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WATCH: Collateral Murder

Kit Knightly

With yesterdays arrest of Julian Assange, we thought it important to remember WHY he was in the Empire’s crosshairs. The video Collateral Murder (below) is WikiLeaks’ most famous, most shocking release. Footage of US military personnel murdering civilians and journalists and laughing about it.

This is the shortened version, the full unedited footage can be found here, with notes transcripts and accompanying memos and press-releases available here.

Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. They are apparently assumed to be insurgents. After the initial shooting, an unarmed group of adults and children in a minivan arrives on the scene and attempts to transport the wounded. They are fired upon as well. The official statement on this incident initially listed all adults as insurgents and claimed the US military did not know how the deaths occurred.

As shocking as the footage is, it is only a microcosm of the horrors inflicted on Iraq (and other countries of the Middle East), in the name of “freedom and democracy”. Realising the truth, that our leaders have no values, and our much vaunted armed forces can be peopled by violent psychopaths, is an important journey for everyone. A journey that Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks, started for a lot of people.

His reward for that service has been public ridicule, a deprivation of his rights, and now an illegal arrest. Chelsea Manning, who leaked the footage, was held in solitary confinement for years, and was recently arrested again, for refusing to testify against Assange and WikiLeaks. (UPDATE: It is now evident that Assange was handed over as a result of a dirty backdoor deal).

As of April 13th 2019, the people who started that war are not in prison, they are not ostracised or shunned or punished in any way. They are free to make speeches about Brexit, or be branded “adorable” because they hand out candy to other war criminals and their wives.

The criminals run free, the victims are unavenged, and the brave who speak out are savagely silenced.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. OK, so I’ve looked at the video in a little more detail now (although more analysis needs to be done) and I think it’s safe to say it’s a fake. I’d appreciate other OffGers’ opinions whether it be for or against it being a fake. I suggest a collaborative approach – if Chelsea Manning is indeed an intelligence asset that is part of a controlled opposition effort and this video is a fake then I’d imagine that it will help Julian’s legal case. If you think the video is genuine I’m very happy to hear why – I certainly don’t want to be spouting it’s a fake if there is a good explanation to show it’s genuine.

    What I perceive to be elements of fakery:

    — Cobbled-together audio
    My feeling is that the audio is a cobbling-together of snippets of (mostly, at least) genuine audio of soldiers that are matched to the footage. I mean, how many voices should we hear? It sounds to me as if it’s more voices than you’d expect in the situation and a feeling of “made-to-fit” to the video. We are told that there are two Apaches so this might explain that when he hear a voice, it’s not from the Apache from which we see the footage. This, of course, is very convenient. My question is though where are these two Apaches in relation to each other?

    2:48 – There’s more that keep walking by and one of them has a weapon [cannot see people or weapon]
    2:53 – Arab-sounding voice says “two-oh-eight” [not in transcript – where does this come from?]
    2:55 – See all those people standing down there [can’t see anyone]
    3:19 – That’s a weapon [seemingly directed at “Namir” with camera. This is supposed to make us believe that in very unprofessional lack of recognition of camera, the soldier is looking for an excuse to kill, however, obviously if it’s cobbled-together audio the soldier saying “That’s a weapon” could easily be referring to a person genuinely carrying a weapon. I have to say that the soldier sounds to me as if he’s perfectly serious and is not misidentifying a camera as a weapon as an excuse to kill.]
    3:30 – Fucking prick [from both an audio and sense point of view this sounds very much inserted]
    3:35 – Have individuals with weapons [I cannot see any weapons at this point]
    3:39 – He’s got a weapon too [who is being referred to?]
    3:42 – Have five to six individuals with AK-47s [5-6 with weapons? – looks like only 2 to me]

    — Shots from side not aerial
    4:50 – Just after we hear the first 20 shots what we see are blasts that appear to come from the side not from above.
    Compare this Apache helicopter firing:

    • I should add the Apache helicopter firing kills 20 people very close to tents in which, one of the soldiers cautions, “children are moving around”. Would be terrifying although I do not know if those around the tents are the alleged Taliban and are the enemy of those in the tents. One would imagine they must be otherwise you’d think they’d take refuge in them. Nevertheless, it must be absolutely terrifying either way. The comments on the video give one pause, they really do.

  2. Tim Jenkins says

    You would be forgiven for thinking that REUTERS might have something to say now, finally at minimum, some form of legitimate legal opinion & position on “Collateral Murder”, with some genuine interest in reporting reality: but, not a single prostituted ‘peeps’ …

    Taking the 5th ?

    Plain public avoidance of any discussion on matters of principle, most grave ! ?

    This wholly indicative fact, re. Reuters, AP & AFP, is more revealing of the strategic military NATO & CIA agenda of societal brainwash, via harmonising their policy of silencing universal press releases & all forms of media censorship, than anything else ! Because if The Guardian had had 2 journalists murdered, under identical circumstances, one would expect a certain position to be held & declared, publicly . . . one way or another, i’m not telling people what to think, you must decide for yourself, whether the main distributors of all news globally is all a strategically timed collective NATO agenda & Façade, of a War on Terror, where NATO has been sponsoring & actually been creating the Terror, to ramp fear as direct strategy, as Ethan McCord bravely confirms, publicly.

    I’m just suggesting that working for Reuters, AP or AFP, would be rather like working as a U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, where nobody has your ‘back’ and like Ambassador Stevens, you would be merely a disposable tool,
    in propaganda wars for the Corporate interests of Media Moguls like Murdoch, all dictated politically by the likes of
    Clinton & Obama, who clearly did not just NOT
    give a fuck, they orchestrated Ambassador Stevens death, as SACRIFICE to sway minds publicly as an ‘Opfer’ & they profited from non-disclosure of commercial monetary conflicts of interest, most grave … just like Sarkozy.

    And this is why the U$A cannot fill so many positions of Ambassador, still today: you’d have to be wholly ignorant of
    History & Wikileaks evidence against Clinton & Obama **, to even consider investing TRUST in the security of your
    own LIFE & very existence! And if you have kids, need I say more . . . ?

    US Ambassadors’ duties in Libya, for single people only … with own Armoury ! ?

    ** How many people have actually read the Wikileaks releases on Benghazi & Clinton’s culpability,
    in spreading Terror ?

    Coz’, if you have been relying on the likes of Reuters, AP & AFP and most laughably The Guardian, you should by now, at the very latest, have massive inconsistencies instilled & logged in your brain, that point to ground-zero >>>

    TRUST in Judgement !

    Which was ostensibly why Clinton lost to Trump >>> simples !

    If the story is from Reuters, AP or AFP, you can rest assured that the timing of the news release is staged, in conjunction with so many other conflicts of interests and compromised journalistic principles . . .

  3. USAma Bin Laden says

    Here is a blast from the past:

    The conservative UK Telegraph newspaper published an article back in 2004 detailing how even British military commanders criticized their American military allies for the brutal treatment of Iraqis.

    Indeed, the Americans were suggestively described as treating the Iraqis like “Untermenschen”–that is, the Nazi term for subhumans or unpeople.

    The relevant quote from the article is: Speaking from his base in southern Iraq, the officer said: “My view and the view of the British chain of command is that the Americans’ use of violence is not proportionate and is over-responsive to the threat they are facing. They don’t see the Iraqi people the way we see them. They view them as untermenschen. They are not concerned about the Iraqi loss of life in the way the British are.”

    Iraqi Untermenschen

    Of course, these American war atrocities are only a “Few Bad Apples” and do not represent America’s heroic and noble war criminals in general.

    Just like the Abu Ghraib torture scandal; Haditha Massacre (2005); Nawabad Massacre (2008); Zangabad Massacre (2012); the sacking of Fallujah (2004); waterboarding, rectal-feeding, or enhanced interrogation torture tactics at Gitmo Gulag; collateral damage bombing of wedding parties and other civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen; or the sundry US military/CIA “black sites” around the planet in NO way represent the cherished values of the American Land of the Free!

    Remember, everyone, Support Our Stormtroopers!

    And God Bless Amurica!

    Ethan McCord: Incidents Like ‘Collateral Murder’ Happen Almost Daily in Iraq

    • JudyJ says

      Thanks for this info and links.

      Ethan McCord’s description of events reflects the thoughts of a sincere man with a conscience. He describes how incidents involving the cold-blooded execution of innocent civilians were virtually a daily event in Iraq, so I am confident to assume likewise everywhere else the US military has found itself deployed in armed conflict or ‘peace-keeping’ before and since.

      I was particularly struck by his comment that he realised that he had more in common [implicitly meaning in terms of morality] with the people in Iraq than the people who sent him there. If just one American, or indeed any other Westerner, sees this video and revises their misguided opinion of how the US military operates in conflict zones – and how it treats its own servicemen as expendable collateral ‘jetsam’ – then something positive will have been achieved.

  4. When did the U.S. Congress make a Declaration of War against Iraq, as mandated in the U.S. Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 … that would allow any U.S. action in Iraq or any other foreign country?

  5. Cam O'Byrne says

    The US military are notorious even amongst allied militaries for being unprofessional and because of the profligate abuse of firepower even a menace to themselves and their partners. The number of US “friendly fire ” incidents is huge and goes back to WW2. It is dangerous working with them and smart allies try and act independently of them on operations. Because the primary function of the US military is to transfer taxpayer dollars to the rich and protect corporate and, more recently, Israeli interests, it has never had a need to be an effective fighting force that can actually win a war, but merely needs to destroy. This creates the moral hazard that results in atrocities such as seen in this video where murderous, cowardly ass-hats, acting like teenage boys enjoying a video game, use rapid fire 30mm rounds to turn human bodies into bloody ribbons. This is no exceptional case. It happens all the time, just usually never comes to light. Just as My Lai was no exception. These are not soldiers (or “aviators” as they like to wank on about themselves). They have zero in common with those that actually took risks going up against Richthofen or those that fought at Stalingrad on either side or that endured hell at Waterloo or the Somme. They have never and could never fight real soldiers unless they vastly outnumbered them, and come off with anything other than a hiding. All they have ever been good at is massacring sleeping Indian villages or slaughtering Filipino peasants or nuking or firebombing civilians from the safety of 30,000 feet. They are moral degenerates and I say again, absolute effing cowards. Human filth. No decent person should or would be in the US military under any pretense or excuse whatsoever. Hell, they even murder any one of their own that is half decent like Pat Tillman, apparently a truly good man and no doubt a brave one. Smedley BUtler said it all years ago.

