The Guardian is airbrushing fascism again…

by BlackCatte

…According to the CiF contributor “Mr Russian” the Guardian does a crucial little snip in its translation of an article first published in Russian in the Novaya Gazeta:


If Mr R is correct, the Guardian’s version carefully elides the words “we are fascists” and “we will kill you the same way as our Chechen brothers do.”

Maybe if the young soldier had used the words “we are extreme nationalists” and “we will inflict considerable collateral damage and mostly blame Russia”, the Graun’s touchy sensibilities would have been soothed.

Because extreme nationalists are of course double plus good – even the ones who wear swastikas, carry pictures of Hitler and belong to the “The Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre”.

Update (by Theodorakis). As CiF commenters make it clear, media mores in the “free world” becomes frighteningly uniform:

graun_Mar25 graun_Mar25_2


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