Incursions by whom?

Britain was pulled closer towards a renewed cold war with Russia when David Cameron announced UK military trainers are to be deployed to help Ukraine forces stave off further Russian backed incursions into its sovereign territory.

So begins The Guardian’s new article on Anglo-American/NATO adventures in Ukraine. Apart from the risible suggestion that the elites in Washington, Berlin, London and Brussels haven’t yet pulled us into a new cold war with Russia — economic sanctions are themselves an instrument of war and are acceptable in international law only if approved by the UN Security Council — there is the intriguing question about whom exactly Patrick Wintour had in mind when penning the second part of his opening sentence.

Russian-backed incursions into Ukraine? Incursions by whom, pray?

The term incursions implies — suggests — temporary raids on someone else’s territory and, in this context, it indicates short bursts of invasion of Donbass by forces made up of people other than those living on the territories of Donbass, or the Donetsk and the Lugansk Republics, as they now call themselves.

It’s been a whole year that The Guardian and other European and North American MSM have been telling us someone’s invaded South East Ukraine, usually claiming the invaders to be Russians. Yet in all that time, and despite all the high-tech gizmos and all the satellites the US and NATO have at their disposal, despite all the spying gadgets and capabilities we the public don’t even know about, not a single veridical photo or other piece of visual evidence has been presented to support that claim.

Not a single one — in 12 months.

It boggles the mind that the purveyors of lines such as the sentence I quoted at the start of this item still have the cheek to write the stuff they do: since they know, as does anyone who’s been paying attention to the events in Ukraine, that Donbass has indeed been invaded — but by forces sent into it by Kiev.

Any reality-based report on the events in Donbass would thus have to tell us that it’s subject to Kiev-backed incursions by the regular Ukrainian Army as well as the recently formed National Guard (consisting mostly of neo-Nazi troops, as the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany admitted in a German TV interview broadcast a few days ago).*

You can keep trying to create a “parallel reality” till the cows come home, but it’s no good when the real reality simply doesn’t conform to the illusions you’re trying to sell people. The truth is that the only thing such fantasy-production, such deceptions, can effect in real life is another world war and the deaths of tens if not hundreds of millions of people — among whom would be the very journalists serving their military-industrial-political masters so unquestioningly and deluding themselves they’d be immune to the bombs once those started to fall.

See Patrick Wintour’s “Britain to send military advisers to Ukraine, announces Cameron”



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