How to surrender

As it happens, my computer froze completely as I was trying to post this in CiF (after a couple of warnings about a problem in posting it):

The DNR Defense Ministry is issuing instructions on how to surrender to the Ukrainian Army soldiers caught in the Dabaltsev cauldron:

At a time when the [DNR military] position is hidden from ordinary soldiers [wishing to surrender], it needs your assistance in telling them the rules of safe crossing of the contact line: when choosing where to go you need to make sure there are no other nearby Ukrainian units to avoid being shot in the back or hit in a crossfire; when approaching the militia positions you must raise your hands or hold a stick with a white cloth over your head and shout loudly: “Militia! Do not shoot! “,” Warning! Surrender! “- The statement says.

Those who decide to surrender must give the DNR military their personal weapons, documents, personal, number, title, position and contact details. It is also reported that every Ukrainian soldier will be given the opportunity to contact their relatives by phone, email or through humanitarian organizations.

Apparently a hunger will start in the cauldron in the next few days if the status quo there remains unchanged.

In a while I’m going to try to post this again in CiF.


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