WSWS: “Spiegel Online warns of nuclear war”

While any sensible and reasonably-informed observer might think that increasing tension and conflict between the world’s most formidable nuclear powers would naturally increase the risk of nuclear war, that does not seem to have occurred to the people whose voices dominate English-language mainstream media. The thoughtful folks of the World Socialist Web Site bring attention and analysis to German coverage of the threat.

On Sunday evening, after the Munich Security Conference, Spiegel Online published an article titled “NATO-Russia crisis: The Nuclear spectre returns”. It confirms the warnings of the World Socialist Web Site regarding the danger of nuclear war between the superpowers, which is steadily rising as the Ukraine crisis and the imperialist states’ aggression against Russia intensify.

The article begins by describing a little-known incident on January 25, 1995, which almost triggered nuclear war between the United States and Russia. At that time, Norwegian and American researchers fired a rocket from the Norwegian island of Andøya, which caused the Russian armed forces to go to the highest alert level, and prompted Russian president Boris Yeltsin to activate the keys to the nuclear weapons.



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