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A police battalion that “will operate as much as possible within the law”

IGCP, a Ukrainian human rights group, reports:

Kharkiv will be patrolled by armed militants of “Right Sector”

Armed militants of the radical Ukrainian organization “Right Sector” will patrol the streets of Kharkov. This is reported by UNIAN referring to the commander of the reserve battalion of Kharkiv organization Callsign Samurai [позывным Самурай].

According to him, the battalion will provide security during public events, in conjunction with law enforcement officers to patrol the streets of the city. Samurai assured that they will only use legal weapons, and the work of formation will be coordinated with law enforcement agents. He noted that the battalion will operate as much as possible within the law. “But if it is needed, we are ready to go beyond that,” – said the commander. (…) [my emphasis]

Right Sector video showing the group already performing police duties in Odessa, dismantling an illegal bar:


  1. Systematic says

    Meanwhile, Right Sector seems to be busy performing their understanding of “police duties” in Odessa:


    [March 21] A car with the symbols of the “Right Sector” tried to ram a crowd of civilians who gathered on the street Ilf and Petrov in Odessa, to protest against political repression and restrictions on freedom of speech, according to “News”. Defending themselves against the nationalists, the gathered [residents of Odessa] overturned their car.


    On Thursday, March 19, a roundtable debate was to be held on “Freeport without politics.” [the revival of the Odessa free port zone]. Invited were the People’s Deputy Alexander Presman, nine members of the City Council and a number of community members. However, the planned activities did not happen — about an hour before to the press center on the Garden began arriving activists of Right Sector, Self-Defense of Odessa and Board of Public Safety, which simply blocked the entrance to the building. (…) Seeing that it smelled like a scuffle, the organizers of the round table gave up the event and postponed it indefinitely.

    (Google translations polished up a bit)

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