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Jess Phillips Emerges as Establishment Pick to Replace Corbyn

Kit Knightly

Interesting trends last weekend show that Jess Phillips MP is now the establishment pick to replace Corbyn as leader of the Labour party.

Firstly, this interview appeared in The Times (registry required) on March 9th: “Jess Phillips: ‘I think I’d be a good prime minister’”. It’s a pretty glowing write-up, considering it appeared in The Times, which is essentially the Daily Mail with an Oxford scholarship.

In the interview, Phillips does virtually nothing but criticise her own party. There are passing words about the Tories, but the vast majority of her ire is aimed squarely at the left. She says Momentum is full of people who never have to worry about money, that Marxists are all misogynists and that Corbyn think’s he’s “perfect” because he won’t admit he’s a sexist antisemite.

In short, she props up an endless line of easy targets and knocks them down with an efficient vulgarity. Insulting Corbyn, Chris Williamson, and the entirety of Liverpool Wavertree CLP in the process.

She, of course, has nothing but glowing things to say about The Independent Group and Tom Watson. Declaring her love for Luciana Berger, and how she cried when he heard about the “terrible abuse” she had suffered and the “bullying” of Berger’s CLP when they held a vote of no confidence in her.

The interview is laced all through with everything wrong with modern politics – an obsession with gender issues and identity politics, along with a disdain for ideology. All in all, it’s just more of the same.

But this was just the beginning.

Once the interview was published the “liberals” came out in force to promote the glorified Hello! article as if it was some sort of hard-hitting political manifesto.

Jonathan Freedland, never shy of heaping exultant prose on the mediocre and undeserving, went with this:

Whilst the forgettable Miliband went with:

Even a Tory MP, Nick Boles, was spreading purple prose over the information super-highway:

Could you even imagine a Tory MP saying anything 1/1000th as flattering about Corbyn? Shouldn’t a Labour MP being roundly praised by The Times, Tory MPs and neo-liberal vultures like Miliband be a cause for concern?

It didn’t end there.

Just the previous day Phillips had a column published in the The Guardian, and then on Sunday the 10th this nauseating offering in the Independent, headlined: “Only Jess Phillips can save the Labour Party – Corbyn would be mad to let her go”

It contains some sentiments that will take your breath away by the shear weight of delusion:

In an interview with The Times, the Brummie Dorothy Parker scattergunned the zingers.

It is only March, but this is clearly the front-runner for “Worst paragraph of the year”:

The most instinctively gifted communicator of the age, she might do here what the young Democrat megastar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing in the US. She could electrify centre-left politics. She could be the lightning bolt that revives it from the stasis in which the dismal decade of Blair-Brown feuding left it.

Even if you put much stock in “AOC”, and frankly I don’t, comparing her and Jess Philips is patently absurd. For one thing. Ocasio-Cortez at least spends most of her time attacking the other side. Something which Phillips has failed at miserably.

The sudden push to force Jess Phillips on to the Left as our new “woman of people” did not go down well. Partly because, as with so many media-launches recently, it has the air of fakeness about it, but mostly because people really don’t like being abused.

You’re not going to win working class support by calling all Momentum members champagne socialists.
You’re not going to win Corbyn supporters over by calling them racists. Or sexists.
You’re not going to convince poor people that austerity is OK by claiming their “class politics are old fashioned”.
You’re just going to piss them off.

Predictably, there was some backlash, mainly aimed at the idea that Phillips was some kind of survivor of a gritty life on the never-never, when in reality her mum had a very good upper-middle-class career.

In the face the backlash, the media doubled down – launching articles in defense of the “attacked” Phillips in the I and the Guardian, among others.

Inveterate opportunist Chuka Umunna gleefully saw a chance to get the boot in on “old fashioned” politics, Corbyn and Labour’s “army of keyboard warriors”.

All of these, oddly enough, were written and published within 24 hours of the original interview. It very much had the feeling of media rallying around “their guy”.

So, that said, maybe we should take a look a the record of the next “people’s champion”:

In 2015 she took part in Harriet Harman’s craven abstention on the welfare bill. This vote enabled austerity to continue, who knows exactly how many have suffered.

In 2015 she backed Yvette Cooper for the leadership. She has since suggested the fact Cooper, Kendall and (later) Eagle all lost is because the left has a “problem with women”.

In 2016 she took part in the PLP attempted “coup”. She was one of the mass-resignations from the Labour front bench in an effort to force Corbyn to resign, and then naturally voted against Corbyn in the no-confidence vote.

She backed Angela Eagle for Labour leader in the shortest, saddest, leadership campaign of all time. When Eagle pulled out Phillips claimed Labour was full of sexists. She then backed Owen Smith (I don’t know if she said he was a sexist or not). In the same interview she said she might well resign if Corbyn won (she didn’t).

She voted in favour of spending £200 BILLION replacing Trident. A machine that has never been used and, if used, would set the world on fire.

She’s a member of the Labour Friends of Israel.

Oh, she also voted against an investigation into the Iraq war. I don’t know why, maybe investigations are sexist too.

That’s her career. Short, and not that distinguished. Just about what you’d expect from a “centrist” back-bench MP of four years standing.

So why is she famous?

Well, mostly because she says inappropriate things. This is tolerated by the media, of course, though they would never do the same for Corbyn or his allies (remember the fuss over “stupid woman” nonsense). She is portrayed as the “ordinary MP who tells it like it is”,when really she’s just crass and insulting:

She infamously went off on one about “knifing [Corbyn] in the front” and later claimed to have told Dianne Abbott to “fuck off”, which was apparently very brave (although Abbott insists it never even happened).

Lying about being rude to make yourself look cool is, I suppose, a bit better than actually being rude.

Her first real “claim to fame” was receiving “600 rape threats” on twitter. Though there’s no (publicly available) evidence this ever actually happened. This claim has been used, by both Phillips and other MPs and journalists, to call for a “crackdown” on social media, and totally destroy online anonymity.

That’s literally all she’s known for. That’s her career. And yet suddenly she’s Labour’s leader in waiting?

How did that happen?

Well, partly through a process of elimination. Five prominent Labour MPs have already lost leadership elections to Corbyn. They’re out. Eight much-less prominent Labour MPs just resigned the whip to form their absurd business (it’s not a political party). They’re definitely out. Tom Watson is a slimy careerist who won’t risk his position to make a run for leadership (yet). Options are thin on the ground.

Enter Jess Phillips.

She backs Trident and Austerity and Israel. She hates Corbyn and Williamson and Leftists in general. She doesn’t believe in class politics or ideology, but she does talk about gender all the time, and says “fuck” a lot, in a midlands accent no less, so she’s definitely hip and cool and down with the kids.

The Times Magazine is clearly at the head of this push – having previously done a glossy interview with Luciana Berger (just last week), where she accused Labour – again – of being institutionally antisemitic. (Phillips mentioned in her interview that Berger’s interview made her cry). They then had an interview with Stephen Kinnock and his wife on Sunday 10th, just a day after Phillips’ was published.

It seems The Times is willing to give column inches to any Labour MP willing to insult and undermine their leader, and is determined to try and tell the public which politicians are the “trendy” ones. To bring back that “cool Britannia” New Labour image. To force us to like them by clamouring about how progressive and normal and popular they are.

