Kiev Threatens to Blacklist World Leaders Heading to Moscow for Victory Day

In Moscow, a veteran of World War II, officially known in Russia as “The Great Patriotic War”.


Sputnik News shares with us the Poroshenko government’s bold warning to the international community.


The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry released a colorful statement Tuesday, stating that it would not be sending a representative to Moscow to celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory in the Second World War; moreover, the Ministry warned that its bilateral relations with countries who do send a representative will be negatively affected.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Evgeni Perebiynis told reporters on Tuesday that Ukraine will not be sending any representatives to Moscow in May to celebrate victory, noting that “under conditions of Russian aggression against Ukraine, there can be no participation of Ukrainian representatives in events in Moscow.”

The Ministry spokesman noted that “in view of Russian aggression against Ukraine,” the participation of representatives of other countries “will be considered by Ukraine as a demonstration of solidarity with the aggressor.” Ultimately, Perebiynis notes, this solidarity with the aggressor may affect our bilateral relations with the relevant countries.” […]

Over the weekend, Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov noted that the leaders of at least 25 states from across the world will attend Moscow’s celebrations May 9th. The leaders of China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Cuba and North Korea have confirmed their attendance. Meanwhile, the leaders of Germany, Britain, Poland, the Baltic States and the United States have confirmed that they won’t be attending. […]

Read in full at Sputnik News

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Bryan Hemming

How arrogant. This is not about governments, prime ministers and presidents. It´s not about Obama, Cameron, Merkel or Putin. It´s about the millions of ordinary Russian people, who died in WW2. For Western leaders to slap the ordinary people of Russia in the face like this is an insult they are unlkely to forget. There will also be many ordinary people in the West, who will not forget either. And just to remind those leaders, just in case they´ve forgot, the words uttered on Rembrance Day in Britain are: “Lest we forget…” Remember now? Or did you forget?


I guess that means Ukraine won’t be joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank out of principle. 🙂


And what a historical shame for Germany that Angela Merkel has refused to attend. It gives the impression — possibly a correct one — that for most Germans of the past couple of generations, and despite all of their protests of anti-Nazism and democratic progressivism, the Nazi defeat at the hands of the Soviet Union still rankles as a victory of Russia over Germany. If that’s the sort of ethos the past 70 years of the American military occupation of West Germany has brought about, it bodes ill for the future of Europe.


I think that you assessment is spot on.

As for ukraine breaking bilateral relations; that’s less countries to beg for money. And these countries should not support sanctions.


Yes, well bear in mind that with Operation Paperclip the most useful Nazis went to the US and the US has been essentially fascist throughout its short history.

Never mind the Founding Fathers Myth – all land and slave-owning oligarchs who NEVER intended a democracy – the US has been at more or less permanent war since 1776, except for about five years during the Great Depression.

As soon as George Washington got his way, he started the Indian Wars and the embryonic military/industrial complex pushed ever Westward from the original part-penal colonies of London … btw a main reason that Australia got colonized was to replace those colonies.

Usans, especially, do not want to know their sordid origins as a Republic founded for and by oligarchs, who never intended ordinary men, nor women, nor slaves, nor Indigenous people to have any say.

So one can say that the Empire of Chaos is ending up as it first started, minus any more lands to steal for “the exceptional”, “chosen”, “god-endorsed” people who mostly shop at Walmart and have no clue about the rest of the World.

Angular Murkyhole is obviously completely corrupted by the Washington hegemon which seamlessly absorbed top Nazis after WW2.


Not attending the event in support of neo-nazi revolution in Ukraine – very bad impression for EU.


What a farce!