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Kiev today: Svoboda rally against corruption in government

A “bullet in the head”, reminiscent of a penis, was brought to the Prime Minister of Ukraine by citizens protesting against government corruption.*

Life News reports:

Early in the morning in front of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev started a rally of Svoboda party activists and of several political youth movements. The organizers of the rally said they would require the creation of a temporary commission of inquiry to investigate the multi-billion dollar corruption in the government. However, the protesters insist that Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is suspended of his duties, at least for the duration of the anti-corruption proceedings: the activists believe that the politician will make every effort to influence the course of an independent investigation.

According to Ukrainian media, by 10 am number of protesters in front of the Rada has reached 200 people. The protesters brought and shared flags of the Svoboda party, as well as posters calling for Poroshenko to answer for reducing the purchasing power of the population, rampant poverty and wage cuts against the backdrop of soaring food and housing prices. The crowd repeated the slogans, reminding the Ukrainian authorities of the important promise sounded from the stage of Euromaidan – to fight corruption in the country and improve the quality of life.

Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada, where a plenary week begins today, was under security measures. At the entrance of the Parliament building police cordons are in place. In addition, according to the deputy of the Kiev Regional Council, Alexander Aronets on his “Twitter” page, to prevent disturbances to the new parliament armored KrAZ vehicles were brought in. The MP also posted in social networks pictures of several armored cars at the east wing of the Parliament. […]

It is known that three weeks ago, the Prime Minister publicly dismissed Nicholas Gordienko from his post as Chairman of the State Financial Supervision Authority. In a statement, Yatsenyuk stated that Gordienko could not objectively conduct the financial audit on the “Antonov” affair. In addition [Yatsenyuk said], during the time Gordienko held the post he had no effective control over public funds and property, and financial inspectors abused their authority during inspections.

However, Nikolai Gordienko does not agree with the arguments advanced by the Prime Minister. The former head of the Financial Supervision Authority, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada, accused Yatsenyuk of having forced him to retire to hide corruption. In connection with the statements of Gordienko, a group of people’s deputies asked to create a temporary commission to investigate abuses in the government, and that during the investigation Yatsenyuk be removed from office.

Original: Rally against corruption in government held under walls of the Verkhovna Rada (with video)

* The phrase “a bullet in the head” was first used by Yatsenyuk when was in the opposition and spoke on a Maidan stage. “If a bullet in the forehead is needed – then a bullet in the forehead it will be,” said then the current Ukrainian prime minister, emphasizing his willingness to go with the interests of the people.

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