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The Guardian is airbrushing fascism again…

by BlackCatte

…According to the CiF contributor “Mr Russian” the Guardian does a crucial little snip in its translation of an article first published in Russian in the Novaya Gazeta:


If Mr R is correct, the Guardian’s version carefully elides the words “we are fascists” and “we will kill you the same way as our Chechen brothers do.”

Maybe if the young soldier had used the words “we are extreme nationalists” and “we will inflict considerable collateral damage and mostly blame Russia”, the Graun’s touchy sensibilities would have been soothed.

Because extreme nationalists are of course double plus good – even the ones who wear swastikas, carry pictures of Hitler and belong to the “The Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre”.

Update (by Theodorakis). As CiF commenters make it clear, media mores in the “free world” becomes frighteningly uniform:






    Posted on April 2, 2015 by noaptefaraluna

    But the fabrication of lies about the Spanish communists, intentionally, reveals something even more terrific: that, indeed, the ideological agenda of the nazis in Ukraine is not only supported, but also embraced and shared by US-controlled western media, in this particular case, El Pais.

  2. chios says

    I don’t remember how I landed here,..after reading the guardian article
    The guardian it seems published a washed -down translation of a russian article ..
    When I read that article, I was in the first place very dubious. It is just a string of words without anything to back it up,,or am I wrong, and is there proof that that man exists and said what is reported?
    Novaya Gazeta can write an,ything, they want, it seems…free press
    They are in a good place to mimick the state of mind of a buryiat guy, his beliefs, his values etc.
    They have a vision of their own people that is coherent and plausible, better than Shaun Walker could produce but , does it make their stories true?
    It seems this site has accepted this story is true.
    Please document…
    The “we are fascist “bit,, has not yet been swallowed by their audience, but they are working on it….for the russian audience, there is no problem, it seems…

    • I think we should all be objectively sceptical about the reliability of this material, given the lack of corroborative detail and the previous deceptions perpetrated in order to “prove” there are Russian soldiers in Ukraine. But I feel it’s more important at this point to emphasise the proven censorship by the Guardian than to begin speculating about the value of the source they use. Though we are always open to additional info on the subject.

  3. I don’t think there’s much question about Mr. R’s accuracy. “Мы фашисты” simply translates as: “We’re Fascists.”

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