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I find it more than commendable that forum posters keep enhancing their reading acumen. Also, one cannot but thank those that bring us the news which is increasingly not fit to print. Here is a small selection of postings from under Ukraine crisis: more shelling and fighting after Minsk ceasefire agreed


The German new word of the year was ‘Lugenpresse’ meaning lying press as Germans are increasingly fed up with the constant lies and propaganda against Russia in the German media. Worse even than in US, Britain, where the mainstream media simply regurgitate government storylines.


Debaltseve – Holding the town. Translation: Surrounded


A while ago I found an alternative American news source that attempts to bring a wider perspective to the Ukraine crisis and explain the shifting of the international Chess pieces on the geopolitical board.

Having watched this hard-hitting video report I assumed it was probably just Russian propaganda until, as suggested by the news company, I did my own research and checked the sources behind the assertions being made. The result is that this report appears to be scarily accurate, and its predictions appear, one-by-one, to be coming true.

I have included a link to the YouTube presentation below and hope that the Guardian do not delete this post. If they do then it’s probably wise to ask yourself why, since on a journalistic level this interpretation of the events in the Ukraine is far better supported by verifiable FACTS than any other broadcast I have seen so far on the mainstream media.

Take a look and see what you think!

The Ukraine – What You Are Not Being Told


Western media are supposed to present some sort of balance and be unbiased, that’s what is believed make them democratically different from the ‘Putin propaganda machine’. However, they are not asking questions about shelling residential areas in Donetsk and Lugansk where civilians are killed, not opolchenie fighters. They are likely not to notice these facts and shun asking any questions about that for the sake of supporting Poroshenko, perhaps, which does not go along with the declared principle of the ‘sacred facts’.


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