They’re not popular, of course. But they are firmly in the middle of the road. Sitting on a fence. Eating white bread. They are centrists to the bone and they’re running out of cards to play. That Phillips is their best hope betrays that desperation.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. Aspnaz says

    “She’s a member of the Labour Friends of Israel.”

    Explains everything.

  2. Rob says

    She doesn’t represent the ideas that have given the labour party the surge in popularity it has enjoyed since Corbin took leadership.
    She’s just another blairite trying her luck.

  3. davemass says

    If she or anyone else from the slimy ‘centre’ does do for Corbyn, I can cancel my membership and save 60 quid a year! And 300,000-odd will do the same.
    Which, of course is what the elite need and want, to bring Labour back under their control…

    • terryindorset says

      with a depleted membership what good is a blairite labour party ? as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

  4. Wilmers31 says

    That’s why Rupert Murdoch owns the Times, and later bought the Wall Street Journal because these papers are influencers – as long as we allow them influence us.

    ” The interview is laced all through with everything wrong …..” exactly what you expect from a Murdoch paper (or TV program)..

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Wilmers – howdy!
      One good remark of Tone’s was that the government is (actually) there to “represent us” – and not to “manage” us. Or was that remark aimed at the globalists?
      Lemme know.

  5. Redveg says

    Jess Phillips thinks she would make a good Prime Minister.

    I think she is about as inspiring as a cup of cold sick.

    But let’s not be too despondent. Even that is a considerable advance on the stinking political corpse which has taken siege of 10 Downing Street and is refusing to vacate,

    Personally I’m still rooting for Jezza, Warts an’ all, he’s still better than any Tory or Blairite you can mention by a country mile!

  6. Linda Vaux says

    The establishment can ‘pick’ whoever the hell they like. Fortunately they have no say whatever in the choice of Leader of the Labour Party, and the majority of those who do, ie; Labour members, will make sure gobby Phillips has zero chance of being chosen. Ever.

  7. Wilmers31 says

    Goodbye, Britain my love. I discovered you in 1961 when I was a teenager and spent my summer holidays there. I briefly considered staying because they built a Wall in my hometown and tanks confronted each other at Checkpoint Charlie. But of course that could not be done. I thought it was great when Britain entered the EU, lovely, let’s dance together. We worked in Britain later and I would not be in Australia without our London agent.

    It is just such a pity what I read from Britain now, my sense for order and justice is violated. Austerity, children without shoes or food, aircraft carrier and F-35s. What kind of priorities does Westminster have?

    Elsewhere I read “Three years after the UK voted to leave the EU – two weeks before the official Brexit day – Parliament appears to be in meltdown with no unifying solution in sight.”

    Is that incompetence or simply exaggerated individualism that is blind to the damage it causes? Goodbye, Britain, my love.

  8. Jon G says

    Well, it’s very easy for people to compliment Jess on all her many qualities. So now she has decided that she is leadership material. Who’d have thought it? Not Jess when she was interviewed by Zoe Williams in the Guardian in early February: “Wondering if this is a long-range leadership bid, I ask who she fancies as the next leader. She is resolute, and believably so, that she doesn’t want the job; it looks too hard on the soul. And the candidacy is solidifying around Angela Rayner or Emily Thornberry – between the two, she would pick Rayner: “She let me sleep on her floor for the first three weeks I was in parliament, and that has to count for something.””

    Unlike Jonathan Freedland and David Miliband, I can’t see Jess as a charismatic, principled future leader. Just an embittered maverick who keeps telling the Party that she is answerable to nobody and is capable of running amok at any time of her choosing. Maybe like Tony Benn she immatures with age.

    Perhaps if Angela Rayner let Jess sleep on her floor again, Jess would take her hat back out of the ring.

    • Eileen says

      You lost it for me with your derogatory comment about Tony Benn

      • Helmut Taylor says

        I’m with ya there, Eileen, Tony Benn is a cut (or a million) above that other Tone (der ‘Tuner’)! “The govt. is (should be) there to represent us – not to “manage us” (as does the Globalist)!

      • Jon G says

        Tony Benn spoke a lot of good sense, and also a lot of naive nonsense. He loyally supported everything his son Hilary Benn has said, even when it has been contrary to his own views. He even respected Enoch Powell. And Tony Benn was always the most ardent Leave supporter. He hated the EU. He had a naive belief in the virtues of our Parliament. Sorry, but Tony is not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy. Let’s not contribute to the myth that Tony Benn was a true socialist and visionary. In many ways he was similar to Jess. Narcissistic.

      • Ted Edwards says

        I know what your saying Eileen but I am sorry to say it but I also see the point Jon G is making.
        I am someone who voted for him in the leadership election and got some stick from many for having done so. But that said for all of his rhetoric when in power he was no way as far left as he was later in life out of power. Imo when your wealthy as he was as much as you want to you really do not have an understanding of the struggle that ordinary working people have in living and bringing up children. However he stood far higher than many of his parliamentarian colleagues at the time or since.

        • Some Random Passer-by says

          I watched a documentary (think it was linked here on a different article) from the sixties, when the shipping yards were being closed. Just one line from Benn (IMO) destroyed his credibility.

          “Some of you will have jobs, some of you won’t”

          Someone got very rich from closing those yards, many families suffered.

          There is also the issue of Benn making much noise about him being from a family line of politicians and showing off the portraits in the HoC.

          Seems we’re never going to get someone who really has teeth andand empathises with the average poor Brit.

  9. The establishment is in full naked emperor mode. Their motives, and tactics, are clumsily transparent (bashing Corbyn, obligatory appeal to identity politics, denouncing the left, having a cry over a non-issue…all the boxes ticked and wrapping up with the odious Freedland adding his seal of approval). It’s all so obvious to anyone who has paying attention.

  10. Yuk, did Boles really say that? No wonder his constituency association had had enough of him.
    The political and media establishment hate the idea of man of principle like Corbyn as PM as he would end their corrupt practices and work for the British people – rather than constantly antagonising, dividing and impoverishing them, as Theresa May’s godawful regime does.

  11. mark says

    Boles, the Tory boyfriend of Phillips, who finds her “irresistible” and “would walk over hot coals” for her, has just resigned from the Tory Party to avoid getting deselected over Brexit.

    We can only hope he takes the irresistible Jess with him to join the irresistible Luciana and the rest of the gang.

    I hope they’ll be very happy together.

  12. Shardlake says

    I’ve just taken a (very scant, admittedly) look at the Labour Friends of Israel website and briefly it sets out what it seeks to promote as an organisation : to strive for peace, calling for the renunciation of violence, supporting constructive discussion and a long list of other admirable aims and aspirations; all of which experience has shown to be nothing more than pretence of sincerity.

    It confirms to foster close links between progressive Israelis and Palestinians and to enjoy strong bonds of friendship to ensure a two-state solution to resolve the issues between them. All this while target shooting unarmed protestors with sniper rifles using lethal ammunition.

