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Natalie Nougayrède admits to failing humanity

Did you see Natalie Nougayrède’s latest humanity failure?

After bringing us the latest rumours about Putin’s health, the Guardian serves us with another bunch of hearsay, which carries as much credibility as the newspaper has managed to preserve since it became a neocon mouthpiece.

What is Ms. Nougayrède’s column based on? A SINGLE PR event by a “highly disinterested speaker” (“stark and eloquent defender of the Syrian revolutionaries”), providing unverifiable claims, wishful “what ifs”, and just plain misinformation. Like the suggestion that had Assad been ousted, the rag-tag opposition would have stabilized the country (by probably killing hundreds of thousands of alawites and Christians).

Back to “The west is appeasing Assad while he massacres Syrian civilians and spares the butchers of ISIS”. Read “Washington’s stooges can’t even stage a semblance of authenticity” as a viable and supportable opposition.

With Assad forces mounting ever more successful action against ISIS*, retaking cities from the terrorists, the lies in Western media grow stronger. Now that Aleppo seems the next anti-Assad fortress to fall, the drumbeat gets as deafening as possible.

Don’t underestimate the dark side of this noise. It often aims at concealing the truth about the degree to which Syria is contributing to the struggle against terror. Whatever the people and government of Syria are doing and suffering to that effect, Washington and its satellites are adamant: Assad must go.

And he just might. Only to get us back to a much more gruesome round of “what ifs”.

Thank God for Guardian’s much better informed audience. As usual, reading some of the comments is more educating than spending one’s time making it through the rather thick narrative of the masters of this world.

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*This news link is another example of lame propaganda. A weasel would probably eat its tail out of envy, reading about the success of “the unidentified, probably Kurdish” anti-ISIS fighters. The picture, however is quite revealing.


  1. Pathetic. Unfortunately, she’s one of many. Fortunately, with the multiplicity of outlets available, those interested can find facts and honest critique with an ease never before possible.

  2. Jen says

    Hmm, The Guardian article is certainly not the first humanity failure on the part of Nougayrède.

    Washington Post article: “Female editor-in-chief at leading newspaper is forced out — in France”

    ” … Following her resignation [as editor-in-chief at Le Monde], Nougayrède issued a personal letter, published on Le Monde’s Web site. “I cannot accept being undermined as head of the paper,” she wrote. “I no longer have the means to run it with all the necessary peace and serenity that is required.”

    Troubles surfaced last week at Le Monde when a slew of top editors resigned en masse. In an internal letter to management that was leaked, they said a “lack of confidence in and communication with editorial management prevents us from fulfilling our roles as chief editors.” The assumption, now, is that they were referring in part to difficulties in dealing with Nougayrède.

    Since her resignation, reports have emerged gesturing to Nougayrède’s “authoritarian” and “Putin-like” personality; the editor was supposedly difficult to talk to …

    … By many accounts, Nougayrède presided over a newsroom in turmoil and transition, and her efforts to expand Le Monde’s digital enterprise and make it more profitable ruffled the feathers of colleagues …”

    Odd that Nougayrède supports the MSM view that President Assad must go, due to his supposed dictatorial tendencies (in fact he brought in contsitutional reforms in 2012 eliminating the Ba’ath Party dominance of government and allowed multi-party democracy and multi-candidate presidential elections) when she herself was forced out because of her leadership style.

    In case people don’t believe what I said about Assad’s political reforms:



  3. Came here after nearly vomiting up my supper on an article in GW, “The West Must Resist Putin ….” I really wanted to track down this Dickwit, Nougayrere, and give her a serve of what she deserves … does anyone have working email adder for her?

  4. patrick kerrigan says

    natalie was at one time a honest journalist.bye bye.

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