A police battalion that “will operate as much as possible within the law”

IGCP, a Ukrainian human rights group, reports:

Kharkiv will be patrolled by armed militants of “Right Sector”

Armed militants of the radical Ukrainian organization “Right Sector” will patrol the streets of Kharkov. This is reported by UNIAN referring to the commander of the reserve battalion of Kharkiv organization Callsign Samurai [позывным Самурай].

According to him, the battalion will provide security during public events, in conjunction with law enforcement officers to patrol the streets of the city. Samurai assured that they will only use legal weapons, and the work of formation will be coordinated with law enforcement agents. He noted that the battalion will operate as much as possible within the law. “But if it is needed, we are ready to go beyond that,” – said the commander. (…) [my emphasis]

Right Sector video showing the group already performing police duties in Odessa, dismantling an illegal bar:


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