Kiev spills it: Rebels control access to Debaltsevo

Militants did not allow a OSCE mission to enter Debaltsevo to monitor the ceasefire, said Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin, at a briefing, which was broadcast by the “112 Ukraine” channel .

“Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, despite the best efforts of the mission, they were not allowed to Debaltsevo, [DNR] saying that they cannot get there. This is a direct violation of the obligations and spirit of the Minsk agreements, as the mission is the only real control mechanism of the ceasefire. I believe that those who not only violate the ceasefire, but also interfere with the mission, must be held responsible both politically and morally,’ he said.” The so-called “defense minister” of DNR “forbade [OSSE monitors] to go to Debaltseve.’

So, if it is DNR militants who stop the OSSE from getting to Debaltsevo, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are clearly unable to provide them with this kind of access. Which means Ukraine has no control over any routes to Debaltsevo. Therefore Debaltsevo is surrounded by DLNR forces. We can see that even the Guardian has kindly dropped the fudge off (after amply spreading it over) its related story. Reality cannot be denied forever.


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