Yarosh dixit

I posted this in CiF a while ago:

Yarosh from his hospital bed while the Minsk negotations were (are?) ongoing:

“We made a mistake by supporting the election Poroshenko!”

[Right Sector] will be the “gravedigger” of the current president.

“If Peter Poroshenko not come to his senses – we, Ukrainians, will be the new President and Commander in Chief”
Yarosh accused Poroshenko of treason, colaborationism, surrendering Ukrainian territories, corruption, kickbacks and other deadly sins. Moreover, he openly threatened Poroshenko with a coup.


But it was this part of the report, despite coming out a bit muddled in the Google translation, that caught my attention in particular:

the leader of the SS declares its readiness to “overthrow” the parliament and the president to remove without actually leaving Ukraine no legitimate (formally) the center of power, without which the country will disintegrate immediately into feudal principalities.

It made me think that, if a new civil war erupts in Ukraine and “the country [disintegrates] immediately into feudal principalities”, perhaps the Odessa and Kharkiv oblasts will choose to join the winning separatist side, which would mean that Novorrossyia would take shape exactly as those who started fighting for it intended, and even become a peaceful haven next to the rest of Ukraine plunged into hell.


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