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Yarosh speaks out against Kiev “occupiers”

Regnum reports:

Right Sector is ready to officially be part of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, but only under the condition of preserving its independence from the General Staff. This the official position of the organization announced on 26 March, by the head of the press service of “Right sector”, Artem Skoropadsky.

In particular, Skoropadsky noted that “Right Sector” does not intend to comply with the ultimatum of the General Staff and leave the area of the “ATO”. However, the organization is ready to consider becoming a part of the Ministry of Defense – under certain conditions. “Right Sector will not leave combat positions and comply with the order of the General Staff. We are not ready to become part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as no lustration has been carried out there yet. At the same time we could be part of the Ministry of Defense or the Security Service of Ukraine, provided, however, that we will remain a volunteer battalion and will only obey the leader of the organization – Dmitry Yarosh,” said Skoropadsky. …

The politician [in an interview with “the Observer”, released today, March 27], also calls the current political system in Ukraine an “occupation” and promises to fight against it. For the moment, however, not with military means but with political ones.

“The system has not changed much from the way we were treated under Yanukovich. The system is a kind of internal occupation. And now this can be clearly seen. Social issues have become for the people, especially the common people, a matter of a survival. Therefore this situation, unfortunately, was not altered. But let’s do something about it. We will try to do it without violence. … Elections will continue to be held. Although we are not very successful in them, because we compete with oligarchic parties, without practically a dime, it’s very difficult. However, it has now been reported to me that the ratings of “Right Sector” are growing. And in our region [probably in the Dnipropetrovsk region] it even exceeded 7%. Therefore, we can already expect any result, “- said Yarosh.


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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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With the steadily declining standard of living experienced by huge numbers of Ukrainians as the direct result of the EuroMaidan Kiev “revolution”, it’s entirely possible that Yarosh and his neo-Nazis will benefit at the polls in much the same way the original (German) Nazis had done in their time. The social and economic conditions for such a development are already in place; what may prevent such a development is the ethnic make-up of most of Ukraine’s kleptocratic oligarchy, who, one assumes (one hopes), will balk at financing the virulently anti-Semitic “Right Sector” thugs.