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Mueller Finally Gives up His Two Year Search For a Non-Existent Needle

Rob Slane, from the Blogmire

Quelle surprise. After more than two years looking for a non-existent needle in an ever-expanding haystack, Chief Hunter of the Needle, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has finally declared that he hasn’t been able to find it. This ought to come as no surprise, because as we know non-existent needles don’t exist. Except, of course, in the minds of hundreds of foolish Democrat politicians and their dutiful stenographers in the mainstream media, or Global Pravda as it is known on this blog.

The fascinating thing about it all is that it wasn’t hard to grasp that the needle didn’t exist. It was obvious from the start. Here’s what I wrote back in November 2017, almost 18 months before Robert Mueller finally gave up his pointless hunt:

Imagine a Convention of Village Idiots holding a never-ending hunt for a non-existent needle in an ever-expanding haystack. Every once in a while one of them finds a twig, or an old sock, or a marble, and with a look of sheer delight on their face they look up and squawk, ‘I’ve found it’. And all the other VIs gather round to marvel at the needle, and the news is published in the press across the country that they’ve got it, and there is much rejoicing. Until that is, someone points out that what they’ve found is not a needle at all, but a twig or an old sock or a marble, and before you know it they’ve quietly put it to one side, and resumed the hunt.

The Convention, which sometimes goes by the name Russiagate, has been going on for more than a year now, and despite its participants claiming on multiple occasions to have found the needle, sadly for them they’ve still to locate it. You might think that after still not finding it after this long, they’d be discouraged enough to give up, go home, and tend to their gardens, or some other such useful endeavour. But not a bit of it. The fact that they keep finding things in the haystack that aren’t needles only convinces them that there must be a needle in there somewhere. And so with a squawk of excitement and a cry of “On with the hunt”, off they go again looking for it with more enthusiasm than ever, ready to unearth yet more non-needles.

What have they actually found? Well, there was the indictment of Paul Manafort. Surely that was a needle, wasn’t it? Well, only in the same way that a needle resembles a brick, the charges against him being utterly unrelated to Russia, but instead about dealings he had in Ukraine years before Donald Trump ever announced he was standing for election. How about the indictment of George Papadopolous by the Mueller inquiry? Well, given that the charge against him is again nothing to do with collusion with Russia, but rather about lying to the FBI, that’s not very needle-like either, is it?

Somehow though, supposedly serious and powerful people have believed in the non-existent needle with a zeal that might be commendable if it were ever used to do some actual good. As it is, their evidence-free fanaticism has simply shown them to be on the Dark Side of the Moon, many sandwiches short of a picnic, and certainly an indictment short of collusion. The question is why? Chiefly a couple of reasons:

Firstly, although I have zero time for the present incumbent of the White House, who I consider to be a man-child possessing stratospheric levels of folly, egotism and petty vindictiveness, the one commendable thing about him was that in his campaign, he seemed to be fairly keen on not starting a war with Russia. That seems to me be to be a Good Thing! True, his plan was never any more detailed than repeating the phrase,“I think we can get along” over and over, but for anyone who isn’t keen on nuclear war, it was still preferable to the sentiments of his opponent, Mrs Warmonger. Although she didn’t openly campaign on a promise to start a war with Russia, she might just as well have done so given some of the ideas she was espousing.

But apparently some folks got spooked by what Mr Trump was saying because — well because American exceptionalism and all that. And the only explanation they could come up with for his strange sounding words about dialling down tensions with a nuclear-armed country was that he must be in cahoots with the Kremlin. Obvs! Of course, some of them knew this to be baloney, but said it anyway because they foresaw Mr Trump as a huge threat to their neo-globalist project. Others were just “Useful Idiots”, probably truly believing it and being more than happy to peddle it night after night in the TV studios of Global Pravda. I do wonder that it never seems to occur to such people that if tensions with another nuclear-armed power are not dialled down, they stand as much chance of ending up in a cloud of radioactive ash as “the Deplorables” they seem to despise.

