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Corbyn was right – TIG should have no role in our politics

Kit Knightly

On Wednesday, following her latest series of total disasters, Theresa May called an emergency meeting of party leaders to deal with Brexit. Despite not being a party leader, and the fact The Independent Group not actually a political party, Chuka Umunna was invited.

Jeremy Corbyn refused to take part in the meeting if Umunna was there.

The press, and the chattering classes, dragged Corbyn over the coals for this decision. Mostly because it’s what they do, it’s a reflex at this point. But also because of a general misunderstanding about the reality of the “independent” group.

The tabloids engaged their best hacks headline writers, displaying the limitations of their vocabularies (or demonstrating that they take orders from the same place):

CORB WALKOUT Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed after storming out of Brexit talks as ex-Labour MP Chuka Ummuna was there”
The Sun

Jeremy Corbyn STORMS OUT of Theresa May’s Brexit talks in protest at Chuka Umunna invite”
The Express

While the quote-unquote more reputable papers had their laziest op-ed writers vomit out a few hundred words on the subject:

He’ll meet with Hamas and Sinn Fein – but a coffee with Chuka Umunna is a step too far for Jeremy Corbyn
The Independent

The twitterati spun this as a case of Jeremy Corbyn being too sensitive, or having a big ego:

The propaganda campaign would not be complete, of course, without the The Independent Group themselves doing what they do best – indulging in shameless self-promotion. Chuka “stormed” right out of the meeting and on to the television, where he called Jeremy Corbyn “juvenile”, whilst one of his forgettable back-up dancers wrote an article for The Telegraph calling Corbyn a hypocrite.

Every aspect of the media was united in this narrative. This deliberate misinformation is serving a purpose – more than just the usual need to get the boot in on Corbyn. Every mainstream comment piece, headline, twitter and the like was broadcasting the same message: That this was a personal matter. That Corbyn was being petty and emotional. In short, that it wasn’t important.

This is completely untrue. It is very important.

Barry Gardiner MP was very clear about this when interviewed on the subject on Sky News:

This is the key point:

The Independent Group is NOT a political party. They are registered as a company. The media are intent on dismissing this distinction as a matter of semantics…it is not. Under UK law political parties are legally obliged to make their funding sources public knowledge. Private companies have no such obligation, and as such The Independent Group’s funding is a secret (despite their feeble promise of transparency).

Umunna being invited to that meeting was, of course, a piece of political theatre. May did to try to discredit Corbyn, knowing he would have to respond, and throw the hyper-controlled media a distraction to chew on. But also, it’s a part of the establishment effort to give weight to the very idea of the Independent Group. A media and parlimentary presence they have not earned and do not deserve. To normalise them.

This is an effort to lend legitimacy to the Independent Group, to have us accept that it’s perfectly alright to have a private corporation with secret funding sitting in parliamentary meetings, helping to decide policy. That is counter to the very concept of democracy.

The truth is we have no idea how “independent” this group is, and until they are willing to tell us, they deserve – and should have – no role in the running of our country.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. John2o2o says

    “Paltry, factional and plain childish. The leader of my party will have tea with Hamas but won’t talk to @ChukaUmunna to avoid a national disaster. A joke of a statesman. For the first time I am seriously considering leaving Labour.
    — Tony Robinson (@Tony_Robinson) March 20, 2019”

    Jesus, Baldrick. Do the Labour Party a favour and fuck off.

  2. stevehayes13 says

    If it is constitutional for a private company to be represented in parliament, how long will it be before BAE Systems and Amazon and Vodafone have MPs?

  3. nwwoods says

    The Independent Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Integrity Initiative?

  4. Michael McNulty says

    Chuka Umunna was not elected to the position he holds so he’s illegitimate, and his being there was pure mischief to generate the response it did. Those who don’t like Jeremy will try to beat him with while his supporters will dismiss it, so apart from a few negative headlines it all seemed rather pointless. But imagine if a similar group was formed on the left with Union backing? They’d scream “Communism!”.