    To question this would almost certainly render the objector to the charge of being antisemitic and I wonder if on this basis a LFI member did raise it, that s/he would be committing an act of apostasy and subject to suspension from the Labour Party.

    Jess Phillips is nothing more than a career politician with her eye to the main chance and I suspect cares more about those who will lend her support from whatever quarter to advance her personal ambitions than for her constituents. Hence no point in being in the Friends of Israel club and pally with the Berger woman et al, if it isn’t going to produce some personal benefit.

    I say this to Ms Phillips : If Cooper, Kendal, Eagle, Burnham and Smith all had a go at contesting the leadership with Mr Corbyn without success, then maybe you’ll be sixth time lucky. With what I’ve read above you seem to have a great deal of backing from your club friends and right wing press; you can’t lose, can you ?

  13. stevehayes13 says

    You left out of her excellent CV the fact that on television she bravely threatened to leave her children on Theresa May’s doorstep.

  14. David Hawkins says

    During the Blair years membership of Labour Friends of Israel was almost a requirement for ministerial office.
    Labour members who will elect the next Labour Party Leader should ask themselves this simple question “is Labour opposed to Racism ?” The answer aught to be an unequivocal ” YES” ! So why are 90 Labour MPs members of the openly racist LFI ?
    We the ordinary members of the Labour Party should reverse the Blair years. Nobody who is a member of LFI should be eligible to be Labour Party leader or a Labour MP. Labour is a Broad Church but that Broad Church should not extend to defending Ethnic Cleansing or blaming the victims of racially motivated murder.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Dave, ole chum: woss der LFI – owt ter do wiv Boris Johnson?
      And d’ya reckons Shakespeare were anti-semitic?

    • Musulman says

      Down with Labour friends of israelDown with Jess philips!

    • Maggie says

      Absolutely spot on David.

      ”Nobody who is a member of LFI should be eligible to be Labour Party leader or a Labour MP.
      Labour is a Broad Church but that Broad Church should not extend to defending Ethnic Cleansing or blaming the victims of racially motivated murder.”
      They are accomplices, and should be tried as such.

      The Trojan Horse – Jewish Lobby and it’s motives have been exposed and they should all be encouraged to vacate this country immediately. Israhell would welcome them with open arms. (it was easily managed with the Windrush generation?) We should not wait until we have an American situation where there are more dual citizens sitting in government working for Israhell, than people who have the host country’s interests totally at heart.
      ”The Jewish Lobby”

  15. Hmm says

    She’s perfect for the establishment – dim and therefore easy to control. The mainstream media detest anyone with intelligence or principles. As a graduate cadet on an Australian newspaper in the 1980s, i was sneered at by colleagues who claimed the best university was ‘the university of life’. I was by no stretch an intellectual giant, but many of my colleagues were defensive and hostile. Gough Whitlam, a giant intellect, scared the bejesus out of the Australian elites and the media attacked him relentlessly (some having initially backed him thinking he’d fall into line). But seriously, who cares what the media report? I always get a laugh when I see the po-faced seriousness of the TV news discussing what the papers say. Journalists talking about what other journalists have written. Like journalists interviewing other journalists on TV. They don’t take a Hippocratic oath you know. They aren’t obliged to tell the truth or ‘speak truth to power’ (that’s a particular favourite of mine). Consign the lot of them to the dustbin of history.

    • Roger Morgan says

      “She’s perfect for the establishment – dim”
      Oh no, she isn’t dim. There are a lot of bright MPs and it takes intelligence to become a front-runner for the top job. She’s in politics for what can be got out of it for Jess Phillips. If she became PM she wouldn’t achieve anything for the people whom the Labour Party represents, but that’s because her goals are different, not because she’s dim.
      I wonder what her views on progressive taxation are. I suspect they’re noticeably to the right of Ted Heath’s. Those of you who were around in 1974 may remember that the top marginal rate of income tax on investment income, under a succession of Tory PMs including Heath, was over 90%. I doubt Phillips would want to upset the fat cats by proposing a top marginal income tax rate over 50%.

    • Carmel Townsend says

      Hmm You are so right in all you say. I’m a journalist too – albeit regional, now retired – but watching overpaid corporate journalists pontificating with one another is nauseating. They don’t like intellectual discussions or reasoning; their eyes glaze over. they don’t do the research, or have collective memories about issues of the day. It has been like this for so long now.
      I find it a great shock that any member of the public still says: “Did you hear what Andrew Neil/Andrew Marr/ Emily Maitlis said about …?
      I’m not interested in their Establishment views- I want proper analysis of the news in order to make up my own mind about current events and issues. so I generally switch off. When you know how the game is played, it gets tedious and is doing the public a disservice.

      • Helmut Taylor says

        Dear Mr. Townsend, you’n’your sort (mine too, I might add) has been eclipsed by globalisation and the seductive effect of hard cash on the human psyche……consider: Jesus threw them out of the temple, because he KNEW usury was the embodiment of evil; a means of subjugating the “Third Person” (singular). Edward l (in 1290) may not have been able to fully put his finger on his distaste for the Jew, but I suspect he at least realised that their cornering/command of the “money market” usurped his authority – which was, at that time: In gratia Dei.
        Regards from Frankfurt.

          • Helmut Taylor says

            Pretty gruesome, racist and anti-Christ stuff that…..not my cup of tea – thass fer sure.

            • Some Random Passer-by says

              It’s not my cup of tea either, but when accusations fly around, you either stay ignorant or you investigate. It’s not my book, and its all researched…

              I’m confused how you can be racist toward a religion though. Prejudiced however…

              • Helmut Taylor says

                Juss ask any poor Jew, John! They’ll sing yas a songue abartit!

              • Antipropo says

                Nice if somewhat obscure refutation of the Jews as a people lie. Clearly Jews are people but as I or anyone can convert to Judaism and become a Jew that means they cannot be of a single racial or ethnic origin. I have posted elsewhere a number of times what should be self explanatory; I can’t convert to Samoanism and call myself a Samoan, convert to Eskimoism and become an Eskimo.

                • Helmut Taylor says

                  You could postulate on the reasons for Eddie der First of England bannin’ der Jews from the island in 1290….thought occurred to me that he could have, alternatively, decided to join the club and become one hisself; bur he didn’t – and why not? Any suggestions as to why not?

      • mark says

        I think Rachel Madcow is on $30 million a year now. That’s probably chicken feed to Anderson “Vanderbilt” Cooper. And so it goes on. You won’t find a journalist of any integrity in the MSM.
        Local reporters, the sort who go out and bite dogs, like Sid Scurvy, Ace Reporter for the Twitterton Bugle, usually aren’t too bad.

  16. paul metcalf says

    Though a lapsed catholic i am thinking of rejoining the church and having a mass said for her husband.

  17. Michael McNulty says

    Putting forward the unpleasant Jess Phillips exposes the establishment lie that Jeremy is unelectable. Quite obviously he is, otherwise they’d say nothing and watch him lead himself into electoral oblivion.

    Even if the establishment does manage to rob us of a Corbyn-led government it still has two problems. Jeremy has shown what can be done with the political will, and that will won’t disappear just because he does. He has shown that a different politics is possible and millions know it, and having led the way another party (with many current Labour MPs?) can appear and present those same policies.

