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“Cartoon Détente” between Russia and Japan?


Crimea’s Attorney-General Natalia Poklonskaya will head the Russian-Japanese Friendship Society, Russian media reported. The news was broken during former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama’s visit to the peninsular which rejoined Russia exactly a year ago.

The visit, sparsely reported in Western media, has been “slammed” by official Tokyo as an unseemly demonstration of solidarity with Russia over the bone of contention in the newly started Cold War 2.0. Hatoyama has been quickly labelled “gaffe-prone” by AFP. The news, of course, was deemed unfit to print by the Guardian’s discriminating editors.

Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea’s attractive top magistrate, was part of the movement of local Russians to politically rejoin Russia. She became a stunning success with the Japanese public, which fell in love with her good looks and quickly created a cult over her locally-stylized cartoons.

While major news hubs sulk at the obvious breaking of ranks by an influential Japanese politician, this “cartoon diplomacy” may have really serious consequences for Russia, Japan and the world. Some Russian media have already speculated that a deal may be in the cards for a Japanese recognition of Crimea’s annexation in exchange of Russia returning some Kuril Islands to Tokyo.


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Aug 24, 2015 11:49 PM

Russia and Japan would each stand to gain a lot from closer economic relations. Japan will be stuck in stagnation until it pulls itself out of the US orbit.