    • wardropper says

      It isn’t really new, though, is it?

  5. Johny Conspiranoid says

    The Independant Group is a registered company and a registered company doesn’t have members it has shareholders and employees. So what is the legal relationship between this limited company and the MPs calling themselves “The Independant Group”?

  6. Who is this site actually run by? I make the first comment and it never appears for hours!!!

    You can’t trust anyone these days especially Off/On/FU Guardian.

    • Question says

      ive commented many times they’ve never been published!

      • Wilmers31 says

        It can be annoying but it happens everywhere. I have been banned by abcnewsgo after I posted facts. It wasn’t even on their site if I remember correctly, just through the same commenting facility. Just facts – they couldn’t take them. I did not even criticize that privileged group just listed some privileges which are known facts, or I would not know them.

      • Makropulos says

        “ive commented many times they’ve never been published!”

        Apart from this one?

        • nwwoods says

          I have never once had a comment disappear on this comment board.

    • Makropulos says

      I’ve never had a problem. Sometimes the comment doesn’t appear right away but it always does in a short time. Your comment “You can’t trust anyone these days” seems designed to foment despair.

    • Maggie says

      Jeremy Corbyn was right to leave this shambles of a meeting. Created ONLY to humiliate him. TIG are not even a legitimate REGISTERED company in Britain, and are NO LONGER MPs.. They are company Directors who gave up the Labour seats they were elected to, in an effort to bring JC down..

      Why are they refusing to stand down, and then stand for re-election? Mmm let’s think about that one… Because no one would vote for them and they would lose their MP’s benefits?
      Next we know Witherspoon’s boss will be joining May for cross party parliamentary talks. Or what about Richard Branson.. he seems to have a vested interest in South American politics. Surely that should qualify him to join May’s band of misfit-losers.

      Maybot’s decision had the desired effect. To give the pressitutes something to crow about and deflect attention from the complete b*ll*cks she has created.

    • flamingosarepink says

      Never had a problem here. Was banned by Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel for mildly disagreeing with her ridiculous ‘russia stole the US election’ bs. Web pages will time out at different rates at different sites. Best way around that is to refresh the page and get it off your chest pronto and post.

  7. Stephen Morrell says

    Chuka Umunna is the Juan Guaido of the BLP

    • Michael Leigh says

      Actually, Steven Morrell the company shareholder Chuka Umunna is not a ” hebrew ‘ as John the Guaido ( the surname Guaido is directly translated as ‘ Jew ‘ ) although he is not known as a’ hebrew ‘and how he obtained such a surname has not been disclosed in the South Americian media, perhaps because he spent his early years in North America ?

      • flamingosarepink says

        He definitely likes the benjamins especially the USA print version.

  8. BigB says

    This is all just smoke and mirrors. There is a very serious and clear and present danger forming here. Not just Umunna, or May – but Corbyn as well – deserve no place in our politics. In case no one noticed: it is not our politics. The collective sense of ownership is in complete denial of the blatant fact that we have no right of agency in ‘our’ politics.

    Denial of agency = denial of ownership.

    We are being betrayed. And it beyond petty infighting over the result. We voted to leave, they will not let us. This is a constitutional crisis, that if we lose …well, there will be no ‘we’. Except for a sovereign Parliament under EU/NATO military dictatorship. It is a simple administrative coup and cultural genocide against the will of the people. All those involved in this bureaucratic coup d’etat are in High Treason of the Constitution. And if I hear one more person say that we do not have a written Constitution…

    For those who are interested, John Bingley has laid out the Constitutional position over at the Column.

