The Latest “Bird Flu” Death is “Covid” All Over Again

Kit Knightly

If this keeps going, we're gonna need a lot more "bird flu" stock images

Yesterday, the mainstream media widely reported that a new strain of Bird Flu had claimed its first victim, a 59-year-old man from Mexico.

The big news here is that the strain allegedly responsible, H5N2, had allegedly never before been detected in humans.

Everyone from CNN to the BBC to Sky News to ABC went with a headline along these lines:

First confirmed human case of bird flu H5N2 has died, says World Health Organisation

The UK’s I newspaper skipped straight to asking the important questions: “Is bird flu present in the UK and should I be worried?”

Of course, none of the MSM interrogated the situation any further than copy-pasting WHO press releases. But, for anyone who followed the early development of the Covid “pandemic”, the details of the supposed “bird flu” death sound eerily familiar.

For example, the patient was already seriously ill with kidney disease and type-2 diabetes.  In fact he had been bedridden for three weeks prior to the onset of his “acute symptoms” of bird flu.

Further, the diagnosis of Bird Flu was only “confirmed” post-mortem by PCR testing.

The death reportedly occurred on April 24th, and yet is only making the headlines now. The report also volunteers that the man had “no history of exposure to poultry or other animals”.

…which rather begs the question: So why was he tested for Bird Flu at all?

More specifically, why were they testing him for a strain of Bird Flu that had supposedly never infected a human being before, let alone killed one?

Are they just testing everyone for Bird Flu just in case? Because that’s another Covid thing.

Whether or not they were doing that before, they’re probably going to start doing it now, since the WHO’s recommendations following this case include “strengthening routine surveillance”, which essentially means testing more.

North of the border, a new report published today claims good old-fashioned H5N1 bird flu has killed “dozens” of dairy cows across the US, before noting in the small print that the cows “either died or were slaughtered.

Making it possible, or even likely, that none of them died of “bird flu” at all. Which, again, sounds very familiar.

Meanwhile, former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx has appeared on TV to spew some more Covid-era craziness.

First, she was talked up the need to detect “asymptomatic” bird flu in humans – a classic Covid hallmark.

She followed that up by suggesting we should be testing every cow in America once a week.


For reference, there are around 40 million cows in the US. If they were to test them all with a PCR test every week, and  – for the sake of argument – the test has just a 0.1% false positive rate, you’re looking at creating 40,000 phantom bird flu cases a week…

and thus having to cull potentially millions of cows a year for nothing.

Which is obviously insane if your goal is to monitor and prevent disease, but absolutely ideal if you’re trying to stop people eating meat.

…It’s all starting to feel somewhat inevitable, isn’t it?


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