Secondly, those who have zealously hunted in the haystack have done so because they could never reconcile themselves to the fact that their beloved candidate did not attain to what she, and they, assumed to be her birthright. Like Gollum, her precious had been stolen from her, but unlike Gollum — a solitary and friendless creature — the Creature Clinton had a multitude of supporters ready to try to move heaven and earth to get back what was apparently rightfully hers. And so rather than facing up to the fact that she lost because she is perhaps the most odious politician in modern America, they instead justified her loss by concocting the most fantastical tale about how the ring was stolen from her by conniving thieves.

However, not only was the tale not true, but its murky origins actually begin with Mrs Clinton’s attempts to deprive her opponent of the Presidency. In other words, Russiagate is really Clintongate, as I now hope to explain.

It was abundantly clear very early on that the whole collusion claim started with a dossier put together by the (former?) MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Not only this, but it was also clear that the dossier itself was not impartial intelligence, but had been commissioned by the Clinton campaign, which paid Fusion GPS for dirt on Mr Trump. Fusion GPS then farmed it out to a private British intelligence company — Orbis Business Intelligence — which is owned by Christopher Steele. As an aside, Christopher is friends with Pablo, who was friends with Sergei, both of whom lived in Salisbury — but that’s another story for another time!

But it gets even murkier. Not only was the dossier put together at the behest of the Clinton gang, but when it was handed over to US Intelligence, its contents were never even verified by the FBI. Yet that didn’t stop its salacious contents being peddled around Washington to various reporters and politicians, prior to the 2016 election. And it was this that formed the beginnings of the whole idea that Mr Trump was in cahoots with Mr Putin.

The dossier itself, which was released into the public domain in January 2017 by Buzzfeed, is full of unverified gossip. And just recently we found out more about why that was. In one of those inconvenient moments when the truth seeps out — although unfortunately the entire Global Pravda press corps seem to have been out at the time — deposition transcripts from a federal court case, in which Mr Steele and Buzzfeed are being sued by Aleksej Gubarev, who is named in the dossier, reveal that Mr Steele took at least some of the information in the dossier straight from CNN iReports. Furthermore, it was also revealed in those transcripts that Mr Steele didn’t even know that the site he was taking the info from was not in any way verified, but rather included postings by members of the public. CNN themselves called it:

a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked, or screened before they post.”

When asked in court if he understood that CNN iReports were nothing more than any random individuals’ assertions on the Internet, Steele replied:

No, I obviously presume that if it is on a CNN site that it has some kind of CNN status. Albeit that it may be an independent person posting on the site.”

The astonishing nature of this needs to be digested slowly, but let me try to summarise it for you.

  1. The Hillary Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS for dirt on Donald Trump.
  2. Fusion GPS farmed this out to a private British Intelligence organisation, run by Christopher Steele, who used to lead the Russia desk for MI6.
  3. Mr Steele based at least some of his dossier on “intelligence” taken from a website where anyone can post information.
  4. This dossier then became the basis for the entire two years of absurd accusations against the President of the United States, that he and his campaign actively colluded with a foreign power to steal the presidency.

Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? And yet it’s absolutely true.

There is of course another element of all this, which is the claim that the Russian State hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Whilst these were not claims that Robert Mueller was specifically investigating, they do of course play a part in the general theory of Russian meddling and collusion with the Trump campaign to rob Mrs Clinton of her birthright. Yet there is no more truth in these claims than in the collusion claims. As I noted here:

“The claims of Russian state involvement in the hacking of the DNC’s and John Podesta’s computers originated from the DNC itself, and from the company they themselves paid to investigate, making the alleged victim — the DNC — the counsel for the prosecution for its own claims. There is the fact that the firm the DNC paid to undertake the investigation — Crowdstrike — is owned by one Dmitri Alperovitch, a Senior Fellow at the rabidly anti-Russian think tank, Atlantic Council, which makes them not exactly what you would call “impartial”. There is the fact that the FBI have never even examined the DNC’s or Mr Podesta’s computers to verify the claims they have made, but have instead relied wholly on the findings of Crowdstrike — the company paid for by the DNC. There is the fact that the FBI has never interviewed the two key witnesses in the whole affair, Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange — both of whom have stated that they know the identity of the individual(s) who leaked (not hacked) the emails.”

