Brown Moses ‘proves’ again!


Well, ‘proves’ to the satisfaction of The Guardian, at least — not too difficult, as the Graun is clearly eager to believe.

Believe what? Why, believe that Russia shelled Ukraine from Russian territory, last summer, in order to justify the latest breathless headline in the ongoing Guardian campaign of warmongering and propaganda.

In this case, Higgins and his coterie of enthusiastic Internet bloggers and social media ‘investigators’ (now remarkably well-funded) have ‘analysed’ crater impacts, tire or track marks and YouTube videos to conclude, yet again, that one of the West’s chosen enemies is guilty of evildoing. This, of course, follows his triumphs in, e.g., ‘establishing’ that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons (oops) and ‘identifying the Buk missile launcher that downed flight MH17’ (oh, dear). More on these earlier misadventures here.

The Guardian barely bothers to note, deep in the story, that a UK Defence Academy expert says Higgins’ methods are ‘highly experimental and prone to inaccuracy’.  If the intrepid journalists asked whether those highly experimental methods might be even more prone to inaccuracy in the hands of random biased amateurs, they didn’t share the question and/or answer with the readers.

I hope the ‘reporters’ and editors engaged in this continuing journalistic travesty are being paid well; effective sleep aids can be costly.


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