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What “community standards” did this comment breach? #10

These comment were censored by the Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did they breach?

Which of the Guardian’s “community standards” do they breach?

  • Do they “misrepresent the Guardian and its journalists”?
  • Are they “persistent trolling or mindless abuse”?
  • Are they “spam-like”? Or “obviously commercial”?
  • Are they “racism, sexism, homophobia or hate-speech”?
  • Are they “extremely offensive of threatening?”?
  • Are they “flame-wars based on ingrained partisanship or generalisations”?
  • Are they not “relevant”?

If none of the above – why were they taken down?

see our archive of censored comments


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Mar 25, 2015 1:29 PM

Iv’e been moderated about 10 times, Banned 4 times, had endless comments removed,and cannot download any links They ran an article by Anna Neistat then of HRW Now of Amnesty Inteernational anna-neistat/25/305/9a8 Paris Area, France – ‎Senior Director for Research at Amnesty International Dr. Anna Neistat is Senior Director for Research at Amnesty International (starting September 1, 2014). In this capacity, she leads and oversees Amnesty … ,concerning rape rooms and the Syrian Government ..2 of us linked The article straight to Saudi Arabia. The Graun had a hissy fit over it and banned me , A few month’s down the line i was on social media with Syrian partisangirl.. I went into the Grauns History and retrieved this article and passed it over to her , within days the Graun had removed the entire article from their history This Political parasite has a massive influence on the Graun 1… Read more »