    • Mucho says

      Well said. Bill Hicks did a brilliant summary of this as he considers the rights and wrongs of “Gays In The Military”

    • Keep Crazyhorse’s name out of your vile mouths… the punk they’re calling crazyhorse is not crazyhorse…he wasn’t a coward like these rotten pigs

    • Tim Jenkins says

      ” …use rapid fire 30mm (corr: DEPLETED URANIUM) rounds to turn human bodies into bloody ribbons.”

      Sorry to correct you, Cam O’Byrne, but somethings need to be said most specifically & clearly, after seeing what NATO and the U.N. unloaded first on the Balkans, i feel it is essential to discuss this horrific munitions legacy accurately, as it is designed to amplify the terror of the moment: and for the armchair gamers with keyboards that never actually get to see the reality & aftermath, y’all might take an interest in the subsequent health of the soldiers handling such munitions, as did the ETH Zürich, when doing check ups on the health of Italian soldiers deployed.

  6. Jon Rose says

    Everyone seems to be missing the elephant in the room. 9/11 was orchestrated for the United States to invade Afghanistan and reinvade Iraq to topple both governments financially. At the time, the world banks, namely the Rothschild family, did not have control of either country. The military personnel made a grave mistake that day, but were only there to feed the greedful lust of the cabal. Once they acquired Iraq and Afghanistan, the illuminati then set their sights on Syria and Lybia. Russia were, and still are the pawns in Syria. The US, along with France killed Libya’s president Gaddafi before he was able to establish a new currency for Africa. That leaves three countries left in the world that the Rothschild family doesn’t control. North Korea, Cuba and Iran. That is why shutting down the Federal Reserve is so important, and so risky. We would have to start from zero. But it would cut off the head of the snake that put us in the position that led to the killing of innocent lives that day. God help us all and give us the strength to defeat the Luciferian cabal. WWG1WGA!!

    • Ben Lowsen says

      You’ve sailed off the Earth’s edge, I’m afraid.

      • Tim Jenkins says

        You’ve missed the boat Ben and should have checked the historic timeline of events & all necessary comms. including financial matters, coz’ yer’ money & mindless opinions & options are worthless, today !

        Sorry to tell you this Ben, but you are completely on the wrong side of a history demonstrable in both Law & mathematically. Do some sound research and check where the next boat is headed . . . coz’ you are playing catch up, big time, with so many billions of people way ahead of your childish humour.

        Hint: the IMF still accepts Maduro as Venezuelan President and if you believe everything that Trump says, then more fool you, coz’ you clearly have no idea how to negotiate & force the hand of the Deep State Shadow governance, who have subjected sovereign interests & military to dictatorship for corporate control of an Empire that transcends any national governance & any false notion of democracy !

  7. Sbrengard says

    War is a dangerous business. Carry weapons in a war zone and you are likely to be engaged. Associate with such people and you too are likely to be engaged. Would you prefer something like the fire bombing that occurred in WWII? Idiots. Have no understanding of warfare.

    • Patricia P Tursi says

      A camera is a powerful “weapon”. I remember this well. The horrors of Iraq, of Libya, Syria, Yemen….all fall upon the conscinence of the USA. The sacrifice of our jouranalists should be protested & resisted. Is the USA totallly morally bankrupt. End torture. End imperialism.

    • Gwyn says

      Yeah, those idiots! You tell ’em, Sbrengard!

      (Well done for not totally missing the point, by the way. Admirable).

      • Chris says

        So Gwyn and sbrengard are in favour of murdering innocent unarmed civilians and reporters and somehow think it’s their own fault, let me guess: ex serviceman who’s touchy ego is being hurt.

    • Charlotte says

      What you fail to acknowledge is that this was not a war zone. These people were walking down a street in New Baghdad for God’s sakes. And the driver of the van that tried to assist the first victims was simply taking his two children to school. The bombing of Dresden was also a war crime but please don’t try to diminish the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in these illegal wars. Chelsea Manning’s leak of this video and tens of thousands of Afghan and Iraq documents, and Wikileaks initial publication of them, was a courageous and important sharing of truth.

      • JudyJ says

        Exactly, Charlotte. Those accusing Manning/Assange of conspiracy or espionage, or whatever they choose to call it to make themselves feel self-righteous, elect to avoid acknowledging the context of any of the revelations.

        I was appalled that the BBC News yesterday had the gall to describe this leaked video simply as “film allegedly showing a US military helicopter firing at Iraqi civilians”. They (BBC) neither showed the people being shot nor made any mention of the number of innocent people slaughtered in cold blood in the incident. That was the fundamental point behind the ‘leak’ and no-one with an ounce of moral compass could argue that the truth shouldn’t have been made public. The omission of these details was so blatant, I can only presume that the reporter was under strict instructions not to mention these facts, presumably to play down the fact that Julian Assange should be protected from extradition to the US.

    • Sultan says

      Cameras you idiot. They were carrying cameras. God help us

    • Anti-Stupid Guided Missile says

      Yeah, the RPG mentioned in the video was a video camera. The people in the mini-van were trying to evac the wounded. I sure want to support a military that shoots journalists and medical teams with attack helicopters. Our troops know the real truth. Why do you suppose 23 a day commit suicide? Ever been to a war?

  8. The once who killed these people are cockroaches of the most dirty kind. Publicly show their faces!!

    • Mike says

      Please do not confuse the action of a few with the intent of 1.5 million loyal, brave, well intentioned soldiers. There are bound to be a minute percentage of bad apples. Footage also can easily be manipulated out of context. Not saying that is the case. But I caution the generalization of an entire force. In war there is bound to be collateral damage and psychopathic behavior. It is a violent business.

      • Chris says

        so that’s alright than, this is not collateral damage, this is willingly (for fun) murdering civilians, they should be trialed for murder, well intentioned soldiers? Go to foreign souvereign countries to steal their gold and other resources and murder woman and children is not loyal and certainly not brave!!

      • King Kong says

        F@@@ck of asshat! ! I have been to war, but this is murder, you swamp slime! There is no excuse for this. In wars foughrt by competent soldiers the odd civilian dies, not because of being targeted.
        Go back to the swamp you creep.

  9. Scales of Justice says

    You are doing good work, Knit, in giving alternative newsfeeds,
    keep up that good work as the world needs more of that, judging by the state of consciousness of some of the commentors in this little section down here.
    My goodness, the results of mindcontrol shown down here in this commentsection is overwhelming.
    The brainwashingmachines in the household prove to be effective in beaming bullshit in your brains, people-alike-organisms…

    • milosevic says

      — that’s because you’re either a zionist disinfo troll, or a fascist moron.

    • Marilyn says

      So the massacre of innocent human beings for sport is a ”good kill” is it.

    • John2o2o says

      Oh look, the Americans are here.

      Sometimes I think freedom of speech is overrated.

      Still, at least it means I can call you scum.

  10. Gezzah Potts says

    Thank you Kit again. This video, along with all the other atrocities and slaughter committed by the Anglo Zionist Empire is why we need to stand up and say… Enough. Entire countries are destroyed and bombed back to the stone age: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, many others have their Govts overthrown, even a tiny speck like Grenada is invaded, those who oppose the rape and pillage of the planet; of Imperialism, like Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Martin Luther King, Amilcar Cabral, and many many more are dealt with. Permanently. How many millions more have to die? The evil, the depravity of this Empire is mind numbing. And I’m bloody angry that so many in Australia couldn’t care less about Assange’s arrest, and quite a few ‘progressives’ would have applauded it. Such is the degeneracy of the ‘Left’ and ‘polite society’. Our future is looking grim people.

  11. Moneycircus says

    The defining act of WikiLeaks is dissent (as Christian Christensen argues in my link below).

    Dissent is, at it’s highest, the act of throwing oneself on the cogs of the machine or, as Mario Savio put it: “put your bodies upon the gears”. This is what Manning and Assange did.

    Dissent is also the simple act of daring to think for oneself. To question the official narrative. Mae Brussell is one of the greats in this regard.

    I don’t cheer public intellectuals nor listen to them much. Nor do they terrify the elite. An academic is paid to be a valve to let off steam in a controlled (state university) environment. So is a writer or broadcaster in the controlled environment of a (corporate or state) news outlet.

    Mae Brussell terrified the elite. Here was an ordinary person, a home maker riled to action by the murder of JFK. It was because she was apparently so ordinary that she was a threat. She became one of the great Connectors of the Dots. Working primarily by reading public documents and newspapers she showed how it is possible to see expose the Chimera that is the state-military-corporate organism.

    Connecting names and participants in events she found she could not just trace their steps but anticipate them. She exposed three prior attempts to kill JFK. She accurately forecast the assassination of RFK and the bringing low of Nixon.

    The greatest proof of the brilliance of her technique was her forecast one day before the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan.

    Her example is that dissent, in it’s purest and most powerful form, comes form the people. Although she herself became one more victim of that favourite technique, the fast acting cancer, she showed the state can act against individuals but struggles against numbers.

    I believe Mae’s work between 1971 and 1988 concerns not history but current and ongoing events.

    If Mae Brussell could expose the machinations thorough newspaper clippings, how much more should we be doing with the use of the Internet?

  12. wardropper says

    If only that appalling speech had been interrupted by somebody else. Maybe a protester or two…?
    Those spineless drones in Congress stand up and clap – some of them clearly reluctantly,and many of them have a look of disgust on their faces.
    DO something with your disgust, you irresponsible cowards.
    Resist being made Zionist Israel’s second state.