    In summary:
    Breach of sovereignty exists and must be remedied forthwith

    There can be no standing army (or EU Defence Union)

    Any solution must comply with international law

    The Subjects have a right of remedy, in petition direct to the Crown, to demand the enforcement of our constitutional law

    The laws are the Birthright of the people. Parliament may not destroy its omnipotence and thereby displace that Birthright to a foreign potentate


    Anyone who actively and intentionally involved is betraying the people: forever – including Corbyn. So let’s not play the media game of obscuring the real and present danger to our democracy. This meeting and Corbyn’s attendance or non-attendance is a non-event. TIG are a non-event. The real event is the media-bureaucratic assassination of our Constitution and last vestiges of democracy. This is not our politics, and if they get away with it through our passive enabling or distraction via non-events – it will never be our politics again.

    • Kathy says

      BigB The thing is, that I don’t feel it was ever our politics to start with. The status of our sovereignty is based on us being the subjects of, rather then us being sovereign in our own right. Vested interest always usurps the people. The system always wins when we give it power. By buying into the fantasy of democracy, we allow our selves to be manipulated for the gain of the deep state. The whole Brexit thing is setting all sorts of mind games against the people.

      • BigB says


        Of course you are right. Tony Blair followed a long line of charlatans and traitors: installing the legal architecture of a fascist police state. He also pulled a silent administrative coup: bypassing Parliament and running the UK for the banks and corporations – bureaucratically administered through the Cabinet Office. He strengthened the credit imperialism of the City of London Corporation. He formed an elected dictatorship bringing the Executive, Legal, and Administrative separation of powers into close alignment. His buddy Bill Clinton did much the same in America. Bush finished the job with the Patriot Act and the GWOT. Brexit will be the final nail in the public coffin of autonomy.

        We are now just one of the small countries, one that has yet to realise just how small we are, that will find its collective strength, unity and new corporate identity waiting for it in the newly declared EU Superpower. An EU Superpower that aims to forge its place in a more cooperative, multilateral New World Order. To paraphrase Mogherini. I feel more calm and centred knowing that. Our MPs really do have our best interests at heart. [End sarc!]

        I do hope that we get some part of the contract for the nearby Crawley Industrial Estate – for the new EU Eurodrones and attack helicopters. That might bring 30-40 jobs locally. A reasonable recompense for our loss of autonomy and sovereignty, and perennial political impotence. Thanks Jeremy! [I seem to have slipped back into sarc mode again].

        Jonathan just about sums it up:


        What the f#ck is going on!

        • crank says

          ‘What is Brexit?’ asks Mr. Pie (and everybody else).
          Did Cameron really intend to put the UK-EU nexus on the line for the sake of a few grumpy backbenchers and a single seat lost to UKIP ? And The City of London ?
          It’s as if the whole process has been a perfect inversion of it’s media portrayal. ‘The Biggest Ever Excersize in UK Democracy’ (TM) turned out to be loss of any residual UK democracy.
          The very issue of democracy would surely lay at the centre of any sane discussion about Leave-Remain, yet it has been the subject furthest from discussion – with immigration and ‘the economy’ formed as the false binary in its place.
          May’s Deal is really the EU’s Deal.
          Taking back control has turned into the EU taking complete control of the process.
          Maybe in such a strange country as the UK, it was the only way that this could proceed. It’s like a stage illusion.

          • Kathy says

            The City of London is a powerful state within a state and one that should not be underestimated. This article gives some insight of the very long and deep tentacles it has on influencing UK parliament.
            What saddens me most about the whole Brexit issue is the way that it is a debasing of, rather then a pinnacle of democratic process. Just as one example of this. A true democratic process of a union of countries. As the UK is. Would surely have been served better by a country by country based vote, and not one based on head count. We now have the country with the largest population having the greatest say. England as sovereign. This is a power grab over the other countries that make up the uneasy collective of the UK. Even the EU work on a more egalitarian principle then this. We are now in an odd and uneasy place where one country dictates to the other three. England,s preferred position in fact. It is difficult to see how this can be easily resolved and any harmony regained. It will almost certainly lead to huge repercussions for Ireland particularly. Non of this was explored before the referendum, and I cant believe that there wasn’t some level of a power grab intended by the powers that be in England to gain greater control over its {principalities}. It is certainly not about bringing the people back together in any good way. Brexit,s ability to have so divided the people while the power elite continue to suck the UK dry, is startling. And I for one am so depressed at how easy it has been to turn people so completely against each other. It has taken so much focus away from the real issues and created an enemy without to deflect us all from the enemy within. Will the UK really be allowed by the elites, to become a free utopian isle filled with free utopian citizens. I am very skeptical and afraid of what will come of all of this divisiveness.

