Has OffGuardian been deemed off-limits on the Graun?

We were emailed yesterday by a reader who told us she had tried several times to post a link on the Guardian to our ongoing reportage of the Kolomoisky circus in Kiev, and each time the link had vanished without a trace just moments after posting.

It’s pretty clear the entire subject of Kolomoisky’s standoff with Poroshenko is deemed dangerous non-news by the western media at the moment, so maybe this is why our reader’s links were dropped so speedily down the Memory Hole, but it would be interesting to check this out.

If anyone feels like dropping by the Guardian and trying to post a polite, non-abusive link back to one of our articles, we’d be interested to know how it turns out.


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Apr 6, 2015 5:00 AM

Congratulations on having put a stick into the Empire’s eye; well done. Do let us know from time to time how your traffic is doing, because I sense a real appetite for alternative news. Once that might have been a magnet for mockery – you only need alternative news if you can’t stand the truth, they’d say. But more and more the media is non-stop lying from muzzle to butt-plate, and only local news that can be easily checked – such as “the Portadown Catholic Church bean supper fort charity will be held this Friday at 5:00 PM – is reliably true. As Udo Ulfkotte poignantly told us, we have passed the point of no return, and more journalists now are “unofficial cover” agents for western governments than are not, and copy is now vetted for its narrative-shaping characteristics rather than spelling or grammatical errors.

In support of Francis’s brave stand against the parachuted-in government in Kiev, here’s a story the Beeb did back in 2012 when a couple of cities in Ukraine hosted the World Cup. As most probably know, the west is blatting non-stop about taking the World Cup away from Russia because of its “aggression”. Have a nostalgic look back at what the Beeb’s reporter thought of Donetsk. But the Ukrainians had a bad reputation for racism, and even then Nazi symbology was open and unashamedly worn. The guys in the green shirts giving the Nazi salute? That’s Karpaty FC – from Lviv, Bandera central.


Apr 6, 2015 1:24 PM
Reply to  marknesop

We’ve been amazed at the reception OffG has been getting, given the short time we’ve been here. I think you must be right, people are desperately hungry for alternative news. Maybe the appetite has been sharply increased by the recent warmongering and nazi-flirtation in Ukraine and the MSM attempts to whitewash it.That has proved a critical failure and I can see it might have caused many people who don’t consider themselves radicals or in any way “alternative” to question the mainstream info sources for the first time.

That’s a very interesting piece from the Beeb isn’t it. I was thinking that mining the archives for stuff like that could be useful and informative.

Mar 25, 2015 11:10 AM

Just thought I’d share this from this morning’s CIF on the Natalie Jaresko article, just in case, as it expresses well why people might be disappointed in the ‘world’s leading liberal etc’

16m ago

“Everybody in the free world should be doing more to help Ukraine. This is a country that has given its life for democracy and is protecting Europe from an aggressive neighbour”.

Listen, Ms ‘Insider Trading’ Jaresco, and I’ll tell you what you and your country have actually done to Britain.
You’ve damaged our economy by unjust sanctions, and used our taxpayers’ money to fund your murderous war on your own people. British citizens are reduced to living off food banks, but you’re demanding we divert our spending into NATO defence – to fight an enemy that would never have been a threat if you hadn’t interfered in the first place.

You’ve released a poison into Europe that will take generations to cure. You’ve split us in two, revived old racial hatreds, and brought back the spectre of Nazism to the countries that suffered from it most. You’ve forced us into provocations that have brought us to the very brink of war – and one that threatens to destroy us all.

You’ve insulted our war dead by your revision of history. You’ve hailed Hitler as a liberator, deified those who committed mass murder under the Nazi flag, and defiled monuments to those who resisted him. You’ve made our war sacrifices worthless, and forced us to stand by while Nazi sympathizers glorify their heroes at the site of our own Cenotaph. You’ve forced us to insult our war allies by snubbing the May 9th acknowledgement of the millions of Russian dead whose sacrifice enabled our own country to survive. You’ve dishonoured us all.

You’ve taken away our self-respect, and put us for ever on the wrong side of history. You’ve forced us to condone the destruction of democracy, and made us complicit in war crimes. You’ve put us in breach of the Hague Conventions, the Geneva Conventions, the Vienna Conventions for the protection of Embassies, and even made us abandon the presumption of innocence. God knows we didn’t have much moral credibility after our colonial past, but you’ve taken from us every last little shred of decency we had left.

And now you want us to pay for the privilege?

No, Ms Jaresco. You can take your begging bowl back to Washington and tell them, ‘You broke it – you own it.’ Get them to stop the war, bring justice to the innocent, and give freedom to the people of the East. Get them to help those ordinary decent Ukrainians who only wanted the chance of a better life, and were misled by you to their ruin. Get them to rebuild Donbass, give back homes to the 1.5 million displaced people, help and compensate the bereaved families of those 60,000 dead. And when they’ve done all that, then it’ll be time to start thinking about what reparations you can make to us…

Mar 25, 2015 11:34 AM
Reply to  Francis

Brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing it. I think we should have a section for outstanding CiF comments – both negative and positive.

Mar 24, 2015 6:49 PM

Have just tried to post link several times, to no avail, so again one has to question the guardian’s commitment to free speech/omment

Mar 24, 2015 9:17 PM
Reply to  Francis

Thanks Francis – other have had the same result. It seems pretty clear we are banned from mention on the Graun at this point. Maybe they will tell us why if we keep asking politely.