    • wardropper says

      Apologies. That comment belongs under the video of Nettie’s speech below.

  13. Escapee says

    I’m beginning to believe off-guarding is nothing more than an anti-American Communist digital rag spewing pro mohammadan ideology at the behest of House of Saud.

    You crazy SOB’s sound like Alex Jones (InfoWars) rallying a small delusional audience of self proclaimed intellectuals, when in the real world, you’re most failed out of work writers trying to sell toxic snake oil as a cure all.

    If not for America, you Commies would be speaking German.

    Sieg Heil with a middle finger salute.

    • Moneycircus says

      It was the USSR that defeated the Nazis. Not the USA.

      The USA armed the Nazis throughout WW2 (Standard Oil, DuPont, IBM, Ford, GM) and then hired the Nazis to run the CIA (Gehlen), Latin America (Barbie) and NASA (Dornberger).

      If you are not a shill, you are ignorant. Look up Ford and Hitler, Prescott Bush and Silesia, Rockefeller and Mengele, Edwin Black on IBM, John McCloy and Operation Paperclip, CIA and Gehlen, Barbie and Colonia Dignidad.

    • wardropper says

      Hey, look! I didn’t ignore you!
      I even added to your many downvotes for inferior intellect, stubborn ignorance and willingness to shill for the unforgivable.

    • milosevic says

      at the behest of House of Saud

      The “House of Saud” is a US puppet, you dumb-ass.

      If not for America

      The nazis were defeated by the USSR, you f***ing moron.

      Take your idiotic propaganda delusions back to 4chan, where you belong.

      • TheHolyCrow says

        Google up “The Jewish roots of the House of Saud”. According to some sources, Jews went to Saudi Arabia and started another branch of Islam, for the purpose of Divide and Conquer. Isn’t that what they have done since, like, forever ? Read John Chapter 8. It will take you about 5 minutes. Those amongst them who descend from the devil love to cause strife and war on Earth, because the devil and the evil demons live off the negative energy. They are the devils agents in this earthly realm. They did 911, just so there would be perpetual war. It was Silverstein and his Khazarian Mafia cohorts who became the leaseholders of the WTC complex 7 weeks prior to 911, despite the fact that it needed $1Billion in asbestos remediation or the city would shut it down. Under their watch, the “Gelitin Art Students” had free run of the Towers. Gelatin is a nickname for plastic explosive. Google “Gelitin Art Students” for more info on them and their “art”.

        • mark says

          Just as well Lucky Larry Silverstein doubled the insurance policy just before the planes hit. The $5 billion payout was a nice little earner. So was the second insurance payout he got from the airline insurance companies. Saved him the expense of ripping out all that asbestos as well

        • Steven Grossman says

          The Jews “started” Saudi Arabia, a country where there are no Jews and it is forbidden for a person with a passport stamped in Israel to enter, where one can not practice Judaism and it is illegal to sell land to a Jew. Decended from Devils and evil demons and live off negative energy. Google “Symptoms of Schizophrenia” and have a nice Anti Semitic life. Your tin foil hat is definitely on too tight

    • Ramdan says

      Escapee….poor guy!
      He’s been brainwashed and does not even notice it!!

    • crank says

      It’s safer back at the facility. I suggest you go home.

    • Viki Hannah says

      What absolute dribble ( Escapee ).
      This is a mistake and a cover up. Assange (along with Snowden ) exposed Americans for something you would be outraged if it happened to America.
      America is in the business of war & culture of weapons & if you think it’s ok for governments to go rogue whilst claiming they’re Democratic Leaders of the free world … you’re delusional from drinking the KoolAide.

      • wardropper says

        It’s the exceptionalist argument again – if you can call it that…
        It simply doesn’t enter their heads that THEIR outrage at being the target of somebody else’s military is exactly the same as other people’s outrage at being the target of an interfering US military.
        That straightforward analogy is as unfathomable to them as the idea that 2+2 equals 4 both in Iraq and in the USA…
        I don’t think there’s a cure for this syndrome.
        All we can do is quarantine the victims.

    • Some Random Passer-by says

      The Russians saved us

      All you dozy yanks did was finance Germany to begin with, and helped them hide the gold away towards the end.

    • harry stotle says

      ‘I’m beginning to believe off-guarding is nothing more than an anti-American Communist digital rag spewing pro mohammadan ideology at the behest of House of Saud.’ – translation: I have encountered comments that disturb my preferred world view?

      Off-G is not ‘anti-American’ as you put it, but pro-truth – this is an important distinction.

    • mark says

      Don’t stand too close to us. You might blind us all with the sun shining out of your exceptional and indispensable arsehole.

    • different frank says

      You really are not very good are you.
      Ask your team leader for a better script.

    • John says

      Another sperm stain shows the true face of capitalism and the ussr defeated the Nazis and the Nazis didn’t have plans to force everyone to speak German no matter what your tv documentary’s tell you

    • John says

      Oh and please show us the pro Saudi mohammaden propaganda! You won’t. weird you used the word Mohammedans which is a German term commonly referred to by hitler and then Sieg heiled, despite probably not being able to speak German (typical) but if I outed you publicly as a hitler fan you’d shit a brick and cry and get sacked and release a statement stating how those words you said weren’t a true reflection of who you are and you were under severe stress when you said but here’s the thing. I’m pro Stalin and when people try to out me I admit it then I immediately move to dispel the propaganda told about him. I don’t deny anything unlike you lot. Now go runaway claiming you’re a free speech advocate and cry that a good little yank cunt that people don’t think like you! Boo fucking hoo. America and Americans have to be wiped out for mankind to survive

    • John2o2o says

      lol, another braindead American speaks.

      I don’t share Alex Jones’ politics, but you’re not fit to tie his bootlaces.

    • Mr. Medister says

      Wow, your comment really nailed it, you must be very wise. Is it school your Escaping from, or your nanny? Maybe if you let her change them diapers the other kids wanna play with you too.?

  14. Moneycircus says

    WikiLeaks also revealed: illegal waste dumping in the Ivory Coast (WikiLeaks, 2009); price
    fixing of medicine in developing nations (WikiLeaks, 2008b); money laundering by Swiss banks
    (WikiLeaks, 2008a); and the famous war documents from Iraq and Afghanistan (WikiLeaks, 2010b,

    But this author argues it was way that WikiLeaks obtained information that made it so powerful – its threat to the elite lies in the act of dissent.

    “In addition to content, what makes Collateral Murder such a powerful vehicle for the questioning
    of authority is the manner in which the video was obtained and released. Of course, many iconic images
    serve as clarion calls for antiwar and antiauthoritarian movements: from the disturbing footage of Neda
    Agha-Soltan slowly losing her life on the streets of Tehran, to a lone protester defying a line of tanks in
    Tiananmen Square, to the young, naked Vietnamese girl Kim Phuk, running along a dirt road, her body
    burned by a U.S. napalm attack.

    “I do not wish to place Collateral Murder in any kind of competition with
    these images. They are all context bound and have particular political resonance, but what makes the
    WikiLeaks clip so compelling—and also a fascinating object of study—is how not only the content of the
    video challenged U.S. authority but how the obtaining and release of the video were equally threatening to
    U.S. power.

    “This was not footage shot by a journalist working for CNN or a bystander on her phone. This
    was classified material, part of the largest leak in history for which the source, Chelsea (then Bradley)
    Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Thus, as we now all know, Collateral Murder was but one
    component of an enormous act of whistle-blowing. The power of the content of Collateral Murder is
    enhanced via the knowledge that what one is seeing is the result of deliberate acts of dissent…”

  15. Robbobbobin says

    Collateral Murder? “Seriously damaging” soldier-level PR for the hoi-polloi propaganda outlets to use in rousing some useful rabbles. But Assange’s real extraditable crime? Exposing consistently, chapter and verse, over many years, the toxic $lime-for-ethic$ in which many (most?) high-rolling politicians choose to wallow and many (most?) leading corporate notables choose to rot the now irredeemably toxic congressional-military-industrial fish (Eisenhower’s original formulation, partially redacted to keep the lid on the pot) from the head down. If Assange had stuck to publishing details of the vile malfeasance of lesser grunts in the shitheap of modern bodies politic he would still have been a very naughty, usefully PR-punishable boy, up there in hunt and persecute value with his source Chelsea Manning, but he is an equal opportunity shit kicker and he’s dun a bigger crime by far: persistently, intentionally and unapologetically kicking the flower arrangements off the widespread heaps of top end turds comprising the achievement monuments of our greatest and goodest, the modern inheritors of the royal divine right that still squats at the core of our “post-feudal” societies. A man to be brought down by any means available.

  16. Francis Lee says

    Am I alone in thinking that the absence of the political magazine ‘Spiked’s’ deafening silence about the whole Assange brouhaha is rather strange. They like to think of themselves as intrepid defenders of free speech but not on this issue apparently. They also seem to belong to the ‘criticism of Israel is the same as anti-semitism’ clique.

    • milosevic says

      They also seem to belong to the “criticism of Israel is the same as anti-semitism” clique.

      — and there’s your explanation.

      Western intellectual culture is just successive layers of disinfo, all the way down. If you don’t get trapped in the first layer (BBC, CNN), you’ll surely get trapped by the third (highbrow(?) magazines) or the fifth (Chomsky, Democracy Now).

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Milosevic & Francis Lee: Yes and Yes, the fakes and frauds will show themselves up for what they really are by their silence or what they say. As you point out Milo, its not just the revolting mainstream media we have to navigate. Its sites like Democracy Now and others. Its a matrix to imprison our minds.

        • milosevic says

          The really insidious part is that there are multiple layers of disinfo, so that people who manage to escape from the crude mass-market versions will still be trapped by the more sophisticated propaganda. So, for example, somebody who eventually realizes that CNN has lied to them for decades, and then encounters Democracy Now, will assume that now they’re getting the unfiltered truth, and it will be quite difficult to convince them otherwise. Operation MK-CHOMSKY seems to be a particularly insurmountable barrier, for many people.

