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Yarosh offered post at Ukrainian MoD

Right Sector’s leader Yarosh was offered a post by Poroshenko as adviser to Ukraine’s MoD Chief of Staff.

… This was stated by Anton Heraschenko, Advisor to Interior Minister, on Channel 5 on Thursday night.

“I can confirm that Dmytro Yarosh received an offer from the president to take office at the Ministry of Defence. I would react positively to the decision if Dmitry Yarosh would come to work in public service,” – he said.

“And I’ll say, I noticed he was frankly bored in Parliament [Yarosh was elected MP in the 2014 elections for a district in the Dnipropetrovsk region]. Plus he was seriously wounded in battle. I would be glad if Dmytro Yarosh created in Ukraine a Volunteer Defense Union, similar to the Estonian, Finnish and Swiss systems for example,” – said Gerashchenko .

Before Kolomiysky’s resignation, Yarosh had been threatening to create an “alternative General Staff” in the Ukrainian army, composed by the volunteer battalions allegedly supported by the oligarch.

Meanwhile, and speaking of radical russophobes, in Odessa:

From the caption of the video:

Unknown Patriots tonight attacked the Communist Party Regional Committee in Odessa. Soon Odessa will be completely cleared of all symbols of communist contagion

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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So, it’s not bad enough that a neo-Nazi thug such as Yarosh sits in the Ukrainian Parliament, but now Poroshenko, the president of the country whom Congress has just urged Obama to arm to the teeth, wants him inside the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

How long will Russia tolerate a neo-Nazi-run country next door to it? Or will it fall on the Donbass miners, who haven’t been paid in months and who’re threating to take matters into their own hands, to march on to Kiev and depose the abomination the West has installed there?