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Ukraine’s Chief Anti-Corruption Offical Fired after Uncovering Millions Stolen – Russia Insider

… “Corruption schemes in Ukraine are headed by the government of Yatsenyuk,” – said Gordienko, the chairman of State Financial Inspection

In particular, he noted that corruption schemes were found in the process of privatization of “Ukrtelecom”. According to the official, the fraud is in the billions.

Gordienko stated that during the audit of privatization of “Ukrtelecom” ” a fact of non-payment in the amount of 220 million UAH of liabilities was proven, which is grounds for immediate cancellation of the contract.”

Also, the fired chairman of State Financial Inspection, said that the government is blocking the disclosure of corruption schemes of the times of Azarov (Yanukovich’s PM). …

Translator’s comment: Kiev wanted to expose the fraud of the previous government of Yanukovich, but audits, which continued until a year after the Kiev junta took control of the government also uncovered their own fraud. The head of State Financial Inspection was fired for the findings.


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