    • harry stotle says

      I don’t read Spiked but just wondered if this turdburger (by Luke Gittos) is typical of their output?

      It’s the usual mishmash of name calling, faux outrage (over manufactured sex allegations) and concern that Wiki’s output might in some unspecified way endanger those who are busily murdering their way across the Middle East and N Africa.

      Perhaps poor old Gittos is unaware that the MSM has also published Wiki’s output so can we look forward to the editorial team at the Guardian being carted off in a Black Maria while neocons woop You-S-Ay, You-S-Ay?

      The British authorities ignored the inconvenient fact Assange (according to the UN) was being held in ‘arbitrary detention’.
      Now they are prepared to up the ante by overturning important international norms such as political asylum simply because Ecuador’s corrupt leader has been bought off by the US.

      Listening to hypocrites like Jeremy Cunt call for justice to be upheld simply beggars belief – who are these people and what sort of person takes the trouble to actually vote them into power.

  17. paul metcalf says

    Sent the atrocity to facebook, via,yesterday.guess what happened?yes.your right!

  18. Tim Jenkins says

    “People who can speak well, speak briefly.”
    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Possessed

    Well written simplicity & poignancy; thanks Kit, less is more, to the point & chilling.

    Lest we forget ‘WHY’, over a decade later – ‘Censorship’ ? !

    War reveals many types of ugly characters & characteristics, (similar to funerals).

    “The criminals run free, the victims are unavenged, and the brave who speak out are savagely silenced.”

  19. Off-Anything says

    Let’s not forget about the ROOT CAUSE of the problems in the Middle East:

    Wes Clark – America’s Foreign Policy “Coup” [Fora]

    05:10: “This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy Coup. Wolfowitz, and Cheney and Rumsfeld and you can name a half-dozen other collaborators from the Project for New American Century (most of the following are dual-citizens of US and Israel) William Kristol, Robert Kagan [husband of Victoria Nuland involved in the Ukraine coup d’état], Randy Scheunemann, Ellen Bork, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Timothy Lehmann, Michael Goldfarb, Elliot Abrams Lawrence Kaplan, Dov Zakheim]. They wanted us to destabilize the Middle East. Turn it upside down, make it under our control…” 
    6:05: We’re failing in Iraq because Iran and Syria know about the plan. All you have to do is read the (Kristol owned) Weekly Standard and then listen to Bill Kristol and he blabbermouths it all over the world… 
    06:20 “Kristol, Perle… they can hardly wait to finish Iraq so they can move into Syria…”

    • mark says

      Just a series of wars, murder and mayhem across the planet for the benefit of the Chosen People by the obedient little goys.

  20. Michael McNulty says

    Assange is where he is because corrupt people became too powerful, and if the US gets to rule the world unchallenged we all face this kind of persecution and that includes any 1% who won’t toe the line. I think US actions across the world in places of strategic value or which contain natural resources mean we can see what the Nazis would have done if they’d won WWII, with just a few years separating the horrors.

    • @ Michael McNulty – US will never get to rule the world unchallenged – if that cannot be prevented we will nuke it mate. Not a chance.

  21. Shardlake says

    These are the consequences when right wing inspired governments are elected. Inevitably the profit motive becomes the prime mover in an all-pervading environment where budgets in every sphere are cut, jobs are under threat, the quality of education is reduced and a career in the military is viewed as a means to obtaining a better life in the future.

    A contributor to this website (sadly, the name escapes me at present) not so long ago wrote to the effect that governments do the bidding of multinationals and conglomerates whose interest is solely concerned with enriching themselves and their shareholders. The politicians who have the power to direct the armed forces are equally removed from the front-line action and so that unconcerned attitude filters down to the military personnel as is shown in the leaked video clip; and America questions why they have the problems of mass shootings throughout their nation.

    The dialogue between the helicopter gunship crew and their command centre illustrates quite clearly that they had as much concern for human life as did those who were responsible for sending them to Iraq in the first place. There has to something seriously psychologically wrong with somebody who is itching to waste lives in such a cavalier manner and I question if these military personnel were of that disposition as a result of them being sent to war or if they were like that before they joined the armed forces. The laughable thing is that most believe they are engaging in these actions on behalf of their country, even their families believe that to be the case when they, themselves or loved ones, meet a tragic end, when all along all these deaths and maimings with life changing injuries are nothing more than the pursuit of personal enrichment for an elite few.

    My understanding was that the inquiries into the Swedish allegations regarding Mr Assange had been dropped after he had been visited at the Ecuadoran embassy by Swedish police officers, which leads me to question why dozens of MPs are now insisting we hand him over to Sweden.

    It would be ironic, to say the least, if Sweden said their case was closed and had been for some considerable time so they now didn’t want him. Or, even better, if they took him, tried him, found him not guilty and released him or tried him found him guilty and deemed his time spent in the Ecuadoran embassy as time served and being a humanitarian country released him.

    Somehow I don’t think this will be the end of the matter.

    • Here is a quote from a newsletter by Ingrid N. that Sweden is the rape capital of the world. “If my recollection of the original charges is correct, Assange was first charged in Sweden for “rape” but the definition of rape in Sweden includes unprotected sex. It was alleged that a condom broke during consensual sex. Only two people know what really happened, but what stands out here is the uneven application of the law. Assange’s name can be dragged through the mud for an event that was ostensibly private and for which charges had been dropped. If there was a window for action, it involved the potential risk of infectious disease or pregnancy, and the reason given for the original complaint was to require a test for STDs. However, with the passage time and the immense political and journalistic pressure on all concerned, the questions surrounding disease and pregnancy could and should have been resolved. …What is illegal in Sweden is to make similar allegations against asylum seekers. Sweden became the rape capital of the world but horrific jail sentences and fines have been levied on victims who were brutally gang raped by economic and political refugees of the very issues that WikiLeaks was bringing to the attention of the world. … Sweden, sad to say, is making a precedent of inflating the importance of the private acts of a controversial journalist and ignoring the deeds of asylum seekers …”

      • mark says

        The Swedish police no longer even bother investigating violent rapes of very young children by rapefugees. They are simply swamped and have given up. Many are resigning. There is an archipelago of ever expanding No Go Areas where the police, let alone ordinary people, never set foot. There have been plans to use the Swedish army to try to restore some basic order, but it is unlikely this will come to anything. Just the blessings of multicultural enrichment, thanks to people like Barbara Spectre.

      • Ramdan says

        When we get to the point where the messenger is being killed based on whatever motives there are and the weight of whatever allegations are there outweights then real message…then we lost it!!

        Just consider for a moment that is true that Assange sexually assaulted someone, somwhere:
        1- Does that makes the video of this post FALSE? NO
        2- Does Assange being the deshumanized being goverments are trying to portray, outweights the ACTUAL EVIDENCE of US delinquency? NO

        If justice were based on evidence there is irrefutable evidence of US (NATO and you fill in all others) crimes against humanity.
        There is NONE of Assange f**** anyone, shitting on walls or whatever else they might say.

        Killing the messenger is the oldest of all tricks in mankind: ask Jesus!!!

    • Viki Hannah says

      Sweden would be the option. From there interventions can be put in place.
      Australia has weak right wing manufactured Christianity creeping into its political mantra claiming patriotic values disguised as racism.
      We have a track record of human rights abuse.
      Oz has an election looming – Assange does not sit comfortably with anyone other than people who are human rights advocates referred to as “lefties”.
      Let’s see what Oz does , if anything, for Assange.

  22. harry stotle says

    “As shocking as the footage is, it is only a microcosm of the horrors inflicted on Iraq (and other countries of the Middle East), in the name of “freedom and democracy”. Realising the truth, that our leaders have no values, and our much vaunted armed forces can be peopled by violent psychopaths, is an important journey for everyone. A journey that Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks, started for a lot of people. His reward for that service has been public ridicule, a deprivation of his rights, and now an illegal arrest. ” – well said Kit, these sentiments cannot be repeated often enough.

    The reason the likes of the Guardian are terrified of the alternative media is because the alternative has become the most authoritative source for what is really happening the world.

    The Guardian’s treatment of Assange has been especially despicable culminating in lies they told about secret meetings with Manafort – needless to say commentators in the alternative media exposed the entire debacle for what it was (the Guardian’s usual apologia for neocon excesses).

    Is there anybody left at the Guardian who can watch ‘Collateral murder’ without realising how the corporate media has become a central plank in shielding readers from the actions of war criminals like Blair, Bush, Obama and Hillary?

    The smug Marina Hyde has been at the forefront of trivialising devastating truths unearthed by Wikileaks, then gloating over privations inflicted on Assange or the tenacious manner of his persecution – shame on her.

  23. BigB says

    “2,500,000 barrels per day; $70 per barrel; 2,500,000 × 70 = 0. Sorry, Pythagoras: we’re in Basra”.

    We all know why our psychopathic leaders did this, don’t we? There is a nice binary black-and-white conception forming of megolomaniac leaders – acting purely for themselves – dictatorially lording over an innocent public. No one wanted the Iraq War, that’s for sure. How many people would accept a loss of living standards as a consequence?

    They went there for the oil. Iraq has the unrealised potential of being the world’s major oil producer. There were the knowns: the 5th largest proven reserves after Venezuela. And there were the unknown unknowns: Iraq is the one place there is a real chance of finding new reserves – extending the Age of Oil. L Paul Bremner kindly made the newly neolib state SOMO the main benefactor of the oil – “for the Iraqi people” – revenues deposited in New York. So the Iraqi people benefited from the oil revenues? Not according to this poster above – seen in the oilfields last year. So where did the money and benefit from oil go?

