EU Surprised About Kiev Plans to Spend Loan on Border Wall Construction / Sputnik International

Yatsenyuk inspects a sample section of the proposed border wall between Ukraine and Russia (October 2014, near Kharkiv)

In early April, Ukraine plans to start wall building on the border with Russia. Brussels is not delighted about the fact that Kiev will spend a substantial part of the EU aid package for this purpose.

The construction of the wall on the border with Russia is expected to start early April, but the EU countries are far from being excited about this new project, “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” reported.

An agreement with the European Union provides for the strengthening of Ukrainian borders, but not the construction of the wall, spokesman of the European Union Maya Kosyanchich said, cited by the media source.

The intention to construct a wall after the “Berlin model” was announced by the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk in September, 2014. The politician said that only this way Ukraine can establish a truly national border.

via EU Surprised About Kiev Plans to Spend Loan on Border Wall Construction / Sputnik International.

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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DimmedDiamond (@DimmedDiamond)

Take billions of dollars from citizens and throw it at (foreign) contractors. It’s American cronyism 101, how can they be surprised? People get poorer, as a few get richer, and the world becomes that more deadlier and impoverished.


I wonder why the EU is constantly being taken aback by the lunatic shenanigans originating in Kiev and Washington. Merkel et al have had more than a year to figure out who they’re really dealing with and come to terms with just how irresponsible their own behaviour has been, starting with that disgraceful, unabashedly imperialistic economic ultimatum to Ukraine in November 2013. By now, the whole appalling debacle is beginning to look more and more like a reflection of Western civilizational hubris than merely the result of the stupidity and moral nullity of American neocons alone.

Precisely for the reasons she gives, I agree with louise1854’s advice that the Russian English-language media should link to original Western sources on a regular basis.


Yats is insane. I mean really. I’m not sure if he was insane when he took the job of PM, but now he is verifiably and dangerously crazy.


This wall will be to keep people in. There Is more movement from ukraine to Russia than the other way round.

They will have no free movement to Europe as the west clearly does not want them, and they want to cut the people off from Russia.

This is actually very sad for the people on both sides.

Yatsenyuk is crazy, crazy and full of hate.


Sad. I can remember when we thought such walls were a BAD thing. Mind you, I can also remember a time when we would have condemned Nazism and burning people alive, so I guess I’m practically a dinosaur.

But what bugs me about Sputnik (and RT) is its reluctance to link to sources. Most people refuse to read anything that looks like ‘Russian propaganda’, so this kind of information is useless in debate without a link to the original source. I’ve managed to track this one down here http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2015/04/01/mit-eu-steuergeldern-ukraine-beginnt-mit-mauer-bau-an-grenze-zu-russland/ but do wish they’d make life easier by providing it in the first place.