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Breaking: Kolomoysky raids Ukrnafta

Sergei Leshchenko, a pro-West MP from Poroshenko’s party, writes in his Facebook page:

Kolomoysky challenged Poroshenko. The entrance to the “Ukrnafta” (in which the state has a controlling stake) is now locked by gunmen.”>After a few minutes of wrangling, the senior one – with a black helmet – said that it’s battallion “Dnepr-1” (…). He refused to answer what the territorial defense batallion of the Dnipropetrovsk region is doing here. Outside the entrance to “Ukrnafta” is parked a military armored vehicle. It’s all happening in the city center, on a side street near the Lviv Nesterovskoye area. (…)


Update: Kolomoysky is apparently inside the building, around whose entrance a steel fence is being installed, with a few police cars standing by:

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