    Well, it is a bit hard to tell. Local corruption from the installed comprador government for sure. But 40 of the major players in the oil industry ‘partner’ SOMO. That includes all the major western players – Shell, Exxon. BP, etc …but also Lukoil, Rosneft and CNPC. So the answer is everywhere, really.

    Oil operates as a tributary system in the neoliberal world economy. It is traded in $$$$, and everyone takes a cut. On the back of falling revenues from 2012: the state-owned SOMO have to maintain their share. The local people who ‘own’ the oil – thanks to Mr Bremner’s generosity – get zilch.

    Scratch the surface of global unrest: and you will find the same story. What links Iraq, Sudan, and Algeria? Dutch disease – over-reliance on oil – propping up autocratic states that leave the people – particularly the young – with literally no future. So they get rid of the regime – in a democratic coup – well its out of the frying pan into the fire. The international tributary system has to be maintained – with neo-colonial tributes flowing to the likes of the City.

    So who benefits from the oil if not the impoverished, immiserated, disenfranchised indigenous populations? Indirectly, we do.

    Well, we did. Oil has been the mainstay of the likes of the neo-colonial British economy for 100 years or so. All our political gains and concessions we have won from the state were only affordable while the oil revenue flowed into London. Too simplistic? What moves without oil? We do, horses do, etc – but not much else. Not in a globalised ‘Just-In-Time’ management schedule. Apart from being the Master Resource and motive force of the global economy – not much grows without oil, either. 10 fuel calories per 1 food calorie – before processing, packaging, and distribution. So you can probably double that for a “1.500 mile” Caesar Salad or avocados at Christmas.

    Modernity is a function of cheap oil. Capital is oil – for all intents and purposes – at an almost 1:1 ratio. So who benefited from Iraq? Not the Iraqis. If our leaders are psychopaths: what are we – their silent partners in crime …innocent?

    “The criminals run free, the victims are unavenged, and the brave who speak out are savagely silenced.”

    Ain’t that the truth we are keen to avoid any complicity in. Modernity – a function of cheap oil – is the culprit. States everywhere will attempt to maintain their share of falling oil revenues, and the entropic drag on economies. If our solution amounts to running the same failing system without them, can we really rightly apportion blame so easily? Hadn’t we better come up with an alternative Universal Humanism set of solutions that give us a future – and Iraqis, Algerians, Sudanese, Venezuelans – all people everywhere? Not when oil is part of the solution – we are all Iraqis and Julians now.

    • KarenEliot says

      Stated with great eloquence and characteristic compassion. Metta.

    • milosevic says

      The Iraqi regime would have been happy to sell its oil to western corporations, but that wasn’t allowed. Saudi Barbaria has plenty of oil, but the Anglo-Zionist Empire hasn’t bothered to invade them; they’re already a puppet regime. Syria has substantially less oil, but they also require Regime Change.

      Everybody with eyes to see, knows that the Iraq War was done for Israel; it was their agents who organized it. “War For Oil” is just the limited-hangout disinfo pretext to keep leftist GoodThinkers and Chomsky-bots from realizing how the world really works.

      • mark says

        That’s very right. All the hasbara trolls here and elsewhere will harp on till they’re blue in the face about the oil companies to divert attention from Israel and the Neocohens.

        • BigB says

          OK Laurel and Hardy

          The Berlin/Baghdad Railway; 1914 British invasion of Iraq; 1916 Sykes/Picot – carving up the pre-modern Middle East; 1917 Balfour Declaration; 1920 San Remo Resolution; British Mandated Palestine and Iraq; French Mandated Syria and Transjordan; etc … ….all the way through to present today. I don’t suppose it had anything to do with the strategic control and strategic denial (of Imperial Germany and later the ‘Communist Threat’) of OIL? The reason why Israel was there in the first place.

          But they did not do it for themselves. If indeed that is the case. Everyone who partakes in modernity relies – almost totally – on cheap oil to maintain their living standard. Oil that is no longer cheap and is becoming more of an economic drag – globally. So you can sit and snear, and blame the Judaisation of entropy if you want – but we cannot escape the biophysical and thermodynamic aspect of the slow motion collapse of the global economy. If we can identify the cause, we can possibly find humane solutions for all of humanity. If we resort to braindead fear-first scapegoating …well, that’s the sure way to the New Gulag.

          I don’t suppose you have noticed that your own attitudes entirely mirror the ones you feign to loathe? And I guess you both see yourselves a lily-white, culturally oppressed, totally free from blame of the dynamics of the world? Get real, and we might just forestall killing each other as the politics of oil enter their final act. Let’s not make it humanities final act too. Like it or not – we are are in this together. Oppressor and oppressed both have to find a common solution, as unlikely as it seems. Recognition of where we are, and what we face, no matter how seemingly bleak, is the only way to get through this. Other than turning entropy off. And that ain’t happenin’.

          • milosevic says

            — the zionist disinfo is strong with this one.

            still no explanation of why Iraq, Iran, and Syria have to be destroyed, whereas Saudi Barbaria is completely kosher.

            Oppressor and oppressed both have to find a common solution, as unlikely as it seems.

            sure, we should love our oppressors, the same as they love us.

          • crank says

            blame the Judaisation of entropy if you want

            “You’re going to have to serve somebody, it may be Devil, it may be the Lord, but you’re going to have to serve somebody” – Bob Dylan.

            If we are no longer to worship the god of ‘progress’ (the fossil fuel economy) then what alternatives will be promoted or permitted ?

            The entropy question is intertwined with theology.

            I cannot believe that the moneylenders are oblivious to the Limits to Growth, especially since the fossil fuel industry is only currently ‘vialble’ as a function of the debt bubble.

            • BigB says

              The ‘moneylenders’ wrote the book! The Club of Rome funded the original LoG, and much of the subsequent research. At least some of them know exactly what is going on, and are already weaponising the future against us. For instance: Gates has a $100mn joint fund with the EU for climate mitigation – aka the privatisation of nature. There is the whole globalist charity climate change industrial complex I call ‘corporate commoning’ – that used to have Gorbachev as a figurehead (and Kevin Spacey – remember him?) – now headed by Gore; there is the #NewDealForNature corporate fascists; the Global Commission on the Economy report – trying to unlock $90tn in pensions and capital investment to financialise nature. These are just examples. Read Cory Morningstar if you don’t already.


              There is the whole Global Parliament of Mayors and Resilient Cities agenda which is well advanced toward Global Governance and weaponising the SDGs. So yeah, they know all right …and are well on the way to owning the future before we have even realised what is going on.

              Only, they are totally deluded too. If they get their way, and they have a totally frictionless space to operate in – having used the children against themselves – and pre-empted and recuperated any possible resistance. But, like JMG, they do not get it. They are catalysing collapse by capitalising it. As JMG wrote the ‘Long Collapse’ – he assumes entropy can be linearised. If it took a hundred years or more to burn through the first half of the Petroleum Interval – it will take at least the same time to burn through the second – which we entered circa 2005.

              Wrong. We are at the start of an inflexion point that leads to rapidly accelerating decline – over a decadal timescale. If we try and extend the industrial/financial death of capitalism with BECCS, CCS, nuclear, EOR of dirty fuels – we will accelerate our demise.

              Even the people who are doing EROI research are light on policy and any sort of mitigation scenario. The only solutions are capitalised, which is like fighting fire with gasoline. Socialised solutions do not exist. Where I do agree with JMG is it is all in the mind. We are hooked into a pixie dust teleology that violate the laws of thermodynamics. Quite why I will never know. Because outside the limited horizon of self-absorbtion – the first half of the age of oil wasn’t great for the environment and the hyper-exploited majority of humanity. The second half is shaping up to be much worse – if not so protracted. What comes after is anyone guess. If there is an after.

              The world regime of oil is, as it always was, 100% repressive. It a priori nihilates holism. If we can see that, and not harken back to the ‘when oil was good for me’ self-protective times of pseudosocialism – there is an infinitesimally small chance we might pull through. By connecting and cooperating, and having faith in each other. A novel solution, not one that can manifest in competition, for profit, in the hydrocarbon race to the bottom.

              • crank says

                As JMG wrote the ‘Long Collapse’ – he assumes entropy can be linearised.

                I don’t think this is a fair reading of JMG. He cites cyclical patterns of collapsing civilisations to make the case that such changes are gradual- people die en masse, but they also adapt, and the technological form of this civilsation will continue in increasingly wonky manifestations for some time to come. I don’t think he argues against the inevitability of entropy.
                I don’t though read him making enough mention of nuclear weapons. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the power of controlling the discourse either (or, indeed, the religious ideology most associated with this). He doesn’t have an opinion on deep state crimes and agendas.
                Got to say that things look more precipitous to me every day. But then again, JMG would say that is exactly what people said in previous declines.

                The world regime of oil is, as it always was, 100% repressive. It a priori nihilates holism. If we can see that, and not harken back to the ‘when oil was good for me’ self-protective times of pseudosocialism – there is an infinitesimally small chance we might pull through.
                This I agree with.
                When stripped down, what have we really gained from all this idle luxury and meaningless, extended life ?
                This is where the religious element comes in for me.
                The environmental movement ‘failed’ because it worked from the premise of materialist scientism, or biological determinism. It needed to stay centred on the question of ‘what is a human being ?’ and work from there. This is a religious question though.
                So my point was that this question and the related ones are ever more pressing. To some, only a tiny, extremely powerful sect are really ‘human’ at all. Is that not relevant ?

                • BigB says

                  I used to read JMG religiously, years back. But I found his analysis flawed. I can’t find a citation: but I clearly remember of him talking of a three hundred year decline …which obviously leaves plenty of time to adjust. The book title says it all. Entropy is exponential: and ever more rapidly manifest at an EROIsoc level as addiction to oil. capital (Draghi sent the free money printing press to nuclear this week. Gold was ‘monetised’ making Russia and China a whole lot richer – extending their credit lines); as manifest in techno-theology. We are doing the very opposite of slow decline strategic survival and peaceful solutions.