            • BigB says

              Crank; Kathy

              What is Brexit? We know what it isn’t: leaving the EU.

              What did Cameron want? There is no need to speculate. He laid it out in his “Best of Both Worlds”: a new relationship with a reformed EU. Things like exemption from any Banking Union; or accession to the Eurozone; extension of the Single Market; Capital Markets Union; maintaining a strong financial services sector: and trade deals …lots of trade deals and FTAs. In other words: he wanted protected status for the City – in order to increase its piratical sterling credit imperialism. When he didn’t get it: he was off (narrowly missing his Libya retribution).


              So how has the EU ‘reformed’? By actively and openly embracing an integrated Defence Union – inter-operable with NATO; forming a militaristic ‘superpower’; Germany and France federalising via the Aachen treaty; taking an unannounced plenipotentiary seat at the UNSC; Germany returning to interventionist foreign policy by melding its mission in Mali with the French military mission. The institutions and operational control of the Defence Union are complete. It is a done deal, as announced by Mogherini at the Munich Security Conference. The EU has taken a seat at the top table of the Security Council, with veto power – and has taken its self-appointed superpower status as a “commitment to a more cooperative, multilateral new world order.” All without democratic oversight or the consent of its subjects.


              Where do we fit in? It is undeclared, but there is no Defence Union without us. We have the majority of the needed military capabilities. And 40% of the manufacturing capability. We are tied to “ever closer union” militarily, at least, via a web of bi-lateral agreements – such as the Lancaster House Treaties (full details, and the only resource covering this, is at the UK Column website).

              So we are in: without any consultation and in circumvention of Parliament. Democracy be damned.

              I can only surmise that the EU took the chance to accelerate a long term programme – “no longer the impossible dream of our founders” – and make it real without having to contend with the UK public. Now Defence Union is a fait accomplis to which we had no input. What is being sold as about workers rights and protections, living standards, ease of doing business, environmental protections is a smokescreen for EU Defence Union. The politics of the EU is pure sub-imperial globalisation. The only thing that is really being protected is the autonomy and sovereignty of the City.

              I suspect that when we get to see the terms of the future FTA with the EU – after it comes into effect – that it will contain Cameron’s concessions for the City. That we have to give up our autonomous unity and sovereignty, and our military, as a price for that is High Treason. What fucks me off is when ‘one million’ people march in London begging for it. When it is gone, it is gone. We will be an occupied satrapy of the Pentagon, Wall St and the exempt, autonomous City

            • BigB says


              As a little aside: and not something I can verify – if you know who the City’s ‘Rememberancer’ is, and their role in politics – I wonder if it was direct from the City that Bercow got his instruction to strike down May’s deal for the third time? With an archaic 17th century ruling. The Speaker is not neutral: he has someone sitting behind him. Maybe not now it is on TV: but historically the interests of the City were represented in a cubicle behind the Speaker.