    Just as important and maybe more so, if they deny us our right to be politically represented by Jeremy Corbyn, then it is certain that within a few years this country will see riots that will raze it to the ground. They have too few police to stop it, too few firemen to put out the flames, and too many people with nothing to lose.

    • Kevin Harrison says

      If you are employed you generally do what your boss tells you to do . If you are a MSM journalist working for a multi-billionair right wing boss …………..

  18. Makropulos says

    But hey – she appeared on “Have I Got News For You” and is therefore a real smart and sassy personality. You wouldn’t get Corbyn on there ’cause he just can’t do that smug fake self deprecating thing that, you know, real smart and sassy folk can do. After all, as everyone knows, politics is really all about entertainment and ‘aving a laugh while you’re getting your rectum expanded. And Jess is our gal for sphincter swelling fun.

    • Ken Kenn says

      The MSM have the wrong person in Guaido.

      Jess Philips would make a fine replacement for Maduro.

      Philip’s mate Rachel Reeves ( who wrote a book on feminist politicians ) referred to Guaido as coming from
      a fellow socialist group in South America.Hence her backing for the overthrow of Maduro and almost urging
      on a coup and perhaps civil war in Venezuela.

      Philips has claimed she’s a Socialist (as do many centrists) but only when there is an x in the month.

      The understanding of politics by centrists is a deep as a pool of spit.

      Chuka as the intellectual leader of the centrists is a benchmark so low that the bench must be in the
      cellar not the house.

      Once a GE comes they will all rightly have to work like everyone else.

      Unless someone supplies them with a nice little number?

      Because to a man and a woman that’s why they went into politics in the first place.

      If may called an election I’d laugh my socks off.

      ‘ Not yet! ‘ cry the centrists and for good selfish reasons.

      Shysters – all of them.

      I’d rather talk to Sir Bill Cash.

      At least you know his political position.

      In other words he is a not a liar.

      A right wing Brexiter but not a liar.

      • Michael Leigh says

        I remember reading somewhere, probably on the TELESUR that senor GUALDO the un-sucessful political pretender, bears a surname which translate as the word for a JEW !

        I can only suspect that this fact has an ironic meaning?

  19. Seamus Padraig says

    “Marxists are all misogynists …”

    Those naughty, naughty Brocialists are at it again!

    • Redveg says

      I am a Marxist and a Labour Party member. So although I am a woman (and a feminist to boot), according to Phillips I must be a misogynist. A bit like all those anti-semitic Jews that are currently being suspended and expelled from its ranks. Anything and everything to persecute the Left.

      Jess! You’ve got to love her, haven’t you?

      Frankly, no.

  20. She is also a slob with zero appeal to the electorate. But an enormously inflated view of herself.
    They are desperate to be putting her forward.

      • Ray Raven says

        Whoever is “putting her forward” and supporting her nomination.
        Figure it out. Don’t expect to be spoon fed.
        Surely you agree that “She is also a slob with zero appeal” ? No ?

      • Helmut Taylor says

        Does thar mean you’se a politico an’all, Tchukkie?

  21. Gwyn says

    Establishment PRICK to replace Corbyn, surely?

    There – that’s my characteristically erudite and mature contribution to the discussion.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      ‘Ere, Cocker: thass an interesting premise: a female prick! Possibly socio-politically acceptable now that bein’ praard of yer country is called racism….but why? Wha’ happin a “British is best; the British Bulldog” an alla dat jazz? Wha’ happin’?
      He chortles………

  22. Mick1357 says

    Starting to lose faith in JC anyhow. He doesn’t seem to have it him in to tear into the Conservative Party with any great gusto. Delaying tactics on Brexit along with not really knowing what progress is happening with the sex abuse enquiry and the continuing abuse and neglect on the most vulnerable through austerity and I ask myself what has anybody in government did over the last few years to tackle some of the biggest concerns that a lot of us. Then you get someone like this Jess whatever her name is come out and imply that my concerns are some kind of ‘old fashioned’ thoughts which don’t really apply to the modern day or her type of politics. What kind of monstrosity is she and when will we have the opportunity to send her back under the rock from which she crawled out from?

    • David Hawkins says

      I am disappointed with Corbyn. He is revealed as a Gorbachev figure: all the right ideas but not ruthless enough.I
      “Anti Semitism” is an unwinnable battle because you have to concede that some anti Semitism exists and at that point you will be accused of underestimating an obvious evil. Corbyn should have attacked the open and serious racism of Labour Friends of Israel. The Labour Party’s long standing racism to the Palestinian people is a battle that could be easily won, all the evidence is there.
      This article is informative but wrong on one point. Jess Phillips will never be Labour Party leader, Emily Thornberry is much more of a thread: “left wing” but a member of LFI. An articulate woman, effective in the House of Commons. Expect to see closet Zionists like Jon Lansman and Owen Jones lining up to support her candidature. “Progressive except Palestine” , radical policies at home but Nato, Trident, Israel, Saudi Arabia abroad. Thornberry is a “radical” politician that the establishment could live with.

      • Some Random Passer-by says

        You use their own weapons against them

        Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.

      • Paul says

        I agree Thornberry is a top candidate; she’s a clever barrister who is an eloquent and articulate speaker. The Right were so terrified of her once they ran the ‘contempt for the flag, white van men and the working class’ media campaign based on a photo she’d posted while campaigning. It was a masterly exercise in building mountains out of nothing at all, not even mole hills. As is often the case they overdid it to the point were people were wondering what on Earth they were going on about. BUT her stance on several foreign policy issues are out of key with many in the Labour Party. Wasn’t her father a diplomat? Maybe she’s been tarred by the Establishment brush. The solution must be to give her another job, maybe Justice where she has experience? More importantly she’d be good at it, she’s a forceful personality whereas the FCO is basically touching the cap to Washington and getting on with the fantastic new ‘dis-information’ Services, a fantasy world; probably great fun but not a serious job, like Health, Justice or Education.

      • Antipropo says

        You know I and I’m sure a great many millions of others are just heartily sick of that “evil of anti semitism” thing. Yes in the 30s and forties white, Christian Europeans slaughtered Jews- Gypsies Jehovah’s witnesses physically and mentally impaired communists etc, but that was mid last century. The armed forces of the Jewish nation state-with a 20% “non Jewish” but 100% semitic population, the Palestinians-only created an artificial Jewish majority by calculated ethnic cleansing of the native population, isn’t that evil? Next Friday at the Gaza prison fence more Palestinians will die under the sniper rifles of the NOT so “moral army” of the Jewish nation state.

        • Helmut Taylor says

          Youse a clever thinker, Anti……you anti owt else? Lemme know!!
          And why did Eddie the First of England ban’em in 1290?
          Did he know summat we don’t?
          Stay on the ball…..

      • mark says

        You’re right. He does nothing but sit on his hands as ordinary Jewish members of the Labour Party are kicked out for “anti Semitism” and being “the wrong sort of Jews.”