                  The thing about the unholy trinity of entropy, debt, and proto-fascist state autarchy is that they are largely invisible – until they manifest. When they manifest: nothing can be done. Governments are falling all over the planet: reported as a plurality of manifest causes. The underlying entropic decay of the economy is hidden in plain sight. As are the solutions.

                  Entropy is not a problem. A negentropic sociopathological system of growth and meaningless progress – which copious research has shown is making us more unhappy, beyond a false scarcity comfort zone. The so-called asymptotic relationship of wealth and energy. Post-industrial solutions that would give us all the time in the world to focus on real community social life – family and extended family – can proliferate as soon as break capitalised colonisation of the collective will. Which can be powered neo-negentropically with appropriate and alternative technology and natural cycle, human scale development.

                  Enter Humanity. It is indicative of the degree of total social entropy that we need to define what that means. It is best dealt with as a negative definition – what is human is not the scientific individual. Less still the instrumentally ‘rational’ self-maximising individual of competitive, unequal exchange and comparative advantage …the “homo economicus” the sociopathological system pre-determines us as – in its social-Skinnerian model citizen identity kit we are handed at birth.

                  Who we really are: we are about to find out. Humanity cannot be born of a carnivore-cultural emnity – for profit. If we want to live to discover our true psychospiritual nature – we will have to create more amenable conditions for growth than are current. Gramsci put it best:

                  “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

                  However; what this means when Ms Mogherini quotes it, and when I quote it are worlds apart.

                  • crank says

                    I used to read JMG religiously, years back. But I found his analysis flawed.

                    He seems to tacitly endorse Donald Trump in an example of his own magical/ wishful thinking about a supposed return to conservatism in America. When people point out that (just like Obama) there seems to be a rather big disparity between what is said and what happens, he waves his hand (just as the liberal idiots did).

                    Interested in your thoughts as ever BigB.

                    • BigB says

                      The ‘Conservative Archdruid’ would seem an apposite epithet! 😀

  24. different frank says

    Since Assange’s arrest, I’ve been posting the URL for this everywhere.

  25. UreKismet says

    Well done for publishing the ‘collateral murder’ vid, with all the nattering and dog in the manger antics of the greed and greed enabler classes, it is too easy to get lost in the forest of “he said”, “they said” and forget what a vital public service Julian Assange and wikileaks performed for humanity.

    I’ve seen more than a few fellow travellers over the years shout “Wikileaks haven’t published anything I didn’t already know about”. Now, setting aside that is a huge claim and that every time I randomly open a page of the cablegate release I learn something new and cablegate was just one of ’em’ several hundred thousand /’em’ tranches of docs WL released, whether or not one of us had heard it all before was actually irrelevant.

    The facts are that most of the ‘normal’ humans huddling around what they consider to be the best bits of this planet, had not heard much if any of this before and I know that after decades of fruitless ‘dicussion’ with normals that even when I do try to edumacate ’em, about 99% would go for the instant cop-out and shout “Prove it”.
    Yeah right, I can reach straight into some arsehole bureaucrats pending tray and brandish the contents shouting “See here it is – proof!”

    It couldn’t be done so the best BJA, that any of us could hope for, was that maybe, just maybe the other person would retain sufficient of what we had discussed to think twice the next time amerika decided to bomb the some bunch of ME humans guilty of going about their business.

    Suddenly BJA (before Julian Assange), had ended and anyone found they could access irrefutable evidence of torture, maiming, murder, rape and theft by the empire with the click of a mouse button, even better the evidence was undeniable given that it was composed by the torturers, murderers, rapists and theives. Best of all some of it (eg collateral murder) had, in an extraordinary act of hubris been videoed and recorded by the perps themselves.

    Whether they wanted to or not, no one could deny the pure evil on display. In the end the aresholes were reduced to claiming that “they didn’t believe in profiting from the display of stolen proprty” which came across as being so lame all they did was discredit themselves further.

    You can look at a Picasso or a van Gogh and say “lotsa people can do that” which entirely misses the point because these works aren’t about pure technique they are about seeing the world a certain way and precisely representing that vision.
    ‘lotsa’ people could dowhat Julian has done, now they have observed the original, but Julian Assange was the first to recognise what an amazing tool for revealing hidden truths to millions the net was, and he didn’t faff about, he acted on that realisation with no regard for consequence.

    Julian Assange is a unique flowering of some of the best things humans can be, brave, resourceful and determined to make the world better than he found it.
    If we can help him now we won’t just be saving J Assange, we will be saving ourselves.

  26. Escapee says

    This is a propaganda hit piece by mohammadan sympathizers. War is hell, America didn’t start this war, it was declared on us by Islam. May islam reck the hell of their attack on Christians and western civilization.

    • What a moron.
      The USA interest in the middle east started as the UK and France started to lose their soft power over the region I. The post colonial era.
      It’s about power, oil and control. The USA and the west have instigated the fight. Wake the hell up.

      • mark says

        What’s our oil doing under their sand?
        Holy shit, dude, waste those sand niggers!

    • Derek kguyler says

      How on earth does you bird brain arrive at that. Iraq offered no threat at all, stop reading the Express/ mail

    • Fellatthelast says

      Make no mistake, the U.S.A and their vassal states most certainly did start the current chain of events we are experiencing, purely to satisfy the elites,their warmongering and hence, profiteering. You are so misinformed as to be laughable. Foreign policy of western governments with regard to the middle east, among many areas of the globe, is directly responsible for the conflicts we are currently experiencing and, if you had any moral fibre whatsoever, you would join us in condeming their actions. Your post would suggest you would like to bring back the crusades, invading said areas to impose christianity on these “barbarians” where possible, but you are sadly living in the dark ages and need to pull your head out of your arse.

      I make no apology for being so blunt, the time for niceties has come and gone, and these psychopaths need to be brought to justice. Follow the money, just follow the money.

    • wardropper says

      Just think. We never knew that history only started in 2003…
      As a person who came himself relatively late to political awareness, I must admit that even I am shocked by such ignorance.
      Ah well – can’t be helped.
      Trollheim itself was built with better bricks than this human skull.
      And in case he thinks I’m dissing him… I am.

    • Marilyn says

      Really, that’s what you are going with? The lies about WMD in Iraq mean anything to you?

    • Rhisiart Gwilym says

      What are you talking about? 11/9 was a false-flag done by a clique drawn from the Israeli and USAmerican ruling ‘elites’. No question that it was a false-flag. The evidence for that is conclusive. Evidence that it was Israeli-originated is also reaching the critical threshold level. And anyway, what has any of that to do with Julian and Wikileaks?

    • different frank says

      Escapee. It’s time you went back to the facility you escaped from.

    • Jen says

      Memo to Satanyahoo:

      Now that you’re back in charge, and presumably also back as Defense Minister, Foreign Minister, Education Minister and Minister in Charge of Hiring / Firing Call-Centre Trolls, I implore you to upgrade the quality of the trolling that’s been coming out from your Tel Aviv call centres and infesting Off-Guardian lately. The current troll here simply can’t take all the flack coming at him/her. Time to hire some people with college degrees, don’t you think?

    • milosevic says

      Remember 9/11

      It was the US and Israel that did that, you f***ing idiot.

    • mark says

      Why should they remember 9/11? That was the handiwork of your Zionist Masters.

  27. Moneycircus says

    Lots of relevant detail in this retrospective by the editor of the two Reuters crew killed.

    “I’d spent 10 days preparing for this ritual. It was really 10 years. I wanted to get everything right.

    I was about to ask Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh, both Iraqis, to forgive me for what I saw as my complicity in their deaths.

    I was the Iraq bureau chief for Reuters when Namir, 22, and Saeed, 40, were shot dead by a U.S. Apache helicopter on the streets of Baghdad on July 12, 2007, along with 10 other people.

    I had planned to be in Iraq for the 10th anniversary, to apologise to Namir and Saeed’s families. Instead, unable to cope as the day approached, I was admitted to the Psychological Trauma Recovery Services inpatient unit at Melbourne’s Austin Health. It was my second admission to the facility, known as Ward 17, in less than a year.”

  28. flaxgirl says


    As I anticipate being howled down, I ask the reader to simply consider the logic, reason and evidence for what I say and to try to put aside any emotional investment you may have in the injustice currently being committed against Julian Assange and in the civilians-being-gunned-down story. I also ask you to consider what you may already know:

    The Skripal case is a hoax, right?

    There is fakery of videos showing people being injured in chemical attacks in Syria, right?

    9/11 was an inside conspiracy, right?

    First, let’s start with Chelsea Manning. There are many indicators that Chelsea is an agent and that we are, in fact, informed of that fact from signs provided to us.

    The signs

    In Chelsea’s Wikipedia entry
    — Chelsea joined the army with the hope of being funded by the GI bill to do a PhD in physics – as nothing in her background suggested she had a bent for physics this seems unusual. Surely, she’d at least start with a bachelor’s in physics rather than be thinking of a PhD.
    — [The author identified only as “Nicks”] writes that Manning, who was used to being bullied, fought back—if the drill sergeants screamed at her, she would scream at them—to the point where they started calling her “General Manning”. Highly implausible.
    — On January 5, 2010, Manning downloaded the 400,000 documents that became known as the Iraq War logs.[106] On January 8, she downloaded 91,000 documents from the Afghanistan database, known later as part of the Afghan War logs. She saved the material on CD-RW and smuggled it through security by labeling the CD-RW media “Lady Gaga”.[107] She then copied it onto her personal computer.[108] The next day, she wrote a message in a readme.txt file (see right), which she told the court was initially intended for The Washington Post.[109]. Beyond implausible.

    From Day One of Chelsea’s incarceration she started undergoing gender reassignment. Awfully generous of the army don’t you think for someone who was originally sentenced to 35 years jail.

