“Liberators” in action…

…“liberating” Donbass civilians from their belongings .

Video evidence [from 0:38] about looting by Ukrainian fascists, they did it at day, in front of child at playing area, at summer 2014.

From begin of Kiev junta invasion to former east of Ukraine we heard about mass looting. Ukrainian fascists loot everything from homes, including doors. Also we hear that Ukrainian fascists tortured owners of homes in order to find gold and money, also Kiev junta forces could loot in front of owners and kill them.

In this video, recorded to mobile phone, you see typical looting of home. Video was recorded at some day of summer 2014. As you see persons who recorded video trying to keep silence. They don’t try to prevent loot, because Ukrainian could shot them.

(from Truth about situation in Ukraine’s Facebook page)


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