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Czechs Divided Over NATO Show of Force

by NTV, Russia

A loud debate is going on in Prague’s downtown. The political opponents are kept at a distance, separated by a police cordon on Wenceslas Square. A column marching under American and Ukrainian flags is met with criticism. The rally against NATO’s PR convoy encountered a procession for the convoy. For quite a while it has become noticeable that Czech opponents of NATO policy are a larger number – even at this rally.



The Czech president recently joked that in the past there were a lot of anti-Russian sentiments, and now there is quite a lot of anti-Americanism. This became quite evident on the eve of the passage of NATO’s convoy through Czech territory. The show of force did not go unnoticed here.



Albert Yarovsky says, “I believe that Americans should not be here, because they killed so many people around the world. Now we need to say “no.”

Suddenly, it is all 1968 again. In reverse. (credit

Suddenly, it is all 1968 again. In reverse. (credit

Zdenek Kratochvil says, “It looks as if the Americans are trying to tell us that we should not be afraid of the evil Russians. We, however, understand that on the contrary, that they actually tell us we should be afraid of the Americans.”

The NATO convoy that moves from the Baltic to its deployment domicile in Germany, consists of American soldiers and weapons, but all this is called NATO forces march or operation “Dragoon ride“. Brave American dragoons in armored vehicles drove first to Riga to show that they are ready to defend freedom and democracy, as they are used to. This was a clear hint that the enemy is to the east of the Baltic states. Some Latvian residents even joyfully touched the weapons from overseas.

Then the convoy went back through half of Europe, even getting involved in a collision with a peaceful civilian vehicle. It was only in the Czech Republic, they encountered any significant resistance from local civil society. But it, too, is divided.

Jiri Samek says, “I have prepared this branch for the Americans. I will welcome them with the soft end, and when they come close, I’ll turn up this heavy end. I have attached here a sniper scope, so as not to miss them.”

Watch the original on NTV.


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Mar 29, 2015 8:35 PM

I understand from other reports that, as it entered their territory, the Czechs spontaneously came out to pelt the American convoy with eggs and tomatoes.