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War crimes

Konstantin posts in the Truth about situation in Ukraine Facebook group:

Kiev junta war crimes: the shelling of the cemetery of the Holy Iver convent (female monastery) and looting of the convent.

A video from a surveillance camera shows the shelling by Kiev junta forces of the cemetery of Holy Iver convent in the Donetsk. This short video was uploaded by Yury Biryukov [ Юрий Бирюков], military adviser of Poroshenko, for some of his friends. Biryukov wrote for his post with video: “Zaitsev Viacheslav catch, I found a video of your firing 😃 [лови, нашел видео твоей стрельбы]”.

Since the Ukrainian fascists began to demand the removal of a video that demonstrates a war crime of the Kiev junta, Yury Biryukov deleted this video from his account on Facebook. But this video has been saved and uploaded to other channels. The video shows inaccurate artillery fire, because of which the graves of people buried at the monastery were damaged. In the video you can hear obscene comments and cheerful screams — that’s how Ukrainian fascists commented the shelling of the monastery cemetery.

The correct date of the video recording couldn’t be ascertained, but it’s certain at least the record was made in 2014, possibly in November or December, the date being partially visible on the screen.

St. Iver convent is located in the village Peski, where there never were firing positions of the Army of the Donetsk Republic. Ukrainian military are just having fun shelling the monastery and cemetery.

In addition to the shelling of the cemetery, the thugs of Kiev junta committed an armed robbery of the monastery, stealing all the valuables containing gold or artistic value. Read a quote from the media of Kiev junta [actually it’s from a Ukrainian human rights group, IGCP]:

“At December 18 [18 December 2014] at the monastery of St. Iver convent in the village Peski there was an armed looting by soldiers from the National Guard, said the Metropolitan Diocese of Donetsk and Mariupol.

The Primate wrote a letter to President Petr Poroshenko, in which he asked him to take personal control of the investigation of the crime.

The text of the letter, published on the website of the Metropolitan Diocese of Donetsk [this link is my insertion, for confirmation of the letter],  describes the events.

“Into the territory of the monastery drove a truck with armed men in military uniform, who officially represented themselves as soldiers of the National Guard. They said that they had come to inspect the buildings and demanded that the convent and then the domestic quarters be opened. Then the military took away from the nuns and guards their passports and mobile phones and locked them in one of the buildings, “- he said in the letter.

The Metropolitan Diocese also reminded the president that the Donetsk Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has repeatedly helped the mothers and wives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“I ask you to take personal control of the investigation of the crime, the guilty of which must be found, as well as the shrine and monastery property must be returned,” – the Primate called on Poroshenko.

The Kiev junta did nothing, because looting is a common crime committed by Kiev junta forces in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

In fact Kiev the junta forces can fight only with children, elders, women, disarmed people and cemeteries. They always run out from real battle.


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