        • Jon G says

          That’s not accurate, Mark. All decisions about suspensions and expulsions are made by the NCC of the Labour Party and it would be improper for Corbyn to reprieve anyone or indeed to expel anyone on his own initiative. So the criticisms from the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Labour Movement who say that Corbyn hasn’t done enough to expel antisemites, are quite misconceived and in the case of the JLM, mischievous because they should know better. I wish they would disaffiliate from the Party and let the JVL take their place. It will be interesting to see whether Jackie Walker’s hearing next Tuesday is conducted in a fair manner. If not, I hope her lawyers ensure that she is vindicated and the party’s cynical witch-hunt is shown up for what it is.

          See the WitchHunt film: https://tinyurl.com/y63xzy9c

  23. George Cornell says

    Freedland and Milliband support her, effusively and enthusiastically. I wonder what that means. Would it have anything to do with her political stances rather than being the most skilled communicator of all time? Or does it mean she will do what she is told?

    • George Cornell says

      As an afterthought, and accepting that campaigners for public office are not to be believed in general, it is clear that it is more useful to know who is supporting their campaign. In particular, which power broking cartel, of which there are many. I imagine this is because that support is given a great deal more careful consideration by the brokers than by virtually any punting voter. Indeed the policies of the elected are intimately tied to the aims of the brokers themselves.

      So let’s dispense with traditional election campaigns and the unsupportable fiction that they associate with? The information on which voters decide is dubious, manipulated, and unreliable, and the elected pretty much can ignore the public by hiding their real aims and attitudes. But they can’t do that with the power brokers, like the MSM, who are marching to the drums of the 1%, and can torpedo a candidate who sounds too honest for them or threatening, at their whim. I guess there are too many partially overlapping brokers, and thus I have no idea how this present reality can be changed short of revolution.

      Nevertheless, knowing that Milliband and Freedland support Phillips says more than anything she will say in a campaign. It is an institutionalised version of the NSA, where all Stepford employees are screened for left wing tendencies, like eating kale, or dissent of any kind.

  24. Francis Lee says

    Yes, the esteemed lady seems to have imbibed the careerist patter. She should go far. All she has to do is hob-knob with the right people, learn her script, make it abundantly plain that she knows nothing of international politics, economics philosophy, law, political sociology, but hey, what does all that matter when you can make the appropriate mouth noises. Though the rate of social-mobility has ground almost to a halt, there is always the option, if you are venal enough, that the Labour party provides as an escalator for the petit-bourgeois social climbers. As Roberto Michels pointed out in his definitive work on social democracy ‘Political Parties’ first published in 1911, A comparison may be made with the catholic church which also provided opportunities for social advancement for those determined enough.

    From my own experience of Ruskin College I got a front seat in the process of young LP members being groomed for higher office and politically defanged during the transformation process. And it wasn’t difficult to guess the outcome of this process.Two honourable gentlemen personally knew – no names mentioned – went on to gain knighthoods for their services. Services to whom is another question entirely.

    Any social-democratic, socialist or left-wing party is always vulnerable to outside pressures and hostile elements which insinuated itself in the party. A social-democratic, labour or socialist party can NEVER be respectable. If and when it does it is no longer a left-wing party.

    • Jen says

      A politician who says she thinks she’d be a good leader but speaks and acts like a wannabe rock chick groupie? Jess Phillips has “FAILURE” written all over her.

      Good leaders have humility and behave with dignity and in ways that merit respect and warmth from others, not derision.

      • mark says

        Reminds me very much of Louise Mensch. Will probably end up the same way.

  25. Mucho says

    Reading the comments it seems like there is an overwhelming sentiment that she is “not in a million years” going to get the top job. My cynical side is then led to conclude that as this is known here, it is also known there (among the controllers), so perhaps this is part of a longer term strategy where they throw a few duffers into the public consciousness, which they know people will find repugnant, making them kind of angry at the possibility of this or that person getting the job, only to then present the real one they knew all along was their best horse, who in comparison to the other repugnant runners they have disingenuously allowed the public to digest, gets welcomed with open arms and receives much more in the way of applause when they are finally floated as a candidate, strengthening the possibility that the establishment will achieve their true goal, what the they are really trying to do here, which is to get rid of Corbyn and replace with a Blairite, establishment puppet. Either that, or they are genuinely just testing the water with her……

    • cicatriz says

      Jess as a patsy of some sort? Another Angela Eagle to open the door for somebody more appealing? Given the way that played out, I can’t see that being tried again. Even after the recent anti-semitism moral outrage that practically nobody outside of the media cares about, changing labour by that means won’t work.

      Could be something darker, they’re clearly getting desperate.

  26. mark says

    Something that hasn’t attracted the attention it deserves in the western world, particularly the US/ UK, is the MGTOW phenomenon. Men going their own way.
    Phillips and third way feminists in general are so repulsive that many men are avoiding them like the plague, avoiding involvement and commitment with women, apart from the odd casual relationship.
    You can’t really blame them. If you woke up next to that, you’d want to top yourself.
    Football, fishing, motor bikes and beer are perfectly acceptable substitutes for most men, rather than the hellish existence (some) women want to impose on them.
    The first losers in all this are women. Many men now seek to avoid all contact with women at work. They don’t want to train them, mentor them, work with them, or talk to them. It isn’t worth all the trouble and all the aggravation when they can be sacked for looking at someone “in a sexist way.” This is becoming general, from Mike Pence downwards. People like Phillips will get the world they want and discover it isn’t so great after all.
    The other loser is society as a whole. Normal relationships have been poisoned by feminists.
    If a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, maybe a man needs a woman like fish needs a bicycle as well.

    • Mucho says

      The behaviour you outline is prevalent in the British Isles, along with the fact that many women here have adopted male characteristics, British male characteristics at that. “Ladettes” is one name for this phenomenon. Not attractive. Just one tiny example, I heard a young Brit girl shouting “bruv” at one of her female friends……quite aggressively, just recently. Fortuntely the whole world is not constricted by the culture of these fucked up islands, dominated by systems of pure evil, but the right to escape easily is just about to be flushed down the toilet, which is a shame.

      • Maggie says

        Mucho – ”But the right to escape easily is just about to be flushed down the toilet, which is a shame.”
        What do you mean by this.
        Are you saying that no one holidayed or emigrated prior to being in the EU?

        • Mucho says

          It’s a statement of fact, nothing more, nothing less. A reference to the fact that if Brexit goes ahead, it will become more difficult to escape shithole UK. Even now I am undecided on whether I am for or against Brexit, there are strong arguments for and against it, but there is no doubt that post Brexit, we will not have the same freedom to live and work in Europe as if it were home soil,a freedom which we do have at the moment

          • Ray Raven says

            You poms should stay where you belong.
            There should be no escape for your wickedness.
            Stay put and better you own environment, or die trying.

            • Some Random Passer-by says

              Millions of us cannot even afford a passport anyway.

              We’re here regardless

    • Mucho says

      Feminism…….making women less……ummmmm……..feminine!

    • Maggie says

      Mark –
      That is a bit naughty but I find myself agreeing. As a woman myself I am repelled by her.
      I thought she was trans gender until I looked her up on Wiki?
      She is a supercilious backstabbing tw^t who looks almost as washed up as the Maybot.
      Why doesn’t she show her true colours, by following her dear friend Berger’s lead and P^ss off to the None Party.

