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Poroshenko: “War is the health of the state”

Well, actually, Randolph Bourne said that. And Petro Poroshenko is no Randolph Bourne. But the truth of Bourne’s observation can certainly be seen in the embattled Ukrainian president’s frank celebration of the job-creating effect of arms production in his nation’s ruined economy.

Civil war for (a few) jobs and (whose?) profit. Our Western tax dollars and foreign policy at work.

From Interfax:

Poroshenko: we hit unemployment with tanks, APCs

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko again stressed that Ukrainian defense industry has picked up steam and new jobs have been created.

He said that “we hit unemployment with tanks and APCs.”

Poroshenko said that thousands of new jobs that have been created at defense enterprises is a contribution in restoration, including in Ukraine’s industrial potential.

An Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported that on Saturday the presentation of weapon and military equipment samples was held in the training center of the National Guard of Ukraine in Novi Petrivtsi with the participation of the Ukrainian president.

Products of Ukroboronprom State Concern and some other Ukrainian enterprises were exhibited. Special exporters of Ukroboronprom also showed modern devices and equipment made by foreign companies.



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Apr 5, 2015 5:39 AM

The west really knows how to pick idiot puppet presidents.
The ukrainian economy is tanking, and this fool pursues war, when it has been shown that they cannot win.
The European so called powers lack the will to stand up to America who are leading ukraine swiftly to disaster in the hopes of drawing Russia into a war; but after a year this has not happened but they still pursue this policy. Tragic.