              • Kathy says

                As far as I am aware the City representative does still sit to the side of the speaker. . Suffice to say though. Most if not all in the house are to some degree tainted by some vested financial interest. I am not sure who is representative of whom at this stage. They all play out a role of some kind. But plenty of money is being made out of all of this uncertainty for the lucky few. Are we really meant to believe that Mr and Mrs May never discuss how the pound will play out depending on what deal / no deal is being proffered for the week and share this information with investors etc. There does seem to be a certain degree of corralling parliament into an agreement of a half in half out deal. Which as far as I can see is dismissive of both the remain and leave voters collectively. Bercow has indeed prevented this exact deal being re presented in its current form. But who knows what fine tuning is acceptable to pass it and who is insisting upon it. I do know though that the City does not like or want the transparency that the new EU legislation on money laundering tax avoidance etc demands, and so it is very likely that it is their influence that has led to Brexit. As it seems to me that neither side of the referendum vote will have won in this. It would only seem fair to put all of this back to the people to decide. But this is contested as undemocratic by the leave camp. It also seems to be something that parliament overall are not keen on either and I do wonder why this is so if it really is what the people do want. But the problem is with this whole Brexit argument. It is not truly democratic from any point of view, Non of the terms of leave were bought up before the referendum and so the people who voted on either side allowed themselves to be played. So which ever thread is pulled upon. It is the ones with the vested interests who will undoubtedly win by slicing through this Gordian knot. It seems that the people are the losers. They have managed to be divided so successfully almost in half and now they can not even agree on what constitutes democracy any more. How very clever of the power elite to create such a rebus puzzle. And how very sad that as the people squabble among themselves. It is only the super rich who will win.

    • Maggie says

      At last Brian, A post of yours I can understand and FULLY AGREE WITH….

    • Cesca says

      You seriously think we live in anything like a Democracy BigB? Would say bless ya if i didn’t think you were just a liar instead of naive.

  9. My understanding is that his leaving had nought to do with the Tigs anyway. They’d been invited to a different meeting and May had refused further negotiation by that point.

    • Ken Kenn says

      We need to remember that the BBC is stuffed with Cameronite producers and presenters.

      Cameronism is virtue signalling ( gay rights – same sex marriage etc etc) offset by neoliberal economic polices for the
      particularly the poor and even in many instances the lower and middle middle classes.

      The 2% that work for the 1% ( the BBC hacks and those on around 150k plus per year including a lot of politicians )
      live in mortal fear that if Corbyn gets in their little world will fall apart.

      I parody Paul Mason and he’s right.

      The more time Brexit/Non Brexit takes the more chance there is off that happening.

      This is why the MSM will not countenance any type of Deal from the Labour Party or anyone else for that matter.

      More time may equal Labour and Corbyn led government.

      This is waht keeps Fiona and her chums awake at night – not a No Deal.

  10. Francis Lee says

    ”He’ll (Corbyn) meet with Hamas and Sinn Fein …” Yes, why shouldn’t he, it’s called diplomacy. I think the Independent has overlooked the fact that Blair was involved in the Good Friday Agreement which ended the military conflict in Ulster. This was perhaps the most/only achievement during his whole period of tenure in no. 10 Downing Street. But trust the media boneheads to miss that. They can only echo the war cry of the loyalist militias – UDA/UVF/UFF – No surrender!

    • Butties says

      Mo Mowlem deserves all the credit for the GFA , Bliar deserves none.

  11. Dave Hansell says

    The key issue with TIG is their existence in Parliament as an unincorporated private company. In effect this makes those squatting in those Parliamentary seats Board members whose chief fiduciary duties and responsibilities are towards their shareholders/funders rather than their constituents, the electorate, the citizenry.

    They cannot serve two masters and this presents not just a conflict of interest but also one of values. Allowing them to continue to keep their seats on this basis sets a dangerous democratic precedent as there now seems to be no impediment to any individual or group of existing MP(s) setting up in similar fashion. It undermines the democratic franchise and turns Constituencies into rotton boroughs with Parliamentary seats available to the highest bidder.

    Ironically, this more than anything else demonstrates, albeit unintended, the point made by TIG about “politics being broken.” The Commons Speaker and the Speakers Office have advised this does not fall under their area of responsibility and have advised to try the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission have failed to answer the questions put to them and have taken to not bothering to reply advising this is the responsibility of the Cabinet Office.

    Even though they are clearly not the appropriate body to deal with such issues the Cabinet Office, like the Electoral Commission, cannot even be bothered to reply giving advice as to who is proper body/organisation/institution to deal with this. Probably because no one wants to.

    It is little wonder that a recent poll by Sky found some 87% of the public take the view that politicians don’t care about them whilst 79% felt they have no way of influencing political decisions which impact on them.

