In the name of those trapped in Debaltseve

While even Kyiv Post now admits that the situation for the Ukrainian forces abandoned in the Debaltseve Cauldron is dire indeed, and Democracy Now! is reporting that “Russian-backed separatists claim to have seized control of the key city of Debaltseve,” The Guardian still refuses to inform its readers of the actual facts on the ground.

This is all the more unfortunate and indeed reprehensible in view of Alexandr Zakharchenko’s warning, issued on February 14, that the Ukrainian soldiers surrounded in Debaltseve run the risk of being abandoned and sacrificed by a Kiev government too keen to conceal its military defeats from the Ukrainian public.

Here’s a link to the video of Zakharchensko’s press conference, attended by international media representatives, and complete with subtitles in English.

It is now three days ago that Zakharchenko publicly called on Kiev to observe the Minsk Agreement ceasefire and order the Ukrainian soldiers in Debaltseve to lay down their arms and surrender.  It would be of some considerable service to them if the Western mainstream media such as The Guardian were to cover their predicament accurately and to call on Kiev to stop violating the Minsk agreement ceasefire and allow the soldiers trapped in the Debaltseve Cauldron to surrender and thus save their lives.


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