      • mark says

        It would be great if she deselected herself like Berger and Co.

    • SusiePeaceCora says

      What you are describing is not feminism. I have no idea what it is called, bit is not feminism.

      • mark says

        It’s the latest incarnation of third way feminism. Nothing to do with equal opportunities, patronising attitudes, or being used as a doormat. Hysterical, deranged, militant, aggressive, obsessive, politicised, campaigning, manhating identity politics. No one in their right minds would want anything to do with a woman like that if she was the last woman on earth. And when you think of the consequences, it’s about as serious as it gets. Men going their own way and avoiding commitment and responsibilities. No stable relationships and no families and no children being born. Society collapsing in a generation, except for some stable moslem and orthodox Jewish families. The rest of the population can go to hell in a handcart.

        It’s the same with gays. The vast majority of people, who aren’t gay, just aren’t interested and couldn’t care less. A few years ago there was a successful TV presenter called Barrymore. He agonised for years about whether he should come out as gay or whether it would end his career. When he did, the response was a deafening yawn. Nobody could care less. They just left it to him and his wife of 20 years. When a young man was found dead in his swimming pool, this caused him the same problems as if it had been a young woman. The problem isn’t with gays or trannies, it is with the hysterical, deranged, militant, aggressive, politicised, campaigning identity politics that goes with it. These things are being pushed relentlessly and turning the world into a madhouse – and paedophilia, incest and bestiality are next in the pipeline. And things even more weird that nobody’s thought of yet.

        • milosevic says

          things even more weird that nobody’s thought of yet

          you couldn’t make this stuff up.

          but somebody did.

          • mark says

            Next week I’m going to self identify as a zebra or a lamp post. Haven’t decided yet.

        • Linda Vaux says

          You really are a very unpleasant and inadequate person aren’t you? Which other group are you going to slur next? Sounds like you have problems that you sound so threatened.

        • Helmut Taylor says

          Quite correct assessment of the situation: the organised promotion the more base human urges gets us all into the same pen; then you have a captive market in which the globalists can induce a feedin’ frenzy! Luvvit!
          But HOW ON EARTH do we get out of this pickle; can the tide be turned – could a sort of…grass roots “Gilets” movement (of sanity) be born…?

    • vexarb says

      Mark, FYI “The member from Scandinavia was an old fashioned sex-neutral do-gooder of the type which used to be known as Feminist, forever prowling the town on the lookout for suffering womanhood. She never married — too busy.” From a novel about the League of Nations by Rose Macauley, ca.1922. So your rant is not mere male chauvinism (unless Rose herself was a “mental male”).

  27. Pie Master of the Universe says

    I cannot think of a choice worse than Phillips – I really cannot be bothered to say any more here

  28. Rhisiart Gwilym says

    “That Phillips is their best hope betrays that desperation.” Spot on, Kit! And their delusionality too. LOL!

  29. Some Random Passer-by says

    I’lI stick wasps up my arse before I vote for Phillips!

  30. bevin says

    This sponsoring of the silly Jess is an indication of the extent of the panic which has overtaken the Establishment. It is also incidentally an indication of the implosion of the extremely short lived “Watson as Saviour” campaign.
    Next up?

    • harry stotle says

      ‘This sponsoring of the silly Jess is an indication of the extent of the panic which has overtaken the Establishment.’ – precisely, even the Labour defectors so memorably described by Kit as a band of personal injury lawyers in search of a new client are so abject that the media couldn’t even be arsed to pretend that any of them will survive the first occasion voters get a chance to cast their vote.

      It is hard to imagine a more uninspiring, and morally compromised group than Chuka and the gang yet Phillips is hardly much better: an adherent of identity politics who does not seem capable of much else beyond the kind of antagonistic brand of feminism Jordan Peterson is always railing against – unless you count her emotional breakdown when it dawned on her that not everyone was buying into Luciana’s ‘Wavertree is a hotbed of antisemitism’ routine.

      Her disloyalty and Blairite tendencies have already weakened any allowances one might have made for a newish member trying to find their feet in the parliamentary bear pit.
      We are living through worrying times and its difficult to see how the current incarnation of Jess Phillips will have much traction outside Guardian Towers or amongst those orbiting around Mr WMD.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Next up? I think Corbyn will retire to his allotment soon, and then Chuka and Luciana will return and it’ll be one of them who gets the gig, they have the right Establshment profile

      • Jon G says

        Chuka and/or Luciana will never be acceptable to us, the Labour Party membership. We aren’t quite as deluded as the Press claims us to be. We don’t hero-worship Corbyn as if he was Jesus. We aren’t all starry eyed youngsters, or elderly hippies. Speaking for myself I’m a retired solicitor and I’m one of many who left the Labour Party when it became the warmongers and torturers party under Blair. Corbyn is currently the best person for the job, and no doubt when someone better comes along, perhaps a woman, we’ll support a leadership bid. But that person won’t be one of those who has relentlessly hyped up and exaggerated the “antisemitism crisis”. As one of the many jewish Labour Party members, I find the weaponisation of antisemitism utterly disgraceful. We don’t want to see any leadership bid which is built on lies.

  31. vexarb says

    Before opening the article and finding “wotsit all abaht”, I saw the thumbnail image and thought, Nice face — but why so exhausted? Might be the prospect of that mountain to climb.

    Which reminds me of Guido Micron; the old gits running the AZC like their Leader-in-Waiting figureheads.to be young and sexy, photogenic MSM material. The trouble with that:

    “Given too soon, into weak hands” — TS Eliot, Gerontion.

    • Badger Down says

      why so exhausted?
      “It’s all about the Bennies, Baby!”

    • Isabel Cooke says

      What a funny old term ‘man-hater’! Haven’t heard that one since the ’70s! Phillips is married, yu kno – doesn’t hate them that much, then? So many of the comments on here seem to be objecting to Ms Phillips on the basis of what they see as her illegitimate feminist politics. First, feminism is perfectly legitimate, so get used to it. Second, the problem is her politics, whatever they are, don’t include supporting her democratically-elected leader or his team. Overall, this laughable media promotion reveals the profound chasm in perception and values between the rulers’ media and the country. Phillips hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of being Labour leader because so many of its members think she’s a disloyal gobshite.

      • mark says

        Phillips is married – can you imagine that. Nobody deserves that. Whoever it is deserves all our sympathy. Can you imagine waking up next to that. You’d just start screaming and jump out of a third floor window.

      • Ray Raven says

        Perhaps she reckons that the “steely dan” is too cold (at least in the first few insertions).

