Guardian-watch: The referendum that never was

by BlackCatte

The Guardian’s slide from liberal, informed media outlet, to crass, Ministry of Truth propaganda-sheet, gathers pace every day. Yesterday, for example, came this offering:

Vladimir Putin describes secret meeting when Russia decided to seize Crimea

Brief, yet crammed with splendid examples of honest, objective reporting, and paradigm-neutral language. For example…

“In a trailer shown Sunday for an upcoming documentary on state-run Rossiya-1 television called “Homeward bound”, Putin openly discusses Moscow’s controversial grabbing of Crimea a year ago.”

See that? Crimea was “grabbed”. It’s official. Not “liberated” like Iraq or Libya, or Kosovo. Grabbed.

“Putin recounts an all-night meeting with security services chiefs to discuss how to extricate deposed president Viktor Yanukovych, who had fled a pro-Western street revolt in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.”

Who knew that multi-million dollar-funded, nazi-infiltrated, CIA-handled Maidan Experience was just a big old spontaneous street revolt? Who knew those carefully-placed snipers murdering people on both sides were just ordinary everyday folks up there in their perches on a whim, like latter-day sans-culottes at the Bastille? But it gets better.

“More than 6,000 people have since been killed in fighting between Ukraine’s government forces and heavily armed separatist militias based in Donetsk and backed – according to Western governments – by Russia, although Moscow denies this.”

Well, at least the author of this grotesquery stops short of actually alleging the “heavily armed separatists” did most of the killing. But they certainly do their best to imply it don’t they. And the lie by omission is truly disgusting. Nothing about the “Anti-Terror Operation”. Nothing about the Odessa Massacre, nothing about the months-long shelling by the Ukraine Army of civilian Donetsk, described as a war crime by that objective body Human Rights Watch. Nothing about the debaucheries of the various neo-nazi militias, all funded by the west and its friends.

But let’s leave the best bit until last.

“Four days after that February 2014 meeting, unidentified soldiers took over the local parliament in Crimea and deputies hurriedly voted in a new government. The Ukrainian province was then formally annexed by Moscow on 18 March, triggering international condemnation.”

Read this para carefully. Notice anything missing? Hint- it’s the referendum.

Yes, apparently – as someone pointed out in the comments – the Crimean popular vote, which returned the autonomous region to Russia by an overwhelming majority – has simply vanished down the Memory Hole, and the gap sealed up.

It never happened. Crimea was “formally annexed”. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. And two plus two equals five.

Ask the Guardian if you’re in any doubt.

Note: the Guardian tends to edit its articles in response to criticism, but without declaring it, so this is a PDF of the version that was published at the time of writing.

OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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Paul Rigby

One Guardianista’s definition of courage:

Nosing around a Bilderberg Group meeting in Portugal for Them, Ronson notices his car is being followed, and in a panic he rings the British embassy. “‘I am essentially a humorous journalist,’ I explained. ‘I am a humorous journalist out of my depth. Do you think it might help if we tell them that?’”

From Steven Poole’s review of Ronson’s latest farrago, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, The Grauniad, Review, Saturday, 7 March 2015, p.7



The comment section is, like most western media and some Russian too ´like RT, flooded by state sponsored trolls -Hasbara activists from the Trolling For Shekels call centres in down town Tel Aviv.

They are primarily vacuum cleaning occupied Palestine and ME related stuff, obviously, but second if not first since a good year already is Russia and Putin.

Zionazi´s and Nazi´s tend to do see eye to eye on most of things, certainly Russia. israel are actually helping those freedom loving arsonists in Kiev setting up their own Troll centre as we speak and im sure the door at The guardian stands wide open for them too..

Bryan Hemming

This was a low I never thought The Guardian could reach. The journalists writing this sort of stuff should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s hard to imagine it was once the best newspaper in the UK, and one of the most respected in the world. Alan Rusbridger led it down into a hell-hole it seems destined never to escape from.

I’d say the comments sections reads like a pack of wolves attacking one another, if it wasn’t such an insult to wolves. In the last year it has become a complete waste of time. It appears a good number of the posters haven’t read the articles they comment on. Most don’t seem to know anything about the war, and really do seem to think it’s Eastern Ukraine (Russia in their eyes) attacking and bombing the rest of Ukraine.

The Guardian encourages and supports this belief with its completely one-sided version of events. The only person worth reading on the Ukraine war is Seamus Milne. How on earth he can sit with any of the others without vomiting is beyond me.


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