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“Cynical Banderas”, War-Deprived Right Sector and the Langley Partisans

As much as some would deem it a fatal political disability, Petro Poroshenko’s empathy skills are undeniable. Shedding an honest tear for an SBU agent killed by Kolomoisky’s thugs, he railed against the “cynical Banderas” that took Captain Manzyk’s life.

I know, I know, a slip of the tongue. Still, it was nice to hear that deep inside his heart there is a small cozy cuddy, where Mr. Poroshenko will sit down on the 9th of May, have a drink, listen to the silence, then raise his glass “For the Victory”. And then have another toast, standing up and really silent. For the fallen.

And this is Ukraine’s problem. More than half of its people will do this, literally or in the safety of their imaginations. And neither they, nor the other half will care much for the new “holiday” of reconciliation on May 8. Since the first half has been vividly reminded that to forgive and forget Nazism is to invite it back to the present. And the other half is hardly ripe enough to even consider making peace with its opponents.

This was demonstrated in full color today, when Kiev ordered its “volunteer” battalions of nationalist irregulars to pull back from the frontline in Donbas and undergo reorganization where their men will be spread around to other, regular military units. Right Sector’s soldiers declared they were “deprived of their right to war.”

Have Kiev’s authorities began coming to their senses?

Given the fact that their operating system has been already replaced by Langley-based consultants, this is hardly the case. Here we can only blame (or praise) these competent software engineers for detecting the car-sized bug they obstinately flogged as a feature.

Nazism does not sell well. Among other things, our “insignificant rebellion” probably helped the creatively constipated writers of this perverted drama understand this.

It is really satisfying to see such a simple return to reality taking place. It is also gratifying, that while the Guardian is airbrushing them from the public consciousness, the revolting Right Sector is actually cut down to size by the efforts of the special NKVD partisan squad “For God, Langley and Vicky’s Cookies.”

But just like with real Banderistas, who, upon getting tired of killing Russians, killed Nazis, then Poles, then their fellow Ukrainians, we just can’t be sure when the next bout of madness will come. So, people, stay alert!


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