    When so many within a population feeldemocracy is not working for them, albeit for different and sometimes diametrically opposing reasons, the demos is in serious trouble.

    • Shardlake says

      Dave : The summation in your first two paragraphs is absolutely on the button and these Brexit circumstances have led this country to where it finds itself today. We have a nation with a substantial proportion of the population who have, rightly, felt they have not prospered as well as their peers and have been left behind or ignored by those they elected to look after their interests in Parliament.

      By and large the British people have been fed, as Mr Knightly points out, by a hostile self serving national press who promote the interests of a small wealthy elite to the detriment of a largely politically ignorant electorate who have been persuaded to vote against their own best interests.

      You make an admirable case for the elimination of any outside Parliament MPs interests to be permitted as the only interest an MP should have should be that of his/her constituents. At the time of Mr Corbyn’s two elections the people who voted for him to become leader of the Labour Party did so because they needed an alternative to the right wing they had endured during the Blair years.

      Clearly, Mr Umunna and his Labour cohorts’ ideology were roundly rejected by the party electorate and if he had any sense of decency he would by now have resigned his seat to face re-election by his constituency, but he chose instead to act the way he has – what a guy !

  12. crank says

    ‘The Independent Group’ is an oxymoron. MPs are either independent or part of a group (i.e. a party).
    Some might say ‘kabbalist thinking’ there. See the TIG pose as ‘an eye’.

    On reflection, a private corporation actually governing from Downing Street would save us all a lot of running around pretending that we still have a functional democracy of any sort.
    I remember reading Korten’s book ,When Corporations Rule The World back in the 1990s, and now….well…..shit.

    If I was Corbyn I would set up my own Youtube channel and in such a situation livestream an immediate message to the nation from the back of the car after leaving the meeting, explaining why the walk out. Jump the gun on the psychopathinc liars before they got the chance to shape the message in their warped, perverted minds and broadcast it to the brainwashed masses.
    I mean, why not?

    • mark says

      Jezza needs to take on the MSM directly like Trump has. Tweeting, attacking them directly as implacably hostile actors and fake media. Refuse interviews and ignore them. Put them on the defensive. Puncture their over inflated egos.

      John Bolton (I’m no fan) did this when interviewed by Bay Kurley at Sky. She was doing her usual Ali G style of interviewing and he just slapped her down and called her a media munchkin. There’s no need to defer to them, Bruce, Dimbleby, Sackur, Snow – they are all self important lying scum.

  13. mark says

    They should just rename themselves the Friends of Israel Party before they get wiped out at the next election.
    Perhaps the Board of Deputies can just get them booted upstairs into the Lords.
    I can just see them now, resplendent in their ermine robes, Lord Chuka, Lady Luciana, Dame Anna.
    It’s where all the Owens and Dick Tavernes tend to end up.
    Unfortunately, the Kinnock style Brussels sinecures in charge of bendy bananas aren’t available now.

      • Wot being in eurovision song contest is not enough? How about inviting Syria to join with its multicultural population…not sure they might accept though….

      • Haltonbrat says

        Why would Israel want to do that. They get the benefits already without paying. However with UK in the EU with Corbyn as PM that might change.

    • crank says

      As the next phase of the Yinon Plan seems to be being enacted in the Golan (then presumably the West Bank), and we consider that Israel is probably the only country in the world with close relationship to America, Russia and China, we all might want to consider if those ‘cranky ones’ were really right all along….(?)

  14. Michael Cromer says

    Enough Talking(Jaw Jaw) – Time for Action(War War). – The Shit Hits the Fan!

