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Avakov issues ultimatum to Kolomoisky

Ukraine’s Vesti newspaper reports:

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov gave armed fighters inside “Ukrnafta” one day for disarmament. (…)

Earlier today, the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko said that President Poroshenko instructed to disarm all those who are in the building “Ukrnafta”. SBU, according to him, are ready to assist the police in apprehending armed soldiers and armored KrAZ without numbers that have appeared in the center of Kiev —

While Russia’s LifeNews adds:

[Interior Minister Arsen Avakov] wrote[in Facebook] that the Interior Ministry will toughen control over security structures and will not allow lawlessness on the part of PSA [private security groups] controlled by oligarchs. Avakov delivered an ultimatum to all private security forces for 24 hours to bring to bring their operations into compliance with the letter of the law. — http://lifenews.ru/news/151654

There’s also rumors that Kolomoisky battallions are being withdrawn from the front to go either to Dnipropetrovsk or Kiev, and confirmation that NazGuard is being sent to Dnipropetrovsk:

To Dnepropetrovsk were sent two battalions of the National Guard of Ukraine. This information is published in the official “Twitter” NSU.

– In accordance with the decree of the President of Ukraine, two battalions of the National Guard were sent to Dnepropetrovsk for the protection of public order, – reported in “Twitter”. — http://rusvesna.su/news/1427117442



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