    • mark says

      She thought it was hilarious that so many men were committing suicide and ridiculed the idea of some kind of day of action to address it.
      Loathsome, strident harpy.
      Reminds me of a bargain basement Hilary Clinton, or Maxine Waters.
      There are now 2 parties in the Labour Party and 2 parties in the Tory Party.
      Neither will survive the current crisis.
      These puff pieces for Phillips are surprising. I thought they would be pushing Thornberry or Starmer or somebody similar. Those are vaguely credible figures whatever you think of them.
      Phillips is just a foul mouthed stupid bitch with a chip on her shoulder and full of her own self importance. “They’ve all got it in for me, it’s ‘cos I is a woman.” She is even more of a lightweight than Viagra Salesman Owen, who does at least manage to smile and remain civil as he goes around backstabbing.
      We could very soon have a new election, though whether that would resolve anything is open to question.
      The powers that be (and the Blairite Red Tories) wanted a Labour wipe out followed by the replacement of Jezza with some acceptable nonentity approved by the MSM and the Board of Deputies.
      It didn’t work last time and it won’t this time. Jezza might not win but May certainly won’t. Berger and Umunna and Co. will be wiped out the next time they face an election. Replacing May with Johnson, Gove, or whoever will probably just make things even worse for the Tories.
      The Labour Party needs to boot out the Blairites and present themselves as a socialist party representing working people and middle class people.
      But the Brexit issue will suck all the oxygen out of the room for months and years to come.
      Labour looks like it is now intent on sabotaging the Referendum result by calling for a 2nd referendum. If they persist in this, I will never vote Labour again, not even for Jezza. Neither will millions of others among the 17.5 million.

      • Isabel Cooke says

        Surprising you ever did vote Labour judging by the misogyny in your piece. Yes, there is and yes, it matters. I don’t like her any more than you do; but you just destroyed your argument by the use of phrases like ‘stupid bitch’ and ‘loathsome harpy’. p.s. Last night, Labour voted against a second referendum.

        • mark says

          I plead guilty to accuracy.
          Labour is now pushing for a second referendum, (and a third and a fourth, if that goes the wrong way) just like Blair and Soubry and Berger and Co. Listen to what they are saying. They are trying to weasel their way out of the manifesto commitment and toss Brexit in the bin. May was offering Brexit in name only. With Labour, we’re not even going to get BRINO. Jezza has been forced to cave in – listen to what he’s saying. Wake up and stop deluding yourself.

        • Maggie says

          Isabel – sorry but she is a stupid bitch. But what would I know, I am simply an old lady who is immune from political correctness. Act like a backstabbing bitch and that is what you will be called. She and all the rest of Blairi’s Klingons have had their knives out for JC even before he was elected leader.. because he IS a SOCIALIST.
          >>>The Scourge of Political Correctness –
          This is, in theory, still a free country, but our politically correct, censorious times are such that many of us tremble to give vent to perfectly acceptable views for fear of condemnation….
          Freedom of speech is thereby imperilled, big questions go undebated, and great lies become accepted, unequivocally as great truths.
          It is not exactly forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is ‘not done.’ Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in highbrow periodicals.
          Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught ‘how’ to think, while millions have been taught ‘what’ to think.
          No one benefits from political correctness.
          To deprive society of free debate is tantamount to rationing water or food, or the air we breathe.
          Censorship, denial of opinion, misinterpretation and news spin makes us controlled sheep.. There is nothing more liberating, educational and inspiring than to listen to and debate an opinion without being ridiculed or denied.
          Has political correctness dragged us back to the Dark Ages in which we keep quiet for fear of finger-jabbing and drawing the attention of witch-finders?
          The good news is that we could be entering a period of enlightenment and renaissance thanks to the less controlled internet.
          Had the internet been invented earlier perhaps World War Two would have been avoided. People today are more cynical of their country’s warmongering propaganda and territorial ambitions. As a consequence they are less persuaded to take up arms, and.Western governments are suffering a shortage of recruits.. (perhaps that’s why they are having to resort to the disenfranchised people of the ME to train as mercenaries?)
          Furthermore, people may be more inclined to turn their guns on their warmongering political elite and its mule-train media than on the ‘supposed’ enemy. The real threat to 825 million Americans and European Union citizens lies in their own capitals not those of others
          Irish Journalist Mike Walsh.<<<

          Mark – Don't you realise that their intention is to stop anyone voting
          for SOCIALISM… I also was really peed off at JC even considering a second referendum.. but realised there had to be a reason.. not revealed yet?
          One thing I am certain of is he would NOT sell us out to the Imperialist/Capitalist US.. and would demand justice for all, especially the Palestinians.

          • mark says

            I find myself that reading Biggles books and similar classics can be a good tonic/ antidote.
            They’re full of great passages like –
            “Biggles instinctively groped for his triggers.”
            “I tell you, Ginger, any Englishman is worth two Huns, three Frenchmen, or a dozen darkies.”

            • vexarb says

              Mark, I used to love the Biggles books in primary school. In those days your second quote was not questionable, it was axiomatic.

              Glad to hear that Biggles and Ginger continue to provide an enjoyable read. I have found the same thrill recently, on revisiting Fu Manchu. The Yellow Peril, still going strong.

      • Some Random Passer-by says

        Came to this conclusion some time ago. My local CLP has ditched the local guy (leave constituency) and replaced it with a think tank non entity (has ran for greens in the past, mum is Lib Dem)).

        The question is, UKIP or stay home (no communist party option/Greens are neoliberals)?

        Labour are leafleting my estate tomorrow (first time I’ll have seen them in the five years we have lived here), I hope the PPC is amongst them, cos they’re getting both barrels!

  32. harry stotle says

    Interesting – Phillips Mum a long term Labour supporter rejected the party because of Blair and Iraq. Good for her, a woman who obviously had principles.

    Phillips senior said she wanted a party that was more left wing, more in tune with its roots and history, in fact the very sort of party that Jess is working so assidiously to destroy.
    Her distress over an ersatz form of antisemitism obviously designed to suppress scrutiny of Israel and by extension neoconservatism must warm the heart of the very man who has done more than anyone else to taint Labours reputation, not least because he is directly responsible for an untold number of deaths in the Middle East and beyond (while cashing in on the back of this misery).

    The class angle is also interesting.
    Mr Phillips gives a nice potted history which portrays a family from working class stock who by virtue of hard work and determination went on to establish themselves in solid middle class professions (Mum becoming a deputy Chief Exec in the NHS while Dad was a teacher) – he does not touch on the thorny issue of Jess disregarding her Mum’s ideals in order to taker her place alonside corporatists and war apologists (presumably because of loyalty, another quality the ambitious young feminist needs to learn more about).

    By definition Labour should be wary of any candidate championed by our rancid MSM.
    Corbyn, the man she hopes will be ousted by her or someone else has, if nothing else, been a vector for everything shitty about our political culture – his rise has exposed the way so many MPs engage in meaningless discourse knowing full well that what they are say will not make one iota of difference to the growing army of impoverished or just about managing Brits.

  33. Jess Phillips the feminist and anti-racist paragon: Told the one female MP who recieves by far the most racist and mysoginistc abuse, (Diane Abbott/50% of all abuse is directed at her), to “Fuck Off”. Abused Semus Milne, in the lobby. Calling him “a prick”. Then later went on to write a column in the Sunday Observer; in which she publically condescended to and patronised her own husband. For being dismissive, (but not abusive), to a Daily Mail journalist. Telling him that we have to be polite in our public discourse. She is a vile racist, middle class abuser of working class men. I’ve met Jess, and I know her husbands family. I was there when her husband was born, and watched him grow up. I just wonder how he felt, being so patronised, at the Oserver article.