  15. Maggie says

    IMHO Bruce is a fully paid up Tory propaganda presstitute, who is incapable of chairing Question Time and is utterly embarrassing with her smarm and her irritatingly condescending voice.. I stopped watching Antiques Roadshow because of her, and now will stop watching QT. The audience are hand picked anyway, and do not represent what the ‘actual” man in the street thinks. It is pre-programmed propaganda.
    She forgets her place… What she should be doing is attacking the Tories who are allegedly the Government of the day who are making a bo**ocks of everything they do… instead, she delights in gunning for Labour who are the OPPOSITION. Clearly a ploy to sway public opinion against JC. She is what I think a typical MI5 stooge looks like. Not the first time she has shown her colours….
    >>Bruce was criticised for showing “blatant bias” when interviewing Matt O’Connor, founder of Fathers 4 Justice, for a BBC programme in 2004. Bruce, who had ‘featured in advertising campaigns’ for the charity Women’s Aid, was accused of having an axe to grind on the issue of domestic violence.
    Many, including O’Connor, felt she let her own personal view on domestic violence as an issue of gender take over the programme. There were also concerns that O’Connor had originally been invited to speak about CAFCASS and the Family Courts, yet the programme was changed to focus on domestic violence.
    Later, a BBC committee, investigating on behalf of the BBC Governors, concluded that there were “some weaknesses” in the programme when considered against the BBC’s journalistic values of “Truth and Accuracy, Serving the Public Interest, Impartiality and Diversity of Opinion, Independence and Accountability”
    Yet she is still in work? Why, because she is just one of many useful tools at the British Brainwashing Corporation.l..

    • mark says

      Just another bog standard BBC media mouthpiece hack.
      Funded with £3.7 billion of taxpayers money.

    • Paul says

      She comes from that far away country the British Empire, where she grew up like so many before a sometimes hurried and unexpected return to Britain. As a class they miss the servants and the sun and have little knowledge or interest in Britsin outside of the upper class. I don’t think Ms Bruce had to be persuaded to regurgitate the latest anti Labour jibes, it comes quite naturally, circa 1951.

  16. Some Random Passer-by says

    In all honesty, the first thing that goes through my (tiny) mind is “Who cares?”

    1) Whatever Corbyn does is wrong, because Corbyn…

    2) There will be many of the “I know best, how dare the uppity racist plebs push their brexit onto me” supporting Umunna. Mostly because of 1)

    3) The problem with Brexit is our MPs… On both sides of the house.

    From elsewhere on the tubes;

    By Votes
    17.4million Leave : 16.1 Million Remain

    By Constituency
    406 Leave : 242 Remain

    By Constituency Party
    Lab-148 Leave : 84 Remain
    Con- 247 Leave : 80 Remain

    By Region
    9 Leave : 3 Remain

    BY MP
    160 Leave : 486 Remain

    Ironically, through arrogance (they couldn’t see us voting differently to what they thought) they agreed to honour the results.

    I don’t think we’re going to see any sort of Brexit, and will be very surprised if we do leave. I do think we’re going to see some sort of push back because of it.

    • Doggrotter says

      Hey Some Random Guy. Your comment caught my eye, good thoughts. Why do you not think that with the majority of constituencies being Pro Brexit, the majority of MP’s will vote leave to protect their jobs?

      • Some Random Passer-by says

        Game of troughs, isn’t it. (Slightly off topic, where is the money for 200 remainer protest buses coming from?!?!)

        They don’t want to leave the EU because of the money. The lobbying money spent on the European parliament is mind bogglingly huge. Then there’s we know best attitude that’s seeps from almost all of them.

        If they were going to vote leave, they would have already, because that’s what democracy should be. We haven’t seen this.

        The only thing I’ve seen so far is party before country followed by Get Corbyn!

  17. Paul says

    Chilling to see how the dreadful Fiona Bruce on QT last night so eagerly seized the story and excitedly put it as soon as she could to the commendably calm Labour guy. In fact there was nothing to actually ask just a little rant about Corbyn ‘storming out’ etc etc. No mention that CU is just one MP very much on his own; no party, no policy -( not sure about No money! He won’t say). These little Tory ‘attacks’ are predictable and weak and having ‘commentators’ like Bruce gush it all out again with that fake air of outrage only tells people how weak they are.


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