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Poroshenko may lose both the political and the armed war

The President of Ukraine Poroshenko may lose the war for his own power and not manage to succeed in the protracted armed conflict in the Donbass. This is the conclusion of political experts discussing the latest statement by the head of state, due to a conflict with the tycoon Igor Kolomoisky. We are talking about the elimination of territorial battalions, which in recent years have increasingly been seen as a personal armed structures of the oligarchs.

The parties in conflict (Kolomoysky and Poroshenko) have been in a tense relationship for a long time. Now they oppose each other in the open. By making this statement about the elimination of territorial battalions Poroshenko puts himself very much at risk, as these battalions, which are funded by the rich governors, including Igor Kolomoisky, are in fact key players, the key driving force behind the so-called ATO in the Donbass. So, Poroshenko has a choice: either he continues military operations in the south-east of Ukraine with the participation of these power units, thereby risking his own authority, or he protects his power, jeopardizing the continuation of the ATO – said Zharov to LifeNews. …



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