    On exiting jail after serving allegedly 7 years, Chelsea is treated to a Vogue photoshoot done by no lesser a photographer than Annie Leibovitz. She is also interviewed most sympathetically by the MSM. In these interviews all the focus is on gender reassignment and any questions about counter-insurgency, etc are answered in most anodyne fashion. There is zero in anything that Chelsea says that makes her sound like someone who was leaking important information due to strongly-held indignation and principles.

    So, the video.

    When I first realised that Chelsea was an agent I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, the power elite are probably capable of pushing out very damning footage of their soldiers gunning down innocent civilians as part of a truth-mixed-with-lies effort, perfectly capable.” But then as soon as I saw the title of this article, “Collateral Damage”, just now – it hit me. Oh, of course. what are the chances it’ll be faked? What are the chances? I started watching it and even before the footage appeared my antennae were on alert – one of the men supposedly killed was 22 and the other 40 (2 + 2 = 4 in Masonic coding – zeros are ignored). The famous 22 – so prevalent in the Manchester bombing. And what about the footage? Everyone covered in a cloud of dust so that there is absolutely zero showing that anyone was actually killed. How very, very convenient.

    Is it so unreasonable? Is it so unreasonable to suppose that the power elite had a little laugh to themselves and thought – “Hey, let’s make a fool of Wikileaks. Let’s feed them some alleged “leaked” footage of soldiers behaving abominably and feed them a whole lot of other nonsense alongside.” I do not for one second think that soldiers do not kill civilians when they don’t have to or rape or commit atrocities. Not for a moment do I think that these things do not go on. I think there is more than ample evidence to show they do but it’s good to distinguish when these things really happen and when they don’t.

    • Robbobbobin says

      ‘But then as soon as I saw the title of this article, “Collateral Damage”, just now – it hit me. [I’m so fucking dumb I can’t even read only two words in a row and remember, understand or transcribe them accurately. Wow, that is dumb!(admission redacted pre-posting in an attempt at intelle…interlec…intulec…mental self defense)].’ Who stole the peroxide? Time to smarten up again.

      • flaxgirl says

        I guess when you have no other argument the thing to do is pull out the barely intelligible ad hominem.

        • milosevic says

          when you have no argument

          — the truth is, nothing is actually real. You’re just a disembodied brain floating in a vat, with your sensory inputs connected to a computer. The entire Iraq War, and everything else you think is happening, is just a virtual reality simulation. The power elite are watching your reactions, and laughing at you.

          The sooner you wake up to this fact, the better.

          • The power elite are watching your reactions, and laughing at you.

            Milo, they’re laughing at you and me both, you and me both … and everyone else. Let them laugh. It’s very cheap laughter though I do have to admit I laugh along with them sometimes. Can’t help it.

            Downloaded 400,000 files onto rewritable CDs labelled “Lady Ga Ga” to smuggle them through security. I mean, it is a bit funny. And how much media fuss generated.

      • … can’t even read only two words in a row and remember, understand or transcribe them accurately

        And just to add, Robbobbobin, – yes I readily admit I didn’t read the two words correctly. I’m so used to the euphemism of “collateral damage” I didn’t see the actual words.

        So I have the same propensity as the next person to “see” what I expect to see rather than what is really there. I’m just as susceptible. I think where I differ from most people, judging by the now 24 downvotes on my first comment, is that when it is pointed out to me that what I think I see is incorrect I am able to recognise it. My belief in what I see is not so entrenched that I am unable to change what I “see” and when I’m told that a certain phenomenon, eg, the power elite actually tell us what they’re up to with signs, and the evidence of this phenomenon clearly exists then I go with it, I don’t reject this concept because it is outside my paradigm of how the world works. I match the evidence with the claim and accept it.

    • kev says

      That doesn’t make sense, the empire have nothing to gain from releasing this and if you look at the body language of central members of the empire they are clearly livid and calling for the death penalty.

      You have no evidence that manning is anything other the a highly moral person who refuses to submit to authority.

      “When I first realised that Chelsea was an agent”

      And thats how the livestock work, they make a unfounded accusation and then choose to believe it. For the masses “Facts” have never counted for anything, try reasoning with them and see what happens. Facts are met with dismissal, arrogance, subject changes, personal attacks and blank refusals to listen.

      I live in a world were I am surrounded by people, who by any reasonable definition are insane. Am I wrong ? Think for a minute

      Manning is an agent because he/she wanted “to do a PhD in physics”

      God was nailed to a cross … seriously

      We have free will but if you don’t do what your told you will burn in hell … forever

      God loves you and is merciful.. but he will still burn you in hell … forever

      Trump is a Russian spy

      Skipols were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent and then drove into town for dinner and then fed the ducks

      Kennedy was killed by a bullet that turned around in mid air and traveled backwards

      USA dropped nuclear bombs on civilian targets … to save lives

      The elected president of Venezuela is not the elected president .. because we say so

      Overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine … is defending democracy

      And on and on it goes, throughout history … forever. Because humans are made that way, they are emotional. They dont care whats true they simply believe what suits them and unless there is a clear negative payback they will keep on believing any nonsense that suits them.

      And today the American livestock cheer for the arrest of the award winning journalist who helped expose the crimes of there owners. Crimes committed in the country they had illegally invaded.

      Whoever controls the media controls the livestock because the livestock have no interest or ability to think for themselves. Its wishful thinking to believe otherwise. Nothing has changed through history. Except our ability to destroy the planet and were well on course for that. I am convinced that there is no hope. Some good people will call me a “Defeatist” and in truth there right. But its the facts that matter, if theres a way out of this that is realistic, then what is it ? And no wishful thinking wont do.

      Millions march to the machine guns, jews are shipped to the ovens, doomsday weapons are built, unquestioning conformity even to this. The planet is probably melting. Species are going extinct. The mob cry for war. This will not end well.

      • kev, I’ve presented my evidence. You may disagree that it qualifies as evidence, however, I have presented what I believe to be evidence. What I’m curious about is where is your evidence that manning is anything other than a highly moral person who refuses to submit to authority. Where is that evidence?

    • Kev says

      Hi flaxgirl

      Fair enough, as you ask calmly I will try and answer calmly –

      The evidence – Half a million leaked documents including some they really didn’t want us to know about, including a Beijing embassy report confirming the Tiananmen massacre never happened. If they wanted to embarrass Wikileaks they could just invent something like pee pee gate or Ceaser or the panama papers. They wouldn’t roll out the biggest leak in imperial history to “Embarrass Wikileaks”.

      The evidence – 7 years in jail. I think this speaks for itself. If he was a war criminal or deep state agent he would be walking free. In all this time he has refused to sell out Wikileaks. If he was an agent the whole purpose would be to sell out Wikileaks.

      The evidence – Hes in jail again !! For f**k sake. Because he refused to sell out Wikileaks he is in jail again. What more evidence does anyone need.

      Its worth remembering that Wikileaks architect was probably murdered by the deep state and Seth Rich was definitely murdered by the same scum. For the same crime, revealing the truth. Its worth remembering they wanted to Drone kill everyone they could get there hands on and they called for the death penalty. Manning is only alive today because hes to famous to kill.

      With Manning what you see is what you get, he’s one in a million. A sincere moral person who believes in the truth in an immoral world that doesn’t give a dam whats true.

      As for physics, its a good fit. Mannings a nerd, a geek, he reads books on logic, Physics is a perfect fit. There is nothing suspicious here.

      As for shouting at authority, its a good fit. Hes an enneagram five with four wing. He values truth over authority and he dont like bullies. Assange is the same. Pushing back against stupid authority is what he did then and its what hes doing now. Its what there both doing, which is why there both in jail.

      As for the gaga CD. We dont know, but if he said it, thats good enough for me. It could well be true. And if Snowden said he smuggled it out on a flash drive thats good enough too. No one argues about the truth of what he leaked and thats what matters. This speaks more to sloppiness by Yankistan more then to 5d chess on the part of empire

      As for MSM, who controls it. Do you really think they would let Manning explain why he did what he did. Not a chance.

      As for Gender change – Yes. That is strange. But it would also be strange if the empire choose an agent who would publicly request gender reassignment half way through his fifteen year misson.

      So we can belive – that for no great reason the empire decided to release half a million secret documents in the biggest leak in history to “Embarrass” Wikileaks which few ever people had ever heard off. Then launch a global campaign to arrest and kill the same people they leaked the documents to. And they did that by faking a video showing the killing of Reuters agents (which we know were actually killed along with innocent bystanders). A video that blames the imperial army for something they had up till that time lied about. And to do this they choose a unique individual with a history of challenging authority, who has been under cover for seven years in jail and yet there agent refuses to follow orders by not accusing the same people he is supposedly doing all this to stitch up in the first place.

      Or we can believe – That Manning didn’t like what he found and leaked it to Wikileaks. and now the empire wants revenge.

      In the end – none of this really matters because the livestock don’t care, nor could they reason for themselves even if they did care. Were on a collision course with our planet and the evidence will make no difference.

      • Sorry, Kev, I only just saw your answer now.

        Half a million leaked documents

        How do we know at least some of these documents weren’t fabricated? I believe the most famous of them, the video in question, is. The fact that they tell us Reuters journalists were killed doesn’t mean they were. They fake deaths all the time. See my comment from today

        7 years in jail

        They lie about everything, kev, absolutely everything. Very easy to say someone’s in jail, isn’t it? Doesn’t mean they are.

        Seth Rich

        There is strong evidence that Seth Rich’s death was staged. See demeanour of family in this interview and note father’s mouthing of mother’s words as camera shifts to mother, indicating scripting. This is the biggest mystery ever. The Dems would have had to be on it, surely, and yet it seemed to be so damaging to their election campaign. Could Trump’s election to pres be some sort of Hegelian dialectic where it was all agreed in advance? It truly does my head in.