    • SusiePeaceCora says

      Jess Phillips is no feminist. She is probable best described as a narcissistic bigott.

  34. Michael Leigh says

    Given the commonly accepted belief that all comments in the Parliamentry sitting process are
    Hansarded for all time, then why has not the combined opposition membership been unable to publicse the limited, and politcal ownership and editorial leadership of the so called free press…for (the sad and probably further un-electable Conservatives and Unionist gang ).

    Moreover, talking of illegal and criminal offences, surely the offering of at least one £ billion for the vote of the Unionist political Party which is obviously an act criminal political bribery by Teresa May !

    • Paul says

      I see the DUP are in negotiations with the Government today. The idea that they won’t end up voting for May’s Deal is for the birds. They won’t shoot the goose that lays the golden eggS because for sure nobody else will bung them a billion (!) smackers to play ball. In addition the voters of NI, especially Unionist farmers and businesses, aren’t keen to embrace a hard Brexit, recession and a new austerity. That’s fine for the Unionists when there isn’t anybody in Stormont but if there was a General Election then they’d be sweating big time. It’s easily solved; just think of a half reasonable excuse to U turn and everything will continue as it is for at least 3 years, salaries and X’s paid (twice for Mr Paisley as is customary), anxiety eased. Bet the gates of Stormont are still padlocked in 2022 – the 100th Anniversary of the original stitch up, as it happens! How many years has it sat during that time?15?. I’m not holding my breath for a BBC documentary about how Partition came about!

  35. Robbobbobin says

    Bint (from Pro-Semitic *bint-, used to denote patronization). I’m sorry, I’ll type that again: “from Proto-Semitic *bint-, used to denote a patronym.”

    • Isabel Cooke says

      The word you are trying to use is derived from the Arabic British soldiers heard around them in Aden and North Africa, and is slang denoting ‘foreign woman’. It’s essentially a sexist put-down. Why did you decide to make J. Phillips’ point for her?

      • Maggie says

        Isabelle – It isn’t slang, and does NOT denote ”foreign woman” It means GIRL or DAUGHTER…..

      • Robbobbobin says

        Pretty limited understanding of etymology you have there, Sweetness.

        Actually, because we were going out and already late, for the content to expand my original single word comment into a rather weak two-liner, I cut and pasted from a public domain/CC/GFDL online source.

        What have you got against the public domain commons except a demand for the right to enclose those parts of it you foresee as being of use in serving up your favourite flavour of identity politics?

        The full intro to an exhaustive etymology and definition of the word in several languages goes:

        Borrowed from Arabic بِنْت‎ (bint, “girl, daughter”), from Proto-Semitic *bint-, used to denote a patronym.

        The term entered the British lexicon during the occupation of Egypt at the end of the 19th century, where it was adopted by British soldiers to mean “girlfriend” or “bit on the side”. Its register varies from that of the harsher bitch to being affectionate, the latter more commonly associated with the West Midlands. The term was used in British armed forces and the London area synonymously with bird in its slang usage (and sometimes brass) from at least the 1950s. (In the Tyneside shipping industry, particularly in Laygate, in South Shields, the term may have been adopted earlier, from the Yemeni community which had existed there since the 1890s.)

        There, the word “register” chases off to the etymology and definition of that word, including an illustrative quote from the late, great Will Shagsper,

        …as you have
        one eye upon my follies, as you hear them unfolded,
        turn another into the register of your own; that I
        may pass with a reproof the easier, sith you
        yourself know how easy it is to be such an offender


        which hat fits you perfectly (but I’ll bet you still won’t wear it – too frumpy).

  36. So, Phillips is the favoured traitor-in-waiting.

    When Corbyn is forced out Labour will return to its establishment-friendly, corpse-like, natural condition, however good our arsehole rulers decide to make this toad look.

  37. Helmut Taylor says

    And why issit oney me’n Rog Waters and the whole of the toothless UN who cry for the Pallys locked up in that hermetically sealed-off prison called Gaza – land and sea-blockaded by…..? My sense of justice and right – and what’s “cricket”, and what a “bounder”is….all given me at home in school and at church, on the playing fields……And the treatment of the Pallys by the state of Israel is in diametric oppositon to all of that!

    • Haltonbrat says

      It’s called Genocide according to the toothless UN.

      • Helmut Taylor says

        And what did Edward l do in 1290? And then, 300 years later…..why did Shakespeare profile the Jewish character in the persona of Shylock. Issit said yer leopard cannae change his spots?

        • Helmut Taylor says

          Wha’ ar sez ain’t twue – or wha’? An ar done vote Twump, niever!

          • Helmut Taylor says

            7 “thumbs down” clicks….who might “they” be…….Tora-ies?
            Ha ha hah ahaaaaaaaaaaa

        • Jon G says

          I don’t think antisemitic slurs will do much for the party’s image or for your own image, Helmut. Would you be so kind as to change your spots, please?

          • Helmut Taylor says

            Dear Jon-gleur should you find yourself to be in a position to supply the Tardis, I’ll zap back in a flash to Eddie The First and to Wm. Shakespeare and clue’em up abart the fact that we consider their anti-semitic behaviour/writings to be rather non-u. Alles klar, my dear?
            Awaiting your re-sponse,
            yours faithfully,
            Helmut Taylor.

  38. Cicatriz says

    The twitter rape threat claim is half true. It was a meme that got started by somebody responding to her claiming to receive rape threats by stating they “wouldn’t rape her.” Lots of people copied this and dog-piled her on twitter. Crass and vulgar, yes. Certainly insulting. But, literally (literally) not a threat.

    It didn’t stop the press reporting that the exact of what happened, happened. Normal service as usual I suppose.

  39. Paul says

    I think somebody is having us on. Phillips wouldn’t stand a chance against JC. Politicians have to have something attractive and welcoming about them but her VOICE alone makes her unelectable. She comes over as false. Ms 3% I’d guess.

  40. Yarkob says

    thanks, Kit. there is the hint of a general election abroad, and the blairites can smell blood in the water. expect this to reach fever pitch over the course of the next month. i wouldn’t be surprised to see a “hard-left” attack on someone jewish or similar in the next few weeks as well just to cement the unsuitability of corbyn and anybody he has ever looked at.

    back to jess phillips: please, please let her run for leadership. we can all forget about her afterwards like we did with that owen bloke and angela whatsername

    • Some Random Passer-by says

      The treacherous shites are still in the party though…

      • Isabel Cooke says

        Until their CLPs sort them out; never fear! Those Tingers left before they were pushed; most of them had had or were expecting no-confidence votes from their CLPs and won’t be returning to Parliament at the next election, no matter what. Same for Jess Phillips.

  41. Andrea says

    There is more chance of Nigel Farage being elected leader of the labour party than Phillips.
    The members choose the leader and she is as popular as herpes.Besides, Corbyn will not go until he has a replacement lined up who will continue on the same path and therefore promote the ideas that members voted for in Corbyn.

    • William Gibson says

      …the big problem is that the sheep will be bombarded with the msm messages about how the hard left have taken over the membership when Phillips is rejected. The reds under the beds trope about how our youths have been brainwashed and radicalised into the Trotsky-Stalinist caliphate will run riot

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