But what about the “fact” that all 17 US intelligence agencies signed off on the January 6th document claiming that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta computers? Problem with this claim is that it’s not true (I wrote about this here at the time). Quite apart from the fact that that report contained no evidence to back up the claim of hacking (most if it bizarrely focuses on RT), it was signed off by four, not 17 agencies, with the NSA — the all-seeing eye that can track all incoming or outgoing server activity — only being willing to express “moderate confidence” in the claims being made. The disclaimer to that document in Annex B is unintentionally hilarious, stating without a trace of irony:

Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”

In other words, they don’t have the proof, which of course the NSA would have if there had actually been a hack and not a leak. Draw your own conclusions.

And so the Mueller Inquiry has now followed the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee in being unable to find evidence of collusion. There’s a reason for that. Just as you’re never going to find a non-existent needle in a haystack, no matter how hard you look and no matter how many searches you launch, you’re not going to find non-existent collusion either.

What has shown up, however, is this: A junk dossier, cobbled together by a British spy at the behest of the Clinton Gang who wanted dirt to discredit her opponent, was circulated to journalists prior to the 2016 election, even though its contents were unverified by the FBI, and it was this that then kickstarted a frenzy of folly and lies that have poisoned the atmosphere in the US for over two years, polluted the airwaves, led to impeachment calls based on falsehoods, and made the international situation far more dangerous than it has been than at anytime since 1962.

Heads ought to roll. Those involved in creating these lies (including in the FBI and Department of Justice) ought to face investigation. Prosecutions should follow. But of course none of these things will happen. Instead, the non-existent needle hunters will do one of two things: They’ll either move on, pretend it never happened and continue to be feted as experts on Global Pravda. Or they’ll double down on their claims, perhaps saying that Mueller has been compromised (maybe Putin has videos of him as well?). Perhaps they’ll even find another haystack in which to hunt their non-existent needle.


  1. Masterblaster says

    Lol he has russia agents for wifes since 1977. Do you really think communist would let anyone out to marry bilionaire? There were shows at the time talking about your moral fall when people like Trump can have so much while you also have homeless people. That was foundation of communist moral superiority over US. Neverthless it seems USSR still delivers newer model from time to time.

  2. Finally Skripalbury can be twinned with Russiagate in recognition of the sterling work performed in the pursuance of British national security. The “between a rock and a hard place” award is proposed as symbolic of the creative designs followed by MI6…

    Russia made the allegations in January 2006, but this is the first time anyone in the UK has publicly accepted them.

    Jonathan Powell, then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief of staff, told a BBC documentary it was “embarrassing”, but “they had us bang to rights”.


    Although this one took some 6 years to be admitted as the Brits faking the truth…

  3. Rhys Jaggar says

    The real question is how much Mueller got paid for two years of timewasting and who paid him.

    We in the UK are now beyond bored with ‘public enquiries’ whose sole purpose is to enrich those who carry them out, usually lawyers or Establishment parasites.

    This nonsense had all the hallmarks of aggravated harassment with menaces and should not have been paid for by the US taxpayer.

  4. More and more I am reminded of the Bushies who were still insisting circa 2007-8 that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 11/9 and had weapons of mass destruction, even after their lord and master George W had himself stated that neither of these was true (that the Shrub is a liberal icon and deity now has no bearing on that subject). American political tribalism is exactly like real life tribes: the tribesman must disbelieve the evidence of his own eyes and decide that black is white if that is what the tribal chief decrees. The alternative is expulsion from the tribe, and, especially for liberals, the tribe is literally their only identity. Unable and/or unwilling to think for themselves, they find refuge in the party line on any and every subject whatsoever, even if today’s line is in direct contradiction to yesterday’s and will again be reversed tomorrow.

