Blast in Kharkov: Maidan remembered

An explosion has killed two pro-Kiev demonstrators in Kharkov. Ukrainian Security Council Turchinov has declared an Antiterrorist Operation in the city.


Well, it was inevitable, given the junta’s slipping grip on power altogether and in Kharkov, in particular. It is unclear who is responsible for the explosion. The “Kharkov Partisans” have not yet assumed any. And, in my opinion, the classical Cui bono question points to a much greater extent to the junta.

It is a vivid reminder of the event this demonstration was supposed to commemorate: the death of the Heavenly hundred by sniper fire on the Maydan a year ago. If we are to believe the BBC’s recent report, the blood on the Maydan and in Kharkov might be spilled in a very similar fashion.

I expected some provocation around the 23rd, the day of the Soviet Army. Today, the 22nd, is also a big Orthodox holiday. It is the start of the strict Easter lent, and it is the ‘day of forgiveness’ when everyone is expected to ask and give such to everyone else. Bloodying the streets of Kharkov is definitely a welcome occasion to demonstrate the junta’s unforgiving nature.

I am more than skeptical about the peaceful nature of this march. Attempts by locals to protest against Kiev’s policies  have been suppressed mercilessly by the Ukrainian authorities. Not so in this case. Also, how come a demonstration, clearly against the grain of locals was to be left without sufficient protection? Given the tensions in Kharkov, it is unthinkable that the route of the march was not checked in advance. Indeed, it seems it was taken care of. Meticulously.

I bet Western security services need to get training at the Kiev Security Bureau. Two hours after the blast, it announced it was already holding a number of suspects in custody. A dark and fearsome night falls over Kharkov.


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