Ukrainian political analyst: Snipers must kill journalists from Russia

Yuri Romanenko expressed his aggressive thoughts during a discussion at Harvard, but his US partners did not support him

Fairly well-known Ukrainian journalist and political analyst Yuri Romanenko, head of the “Stratagem” Center for Political Analysis suggested to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to enhance the country’s defenses by killing Russian journalists, Russian LifeNews tv reported. The Ukrainian expert offers UAF snipers to be ordered to suppress coverage of the situation in the Donbass by people in helmets marked PRESS.

Yuri Romanenko. Definitely not a cosmonaut.

Yuri Romanenko. Definitely not a cosmonaut.

Romanenko posted on his Facebook page an account of how he and his teammates traveled to the United States and met with American experts and human rights activists. Americans probably did not object to the discussion on the topic of “Russian aggression”, but, as Romanenko writes, were shocked by his radical proposal to combat Russian media by creative sniping, something allegedly implemented in Kiev a year ago.

“I know how to solve the problem of waning attention and bring the media to the next level. UAF must selectively and carefully destroy Russian journalists covering the situation in Donbass. You need to direct the UAF snipers to shoot people wearing helmets inscribed with “Press” as priority targets. Since the media represent a destructive weapon and allow Russia to operate not only in the war zone, but also on the territory of Ukraine, taking out several dozen journalists in the conflict zone will help reduce the quality of the picture in the Russian media, and, therefore, reduce the effectiveness of their propaganda, Yuri Romanenko wrote.


The political scientist admits that the murder of journalists is “bad PR” for Ukraine, but it does not matter, because this would “relatively easily bring the topic to the top of American news,” Romanenko bluntly told the American experts about this.

“All the same, this is PR, and all we need is not fall out of the focus of your media in the context of your presidential election campaign,” he quotes his words at a meeting at Harvard.
His US interlocutors said that murder of journalists violates international law and the world community will not allow the Ukrainian radicals to commit such crimes. At this point, according to Yuri Romanenko, the Ukrainian delegation “grinned happily,” and “one man from the Diaspora” said in his ear: “Don’t listen to this, you are completely right, this is exactly how we should be saving the Ukraine.”


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Apr 6, 2015 10:39 PM

That’s hilarious, Yuri Romanenko thinking that bad PR will be good PR for Ukraine.

Seriously though if we’re to post the text of Romanenko’s blather into the Komment Macht Frei sections at The Guardian, where else can we post an English-translation of them from as well as OffGuardian.org? I know Sputnik News online already carries a report of Romanenko’s ruminations but we can’t all post from the same source or we’ll all look like Kremlin trolls working from the famous 55 Savushkina Street “address” in St Petersburg.

Apr 6, 2015 10:10 PM

A brilliant argument, though, you have to admit – killing their journalists will degrade the effectiveness of their propaganda, which is…ummm….all made up anyway. They will surely not be able to make up what’s going on if they don’t, you know, know what’s going on.

People like this are fanatics, and you will never change their minds. The west of Ukraine should go to Poland, where they want to be because they are convinced they will be prosperous and where their hate for Russians will be reflected and nurtured. For their part, the Poles seem to be willing to forget that the Galicians murdered them in their thousands, all water under the bridge, mate. And Russia should refuse to buy anything from it – let them sell their apples and produce to Yurrup.

Apr 7, 2015 10:55 PM
Reply to  marknesop

You’re right, tumorous western part should be carved off from the main body and return back to Poland to have it’s stinky toxicity there. These Post maidan events and even Maidan itself just couldn’t have been that Nazi driven without the pre conditioned, trained crowd from the western part of Ukraine. Pro banderian ideology always was an alien thing to the habitants of the central and eastern Ukraine, where my parents from.

Apr 6, 2015 9:31 AM

Speechless!!!. What are the Americans doing meeting with people like this?
The very fact that a internationally respected organisation like Harvard even entertained a meeting with people with these views leaves me sad and disgusted.

Apr 7, 2015 3:09 AM
Reply to  Guest

Makes me think that the US is still pissed off that their man Hitler did not win.

Apr 6, 2015 8:21 AM

and this is NOT going to be in the corporate media, am I right ?

Apr 6, 2015 12:57 PM
Reply to  lachemoi

People should post the text in the comments section of CiF and elsewhere! Every little helps. But don’t put any links back to us on the Graun, or your comment will be wiped immediately.