  5. Stonky says

    I feel very sorry for Killary Klownshoes. She spunked one point two BILLION dollars on her election campaign. All she needed to do was invest seventy grand in a pair of sweaty Russians, sitting in their basement at their laptops with their underpants round their ankles, and she would be POTUS…

    Hahahahhahahahahhahhahaha. I love it.

  6. Wilmers31 says

    Russiagate is a symbol for the Anglos not understanding Russians – a very dangerous chasm.

    If/when Russia considers one of the two candidates more dangerous than the other (Hillary Clinton dancing from one war possibility to the other) they would certainly consider what they might be able to do to not let that belligerent candidate win. Russian thinking is a little more sophisticated than forging ballot papers or some such like and besides – they did have the argument on their side.

    For Americans, war is just another method of forcing obedience, for Russians it has another meaning and is the thing to avoid – at almost all costs.

    You do not need influencing operations when you have the argument on your side. Sadly, Trump has been turned now. Instead of ogling a war against Russia, China, and Iran he seems to favour one about Venezuela.

    • Exceptionals says

      “…… is a symbol for the Anglos not understanding Russians”

      But these Anglos wouldn’t worry about not understanding other people/nations, as their existence ultimately depends on ‘not understanding others’. All the information, tools and expertise are widely available to ‘understand’ everything, but it is in the interest of their supremacist ideology to ignore that others are human too.

  7. Narrative says

    “Two Year Search”

    Haha .. why too short?
    This Mueller lacks the astute British ability to make investigations last (drag) a couple of decades.

    Perhaps Integrity Initiative was not involved ..

  8. Brian harry says

    Nobody seems to have asked “WHY” would Russia try to rig the American election. The Republicans and the Democrats are just “two wings of the same bird”, and whoever wins is immediately set upon by “DONORS” who buy whatever and whoever they want.
    “The table is tilted….the game is rigged”(George Carlin). I think the “Russian influence” was just a distraction from the overwhelming influence exerted by the “AIPAC gang”, who always seem to get what they want from the American political system…..

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Very astute, Brian.

      No coincidence that Al-Jazeera not only defeated AT&T & Co. in court, over cable networking and their subsequent documentary series called ‘The Lobby’ was simply way too close to the truth to have publicly discussed, rather like the legacy of the USS Liberty, at the time.

      You might like to consider that the release of the Mueller drivel coincided with Trump’s Unilateral declaration of Israeli rights to the Golan Heights … on which nobody has focussed and is of way more political significance on the global scene and of Israeli interests. 😉

    • Russiagate

      A. successfully stalled the Trump presidency for 2 years,

      B. was the perfect distraction from Clinton / DNC law-breaking, corruption and what looks like treason. All of which cry out for investigation! From Berniegate (campaign vote gerrymandering) …..to the Clinton server & Pay-to-play……to the in-house DNC leak to Julian Assange followed by the mysterious death of Seth Rich…..to paying for this cooked-up “evidence”.

      Curiously, it can be noted that the contents of the MI6 / Clinton concoction (Steele Dossier) were aimed at the lowest level of mental consumption….yet it was the purportedly ‘intellectual’ DNC non-Deplorables who backed it with dedication and the Deplorables who saw through it.

  9. George Cornell says

    “Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”

    Because if it were a fact, and it was in the slightest way prejudicial to the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE, you can be damned sure you would never hear it from us, nor from any of the media we control.

  10. crank says

    A great summary.
    Obviously Russiagate is gibberish, but I can’t help but wonder if there is more to the story than a pissed off Democrat establishment.
    Surely they would have known if there was likelihood of ‘a needle’ in that haystack at the beginning (relationships with geopolitical adversaries tend to leave a trail in spookland), and therefore known that there wasn’t and known that the whole thing would hit the rocks in a matter of months ?
    Russiagate looks like shaddow boxing to me, and as much as the principled sceptics deserve credit for calling it out from the beginning, it might be too easy to convince ourselves that we know what is really going on and why.

