The western media are fiddling while Minsk2 burns

by BlackCatte

UPDATE March 19: Well, according to RT, it seems as if this latest bit of madness by Kiev (see below) has the backing of the US government. Or at least of that great thinker Joe Biden, who apparently telephoned Poroshenko to congratulate him on another job well done. This is very bad news for world peace.

It looks as if Minsk2 is in a lot of trouble, due to what Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov describes as a “glaring breach of the first steps of the Minsk package.”

While notionally approving some of the agreement’s demands for special status for the Donbass regions, the Verkhovna Rada has recently voted to suspend this special status until elections are held in the regions that “comply with Ukrainian law.” Which effectively means the suspension is indefinite, since “complying with Ukrainian law” can mean anything the lawmakers in the Rada want it to mean.

But this is not the end of the insults currently being heaped on the spirit and letter of Minsk2 by the heroes of Ukraine. On the same day (March 18), the Rada also”voted to recognize certain parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions as temporarily occupied and approved President Poroshenko’s appeal to the UN Security Council and the EU Council to deploy an international peacekeeping and security operation.”

Temporarily occupied territory? What is that? Occupied by whom? Russia? Another chapter of the invisible invasion that never makes it past rumour into any actual declaration of war? Or is the Rada alleging Donbass is “temporarily occupied” by the people who live there? If so, what’s the next part of the plan? Forcible deportation? The semantic insanity assumes a lack of interrogation, and of course it is a safe bet that no one will interrogate it in the west.

Likewise the absurd support for Poroshenko’s “UN/EU Peacekeepers” nonsense. Not only would such a thing require agreement from both sides of the Minsk deal before ratifying, but Europe already has a mission in place – the OSCE. It’s simply idiot propaganda, designed to make any Russian objections look as if they are “blocking the road to peace.” Worn old plays from the crumpled old book of war.

And naturally…

“The self-proclaimed Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) People’s Republics stated that by adopting these laws the Rada had demonstrated Kiev’s inability to come to terms, and no compromises are possible with it.(RT) ”

None of this is at all surprising. Those of us watching developments since last March are more than aware what a laissez-faire attitude the democracy-loving non-nazis in Kiev have towards signed and sealed agreements. But it’s still not good news. Since Yatseniuk and his Rada take most of their guidance from the USA, this idiotic and random reneging must have US approval. Which means, comparatively quiet as things seem at the moment, the Yanks ain’t through with Ukraine yet.

And that in turn means some day soon, when Minsk is finally kicked to death by the lovable rogues in the wolfsangel armbands, we’ll see the next stage of Operation Get Russia roll out.

What will it be? Heavy weapons for the completely and utterly non-nazi battalions? More US “advisers” to get started on that “killing Russians” plan certain US generals are advocating? Or something straight from left field, and so creatively insane none of us can imagine it before it happens?

I guess we’ll see.

Lavrov is currently urging Germany and France to pressure Ukraine into seeing some sense

Will they listen? Or are they still deluded by the idea the US isn’t crazy and knows what it’s doing?

Again, I guess we’ll see.

Interesting to note the almost total absence of any mention of this development in the western media. The Verkhovna Rada theoretically shreds Minsk2 and calls the people of Donbass an invading force, and neither the BBC, the Guardian or any other major outlet I have seen finds it worthy of report. Just as the horrendous events in Konstaninovka just passed them by. That’s the pattern. If you don’t report it, it isn’t happening. When the rebels react to these violations in whatever way we’ll see it on the front pages, stripped of context and presented as an unprovoked hostility.

Only way to try and thwart them is to make our own headlines.

OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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OffG co-founding editor. Writer. Opinionated polemicist.

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Suzanne Majo De Kuyper

The point of the Anglo-Saxon global war empire of the west in not what anyone thinks or speaks of. Very few do. The Vineyard of the Saker or http://thesaker.is/ does. Around the edges.


A great piece, BlackCatte!! Although it is infuriating, there is method to the uncritical acceptance of Kiev’s line by the Anglospheric press – it is pure plausible deniability. “We just didn’t know, they were lying to us all the time, the rascals!” This stratagem was pioneered for the modern day by the New York Times, upon having been revealed as an idiot farm for having been led by the nose by reporter Judith Miller and her source (Curveball), whom a European nation had already vetted as a mental defective. The Times’ editor made what appeared to be a heartfelt apology, admitting the paper had dropped the ball, and while he stipulated the paper had not exercised due diligence in asking the hard questions, there was a strong flavour of it simply having been too nice, and consequently having been tricked by an unscrupulous femme fatale and an agenda-driven Iraqi source.

It worked quite well – few dropped the Times for its perfidy, and since America loves a man who will admit when he is wrong only marginally less than it loves a man who is never wrong, the Times was largely forgiven although it had broadcast the most outrageous lies and done incalculable damage.

It is unlikely to work so well this time around, though. Too many people have tried to correct the narrative by pointing to holes in it you could drive a bus through, and the many, many attempts to get faked evidence accepted into the record when there is no longer any excuse for not checking; since bloggers can and do.

Again, well done.


Thanks! I like your take, not least for its optimism. I hope it’s not just my own wishful thinking that sees the mainstream narrative struggling atm, and I’m glad you see it too. Maybe it’s true that the traditional opinion-makers and controllers have simply not learned to factor in the way information works on the web. Or maybe they have tried and can’t. I hope that’s so, and I hope it’s not just a temporary respite.