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The heat is on?

From a Sputnik report on the situation at Ukrnafta’s headquarters in Kiev:

Commenting on the recent scuffle between oligarchs over Ukraine’s oil transport company Ukrtransnafta, former Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleg Tsarev warned that the skirmishes involving corporate raids, hostile takeovers and the siphoning of state wealth may soon turn into a battle of bullets and bombs in the streets of Kiev. (…)

In his article, published Saturday on his blog for independent broadcaster Echo Moskvy, Tsarev stated that “the conflict between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky is ready to turn into open warfare.” In Tsarev’s view, “Kolomoisky is capable of burying the latest American project in the same way as occurred earlier in the conflict between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Except this time, considering the current situation, this war may not be limited to mudslinging, and may well turn into an armed confrontation.”

Dnepropetrovsk Region Governor Barricades Himself in Ukrnafta HQ in Kiev

While in Fort Russ we can read:

Just to make things more interesting, Kolomoysky called for recognizing DPR and LPR as the de-facto authorities in Eastern Ukraine, in an apparent bid to prevent a two-front war against both Kiev and Novorossia. At the same time, Kolomoysky called for “financial federalization” of Ukraine, under which 90% of tax revenue would never leave the regions.

“Nationally conscious” Ukrainians don’t quite know what to make of all this yet–Kolomoysky was a hero to them, and here he is, turning his power to bear against the Ukrainian state.

Kolomoysky seizes Ukrnafta in Kiev, calls for federalization, hearts Novorossia, ignores US warning

DEVELOPING:Kolomoisky Admits Donetsk and Lugansk “Republics” Viable


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