    • George Cornell says

      But they aren’t conceding there is no needle, at least not the wicked DNC, and they keep nattering on that Trump was not exonerated, but I forget what for now, as will most people by the time of the next election.

      Dysfunctional, thy name is American politics. Civil unrest brewing. Neither side trusts each other nor should they., nor can they be trusted. I’d sooner trust a Kim Jong …..? Toss-up.

    • Andrew Mcguiness says

      Russiagate has had the effect of distancing Trump from Russia, of pre-emptively cutting off any friendly approach or co-operation between the US and Russia. Something to do with the petro-dollar and the US trillion-dollar national debt, I suppose …

      • Roberto says

        Also to be noted that all nations that are ‘liberated’ seem to have their gold and foreign reserves disappear.

    • mark says

      You can never underestimate the ignorance and arrogance of the American political establishment, particularly the Liberal/ Left, or what currently passes for such.
      These people have a very tenuous grip on reality at the best of times,
      And they genuinely believe that objective reality is subordinate to their needs and should correspond to their desires at any particular time.
      You see this in the fantasies that were woven about Private Jessica Lynch in Iraq, or the Hollywood film U570.
      It’s not so much a question of deliberately lying, as a Walter Mitty syndrome.
      This is a common American trait.
      Think of characters like Clinton, Maxine Waters, Rachel Madcow, Louise Mensch.
      The Kremlin commissioned a study of Clinton by Russian psychologists because of her bizarre behaviour in Moscow.
      She would suddenly explode in a violent foul mouthed rage for no obvious reason.
      She was known to physically assault her bodyguards, staff, and poor old Bill himself, without any provocation.
      They assessed her as a mentally unstable, alcoholic drug addict.
      She had to be physically restrained after getting drunk and assaulting her staff after losing the 2016 election.
      To someone like her, Putin stole the election and gave it to Trump.
      She wants this to be true, so it is true.

        • mark says

          An Orthodox priest revealed that Clinton had been possessed by the Devil.
          Personally I think that’s a little bit hard on old Satan,

          • Seamus Padraig says

            Exactly. And what would Satan get in return? Clinton has no soul to steal!

    • Refraktor says

      Totally agree. Mueller has confirmed to the world the existence of a rabid fake news agenda. He has at the same time undermined the West’s entire anti-Russia narrative. To what end? Buggered if I know.

    • Roberto says

      It was a complete hoax and fraud from day one, and the leftist-liberal media in the States ran with it, because that’s what they do. There was no needle, and the whole nonsensical exercise was created from whole cloth.
      It did get traction during the ‘transition period’, and one useful outcome of this episode should be that the transition period should not be 2 1/2 months, which allows the Democrats to wreak as much destruction as possible before they leave office, but should be a transition taking place the next day or two or possibly in a week, as happens in most civilised nations.
      Another disappointment is that the whole rotten mess about the leaked emails which occurred later could have possibly been stopped instantly by Assange (and Murray who admitted transporting them) revealing from whom the flash drive containing the notorious emails came from instead of Assange coyly offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of a killer or killers of an obscure individual thousands of miles away who Assange should have no reason to know or have care about. A hint as broad as that could not be missed, but for ideological reasons the media was able to quickly pass over it in the absence of a concrete statement identifying the source. Instead, the shocking content of the emails, never denied, was overshadowed by the created fiction that the ‘Russians hacked them’, another breathtaking fraud that was never investigated despite physical evidence being at hand.