        Manning sincere – Lady Ga Ga

        Her first interview on release from jail I think is more than suss. Actually, I haven’t looked up other interviews she’s done but I’m guessing they’re all very controlled just like the first. See my comment on this interview with link to interview itself – you can just watch the interview rather than read my comment but watch it through the lens of Chelsea as intelligence-asset-who’s-part-of-a-controlled-opposition-campaign and see if it fits.
        I’m guessing that part of her deal was that she’d get a top quality transgender program – best surgery, hormonal treatments, etc – quite honestly, I hardly blame her. I just watched a program on people who’ve transed (or semi-transed) and their lives seemed to be absolute hell while they were in their original body.

        I believe that saying she labelled the CDs Lady Ga Ga is a little power elite joke – honestly, kev. I’m too scared to look at Edward Snowden for the moment – he’s probably an intelligence asset too. Flash drive, living in Moscow airport? Hmmm.

        We’re on a collision course with our planet and the evidence will make no difference

        Cannot argue with that. It’s what a friend says to me every time I open my mouth about this stuff.

  29. Loverat says

    This is the kind of stuff that needs to be out there. Well done for putting this out and excellent points made in the commentary. I was talking about this to someone yesterday and how the public find it difficult comprehend that mass murderers wear nice suits nowadays – or as Kit says hand candy out in church to each other.

    I didn’t see many offering support to Harold Shipman because he was supposely a respected GP so I think this is something people need to get past. Another example, for some might be Ivanka Trump who looks attractive and stylish but was in oblivious attendence at the US opening of the their Embassy in Israel while Israel murdered scores of protesters. And she allegedly pursuaded her father to bomb Syria after the chemical fabrication, I think in 2017.

    Time for people to wake up – look beyond the suits, charm and liberal platitudes and call these people out for what they are – lying, mass murderers traitors who should be serving time. If we don’t wake up these people will take us all down when their crazyiness pushes Russia too far.

  30. says

    Think back, way back, to recall what happened to Baghwan Sri Rajneesh, later known as Osho. He was deported from the US after spending some time in a US prison. He claimed that he was poisoned during his incarceration. And he probably was as he died a short time later after he returned to India at the age of 59 of an “undiagnosed” illness. He had no health problems when he was detained.

    Let’s hope Julian doesn’t suffer the same fate. Nothing would surprise me.

    • Andy says

      I seem to remember a three week ‘torture trail’ across the US returning him to court after his apprehension at an airport.

  31. IntergenerationalTrauma says

    Obviously not all of America’s psychopaths are working in politics or on Wall Street. Sadly this State sanctioned amoral mayhem is simply standard operating procedure for the U.S. military. This is quite “normative” U.S. military behavior, which is why Wikileak’s sharing this information with the public is considered to be such a heretical act by Western oligarchy. Assange and Wikileaks told the “truth” and therefore they must be punished. Only the endless lies of the empire are permitted, and officially sanctioned, and found acceptable and proper for mass consumption. Daring to tell the truth of our never-ending amoral criminality – well that of course is an entirely different matter – warranting the most severe punishment the psychopaths in power can conjure up.

    • mark says

      I knew someone who fought in Normandy in 1944.
      He said the Germans didn’t worry him that much but he was bloody terrified of the Americans. They nearly killed him and his mates on several occasions.

      The US military seems to attract and tolerate real psychopathic scum, the dregs of their society. There is a serious problem of indiscipline and criminality wherever you get a US base. They are forever getting drunk and high on drugs, kidnapping and gang raping 12 year olds. Local people in highly civilised countries like Japan and South Korea really despise them, but their politicians are just US satraps like Abe. Whenever these thug rapists and killers are caught, nothing happens to them. They have immunity from local laws and are just spirited away back home and get off scot free.

      • Yawnz says

        Nice strawman. Care to cite actual evidence of your claims that are more than cherry-picked incidents?

        • Cam O'Byrne says

          The US military are not even what can properly be called professional soldiers. They are unprofessional, all the flash gear notwithstanding, and the corruption and rot starts at the top with politicians that wear a uniform. Go do some research and not expect to be spoon fed the truth. There is plenty out there. Mark is exactly right in saying that wherever the US military parks itself contraband, child abuse, drugs, STDs, prostitution, rape, murder and insolence are sure to follow. They do indeed seem to have many more psychopaths amongst them than any random group. I’m thinking you are one of them. Or maybe just a f-wit. Have you ever seen a genuinely professional military up close? I speak from personal experience in saying that such soldiers scoff at what they see and avoid being too close for fear of being a victim of American incompetence and negligence. Murder and atrocity are a natural byproduct of giving cowards and juveniles guns.

  32. Mandrau Mandrau says

    “Nice.” (Said like he was playing a video game).
    This is why the US military will never win the hearts and minds of any territory or country they try to illegally conquer – because they have no honour and their missions are without honour. I hope this video gets circulated far and wide.

  33. summitflyer says

    Thank you for putting this video out to the public .Many have not seen it and the hope is that more will indeed see it and realize what is at stake which is a criminal state hiding it’s crimes .Shooting the messenger does not cut it anymore.

    • I understand that but please spare a thought for the Reuters bureau chief who sent those two out. He is Australian and has been tormenting himself about ‘should I have made more inquiries that morning?’ He has checked himself into a mental hospital more than once. And now it’s coming up again.

      In war, those who die are the winners.

      Those who survive, damaged participants, left behind relatives and having their property destroyed are the real losers – being tormented for years and decades.

      • wardropper says

        In war, you have to think about what you are doing.
        It has consequences.
        Having said that, I am under no illusions as to the tremendous courage required in order to resist “just obeying orders”.

      • Yawnz says

        Perhaps their boss should’ve kept them out of an active combat zone, or, I dunno, let it be known that they were operating in the area and what they were going to look like?

        Active warzone
        Unmarked van
        Unidentifiable case
        Insurgents known for wearing civilian clothes

        Then random jerk-offs wonder why they got shot up and have the temerity to call it “murder”. It’s like some of you would stick your face into a raging inferno and then get upset at the fire when you come away with third degree burns.

        • Yawnz: You may find this excerpt from “Stars Of The Guardian” infuriating. Or you may not care.

          “Wikileaks – Inside Julian Assange’s War On Secrecy,” which is the last thing you want to look to Luke Harding (and David Leigh) for, is full of the ranting and twisting of facts that only someone with a “narcissistic persecution complex” could put before the public this way.

          The authors, who have a hardcore hate-on for alternative media, recount the “Collateral Murder” video that helped make Wikileaks a widely known and inspiring phenomenon, which other news orgs thought to imitate ( Quite early in the video, when all you saw was men, including the two Reuters cameramen, casually strolling down the street, One yahoo in an Apache helicopter watching the scene from a great distance, and clearly working himself up for some killing, utters “Fucking prick.” Uh huh. That’s what I think when I see some guys casually walking around, doing NOTHING! The authors are determined to put this instance of whistleblowing in the worst light they can, deriding the title Wikileaks gave for the video as “tendentious” and leaving out of their retelling the presence of two children in the video. They were in the van that happened on the scene of carnage. It figures that these killers would be surprised to see life where they are. I also found it interesting, and disturbing, that while the murderers were chomping at the bit to kill, at no point did you see any effort by the Apache crew to determine whether there were others – soldiers, civilians, anyone – in the area who these supposed fighters, strolling quite casually, were going to engage. You don’t see anyone else and you hear NO ONE ask the question, “Where is the enemy or target or targets that these fighters are engaging?” I’m just glad that these guys fighting for my values and freedom are professionals. Not!

          The murderous Apache crew are soon looking at dead bodies from a great distance and there’s no mention of any possible targets of the supposed fighters, because all they have on their minds is killing, which I guess means a job well done and approval and acceptance. And a paying job. “Oh ya, Look at those dead bastards,” says one murderer. Another responds with “Nice.” Then more congratulations follow, as well as expressions of glee when they think they might get to fire some more. You hear someone wishing out loud for one of the later to arrive Iraqis, from the van, to pick up a gun. They are amused by one victim crawling around, unable to stand, and wish out loud for him to pick up a gun. I kid you not. And they get a real chuckle out of the apparent running over of a dead body by the Bradley armored vehicle that arrives about 8 minutes after the real fun.

          The authors like this killing too and clearly worry about public perception of the easy to understand video, because they try to shift the cruelty on display from the murderers on the scene to their far away bosses, hoping that the readers will not notice that the cruel murderers on the scene are in sync with their cruel murderous bosses elsewhere. Indeed, Anyone can be a soldier. “The cruel decision to treat the Baghdad streets as a battle-space on which all were fair game was made not by individual sadists or war criminals, but by the US military at a much higher level.” As noted, a van appeared and the courageous driver and other passengers who tried to tend to any wounded ended up dead for their trouble. The Apache that fired on the two Reuters employees and their Iraqi companions also fired on the these later arrivals when they exited the van and on the van they arrived in, wounding two children who were inside. The treating soldier who arrived in the Bradley minutes after the shooting had stopped, found two wounded children in the van and in what one ‘might’ say was the sole act of human compassion in all of this, he decided to send the children to the nearby US base called Rustamiyah. But, out of concern for the well being of these young victims of war, who were a big part of the reason the Americans were in Iraq afterall, higher command ordered that the children instead be handed over to Iraqi police (IPs in the video) who would presumably take them to an Iraqi hospital and, due to circumstances, a lower standard of care. We hear the dogs talking about it: “Well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle,” says one dog. Then another responds with “That’s right!” I think if Iraqis (Pakistanis, Yemenis, Syrians) knew where ‘battles’ were going to break out, they wouldn’t be driving around in the area with their kids. But maybe that’s just my unprofessional opinion.

          • JudyJ says

            Excellent post, Arrby.

            The US soldier who helped recover the injured children was Ethan McCord who subsequently (post army service, of course) spoke movingly and graphically about this atrocity and his experience in Iraq in general. His account can be seen in the video linked to the post from @USAma Bin Laden (16 April) at the top of this thread. As I commented under that post he said that he reached a point where he recognised that he had “more in common with the Iraqi people than with the people who sent him there”.

            I don’t doubt that @Yawnz would call him a traitor.

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