It does not matter how many Generals, Colonels, Captains & sergeants etc….
      or how many sub-contractors, site agents or foremen sit between the top seat & the screw-up, the principles of fault & responsibility have to hold true, or organisation is impossible & chaos ensues.

      Obomboy wants the top seat & the legacy, he carries the responsibility, simple as that.

      John Doran.

      • Not forgetting that bathouse Barry personally authorised, every Tuesday morning, a weekly drone kill list, 10 times as many as Bush junior.

        Slaughtering wedding & funeral parties to produce recruits for the jihadists.

        A bit difficult to see the empty suit escaping responsibility either theoretically or actually, as Nuland organised the Fascist coup in Ukraine on his watch?

        John Doran.

      • @jdseanjd. That’s why Presidents have that good ‘ole fallback position of “Plausible Deniability” which works great if nobody outs the POTUS and takes the fall.

    • @Savorywill. I agree with the principle, but there are still AT LEAST 250 US “Advisors” and many Observers who can somehow manage to turn a blind eye to this? The US advisors are there to stage direct and manage Kiev’s assault on the people of Donetsk, so who would you wish to be held accountable?

  12. Denis O'hAichir says

    Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

  13. Michael Cromer says

    The Americans refer to this procedure as ‘The Special Relationship’.

    • Wilmers31 says

      The Western system is full of special relationships to enable their thievery. The Kohl-Regime in Germany stole our land (Leuna-Minol Deal) and gifted it to the French for 10 % kickbacks in Geneva bank accounts (found by Bertossa who was swiftly transferred).

      The US and their western allies are just garden variety of thieves. There are thieves everywhere, but the westerners claim the moral high ground. Corruption is not a victimless crime.

      • Helmut Taylor says

        And “Die Birne” had a black out when the matter came to court. You try and give that (sorry, judge, I have can’t remember) as a reason for not answering a question in a court…..and did the “Sprecher der Bundesregierung” really say: “Macron kritisiert man nicht”?

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