Guardian exclusive! Putin hates freedom, starves aspiring satirists

Well, that’s more or less the gist of Shaun Walker’s most recent contribution to the Graun’s Bad Russians series.  There are these creative guys, see?  And they’ve wanted to produce a political satire series for Russian TV, for years now.  Or something like that — the idea has changed a lot over the years and now they think maybe it should be totally different, but still.  Anyway, they haven’t been able to raise the money they need, which is obviously Vladimir Putin’s fault, because Putin’s faults are, collectively, the theme of the Bad Russians.  It’s quite a good thing that readers are so familiar with the theme, too, as it is only there that any remote connection between Putin and the failure to raise funds could be found.

Mr. Walker might suggest to Roman Volobuev and Lena Vanina a relocation to the West, where at least some writers make  good livings writing satire-as-news in support of the Approved Narrative.


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