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Konstantinovka: sins of commission and omission

Embrace temptation, enjoy sin. And get handsomely rewarded.

It seems this is all that’s left from the Guardian’s “left” as opposed to hypocritical rightist puritanism. And, of course, f..k the EU journalism standards.

In the afternoon of March 16 a Ukrainian military APC ran over a woman with two kids in the Donbass city of Konstantinovka, halfway between Donetzk and Kramatorsk. Polina, 8 and her mother were announced dead on arrival in the local hospital.

The two soldiers that drove the MTLB-type APC were reportedly drunk. They were quickly whisked away by their command to avoid the anger of the locals.

Anger, however exploded. Thousands of Konstantinovka residents went to the streets, attacked police cars and overturned at least one. Local Ukraine Army barracks (stationed in a school building) were also attacked, a military bus, a jeep and tires burned at their entrance. Stones and Molotov cocktails went into action.

The Ukrainian authorities issued an order to the police to shoot anyone participating in the riots. A unit of the extremist “Right Sector” organization was dispatched to the city to “pacify” it. Dozens of citizens were arrested and beaten up.

This serious flare up demonstrated in staggering clarity where the sympathies of the population in Kiev-controlled areas lie.

Of course, this was never reported by The Guardian, Reuters, AP. The Guardian’s Walker-Luhn Moscow team was too busy searching for sober local dissidents. And if it is on RT, or even Ukrainian media – it is the usual lie, personally concocted by His Evil Mastership Putin the Undead.

It reminds me of those days in the spring, when American media shied away from reporting the “Gosh” confession story about the Maidan snipers for almost a week.

Call me paranoid, but I can’t shake the feeling I can see a system to this madness. Such an embargo is hardly possible without strong and effective coordination.

It is a developing story. Reality doesn’t seem to sit well on the pages of Britain’s “left” newspaper. Or what is left of it.

More on Konstantinovka:

The Disgusting Media Blackout of the 8-Year-Old Girl Killed by Drunk Ukrainian Soldiers

A complete western mainstream media blackout has taken effect over the murder of eight-year-old Polina by drunk Ukrainian soldiers in the East Ukraine town of Konstantinovka

By Alex Christoforou, Russia Insider


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