  11. Paul says

    It must be right that the Steele Dossier was the kindling wood in the Russiagate storm. The Steele Dossier must have had the OK of the Head(s) of SIS. After a career in MI6 concluding as Head of the Russia Desk he was subject to the Official Secrets Act about publishing material gleaned in the course of work. It would need to be vetted. Look at what happened to Peter Wright when Spycatcher was banned. Anybody vetting Steele’s Dossier would soon realise who was paying and why – to do anything to stop Trump announced Mr Steele on TV before the vote. It’s not hard to see how the US Intelligence Agencies had long decided Trump wasn’t somebody they could do business with, too unpredictable and vain quite apart from wanting to cosy up with Enemy No 1 as they saw it. What the American Agencies wanted was exactly what the British were prepared to offer, their best work by their brightest star with salacious accounts of urinating prostitues thrown in gratis. When Trump actually won they must have decided immediately he had to go. The safest way (shooting being too obvious) to to try and destabilise him, just as if he was a ‘rogue’ state that needed Regime Change. They ran the campaign at full pelt for 2 years; there were articles every day about how scared he was and how it was about to happen. Like many an overfunded PR stunt it has gone a bit flat now!
    I think the Steele-Miller-Seregei chain is important because the whole thing in Salisbury was to stop the old spy going back to Russia to see his sick mother, fearing he’d spill the beans about Steele-CIA links in return for retirement close to his family. When it seemed the old bugger was determined to return what could they do but make sure neither of made it? That incredibly enough has worked; Nobody has heard from them since!

  12. ZigZagWanderer says

    Is Hardings “Collusion” still NYT No.1 bestseller ? Copies available on AmazonUK from £0.01 .

    Cheaper than firelighters.

  13. mark says

    This is the sort of magical thinking you have to expect in primitive and disintegrating societies like the US.
    Like the Red Indian Ghost Dancers of the 1890s or the Pacific Island Cargo Cults.
    Quite entertaining in their own way but a little bit pathetic.
    Of course the UK, another disintegrating society, has its own cargo cults, like Jezza is an anti semite, like Putin stole the Brexit Referendum, like Putin is getting out his chemistry set to murder us all in out beds.

  14. Grafter says

    New needle. New record coming soon. Earplugs at the ready.

  15. Sharon Marlowe says

    “(most if it bizarrely focuses on RT)”

    The focus on RT is russiagate. The establishment has lost control of its narrative rights because of RT. Margarita Simonyan deserves every positive award that can possibly be given. She’s brilliant!:)

  16. IntergenerationalTrauma says

    Keep in mind that even our so called “democratic socialist” candidate Bernie Sander has pushed and shilled the Russiagate nonsense shamelessly. Tulsi Gabbard, for any and all of her faults, is the only American presidential candidate to clearly oppose the Russiagate narrative and our criminal actions directed toward Venezuela. Bernie the great “progressive” managed to recite just about every single fraudulent CIA propaganda regime-change talking point aimed at Venezuela, before ending his CIA litany with, “but I don’t think we should interfere,” or something to that effect. This bit of theatre of the absurd was Bernie’s “principled” stand against U.S. imperialism.

    Those of us who support peace and oppose endless illegal immoral U.S. militarism see nothing to be optimistic about in this coming presidential election cycle. We’re an oligarchy for god’s sake, and we the common people are simply here for window dressing for this little war pageant.

    I have donated to Tulsi Gabbard, not because I believe she has even the slightest chance of being elected given the forces arrayed against peace, but simply because if she gets 65,000 discreet donations she will be “allowed” to participate in the Democratic Party debates, and can then put issues of war & peace into public view before the highly propagandized populace here, something that will not happen if she is excluded. Sad to say, but at this point the world’s best hope for peace would be if the dormant Yellowstone volcano decides to erupt and throw a wrench in our endless war mongering before we Americans can initiate armageddon.

  17. Denis O'hAichir says

    No needle, time to change tack, send in Clooney.

    • Yarkob says

      and make a film. produced by lionsgate. like all of the “fix the message” films are

  18. When there are “crooks” guarding the hen house and the hen is a crook and her opponent is a continuous crime-in- progress, how could any of this not be a wild goose chase with a slapstick entourage.

    All that is left is for the fat-orange-tweeter to rage on with “get backs”!

    Tubularsock is just bored and tired! Now can we get back to PizzaGate? Pass the baloney.


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